Two Nigerian soldiers, 11 insurgents killed in multiple battles

FILE PHOTO: A Nigerian soldier pull down a Boko Haram flag as a mark of victory
FILE PHOTO: A Nigerian soldier pull down a Boko Haram flag as a mark of victory

Two soldiers of the Multinational Joint Task Force, MNJTF, were on Thursday killed in an explosion while fighting Boko Haram insurgents in the northern part of Borno State near the Cameroon border, an official said.

The soldiers, according to the spokesperson of the MNJTF, Muhammed Dole, were returning to their base at the end of the day’s operation when their truck ran into a landmine that killed a ranked officer and a private soldier.

Six other soldiers sustained serious injuries and were evacuated to a military hospital in Niamey, Niger Republic for medical treatment.

Mr. Dole, a Colonel, said despite the setback and the unfriendly weather conditions, the troops air component was able to clear 12 camps and gunned down four insurgents on Friday. Two insurgents were also arrested at Tumoua village, Mr. Dole said.

The multinational joint task force, which consists of military personnel from Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria has recently been tasked to secure the border areas shared by the countries. The Force is also to clear the remnants of Boko Haram insurgents especially those fleeing the Sambisa forests into those areas, under the special operation tagged Gama Aiki.

At the home front, soldiers of the 33 Brigade on Friday raided suspected kidnappers’ den in Lame Bura forest of Bauchi State where 7 of the criminals were killed in a shootout.

Mr. Usman said the troops have cleared most parts of the forest.

“The troops are still combing the general area to further track down other fleeing members of the criminal gang,” he said.

He added that as a result of the successes recorded “2 Forward Operation Bases (FOBs) were established at Lame and Jimi to cover the Lame and Burra axis of the forest respectively.”

Meanwhile, a suspected Boko Haram kingpin, Adamu Damuna, has been arrested by soldiers and operatives of the civilian-JTF operating near Buratai, the home town of the Nigerian Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai.

Mr Buratai’s home village had come under several attacks by the Boko Haram insurgents since the army chief assumed office as the Commander of MNJTF from where he was elevated to his current status in the Nigeria army.

To forestall further attacks on the agrarian community, the army established a Forward Operation Base (FOB) to tackle cases of incessant attacks on the area.

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  • Richard Wall

    May the souls of our gallant fallen heroes, who died in the service of our dear country, rest in the Bosom of the Lord. AMEN. May the families they left behind never know want . AMEN

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    • Otile

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  • Otile

    Unfortunately the likely victims are conscripts from SE SS. The Northern army of occupation usually deploy conscripts from SE SS to face Islamic Boko Haram in the North while they save their own vandal army and send them to the Niger Delta to protect oil for Danjuma and other Northern thieves. Corrupt parasites.