Former governor wants Nigerians to pray, ask God to end economic recession

Gov. Aliyu-Wamakko
Aliyu Wamakko

A former governor of Sokoto State, Aliyu Wamakko, has called on Nigerians to seek divine intervention for solution to the current economic recession facing the country.

Mr. Wamakko, a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress and a serving senator, made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Sokoto on Saturday.

He specifically urged Muslims to take advantage of Eid el-Kabir period to pray for peace and unity as well as economic growth and development of the country.

According to him, fervent prayers for God’s intervention will pave way for the restoration of vibrant economy in the country.

Mr. Wamakko said seeking divine intervention will enable the country to overcome the present economic challenges.

He said with genuine prayer to Almighty God, Nigeria would come out of the current socio-economic crises, militancy, cattle rustling and insurgency among others.

The former governor of Sokoto State advised businessmen and women against rampant increase in prices of food items.

He also called on Nigerians to support the present administration to enable it implement its programmes for the development of the country.

Mr. Wamakko expressed optimism that the nation will be great under the present administration and urged Nigerians to continue to be patient with the government. (NAN)

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  • dami

    Oh he has given millions to religious prophets for prayers!!
    Meanwhile people are starving…Nigerians are holier than thou…instead of waking up and putting in a good shift people like this will allude that prayer will solve this while they smile to the bank with our commonwealth…after all I’m dead sure his pension as former governor is still being paid…is thru prayer he is getting alert?

  • Abidilagungun

    Prayernomics seem to be the economic philosophy of the Buhari regime. God help us, our leaders have gone mad again!

  • No prayer 4 Bingo Buhari

    No amount of Prayers will ever save Buhari and the economy of the country—–called Nigeria———-until Buhari leavers power—-so sayeth the Lord of Host-period————–The Fulanis from Mali and Niger Republic in 9ja declared to the People of Nigeria that until Ijaw man Jonathan leaves power nothing will work in the country–They will make the country ungovernable for him–So created Boko haram to chase him out of power—-with the aid of the CIA—————-The Fulanis told all via the Yoruba traitors who sold MKO ABIOLA and his wife Kudirat to the Fulanis in Boko Haram that————————–It is the turn of the Fulanisfrom Mali to rule Nigeria———–When we said give Ijaw man Jonathan whose crude oil resources have for over 50 years kept the country going—The Fulanis said it is either Sai Bingo Buhari–or war–So they arranged to have Azazi assassinated——————————–The Fulanis have too much blood in their hand———————-together with Buhari—who was with abacha when Ken Saro wiwa was hanged along with the Ogoni 9—There when Kudirat abiola was assassinated———–Bingo Buhari was there when boko haram killed more than 1,000 9jas–during the 2011 post election riot—There when boko haram murdered more than 200 Ibos—There when the same Fulani boko haram cowhands killed more than 50,000 9jas in the North–Yet Buhari decided to negotiate with the Fulani boko haram fighters—And sent more than 30,000 Nigerian troops to kill the father of Tompolo instead—of talking to the militants————–Yet some unthinking 9jas say we should again pray for such a soul? Did Nigerians not pray for the release of Buhari from the gulag of IBB—in Benin—-more than 30 years ago?——————————–what was the pay back-blood– tears and sorrow—————–Let Pastor Osibanjo pray for buhari if he can————-Isx he not an ordained pastor of redeemed church—ati Pastor Bakare–?- Liars———–Separation is the only way out——-

  • Jujubeans

    What an id1ot! If God is going to solve this recession and indeed all our problems. What on earth are we paying you useless band of criminals for? Sitting and sleeping comfortably in NASS with your gigantic allowances and salaries mtttttcheeeew!

  • ukoette ibekwe

    The more Nigerian leaders open their stinking buccal cavities the more empty they sound.

  • Truth Justice Equity

    Another almajiri dance and somersaults in the air.look at the mindset of this almajiri,he want God to bring oil price slump to an end,end insurgency, end freedom fighters in delta,end cattle rustling but nothing about Fulani herdsmen murdering Nigerians in cold blood .
    These people are indeed terrible, shameless and heartless, why are they openly mocking Nigerians,by the time buhari finish with Nigeria, Nigeria shall be like a nation hit by tsunami, earthquake, Ebola and hurricane merged together. God is not an almajiri,and he can never be one.God will intervene when buhari turn away from his negative ,biased,discriminatory, deceitful and hate overwhelmed body language and decides to rule Nigeria in the fear God. Genuine repentance brings Gods mercy and intervention. The best thing to do is for Nigerians to ask buhari to repent first.
    There had been no evil and misfortune that Nigeria have not suffered since the coming of pmb to power,it is likely that this man has an evil spell and very bad and negative aura.I have been here for a very long time ,but never in the history of Nigeria have our nation and people become so humiliated,traumatized, suffered hardship ,pain,sorrow and death as within buharis 15 months as civilian President of Nigeria. This a classical example of a nation mourning when the wicked is on the throne .never in the history of Nigeria have our naira ever exchanged at 420 to a US dollar,never in the history of Nigeria have Nigerian citizens being murdered by an army of conquest like Fulani herdsmen, never in the history of Nigeria have Nigerian citizens starving to death as in a war time, never in the history of Nigeria have Nigerian citizens become so hopelessly perplexed and badly cast down as today without hope or succour from anywhere. Truly our nation is passing through great tribulations and only divine intervention can save Nigeria from being completely cast down.buhari is a curse on Nigeria, may shame ,distress, pain and sorrow be the portion of all those who used false promises and electoral fraud ,hate and wicked manipulations to impose this sorrow,pain and death on Nigeria. May they and their generations bear the recompense of their wickedness against the people and the nation of Nigeria. may God hastily come to our help before it is too late for Nigeria.amen

  • tsunami1earthquake

    What a stomach-churning request from this ex-governor and now senator! How much of his stolen money has he returned to Nigerians? How much personal salary and perquisites cuts as senator has he voluntarily ordered to help poor Nigerians in dire need of existence? Bloody hypocrites!

  • Wale

    Prayers without doing the right things will not bring any meaningful change. We need to focus on made in Nigeria goods and services. Produce, Promote and Protect them. Unfortunately we are not focusing on these until we do, the sufferings continue.

    • Julius

      Thank you, well said !

  • yusuf Mikail

    The God we need is the ‘God’ at Aso rock.

  • Mamman Bako

    He should pray for Nigerians to pray since he’s that religious. Onyara Senator!!!

  • TininiTanana

    A notorious economic vandal calling for prayers ….wonders shall never end! Well, the prayers is apt for Sokoto State as they’re still reeling on the pile of debts you left behind.

  • JasV

    Even your cheeks already tell me that you are a thief from Sokoto state because, all those I know from that state and who are not thieves are like our president and ex president Shehu Shagari. No cheeks. You stole a hell lot of money, chopped it and now asking for prayers. God forbid. You will not go scot-free.

  • Otile

    May Allah provide the Core North with longer recession. Amin.

  • Julius

    I just cant figure out how these fools sleep at night. They must be on drugs 4real. This is one of our so called leaders in this country . The funny thing is he is not the only one that thinks this way. Unbelievable!!

  • mararaba

    What? You have stolen public funds in the past, you are still stealing, and you plan to continue stealing until the oil dries up, and you ask God to do what for you?

  • marc umeh

    This is supposed to be news eh ?

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    Wammako, Wammako, Wammako, you could have also prayed for the end to the Sharia agenda that will destroy Nigeria.