Buhari can contest in 2019 – Obasanjo

Olusegun Obasanjo

Photo: Atom Lim
Olusegun Obasanjo Photo: Atom Lim

A former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, on Sunday denied a media report that he asked President Muhammadu Buhari not to seek re-election in 2019.

A former Chief Press Secretary to Mr. Obasanjo, Alex Nwokedi, was said to have made the comment on behalf of the former President in an online publication.

Mr. Nwokedi was reported as saying Mr. Obasanjo warned President Buhari not to seek re-election in 2019.

Mr. Obasanjo, in a statement made available to journalists‎, said there has been no communication between him and Mr. Nwokedi in the last three years.

“My belief is that democracy allowed for anybody including President Buhari for that matter to contest any election and it is the prerogative rights of Nigerians to vote or not to vote for them,” the ex-president said.

“I have not communicated with Alex in the last three years, so how a story could be credited to me, when I did not authorize such or communicate with him in the last three years?”

The former leader said he could never give Mr. Buhari such advice.

“I condemn in the most highest manner the story and those behind it. And for those behind it, they are simply enemies of democracy and freedom of expression,” he said.

Mr. Obasanjo is a supporter of the current president whom he backed against the immediate past president, Goodluck Jonathan.

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  • ???

    Why is it that i believe Alex Nwokedi? Why do i distrust General Obasanjo’s sexed up narrative?

    • Dejandon

      I believe OBJ instead for he is never shy to own his statements.

      Very soon some people will come and take Nwokedi’s statement as not only spoken by OBJ but by Buhari himself. They will soon tell us that Buhari promised not to run in 2019, and start brandishing it as a factual statement. Glad to see quick quenching of this from OBJ now. Let Nwokedi refute the statement by OBJ that the two of them have not spoken in three years.

    • Sean

      Baba has no say who contests come 2019. Baba brought us the woeful Gej and Nugerian are still suffering from the treasury loot Grj supervised. And with Nwokedi.. Who is Nwokedi? Another anti Nigeria IPOB member. True Nigerians don’t listen to people like Nwokedi as hes grossly irrelevant and his rhetorics are empty!

  • Buhari d daft cow.

    Contest wot?that dull president d one who thinks recession is one of his policy. Buhari is dumb ass.

    • Buhari4Ever

      Your father is a donkey

      • Buhari d daft cow.

        I said buhari is a dumb ass & a donkey while ur father is a pillock.

        • Samadani

          Cultured children respect other people parents. Lol.

      • Buhari d daft cow.

        U better remove that cow from ur profile.

  • Mbah Pascal

    Nwokedi should be charged for false information!!!

    • Iskacountryman

      nwokedi, who is obasanjos cousin did not give false information…obasanjo is flying a kite…

  • vagabonds in power

    Why cant these Yoruba elders ask Obj to leave Nigerians alone–we have had enough of this son of lucifer–i beg

    • D Oladapo

      Why can’t the knowledgeable people, if there are any, from SS or SE to warm biafra agitators the implications of war? The scar of the past difficult to erase. The youth has taken over leadership of the regions hence, the elders are bold enough and cowardice

  • Iskacountryman

    obasanjo would not be around in 2019…ignore him…

    • A Aminu

      Ok God.

      • Iskacountryman

        that is unislamic…

      • Iskacountryman

        alhaji aminu…i am not a christian god…neither am i god…i am human but i see tomorrow…i can forsee a fairly used wife in your future…

    • Colonel Mariam

      interesting that you wish him nothing but death, after all he’s done for the north.
      what an ungrateful bunch.

      • Iskacountryman

        who told you that i wish him death?…he is going be permanently retired…

        • Colonel Mariam

          only death shall retire him.

          • Iskacountryman


  • JasV

    There is no smoke without fire. Period.

  • Arabakpura

    Our interest right now is how to get out of this mess and not the nonsense distraction!

  • Mr. Nwokedi, the name tell you all you need to know, this miscreant where born lying from their mother womb

  • commentsfile..!!!

    The Nigeria political Dictionary has said it… You wan try? You go wound o.!!

  • paul irumundomon

    Obasanjo is not fully accepted into apc, maybe I missed the decamp. Obj changed the bot law of pdp, that only a serving president or ex. Can head the party. Case closed, the one who qualified to fill that post was obj, you can also help apc, manipulate their constitution, to accomondate a law to disqualify every qualified apc members, and at the end, buhari will be the only candidate standing, old people with no respect. Just because you did not have your way, you have abandoned the party that made you president of Nigeria twice, loony people.

  • favourtalk

    It is even obvious that PMB will be around to salvage the nation from the problem brought to us by the PDP over the last years, we shall surely get there

  • share Idea

    Is this the same person that said that it should be morally and ethically wrong for GEJ to seek a second term, that is now telling us that Buhari has a right to contest for second term. Hypocrisy of Nigerian leaders are legendary. Nigeria we hail thee

    • Julius

      Was what the reason why he said that about Jonathan ? Try not to start a story from the middle or the end. Tell the whole story.

    • Mufu Ola

      U’re a reasoning like 15yr old boy. Did he force GEJ to or not seek reelection?

      • share Idea

        Metusalam, please can you read my comment again and reflect on your comment.

        To break it down, just in case your old age is preventing you from reasoning alright. Obasanjo is quoted as saying that Buhari has the right to seek second term. However, same Obasanjo wrote GEJ, and stated that FEJ trying to contest a second term will be morally and ethically wrong, to the extent that same Obasanjo had to tore his PDP card.

        Does it mean that during GEJ’s time, he was not aware of our laws when he wrote the letter. Nigeria we hail thee

  • Wale

    Who is going to tell this publicity and relevance seeking old man to behave like a statesman. His permanent inferiority complex will not permit him to leave the murky political arena. What a pity

    • Julius

      Who are you to tell any citizen of Nigeria what to say and when to say it or not to say anything at all? Isnt he CITIZEN just like you and I ? Besides,he knows whats going on in the country , good or bad than most of us put together. Plus, you dont even have to listen to him or read his comments in the newspapers.


    You guys seems not to understand Obasanjo, for Obasanjo, the fair of Buhari is the beginning of wisdom for him. He has something to hide so he has no choice supporting Buhari because of is anti corruption war against past corrupt leaders. How do you explain this that the brave Obasanjo that we know can say anything against any body has suddenly been coming out to deny some of his act or move against the present government. Example, news has it about three weeks ago that Obasanjo was spotted in a PDP meeting in Abuja and very quickly the following day Obasanjo came out openly with a write up proofing his innocency and now the news has it that Obasanjo opposed Buhari’s second term come 2019 and he has also openly come out to deny it.

  • A Aminu

    Contesting an election is one thing, winning is another. It will be hard for Buhari to win an election again. I can’t see him win the primary election of the party. If APC tries to force him to win, then a repeat of what happen to PDP in 2015 will play itself again, and that is bye bye for APC. The poor masses who voted him are now regretting. Even the party inteligencia who voted him in Lagos are regretting. I don’t see how Buhari will win another election again.

    • Solomon


      • A Aminu

        The discussion is all about ones opinion, isn’t it?

  • Suleiman

    OBJ you will die before 2019 and so won’t be there to impose Buhari or any other candidate on us. Since you are specialized in imposing candidates-Yar’Aduwa, Jonathan and Buhari, you will not live to see the next election.

  • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun


  • emmanuel

    The old F**l said he had retired from politics, but still seeking relevance. The other day, he went to the venue of PDP Convention committee inauguration.
    What a shameless dying animal!
    He wants Nigeria to remain one by force, because of all his huge investments spread across the country.
    Obasanjo is overdue for death by hanging. He destroyed Nigeria for his selfish gains.

    • Mufu Ola

      He gave a comprehensive account of his presence at the multi purpose venue & U’re sticking to non issue. Hope u’re visiting your doctor regularly for BP assesment.

  • sab

    We were told that late Sani Abacha never looted or stole from Nigerian treasury. But despite all the recovered billions of naira and dollars from the ‘Abacha loot’, the American govt is still holding back return of hundreds of millions of dollars from Abacha loot over legal issues as the lawyer who brokered the deal for the return of the money from America is demanding for his legal fees.

  • JOHN

    This is typical Obasanjo in manifestation. He said GEJ should not contest for the President in 2015 but he is now saying democracy allows Buhari or anybody to contest for the presidency in 2019 because he fears Buhari inspite of the wicked suffering this government has inflicted on Nigerians.