Eid-el-Kabir: Ram sellers lament low patronage

Zango Ram Market in Kaduna

Ram sellers in Kaduna on Monday expressed regrets about the low sale they had recorded, barely a week to the Eid-el-Kabir festival, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

Many ram selling points such as Zango, Bachama road and Rigasa markets in Kaduna metropolis saw the presence of many rams that remain unsold for days.

Rabo Mohammad, who sells his rams at Bachama Road market, said ram sellers had never had it so bad.

Mr. Mohammad, who came from Sokoto with rams, said he sold only five out of the 50 rams he brought to Kaduna two weeks ago.

“The economic situation has contributed to the low patronage and is affecting even our pockets.

“There is still hope, as the festival is one week from now, we pray to make some sales before then.

“Returning the animals to Sokoto will be a great loss to me because of the expenses involved,” he said.

Mr. Mohammad said prices of the animals ranged from N25, 000 to N120, 000.

Another ram dealer, Baballe Yaro, also blamed current economic recession as the main factor responsible for the low sales recorded so far.

“The present economic meltdown has now become a threat not only to ram sellers but also to entire business activities in Nigeria.

“The Federal Government should do something urgently to address the suffering of the masses.

“Although people want to buy rams for the festival, they cannot afford it due to the prevailing economic situation in the country.”

Mr. Yaro believed that the price may eventually crash as many traders would not want to return back with the animals.

According to him, some of the traders bought the rams from Niger Republic, Sokoto, Zamfara and Katsina States.

“But there is hope since we have one week before the celebration if all civil servants will have their salaries before Sallah,” he said.


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  • thusspokez

    Ram sellers in Kaduna on Monday expressed regrets about the low sale they had recorded

    Allah answers the Rams’ prayers. Insha Allah, many rams would escape death in this Eid-el-Kabir!

  • Mohd Sageer

    May Allah make things easy for us

    • Military rule returns

      Allahe has already made things easy for you to die off with your Buhari. You asked for a muslim, you have gotten one. Enjoy his policies.

    • pheliciti


  • John A

    You people haven’t seen anything yet. sai baba sai buhari

    • Military rule returns

      Sai baba, sai baba. sai baba till 2023 no for the next 50 years (for Hausa-Fulani muslims) enjoy your baba

  • Military rule returns

    Your head for lamenting? Enjoy the change. Have you people finished drinking the petrol you bought to kill those who didn’t vote for Buhari?

  • Netanyahu

    These abokis have not seen anything. This na morning. They should sell their AK-47 to make up for the loss. We warned you that you do not prosper when a wicked man is in power. It is all gnashing of teeth until the wicked dies or leaves office. Sai baba go slow, certificate forger.

    • Mufu Ola

      What makes you think they will not sell by Sallah day?From time immemorial traders during Sallah/Christmas/Easter traders always complain of “low”sales. Even when economy was “booming”.Go dig your papers for the past 25 yrs & read what I’m saying.By the way when will u people get over the trauma of losing election & stop being bitter? Most of those Rams will be gone by morning of Sallah.Bet your ass on it!

      • Omoba1

        This is different. There is recession in the country. Everyone is making rational economic decision

      • St

        True, that’s why you didn’t see the headline as “cost of ram down”

  • Ogom

    “.. ram sellers had never had it so bad”


  • Man_Enough

    Crash the prices.