Pastor arrested for operating underage prostitution cartel inside church


A 54-year-old woman, Idowu Olupinla, has been arrested by the police in Ogun State for allegedly operating a prostitution cartel with teenagers.

The woman, who is also a pastor and founder of Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Ijoko-Ota, Ogun State, was paraded alongside some of her victims at Eleweran Police Headquarters, Abeokuta.

She was arrested at her church premises on number 52,Okesina Street.

The police said she specialised in arranging male sex customers for the teenage girls, aged 14 to 16.

The police said three of the girls (names omitted) were rescued. The girls lived in the church premises with the woman.

The Commissioner of Police in Ogun, Ahmed Ilyasu, at a press briefing on Sunday said the victims had been taken to a hospital.

He said the suspect would soon be charged to court for human trafficking and child abuse.

One of the victims, who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES, said many of the girls were from broken homes and sought a place to stay before they were lured into prostitution by the woman.

The 16-year-old said she lived with Mrs. Olupinla for about a year along with about 9 other girls.

“We are about 10 with Mama, and she always arrange men for us to have sex,” she said. “She created apartment within the church premises, where the men sleep with us. We charge N500 per sex in which Mama will collect N300 and give us N200.”

She said each girl makes an average of about N1,500 per day inclusive of Mrs. Olupinla’s commission.

The teenager said many of the girls had multiple abortions so as to continue living in the church and that she has had 5 abortions.

The suspect, however denied the allegations. She said she only provided a place to live for the homeless girls.

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  • amazing2012

    Christianity, satanic faith !

    • Otile

      Why did Nabi Mohammed defile Aisha aged 9?

      • Aliyu

        Does that negates the fact that a christian cleric is operating an underage sex slavery organisation?

        • UOU

          You must be a very decent and honest person, religion or not, i noticed that and must give my commendations

          • Aliyu

            It’s high time should start coming out er mass to discourage those that spread hatred in the name of religion. The difference in the two religions is not about which one evil or which one is good. It is about the status of Jesus to humanity (is He God, son of God or. Prophet of God as the Muslims believe). Then the status of prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) to humanity is He the most prestigious prophet and messenger of Allah as the Muslims believe or just an ordinary person as the Christians maintain. That is the bone of contentions. So why this cause so much hatred to the point of loosing our sensibilities. Every individual has a conviction why he practice his/her faith an displaying hatred toward that person can not win him/her to your faith or notify his/her faith.

          • tony

            Aliyu I like ur style of writing, keep it up and keep being upright, I like th fact th u a not bias

          • Otile

            You and UOU should knock it off. Stop heaping praises on him, he is a self righteous Islamist. He does not believe that underage marriage is immoral, beheading is abhorrent, or that amputation is distasteful. Haba

          • Smart

            Underage sex slavery with so many abortions, in the house of God is very bad, no sensible human, no matter his religious inclination will continue to defend this satanic act.

          • tony

            I like the fact that you are not bias, that’s what I meant to write

          • Sule Garba

            As a Muslim I am proud of you.

          • emmanuel

            How dare you ascribe piety (not righteousness) to a criminal gang leader who formed a religion in the medieval time?
            Please, be content with the fraud called Islam and keep killing until it become clear to you that you would not have any virgins when you die.
            Common sense should make you ask who would service the women when they die, if the men would be busy with seventy virgins each? What happens to the women after they lost their virginity in hell? Would the men be stranded or engage in patronage of Asewo there?
            They keep you guys occupy with cramming OF Koran and violence, so you would not think right and opt out.

          • Aliyu

            It’s a pity that you lack sense of history. In your bid to spread hatred which people like you are known for you don’t even take your time to find out what period is medieval era. I know that you are not a christian cos i know that Christianity preaches love not what you want me to believe. Your parents wasted their time by naming you Emmanuel which is one of the most revered names in Christianity you should have been named after an evil traditional deity for us to know that you are not a christian but a bloody beast who find pleasure in inciting problem. No amount of negative comments from you will make me feel otherwise about Christians cos i reasonable (real) one as friends & colleagues and we all have respect for each other. Is by spreading falsehood, ignorance, lies,deceit &, hatred that you desire to win souls for christ?

      • amazing2012

        Because Mary mother of your God was married to Joseph Capenter when she was 12 and he was 99 years, the difference of 87 years. This mean your God is a Product pedophilism.
        While I challenge you point one verse in the Quran that talk about Virgin, please read what your bible says about virgins.
        1. Judges 21:12″And they found among the inhabitants of Jabesh-FOUR HUNDRED VIRGINS(400), that had known no man by lying with any male: and they brought them unto the camp to Shiloh, which is in the land of Canaan ”
        2. Wherefore his servants said unto him, Let there be sought for my lord the king a YOUNG VIRGIN: and let her stand before the king, and let her cherish him, and let her lie in thy bosom, that my lord the king may get heat. -1 Kings 1:2
        3. Matthew 19: 29 And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.
        100 houses,brothers,fathers, mothers, WIVES(100 Virgins) , children, lands ?
        4. . Number 31:17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. 18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

  • Shahokaya

    In the last one week no day pass without a criminal report on these pastors, please is criminality synanimous with pastors work in Nigeria? One pastor Taiwo should answer on behalf of his colleagues .

    • Du Covenant

      Which country have been you been living in?, religious leaders in Nigeria are part of the problem we are in such a deep hole today. Sensible countries keep religion far out of politics but, what do we do in Nigeria?. In Nigeria present day Pastors are known to be the biggest crooks in town so I am not surprised at these revelations!.

  • Aliyu

    I can’t see any comment from a Muslim calling Christians names or any human rights ngo casting aspersions towards Christianity considering the fact that Muslim teenage (underage) girls are involved. The religion of the girls was even shielded to divert attention from the media conspiracy against Islam. I thumb up to my Muslim brothers/sisters evil has no religion & no religion is free if evil people & vice-versa. For those girls that found themselves there nobody drag them there. parent should install good morals to their children & underscore the value of money in the life of their children. There is nothing bad in seeing a 10yrs old who does not know how to spend N50.

    • Otile

      You Muslims have evil minds. See how you are saying that there is nothing bad in see a 10yrs old girl. We know what you are talking about: by seeing her you are talking about fucking her with N50. Islam is bad.

      • Otile

        …nothing bad in seeing a 10yr old girl…

      • Aliyu

        Responding in this manner to my honest and objective submission speaks volumes of how you were brought up. I know a good christian home will bring up a thing like you. Better go get yourself baptised by good christian “pastor” so that you will not be embarrassing Christians with unguarded utterance. I know Christianity preaches love not hate as you want us Muslim to believe.

      • Haba Mallam

        It was your Christians brothers that raped and enslaved black people in USA for 500 years, they read the bible everyday and preach the gospel yet see nothing wrong not in raping 10 yr old girls but selling them as well, as recent as 1980 there was apartheid in South African where white Christians are raping not just 10 yr old girls but boys as well and yet your Christianity never stop it. The evil of Christianity on earth is beyond comprehension yet you’re blinded from the truth, they have you right there where they want you. Your dumb ass African IBOMAN. The real EVIL on these earth is coming from Christianity just come to the USA and see for yourself if you can.

      • Smart

        Haba otile! underage sex girls fa! In the house of God, this is the highest satanic and devilish act in the sight of all religions.

  • saheedl

    Wickedness at its best in our country Nigeria. Most people pretending to be religious leaders are the devils themselves. Money making should not be attached to religion other wise uncountable vices would be recorded if religious leaders don’t profit from their acts of religiosity. Let’s separate religion from source of lively hood.

    • Tayo Patriot

      Good comment. Means of livelihood should be separated from religion.

  • UYI111


  • Dazmillion

    Mama has been making roughly N270,000 monthly, Tax free

  • Rommel

    As for me,the woman should be charged with child labor, forced prostitution,child abuse and victimization

  • Haba Mallam

    Nigerian Christians one scandal after another, if not drugs is money laundering brief case full of dollars and now they are into prostitution too, they will soon bring back slavery. These bigots and liars, God is putting them to shame right before our eyes.

    • Allen

      A Saudi bound pilgrim just defeacated 76 wraps of cocaine. How about that?

  • Mark Nelson

    if these men need sugar mummy why don’t they contact me on my email address at

  • Haba mALLAM

    OH fire on the mountain o Nigeria is being Islamise! they don catch pastor with prostitutes in a Church.

    • Iskacountryman

      they should convert to islam or perish…

      • Colonel Mariam


        • Iskacountryman

          the pastor is a christian lunatic…i agree…

          • Colonel Mariam

            but I replied to you comment not the pastor’s.

          • Iskacountryman

            you must know the pastor…

  • Smart

    Underage sex slavery in the house of God, what is CAN doing? or is this part of PMB’s agenda to islamise Nigeria!?

    • emmanuel

      Consters abound everywhere, the woman is a criminal that must be prosecuted.

  • Smart

    Evangelist enjoy yourself, since Religious bill is not in place and active.


      Smart can you explain to me what you really mean by this religious bills of a thing and how it relates to me and my comments?

  • Eyitayo

    Yoruba girls and women lead in the Ashewo (Prostitution) business in Italy, UK, US and even in the middle East but they always like to blame the girls from Edo and Calabar or PH. Come to Lagos and see how a girl is a corporate staff during the day in Ikoyi or Ikeja and a complete big time prostitute from 10pm – 4am… make ends meet.

    We have to be speaking truth to cleanse our people of this blight.

  • emmanuel

    This woman and the one that butchered her husband at the week end in Abeokut are Igbo women. The Yorobbers should abuse the Igbos for producing such women.
    Meanwhile, the one wen sh*t 79 wraps of cocaine last week in Abuja on her way to dine with the evil spirit – Mohammed na Igbo too.
    Shame to the Yorobbers.

    • blueeyedkitten

      please, you can swim and dance in your ethnic-hatred pool; but dont bring muslims and islam into it.

  • OmoLasgidi

    Nigeria and a country of “Fakes” …Fake politicians, policemen, soldiers, doctors, accountants, lawyers, students, certificates, degrees, addresses, bank accounts, names, clothes, money, documents…so why the hue and cry over fake Pastors? Any and every Nigerian call themselves whatever, and many don’t care a rat’s ass….Others fall willy-nilly for titles, getting carried away and hailing these fakes. No wonder they get parted from the monies, valuables and life… The craze and awe for “titles” and “labels” by Nigerians is unparalleled ..

  • Inan

    Yoruba and evil are inseparable