APC to Nigerians: Embrace “Change Begins with Me”

John Odigie-Oyegun, APC Chairman
John Odigie-Oyegun, APC Chairman

The All Progressives Congress (APC) on Sunday felicitated with Muslim Faithful over the Eid el-Kabir season and urged all Nigerians to embrace the “Change-Begins-with-Me” campaign.

This is contained in a statement signed by the APC National Chairman, John Odigie-Oyegun.

Mr. Odigie-Oyegun urged Muslims and all Nigerians to use the Sallah occasion to show love, promote harmonious and peaceful co-existence with one another, irrespective of ethnic or religious affiliation.

He urged Nigerians to pray for the peace and quick recovery of the nation’s economy.

“Muslim Faithful and indeed all Nigerians are enjoined to use the occasion of Eid el-Kabir to pray for the peace, development and prosperity of the country,” he said.

He called on Nigerians to support the administration to pull the country out of the present hardship and restore the country on the path of growth in all facets.

“Indeed, Nigeria is today passing through challenging times in its socio-economic life.

“Happily, the President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC administration is already employing all legitimate and innovative means to restore the country’s battered economy to health in the quickest possible time.

“In a bold move to repair our value system that has been badly eroded over the years, on Sept. 8, President Muhammadu Buhari launched the laudable national re-orientation campaign, “Change Begins with Me’’.

“The party appeals to all Nigerians to be part of this campaign which will institutionalise the best practice and time-honoured values of honesty, hard work, patriotism, abhorrence of corruption, accountability and integrity in our everyday life,” he said. (NAN)

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  • Alao

    APC and Oyegun do not yet understand they have lost credibility. What they say no longer matters. Its what they do that is telling a more profound story. They care about power than Nigerians.

  • Wisdom Alpha

    You people are shameless people…people without progressive ideas….people who dwell on the past to cover their obvious failure….people without the feeling of the Nigerians at heart. You have not being able to change yourselves you want others to change. APC is for sure a HISTORICAL MISTAKE in Nigeria.

  • Genusa

    So, this is now your economic policy that will take us out of hardship and recession. So, this is what will bring back the foreign investors that left the country, which catalyzed the recession. We were told we had a CLUELESS government. As it stands now, we have a MORONIC government for real. One of your ministers recently said a bag of rice may cost 40,000 naira by December. Just a reminder that the worst are yet to come, and this government better have a plan. Not this “Change Begins with Me”. If you want a hungry man to be orderly, first give him food. Because a hungry man is an angry and disorderly man.

  • KBE

    NIGERIA TO APC: Let the change begin with Buhari and APC. 2. Let the change begin with APC by fufulling the change promises. 3. Let the change begin with Buhari by cutting the waste, sell the presidential aircrafts and join Nigerians in entering commercial aircraft like prime minister of Britain in fulfilment of February 2015 promise to Nigeria. 4. Let the change begin with APC government by arresting the declining economy and rescue the naira from its free fall. 5. Let the change begin with But arm’s government by prioritising education, health and economy. 6. Instead of Buhari using the state fund and scarce forex to treat ear infection in UK hospital while Nigerian students in diaspora are asked to buy black market to fund their education, he should have intervened the way he did for tourists to Saudi Arabia. LET THE CHANGE BEGIN WITH APC AND BUHARI. Stop lying to Nigerians. Stop the blame game. Stop the propaganda because campaign is now over.

    • favourtalk

      it has began with him and you need to take your own part also

      • Boni

        When did the change started with him. You are a myopic fellow who doesn’t understand the principles of change as a subject. You seem to be supporting and following things blindly without considering the reality on ground. You need to be schooled here. Now listen…Change doesn’t happen instantaneously. The most basic approach to understanding change as a process is to break change down into distinct, understandable elements. The three states of change provide a powerful framework: the Current State, the Transition State and the Future State. Your idea about “it has began with him”. when and how? what are the steps? I pity most you guys who lives in Nigeria expecting political appointments and undeserved recognition to think out side box. Just few days ago a mere pronouncement was made. You already concluded that it has began.

  • donMe$$i

    The change will start with Buhari and his cabal doing away with NEPOTISM.

    • favourtalk

      it will start with him and end with you

  • donMe$$i

    Sorry, can someone remind me which Law of economics to get out of a recession is ‘change begins with me’?

    • favourtalk

      law of acting right and believe in your country

  • andy-thomas


    No way. All right-thinking Nigerians must oppose this nonsense campaign. It is slush fund for treasury theft.
    CHANGE does not begin with me. I have always lived honest life. The APC politicians are notorious thieves.
    If the problem of Nigeria is corruption, CHANGE cannot begin with usually honest people like me. CHANGE
    must begin with those who’ve been in charge of the treasury as government officials. They are the ones who
    wish to escape with their loot. President Buhari is too powerless and useless to stop these thieves.

    CHANGE must begin with Buhari –
    with President Buhari thinking properly on loot recovery. As at today, treasury thieves in my neighborhood
    are killing four or five rams at 150,000 Naira each. They didn’t work for the money. They stole it. They now
    laugh at honest people like me who cannot afford a single ram from honest income. How can CHANGE then
    begin with me, unless you want to turn me into a thief too. President Buhari is too useless to bring CHANGE.

    • favourtalk

      right thinking in what manner, did you even listen and read the agenda for the chnage begins with me or you just go ahead to write all this propaganda based on what they told you? the presidency needs to tell you all will be good and he will surely do his part, dont be lazy, do yours also, stop stealing and reports all sort of bad things around you, simple

  • Marcus Ijele

    Buhari, what change are talking about when you have not changed your stealing and lying habit? What of the certificate case Buhari?

    • favourtalk

      WHAT lies please? leanr to stop spreading propaganda please

  • Otile

    Is Buhari really deaf as he once claimed? How can he move Nigeria forward if he remains adamant to sack the corrupt and dormant members of his kitchen cabinet? People have lost confidence in this dullard. Kai.

    • favourtalk

      not like us that believe that nigeria will be great. we have faith

  • favourtalk

    It really start from human and ends with human, if we cant change our ways, we cant move forward as a nation, the president has been doing his own and he has been proving such to us all, we need to embrace the slogan and report all such evil and bad thinsg to the people in authority to help the nation move forward, the country cant change unless we also change

    • Fine Boy

      **”the president has been doing his own and he has been proving such to us all”**

      Pls could u state/itemize the ways he has been proving it

  • Netanyahu

    Has the dullard changed in his numerous evil ways and mindset? Has he sold off any of the aircraft he promised to sell to generate money for government? He is still cruising around with 12 aircraft and he is talking of change? It’s like the ear infection is spreading to his flat brain, and that will be disastrous. Please tell the mumu that a leader leads and the led follow. We should please stop this playing the ostrich. You budget billions of naira for your upkeep and you want hungry and impoverished Nigerians to change, to what?

    • opy

      How more could you display your flawed upbringing than to use of uncouth words? You accused him of using the fleet of aircrafts forgetting that they were bought by the previous PDP led administrations? Gej even promised to increase the fleet if re-elected.
      For your information, the president has asked a committee to look into reducing the fleet and redeploy the remaining to the NAF. God bless Nigeria

      • Fine Boy

        Why did it have to take more than a year to set up a committee to look into reducing the fleet. if this was done when he came to office funds would have been saved used to maintain these aircrafts.

        Besides who needs a committee to reduce his fleet.

        Also Pls reply to his statement as regards billions alloted for PMB upkeep

        • opy

          Don’t you think if the PDP administration had not engaged in frivolities by purchasing fleets of aircrafts, much more monies would have been saved?

  • opy

    The economy was battered and left in a comatose state by the last profligate administration of Gej lead PDP government, yet these shameless robbers have suddenly turned to the chief sympathizers who now claimed love the victims they robbed blind more than the person trying to revive them.
    The economy will surely bounce back, this trying phase won’t last long, and all those who contributed to this hardship will not only be put to shame but also made to face the full wrath of the law.

  • born Great

    The coinage should have been. “Change begins with Buhari”. It will be in the wisdom of this government to stop saying change, because the more they say it, the more the country gets worse.


    Charity begins at home. We need to work on ourselves to get good results.