PDP rejects postponement of Edo election


The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has rejected the postponement of the Edo governorship election as announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission Thursday.

The opposition party said the election should go ahead on Saturday as originally scheduled, as there was no compelling reason to change the date.

The election was moved by INEC after the police and the State Security Service, SSS, said they could not guarantee security.

The electoral body had initially vowed to go ahead with the polls despite the warning.

A source told PREMIUM TIMES the commission was pressured to change its position.

The PDP said the election date should “remain sacrosanct since there is no tangible reason(s) evident to tamper with the Election”.

It said changing the date “was a less than ingenious attempt to ‘buy time’ for the governing All Progressives Congress, APC”.

“It is shameful and indeed a major constitutional breach for the security agencies to act in concert with the APC to truncate an Election that had been planned for months,” the party said in a statement signed by Dayo Adeyeye, its interim spokesperson.

“Nigerians were not deceived by the obvious concoctions of the security agencies whose performances during elections have been less than average since the advent of the Buhari Administration.”

“The postponement of the Election by INEC is illegal, unconstitutional and a breach of the peoples’ trust in the Commission and the security agencies.

“It is a coup against the people of Edo State in particular and Nigerians in general. Since APC assumed power, virtually all elections conducted by INEC have either been inconclusive or truncated.

“Saturday’s Election in Edo State must be an exemption. We will not accept anything less than free, fair and transparent election conducted and concluded the same day,” it said.

The party called on INEC to rise to the occasion to restore the confidence of Nigerians in its operations.

It said Edo is a test case and that with the way INEC is performing; “how are we sure that it would be able to handle the 2019 national elections?”

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  • Truth Justice Equity

    I wonder what buhari and his shameless axis of evil party will have to say about this one again. The worst calamity that will ever befall any nation or people is to have a buhari or anything like him as the President or leader of any nation. I feel pained that Nigeria my beautiful nation with good people will have to contend with a national disaster like buhari,Jonathan only sin against God and humanity was to have allowed a congregation of thick darkness and an axis of evil called APC to Budd in Nigeria and to make his sins grievous and unpardonable, he cowardly betrayed Nigeria into their hands.This national tribulations is only 16 months old,and Nigeria had been totally ran down and completely overwhelmed in all sectors. Name them,Efcc,judiciary, party politics, rule of law,human right,economy, security, food security, currency, governance, NASS,national unity ,peace and cohesion. Buhari government is like the ten plagues God sent to Egypt to torment them.may God Almighty give special grace to Nigeria to overcome this buhatsunami ,buhaebola,and buhavolcano.may God preserve our democracy for this remaining 2 years and 7 months of buharis calamitous ineptitude. May God never allow Nigeria to be cursed with this kind of leadership that caused Nigeria to mourn.Edo voters please hold your peace,don’t fall for their evil mischief and satanic rigmarole. the end ,God that delivered Isreal from the evil grip of pharaoh shall deliver you from this axis of evil APC government.

    • Karl Imom

      PDP cry babies!! Election postponement was the presidential election winning strategy under president Jonathan. This strategy was orchestrated by the former NSA, Col Dasuki, now incarcerated. Mr. Orubebe attempted on public TV to force a second postponement when it became clear that Mr. Jonathan was going to lose. Now election postponement is effectively in the Nigerian political lexicon. Thanks to PDP!!

  • amazing2012

    Oyah ! Go and conduct the election alone. When Jonathan postponed presidential election for months did APC reject it ? Sadists looking for opportunity !

    • Mayo

      First, Jonathan did not postpone the elections, INEC did. Secondly, during the postponement you were talking about, the issue was discussed at a meeting which had all the governors, former presidents, security agencies and INEC in attendance. It was after that meeting that INEC was asked to meet by themselves and take a decision. This did not happen in the case of Edo.

      Secondly, can you honestly compare the state of affairs in Borno last year and that of Edo state? Did you hear of terrorism in Edo state? Besides the election is on Saturday the 10th but the police claimed the ‘disruption by terrorists’ would be over the salah period and they specifically mentioned 12th

      • amazing2012

        First Buhari did not postponed Ekiti election it was security agencies that did after meeting with other stakeholders including Inec. It was Inec that react and reject the conclusion of the meeting.
        Security threat is different from security breach. The threat is on information and analysis on the possibility of breach of peace. Such information is vital and not necessarily to be dispose to public.
        An election on Saturday 10th can get to Monday 12th for various reasons including delay in collation of result and its announcement.
        Whatsoever, why the problem ? Whether postponed or not people a choice to vote the right candidate. Simply haters of progress are looking for every reason,reasonable or not to waste their time, energy and display ignorance !

        • Otile

          Noble ISIS Agent,
          You have lost it again. You have lost your grip on logic and grammar. You don’t make sense again. Go back to school an learn more English. You don’t make sense anymore. Has Allah abandoned you or what?

          • MaskedPhantom

            Why ask him to go to school when they say that western education is “sinful”? Let him continue reciting the koran that he dosen’t even understand.

          • share Idea


        • Mayo

          1) I didn’t accuse Buhari of postponing this election. You were the one who claimed Jonathan postponed the 2015 election.
          2) The security agencies does not have the constitutional power to postpone elections. Only INEC can.’
          3) The security agencies did not meet with INEC before announcing they wanted the elections postponed. In fact, INEC first said they would not postpone the election and during that announcement they berated the security agencies for not meeting with them before saying the elections should be postponed.

          • amazing2012

            1. Buhari never postponed any election. Please provides evidence on his evolvement and tell me the significance of postponing or not postponing this election. And connect how the action or inaction affect your life.
            2. Presidential election that Jonathan POSTPONED is directly affecting him and of course postponed to cause problem which may led to cancellation of the election or to favor him.
            3. You might be ignorant of security nomanclature and bereaucracy. There are certain meeting even at your home you don’t let your children to attend but to tell them the decision made after the meeting. Inec cannot conduct election alone. It needs the assistance of stakeholders. One of such stakeholders is security. If the security have their meetings with absence of Inec then let it be, because even Inec have several thousands of meetings without security presence. Ignoring fact for cheap advantage is nothing but sign of losing mind.
            Will postponing the election favor any candidate ? People will still vote for their choice. Why it become a problem ? Because the brain of people like your were used to see problem in every issue of their life !!
            Both PDP and APC at that level are the same. Not for the poor !!! You are just occassions with hate, wickedness and sadism to see someone losing even if it will not add anything positive in your life !!!!!!!

          • Mayo

            LOL!!!. Listen to yourself – I’m occassions with hate, wickedness and sadism….
            First, correct your grammar. Secondly, on one hand you claim the security agencies postponed the election after consulting with INEC and when I point out that is not true you turn around and say INEC should not have been invited to the meeting in which the security agencies decided to postpone the elections. Which is it?

            At the end of the day there is really no need having a discussion with someone (you) who resorts to personal insults instead of sticking to the issues being discussed.

      • Karl Imom

        Nothing was going on in Borno state or anywhere in Nigeria for that matter that warranted election postponement. Elections were held in both Iraq and Afghanistan at the height of the wars in those countries. PDP (under Goodluck) introduced this criminal gimmick in Nigerian politics, so it is their turn at the receiving end of their wisdom. What comes around, goes around!!

        • Mayo

          Let us assume you are correct – that GEJ was the one who postponed the 2015 elections and that he was wrong to do so. Buhari was voted because he was supposed to be different from GEJ, right? If so, why then is he doing the same thing as GEJ?

  • Contact Point

    Which PDPig rejected the idea? That of Sheriff or the wing of Markafi?

  • Buhari has turned our democracy to political comedy.

    • Karl Imom

      Hmmmm! Presidential election was postponed for ONE good MONTH under PDP, and democracy was not turned to political comedy. What an irony!!

      • share Idea

        Please can you state the reasons why this election was postponed and how the postponement is supposed to mitigate the identified threat.

        During 2015 election the following were facts.
        1. INEC under JEGA said that they could not risk their staff conducting elections under BH controlled / active areas which was affecting about 5 states.
        2. Security agency through NSA informed the nation that they were expecting some ordered arms, while few have arrived, and promised to use the 6 weeks suggested extension to push back BH
        3. More than 65% of Southerners did not receive their PVC when the postponement was suggested while INEC was still expecting some of their ordered PVC to arrive in the country.
        4. Test running of Card Reader had never been done anywhere in the country and INEC was insisting on using same equipment without any field test
        5.INEC Chair was invited to Council of state meeting and everyone (opposition and ruling part members, other members of Council of State) were told publicly why the suggestions were made
        6.INEC later held consultative meetings and agreed to shift the election.
        7. During the period requested by security agencies, Nigerians witnessed massive fight against BH with equipments purchased, INEC was able to conduct field test of Card Reader, and greater number of Nigerians were able to collect their PVC.

        Please can you outline what the present postponement intends to achieve and the plans on how to achieve it? Where they any part of EDO that was under BH or militant control that the security agencies wanted to clear? Nigeria we hail thee

        • Adekunle

          You are a bloody liar who stands the truth on the head. Do you think people are as daft as you to forget how Dasuki went globetrotting to Chatham house to talk abut the postponement. He attempted to postpone the election twice.

          • share Idea

            Is this your comprehensive answer to all the points I raised. Nigeria we hail thee

        • TininiTanana


  • bjay

    PDP is now foolishly feeling pain of postponement imagin how time fast,they were enjoying all the impunity yesterday and evil that men do leaves with them.

  • favourtalk

    Which of the PDP becuase i still know that we have two PDP, they should get thier shit together first before shouting and running around, the country need to move forward and peace must be considered before any election

  • share Idea

    INEC fixed election, police and DSS said they will not be able to provide security, thus, the election was shifted.

    However, the main reason the security threat was raised – Muslim celebrations were not shifted so that Nigerians can be save. Please can the decerning minds understand the priority of this administration. Religious observations are more fundamental than constitutional back laws (INEC independence by attecked by executive). Nigeria we hail thee

    • deltavoice

      Hey, have you taken your drugs this evening?

  • Galantman

    These PDP guys are shameless and have very shallow memories. How many times have they shifted Governorship and even presidential elections in the past just for perfecting rigging? They should keep quiet and remember that not everyone is like them. Besides postponing election does really prevent failure, after all they lost woefully after postponing the presidential election.



    • Aminu Baba

      Yeah, Edo man with im big mouth. Na mouth dem de take cast vote?

  • Man_Enough

    is it the same pdp that were clamoring for postponement of election just because some people refused to go and collect their pvcs? me I’ve not forgotten.

  • deltavoice

    Go to the field on Saturday then.
    Do u need a go ahead from me?
    Yeye people.


    The same dead pdp? I expect nothing else anyways.

  • Aminu Baba

    PDP: You taught APC how to manipulate the security agencies how to blackmail INEC into postponing elections. However, I ask; where is the change?