INEC backtracks, postpones Edo election

INEC chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu
INEC chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu

The Independent National Electoral Commission has postponed the September 10 gubernatorial election in Edo State.

Nick Dazang, spokesman for the commission, told PREMIUM TIMES the election would now hold on a new date no less than two weeks from Saturday.

“We have now decided to shift the election forward for another two weeks,” Mr. Dazang said. “We would announce a new date within the next 24 hours.”

The postponement came a day after the police and State Security Service announced their intention to pull out of the exercise, citing security concerns.

After a series of consultation and initial show of defiance, the Mahmood Yakubu-led INEC finally buckled.

Godwin Obaseki, the APC candidate, is slugging it out with Osagie Ize-Iyamu of the PDP in the race to replace incumbent Adams Oshiomhole whose two-term tenure expires this November.

The electoral body had initially brushed aside concerns raised by the police and the SSS, affirming its earlier schedule.

The commission said it would not be “teleguided”, and argued that suspending the polls would be costly after reaching at least 97 per cent readiness level.

One source told PREMIUM TIMES that INEC was pressured to change its decision.

“The SSS and the police clearly said they can’t guarantee the security of INEC’s personnel and materials,” the source said.

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  • Buster

    Rubbish. Let them postpone till whatever date they deem fit, apc has lost the election already. What a shame.

    • musa aliyu

      Really? Because you PDP hired thugs to scuttle the process?

  • Ashibogu

    I have gotten an eternal shock absorber. Nothing surprises me any longer in Nigeria. One truth I know is that this current season shall pass away. For as it is written in Ezekiel 21, a day shall come when iniquity shall come to an end. The Lord shall remove the turban from their heads even in that day.

  • centimee

    This is the height if executive recklessness and show of shame by using the security apparatus to tele-guide the conduct of elections in Nigeria. This is a new low and mark of sliding legitimacy for the APC led FG and state in Edo. This is disgusting and I withdraw all my support for this govt.

  • alpha

    Hypocrisy should be a capital offense. Over a year ago, Nigerians rightly stood against the mad attempt to postpone the 2015 elections and APC threatened steaming sulphur. Same party is working in reverse today, for a mere state election. What then about 2019? Disgusting!

    • musa aliyu

      We’ll postpone2 019 to eternity!!!

      • yukkmouff

        Aboki, please do that and speed up the breakup of the contraption you desperately latch onto for survival.

      • share Idea


  • Osakwe

    Nigerians! Ba hankali wallahi! ——————-If Buhari has not been
    able to produce his WAEC Secondary school certificate after 1 year 4 months,
    then how will he not tell his Almajiri INEC officers to postpone elections
    because Obaseki too forged some certificates as PDP has discovered. Well,
    according to Buhari, change your ways.

  • Olajide

    This INEC is something else. This is time to rise in defense of democracy. Security agencies cannot wake up one day & say elections should be postponed in a state that has not witnessed any form of terrorism.
    APC shouldn’t think that Nigerians are not going to hold them responsible for this rape of democracy.
    INEC under this Yakubu Mahmood is everything but independent.
    We missed Attahiru Jega.

    • Observer

      Didn’t same happened during the presidential election of 2015? It was postponed from February to match due to security reasons… You guys needs a retaintive memory. Dead. What goes around comes around

      • sab

        Check your facts, circumstances differ. Even if the same, where is the change you sang like the weaver bird? So you are doing it simply because the past administration did it. You have just convinced us that your gospel of change was a hoarse, a fraud and never had the spirit of fairness or interest of the nation at heart. You were merely deceiving the people then with your ‘change’ orchestra

        • Observer

          Change is a gradual process.. You can’t expect it to come ove night, we all know the state of the nation that the present dispensation met on ground. Lets call a spade a spade. Although they may have their lapses, but I prefer them to GEJ’s looting administration. If APC fails us, then, I shall cast my vote to a party like KOWA come 2019, not PDP. Never

  • vagabonds in power

    If a woman on wheelChairs can protest the arrival of Buhari in Edo what about u abled bodied roddentts—in that state–spoiling for the Apes in APC————-? When the Police jeep stopped for the woman to cross, the woman stopped too…and in those splits seconds the driver of the Jeep seemed indecisive. Angry looking Mopol soon jumped downed from one of the Hilux van and charged toward the Jeep in from to know why it stopped suddenly, same time a policeman dashed for the woman on the wheelchair and pulled her back.

    All these happened in less than 2 minutes.

    It was when the woman grabbed the uniform of the policeman by the collar refusing to let go and shouting “una know as i take dey eat…I no dey fit buy food again..since Buhari become president——.Buhari no go pass..make una leave me make i die” It was then what just happened struck me. She was held back till the president’s convoy passed.

    I dont know if i should call it desperation or bravery, honestly i dont know which……….but I think some Nigerians are becoming more daring. The economy is pushing people to the walls. And soon some may dare Buhari deep inside Aso Rock like never beofre.

    I am sure the president will never get to hear that a woman on wheelchair attempted suicide on his convoy in Benin city. It was right in front of me that it happened.

    By an eyewitness, Chijioke Anyacho

  • vagabonds in power

    Today I witnessed a woman on wheelchair attempt the unimaginable………running into the president’s convoy.

    There was heavy military presence in King Square early this morning as president Buhari was coming to join the Grand finale of Godwin Obaseki’s campaign for the September 10th gubernatorial elections in Edo State. Soon they started redirecting vehicles and in a matter of minutes Ring Road was locked down…….no vehicular movement around the Square aside Police patrol vans.

    I was beside the state house of assembly by Airport road Juncture, the only side without any military presence……just a hand full of unarmed policemen and civil defense.

    Soon two Hilux Jeep with a ROAD CLOSED sign painted on top was coming with speed and the security personels immediately ordered everyone to move to the walk way and not cross the road.

    In less than 60 seconds, the president’s convoy starts appearing from the curved corner of Airport road, they were not on the usual neck breaking speed that is the custom of Nigerian political class.

    It was slow enough for you to get a good look of every single vehicle in the convoy yet fast enough for you not to be able to catch up with it in a race.

    As the convoy gets close to the house of assembly complex, this woman on wheelchair appears from no where and starts wheeling herself right across the road.

    The Jeep in front stops immediately……. I was expecting some armed security men to jump out and teach the woman a lesson for daring to ambush the president but they actually stopped for the woman on wheelchair to cross!

    I was dumbfounded.

    It is suicidal to attempt crossing the road when a Nigerian politician is passing.

  • Edoronwen Igbosa

    Premium Times Editor,

    Postponement of Edo state election: Matters Arising

    The Independent Electoral Commission hasn’t become less worse in thinking and planning.
    It has not got one thing right since it came under the lever of President Muhamadu Buhari.
    The Electoral Commission has no good reputation for vetting candidates for an election.

    the APC candidate in this Edo state election, Godwin Obaseki,
    doesn’t have certificates to show but only narrated a bogus story
    that he did his WAEC school certificate in 1973 and graduated from the
    University of Ibadan three years later in 1976.

    Godwin Obaseki’s narrative
    is factually impossible because in 1973 there was no JAMB and no
    student proceeded to a three-year degree course in the University of
    Ibadan with Waec school certificate only – none! The requirement for
    admission for a three-year course was GCE A Levels with at least two
    strong credits.

    If this dubious APC candidate were admitted in 1973,
    it means he did not do the two-year A Levels course and it further
    means he was admitted with a Wasc (Ordinary level) as equivalent to
    advanced levels qualification. Such claim on oath is prima facie perjury.
    The Police should now act responsibly by arresting the APC candidate
    and by locking him up to face criminal trial for false declaration on oath –
    an offence carrying 14 years imprisonment under the Criminal Code.

  • Straight & Simple



  • nixon

    The more APC rules, the more they make GOODLUCK shine. I did not vote for anyone, but wow, I am beginning to see the worth of GOODLUCK JONATHAN!

    • Commentsfile..!!!

      If Mr Jonathan is your Hero, you may remain a slave
      all your life seing what he Turned the Ijaw Nation
      in Nigeria just after 5yrs! there is no comparison here.
      we have more serious minded individuals now than before.

      • sab

        With only a Helipad as the only project so far undertaken and completed. Railway line was described at Oba’s Palace as ‘fraud’ and non existent but now they celebrated it while commissioning it.

      • Henry

        You are not an Ijaw neither are you from the region. I am from the region and live there, GEJ did nothing to undermine the ijaw nation. He has served his nation well despite the peculiar challenges he faced as one from a minority nation within Nigeria. He was by no means without his flaws like every mortal. As the days go by GEJ is proving by the day that he is head and shoulder above his successor in every sphere. The 2015 election held in every LGA in the North East and in the entire nation despite that fact this nation was at civil war in the North East. That election was postponed to ensure that the 2015 election held everywhere in Nigeria after receiving arms from the East that Western governments refused to sell. We from the Niger Delta are very proud of our son. If Buhari really want to fight corruption as he claims let him release Dasuki and try him openly. If he wants change, let him begin with himself by providing his school cert that he lied for 12 years that was with the army, then we can take him serious.

  • Observer

    Wailers are waiking now… When the presidential election in 2015 was postponed to buy time for Jona, heaven didn’t fall o. Hahaha… Table don turn around

    • yukkmouff

      So this is the change you voted for and the democracy you want your children and grand children to inherit? What a shame!

      • Commentsfile..!!!

        lack of power = Light for the past 16yrs
        has affected peoples sight, that you are
        not seing any “CHANGE” somebody must
        take the blame.. probably not PMB!

        • emmanuel

          ‘We shifted because PDP shifted’ = change?

          • Commentsfile..!!!

            change your mindset so you can see
            the change.. until you realize this is not
            more PDP`s era you will be up for something new..

          • emmanuel

            Should i change my mindset to know that this postponement is a big fraud and uncalled for? One of the report from INEC Chief, stated that the security concerns flashed 12th and 13th; some two days after the election would have taken place.
            I beg, tell us you are a mumu and want us to belief the APC mumu lies. Abi you nor know say some lies na mumu lies?

          • Commentsfile..!!!

            well my Brother name calling are for loosers!
            second I believe you value your life, if you really
            do, is likewise how the people of Edo state do abt
            their own lives.. everything in Nigeria is seen
            through this political lens which gives it totally a different
            meaning. when it comes to conducting elections under
            this new INEC chief every one of them has been declared
            inconclusive! so if EDO states election is declared inconclusive
            with the whole arms in the militants hand?? your guess is as
            good as doesn’t really matter who you are supporting but
            at times forget politics and think about an after effect, that has
            been our problem.. Pack people inside stadium … collect 1k each
            from them… hahaaa money don enter, But the after effect of a
            possible stampede was never considered and we lost our youths!
            wake up.. name calling will not change the real issue looser!!

          • sab

            If over 30, 000 security personnel that were deployed to Edo cannot guarantee safety in just one state, what guarantee do we have that 2019 elections across the nation simultaneously will be safe? Now you are arguing from the prism of personal concern, last year, did you believe Nigerians’ lives are sacred?

        • yukkmouff

          Talking through your warts infected anus again aren’t you?!

          • Commentsfile..!!!

            you didn’t say nothing new!

          • emmanuel

            Every new post you do in support of APC amount to loss of APC votes in tens, because they infuriate Nigerians and offend their sensibilities.
            Please respect yourself, not aggravate the people the more!

          • Commentsfile..!!!

            What? when has free speech become and offence
            in Nigeria? biko vote for who you like Im entitled to
            my opinion likewise you. you did not get angry under
            16yrs of stealing but after barely a yr of recovering
            our loots you are going mad.. did EFCC visit you?

          • emmanuel

            16 years long gone, 16 months blown under lies, deceit, failed promises and brazen nepotic, inept, sectional and brainless leadership.
            No direction, US Dollar turned to toilet tissue against parring it with the Dollar, school feeding turned out to be fraud, massive job losses to replace promised job creation, engaging in new recruitment’s when existing workers are owed unend?
            Confusion breaki bone o, yepah!

          • Commentsfile..!!!

            you are not serious.. living in your country
            but talking about another country´s currency
            as a determinant factor to the performance
            and progress of your economy shows you are
            a lazy man. … we want an economy that only
            depends on naira.. stop this uninformed argument.

          • sab

            Happy you said recovered. May I ask, where is the recovered funds? Is it invested in the electricity industry, road, banks or where? You recovered the stolen funds including those of Abacha and you are prudent in its management yet everyone is complaining including Sanusi Lamido who was furious with anger in his condemnation of the state of the economy and the nation at present.

          • UOU

            Ego ole ka ha n’akwu gi maka edemede gi nile a??????

    • emmanuel

      Change? If you said Nigeria should change from last minute shift of election and you pride yourself that you have also shifted because the one you replaced fraudulently did, then you are a fraud and should not be trusted ever!
      You gave just said the APC is a fraud and thank you for that.

    • sab

      Observer, I just been enjoying all comments here whether good or bad. It shows our different views, understanding, and all of that. But your comment demanded I should react to it. You either see reason or forget it but remember, Buhari and or APC won’t remain in power for ever. First, the 2015 election was shifted for cogent reasons. If you do not know, go to national library and find out. First, there was clear violence in almost the entire North East which comprises of about six states. Two, the citizens there had almost ran away from their homes and the Permanent Voter Cards PVC were yet to be collected. Mind you, if the election had taken place, it was obvious majority of the citizens there wouldn’t have voted. They would have been disenfranchised. And ultimately this would have resulted in the eventual winner not making up to the required 25% in other states/areas as required by the constitution/electoral act. So, much as I do not fault INEC nor support them in this current Edo case, it is obvious that the 2015 postponement had a trace of fact and sense because we all saw what the military did to flush out the insurgents to a reasonable extent such that the election was conducted without violence. But in the present Edo case, there is no evidence of militancy in Edo as is the case in other South-South areas. There has not been any reported case of herdsmen’s attack there nor Boko Haram. Besides, it was on Tuesday that PMB for the first time visited Edo where APC rounded up their campaign with a Mega Rally. No incident occurred only for the security agencies to come up with fear or report or suspicion of insurgency attack. No matter what, we were promised change. It was on the basis of change Mantra that this present government came into power. But if we are now doing things this way simply because the past administration did so, then, ask yourself where the change is?

      • Observer

        Sab, thanks for the voluminous lecture, So the military under GEJ’s regime could make great impact in the fight against Boko haram within a short period of time, but fail to do so in a long term before election
        . but when they sensed that Buhari is actually gaining more political ground than GEJ, they used imsecurity to postpobe the election. If we believed thesame security reasons then, then, we should also believe thier reasons too on this one. 2 weeks will not kill anyone. It will come, and who ever wins, good luck.

  • emmanuel

    This is the game – IGP, DSS, INEC Chair and most of those to conduct the election are foolani muslims. They project vote counting, monitoring etc may spill beyond Sunday, so do not have have to stay away from from their Sallah.
    The origin of the lies – The Love of one’s country?
    Postponement was out of sheer selfishness and these are some of the reasons Nigeria would never move ahead.
    In most of my mothers work years, she worked on Christmas day, so her Junior Colleagues could stay away and she would only get back home at about 5.30pm and we still enjoyed our celebration.
    Change begins from the next man on the street and not me, that is what those men just told the World!

  • vagabonds in power

    Opposition parties, led by Certificate less Buhari now head of the All Progressives Congress, are presently perfecting strategies to resist any attempt by the Independent National Electoral Commission and the Federal Government to shift the February general elections

    Top on the game plan of the parties is to reach out to the international community to mount pressure on the President Goodluck Jonathan-led administration not to shift the elections. Now nko? Where is the Opposition—dead and buried by Bingo Buhari in Edo state—————–

    • Commentsfile..!!!

      was taken to Otuoke for Burial,
      then Wike and Fayose helped
      Sheriff to snatch the carcass,
      as we speak Sheriff is helpless!


        Sadly for us u are an Ibo man–regardless of the luciferic thoughts expressed by u

        • Commentsfile..!!!

          thank God all Ibos are not like you.

  • Fadama

    INEC and our security forces are a complete shambles.

  • Brainless DOG & BABOON

    What exactly is the threat? Is Avengers storming Benin? I thought Brainless said we should change our ways?


    It is now very clear that the APC cannot be trusted as custodians of Nigerian democracy. The manipulation of INEC and security agencies to undermine elections is indeed condemnable.

  • Commentsfile..!!!

    INEC has seen the reason to avoid another KOGI mess..
    the inconclusive nature of their previous elections is a matter
    concern, if allowed to happen its going to set The whole of the
    SS region off in violence and may spill out of control knowing already
    how volatile the area is…the mischief makers would see a new channel
    of perpetrating their evil plan. People should stop blaming and pointing
    accusing finger on APC or the FG. to secure lives and property , safety
    is the watch word no matter who want to win an election by fire by force…
    safety first my people!!


      You are a false alarmist, the APC cannot concede defeat, they are unable to play by the rules,their track record is there for all to see, they declare inconclusive elections where ever they cannot win or start arresting opposition before elections.

      • Commentsfile..!!! maybe teaching me something new,
        since when is INEC chief the new chairman
        of APC? And to you, “STOP” accusing people
        of not playing according to the rule because
        what political parties do in Nigeria is what you..
        I say you TAWANDA INCOMMUNICADO do
        on this fora.. so you are also Guilty of the same SIN !!

  • Bulldozer

    Buhari and the DSS chairman was in Edo state few days ago, Why didn’t the police and DSS inform them of an impending security threat?. In the 2015 elections, Borneo, Adamawa and Gombe conducted successful elections despite the rampaging Boko Haram insurgency. The elections in these States ensured the victory of PMB. Something is not right here.

    • favourtalk

      they did and you need to follow news, INEC thought they could go ahead before..

  • favourtalk

    The nation will surely move forward and the INEC made the right decision, all for the safety of the party