Why we want Edo election postponed – Police, SSS

Photo credit: blackface.com.ng
Photo credit: blackface.com.ng

The Nigeria police and the State Security Services, SSS, say their call for the postponement of Saturday’s governorship election in Edo State is based on “credible intelligence” of a plot by “Insurgent and extremist elements” to disrupt the poll.

In a joint press statement issued Wednesday afternoon, the two agencies said the target of the planned attacks are vulnerable communities and soft targets with high population during the forthcoming Sallah celebrations between September 12 and 13.

Edo, the statement said, is among the states being targeted.

Garba Abdullahi signed the statement on behalf of the SSS, while the Force Public Relations Officer, Don Awunah, signed for the police.

“It is in regard of these that we are appealing to INEC which has the legal duty to regulate elections in the country to consider the need for possible postponement of the date of the election in Edo State in order to enable security agencies deal decisively with the envisaged terrorist threats,” the statement said.

“The public would recall that similar threats were issued during the May Labour Day and Democracy Day celebrations as well as the Ed-el-fitr holidays in July, 2016. However, the security agencies were able to decisively disrupt and thwart the insurgents’ plan.

“While the Police/DSS remain mindful of the inconveniences this request may cause the various political stakeholders, it is our strong resolve that security agencies need not be distracted from ensuring a peaceful and secured Nigeria now and always.”

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Meanwhile, INEC says it was yet to get a formal report from the security agencies.

“We haven’t gotten a formal notice on that yet, so we are just hearing it informally,” Oluwole Osaze-Uzzi, INEC’s Director of Voters’ Education and Public Enlightenment, told PREMIUM TIMES on telephone from Benin, the capital of Edo.

“When we get a formal report, we will consult the stakeholders.”

The Peoples Democratic Party in the state sees the advice to postpone the election as a subtle plot by the ruling All Progressive Congress to “postpone the evil day”.

Ogbeide Ifaluyi-Isibor, the Coordinator, Dynamic PDP Vanguard in Edo, told PREMIUM TIMES that the PDP was ready for the election, and that APC was already afraid of losing.

“We are aware that the governor (Adams Oshiomhole) is afraid of his defeat, so he is pushing for a postponement,” Ifaluyi-Isibor said.

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  • thusspokez

    “We haven’t gotten a formal notice on that yet, so we are just hearing it informally,” Oluwole Osaze-Uzzi, INEC’s Director of Voters’ Education and Public Enlightenment, told PREMIUM TIMES on telephone from Benin, the capital of Edo.

    One more example of the mumuness of Nigerian institutions. The mumu people in the Police and SSS claim to have made security assessments — but how and to what standard, one wonders — of Edo state in relation to the forthcoming election, and then went to the press, but not first, consult with or sent copies of their assessment reports to INEC. INEC only found out in the news.

    Dear Nigerians! Are you capable or are you not capable of seeing for yourself the mumus that are running your country? Indeed, how do you expect to join the advanced world if these mumus are the best you could find to run the Police, SSS and similar institutions?

    • Mufu Ola

      A recently retired mumu sent us into all these ‘wahala’.

      • thusspokez

        You have been consistent in your off-topic responses and don’t seem to have the wherewithal to enrich discussions, but rather than block you from responding to my comments forthwith, I am writing to give you a last chance to quit your silly off-topic response and start addressing the issue being discussed. I have no time for banters nor stµpidity. Try me again and I will block you from responding to my comments!

        • Mufu Ola

          It’s strange you’re not agitated when somebody mention ‘mumu’ when you’re the first to call those doing their jobs mumu. I’m seriously amused by your ‘threat’.No malice though. But remember how many times u’ve been “off -topic” also.I just my records now.

    • Truetalk

      How INEC found out is not the issue. If INEC is not officially informed then the information should be jettisoned and INEC need not to be bothered. Nigerians will always complain no matter the approach on this issue. If the security agencies approached INEC without first making it public first, people will still have the view that the police and SSS conspired secretly with INEC to shift the poll. What the Police and SSS issued was an advice, they are not compelling INEC to postpone the election. We should not forget how Nigerians also reacted when the 2015 general election was postponed on security ground on the advise of the then NSA. The truth remains that whether the election hold on 10th September as earlier scheduled or on a later date if INEC heed to the security warning, who will emerged winner of the election remains, so we don’t need to politicize every issue in this country.