Buhari’s administration will transform thousands from tenants to home owners — Presidency

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

The Federal Government has said that its affordable housing schemes will soon transform thousands of Nigerians from being tenants to proud owners of houses and plots of land.

This is contained in a statement by Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, in Abuja on Monday.

Mr. Shehu said the scheme, operated through the mortgage banking system, was part of the programmes meant to uplift the quality of lives of the citizens.

“There are also programmes for affordable housing with mortgages which will transform thousands from tenant status to homeownership.’’

The statement said the Buhari-led administration had so far released N74 billion as part of capital allocations in the last three months.

More capital releases will soon be made to revitalise the economy, the statement said.

“Most of our road contractors had not been paid since 2012, many of them had sent their workers away adding to the unemployment problem,” it said.

“This government has released capital allocations in the last three months that is more than the whole of 2015.

“In 2015 Nigeria spent a paltry N19 billion on roads, in three months we have spent N74 billion and we are already releasing more,’’ he said.

The statement by Mr. Shehu, which was in reaction to negative comments on the nation’s economy, said the Federal Government had spent N26 billion in the transport sector in the last few months.

It also said that the government would start a concession that would revive the nation’s rail system for freight.

He expressed the hope that the movement of goods, particularly foodstuff through the rail system would reduce the cost of food items across market places in the country.

“In the transport sector in 2015, government spent just N4.2 billion; we have spent N26 billion with more to follow.

“We are starting a concession that will revive our old rail system for freight, whilst we build a new high speed rail system.

“Moving heavy goods by rail will reduce our transport costs which will reduce food prices and will save our roads from damage from heavy loads.,” it said.

“No government has ever considered the poor like this one. Under the current budget, the administration devoted N500 billion for social intervention programmes for those who need and deserve support.

“Any process that will endure, must involve some pain but things will begin to improve. There is always a time lag between policy and effect. That is why the bad effects of past policies are manifesting now.

“Similarly, the positive impact of the work being undertaken to fix Nigeria’s problems will soon begin to show and we will emerge from this period stronger, wiser and more prosperous.

“There is hope for Nigeria, a hope that was previously clouded by corruption, greed and lack of focus.

“Nigeria is starting over and everyone has a role to play. Look back, look ahead.’’


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  • titus emeka

    We hope so to happen.

    • Otile

      You are hoping against hope, buhari is a jihadist.

  • NinjaK

    Eternal Stupidity!
    You have not even looked for ways to feed the massive population with enough foodstuffs at cheaper prices, you are already talking about making them all house owners……Real Geniuses in Govt!

  • Abidilagungun

    If no be hungry wey dey do me, person suppose laugh anytime Buhari make promise. Poverty dey drive we from house, we no fit pay landlord…

  • KBE

    APC (All Promises Cancelled)

  • Watch man

    I do hope that the beneficiaries will not be the same kind of people that hijacked the food meant for IDPs’.

    • Rommel

      I fear oh! that has always been the Nigerian way

  • Rommel

    We are on our march to progress,it takes articulation to kick start a useful process and by the time policies of this administration begin to shape up,Nigerians would realize that president Buhari means well.More grease to their elbows

    • Otile

      Progress my foot, borrow money to build houses for jihadists & Boko Haram terrorists and call it progress. Parasites

    • Truth Justice Equity

      It is only those suffering from self induced blindness, deafness and amnesia ,that will be amused by this integrity deficient government .no sane patriotic citizen will ever look around Nigeria today and shamelessly applauds buhari and his highly incompetent, lying, deceitful and hate mongering government for undermining,bankrupting, destroying Nigeria within such a short time.only deranged imbeciles shall call death -life,destruction -building and lies -truth ,simply because they are ashamed to acknowledge that they made a very bad choice at the ballot.

    • Observer

      Thank you Rommel.. I see progress in this administration. To rebuild is not easy at all. To hell to haters lije otile, truth justice equity and the rest.

  • Atom Ant

    A bag of cement is now N2300.

  • Buhari d daft cow.

    Another cork & bull story from pillockhari d tossar.

  • North/West Allies

    Before then we need food

  • Truth Justice Equity

    Buhari and his band of hollow minded almajiri mental dwarfs are busy mocking Nigerians,sometimes liars are not careful to note that those listening to them have minds of comprehension and reasons. Buhari took over government on may 2015 with a brand new budget signed on may 22 ,September 2015, buhari sent a supplementary budget of 600 billion to NASS and told Nigerians that once that sup budget is approved,Nigeria will never know fuel scarcity again and everything will become Eldorado.the rest is now history and from 86 naira per litre fuel,Nigeria is now buying fuel for 145 .if buhari have any intention of doing any capital project in 2015, he would have also send a sup budget to nass but for a whole 7 months,buhari was sleepwalking around the globe like a man just released from long term prison sentence.
    Some body should tell garba she hu that majority of Nigerians have lost faith with his principals integrity deficient government that made false promises,lies,falsehood peddling, blackmail of his predecessor, and almajiri somersault his trademark and weapons of governance. No body can ever believe a generation whose truth are lies and falsehoods. Nigerians have studied buharis government for 16 months and the verdict is simple, that Nigeria have made a grievous error in allowing buhari opportunity to bankrupt ,undermine ,destroy and ran Nigeria aground. No single citizen of Nigeria is happy with buharis government of ineptitude, lies,deceit, blame and incompetence. Nigerians are now counting the days to buharis end of tenure and wishing that a miracle can draw 2019 may 29 to today so that relief can come to our nation. Buhari is an outstanding failure as far as leadership and governance is concerned.may God never punish Nigeria again with this kind of hollow minded,bankrupt,myopic,malicious, lying government again.

  • Degentle

    This man is seriously ridiculing himself. Please help Nigerians put common foods on their tables first.


    Buhari churns out more tales as he builds castles in the sky…MEANWHILE NIGERIANS ARE DYING OF HUNGER AND STARVATION.

    • Omotolaaraujo

      You voted for Treason and institutionalized corruption.


        No not at all, I did not vote for Buhari who in the 80s committed treasonable felony by forcefully through the use of weapons removed a democratically elected government.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Landlords should not be able to collect rent 6bmonths to a year in advance. Lanlord/Tennant Laws need attending. Rent should be month to month.

  • Jaspa Matanga

    Brain-dead fulani herdsmen, I beg, go smoke garri with groundnuts as advertised by your NTA,

  • AmaraMr ikwuegbu

    this people are still doing campaign while they pocket billions of naira of nigerian tax money as salaries and allowances

  • God help us

    They will soon disown this news

    • excel

      Stop using your anus.

  • favourtalk

    This is a good news and i belive in what fashola can do becuase he has done it in lagos

  • Es3

    Th same way that they promised and rescued Chibok girls within 30 days from May 29th 2015, gave Nigerians stable power supply within 90 days, reduced pump price of petrol from =N=97/litre to =N=40/litre, grew our foreign reserves from $30 billion (of Jonathan) to ????, daily feeding of school children, etc???!

  • Tom Paul

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  • excel

    This is a welcome development, Nigeria should be patient with this government. PMB is determine to make Nigeria a proud country once again.

  • Frank Opara

    Are you guys having a laugh or what. People are starving to death and a country that is the 8th largest oil exporting nation in the world has no fuel for the populance that car owner are turning into footwagon travellers and the government is spinning this yarn on us like they spinned us the change during the election and we have all now seen what kind of change they had for us. Who know which members of their families this idea will make billionaires, if you believe this you will believe in any crap and yarn they spin to you for crying out loud, give me a break!!!!!!!!!!