Buhari: Zuckerberg’s simplicity a challenge to Nigerians’ notorious wealth display


President Muhammadu Buhari Friday in Abuja commended the Chief Executive Officer and founder of social networking website, Facebook, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, for sharing his wealth of knowledge with Nigerian youth, and inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Receiving the internet entrepreneur at the State House, Abuja, President Buhari said the various meetings held with Nigerian youth since his arrival were most timely as the country was already exploring opportunities to spur development through entrepreneurship.

“Nigeria has always been identified as a country with great potentials for growth, especially with our youthful population, but now we are moving beyond the potentials to reality.

“I am impressed by your simplicity in sharing your knowledge and wealth with those with less income,’’ the president said.

President Buhari noted that the simplicity and magnanimity of the entrepreneur, who is among the world’s richest men, had also challenged the culture of lavish wealth display and impulsive spending that had become peculiar to Nigerians.

“In our culture, we are not used to seeing successful people appear like you. We are not used to seeing successful people jogging and sweating on the streets.

“We are more used to seeing successful people in air-conditioned places. We are happy you are well-off and simple enough to always share,’’ he added.

In his remarks, Zuckerberg said he was impressed by the interest, energy and entrepreneurial spirit displayed by young Nigerians in all the ICT camps that he had visited.

“I was highly impressed by the talent of the youths in the Co-creation Hub in Yaba. I was blown away by their talent and the level of energy that I saw,’’ he said.

Zuckerberg said he was in the country to promote the penetration of “fast and cheap” internet connectivity, Express-wifi, which would help people create online businesses and reduce poverty.

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  • ayodele kayode.

    And he is neither a Chief nor an Alhaji!

    • FreeNigeria

      or High Chief, Sir or Dame as the ladies of wealth are called in our society

    • Tunsj


  • Fredodo1

    Where are Nigerian Billionaires?

  • TitoTX

    Empty drums make loudest noise, if Mark was a Nigerian, he would have been known for his designers wears, watched and cars. This explains why we are here as a country today, we are wasteful by nature.

    • Tunsj

      Well said. But you forgot bunch of girlfriends. We have a long way to go.

  • Observer

    Confirm.. PMB said it all

  • donMe$$i

    Please let’s see your public declaration of Assets.

    • Drama-King

      What has that got to do with anything in this news?

      • Nkem

        At least we, including Mr. President, all know that Zukerberg is wealthy. Let’s know how wealthy Mr. President is. At least, in Mr Zukerberg’s country, their president is open to everybody. It is an example of the simplicity our president is talking about.

        • Dejandon

          Send a request to code of conduct bureau and they will give you PMB’s asset details. Assuming you can actually make the effort

    • BIODUN

      ba lakaye. u need your brain examine, because you are off point.

      • Nkem

        He is not off point.

    • Malik Isah

      e dey pain u!

    • Lanre

      Thank you.

  • Olu-Lion

    most painful is that the so called big men with countless number of car and houses in maitama are debtors. they owe banks and still sue the banks for demanding for the money after due date….thiefs

    • Ali A-ly

      LMAO!!!!!!!! you need to come to Maitama and see their empty houses, Nigerians are just very different set of people…and in those empty house there are parked new cars that they dont and will never need!!!

      • ijelejames

        Very correct.

  • Nobody’sPuppet

    There are 2 reasons for the lifestyle they live:
    1) Most Nigerians suffer from a disease called poverty mentality
    2) Majority of them have inferiority complex. They think that those material things will improve their worth.
    3) They don’t think about death. That’s why it is an abomination in Nigeria to make burial preparation while they are alive. A man of 90 years in Nigeria will go into 100 days prayer & fasting with his family because he was told that he would not live more than a year.

    Things like cars, phones, house, electricity, water etc that swell their ego in Nigeria are just basic things abroad. Things any working class family can afford through monthly instalment payment.

    • Wizzy

      Well said bro….

  • Wetin Naija

    Pride goes before destruction. Pride is killing Nigeria. People worship money in Nigeria

  • UOU

    The FaceBook boy is admiring and appreciating Nigerians, while the ruler is bashing his citizens again. At any given opportunity before or and whenever buhari meets a foreigner, due to complex and not knowing what to say, buhari turns to his fellow nigerians, and talks down on them, more out of wickedness, hate, revenge and intent to gain cheap publicity or credit as a false, fake and imagined saint. Shameful

    • anonymous

      But it is the simple truth

    • ijelejames

      How is it bashing mugu. This is a learning moment. Make use of it and stop trolling.

    • Lanre

      Thank you Buhari is a hopeless individual with a terrible inferiority complex. He does not see anything good in his people which is the reason he does not care about the suffering. For him no Nigerian can work hard. No Nigerian believes in hard work. Yorubaland will be free!

      • UOU

        Thank you so much, for seeing it as it is. A President who has stayed for almost 2yrs in power, all he has for his citizens at the slightest opportunity is talk down on them, abuse, castigate, malaign and wish them bad. Buhari has never said anything complimentary or simmering to his citizens even to thoise who voted for him except to curse everybody yet buhari is not better than anyone, if not, let him prove that he is better than my teen children in the high schools and university. In a normal family set up these days, if a father/mother is this wicked against the kids, s/he will likely end up with a very militant household and regrets would be a kind word to use in summing up the result. Buhari is a saddist, wicked, vengeful and total weak mind. Such people with these attributes would harrase others to put fear on you to ease their ways but once ably confronted, they fizzle out and lose like coward they are. Besides Nigeria factor, Buhari is not qualified for even councilor in any southern state in Nigeria, maybe in the north or his state, he can be a village head but that unholy coup by evil man nzeogwu brought all these misfortune that created avenue for charlatans to ever be called nigeria head of state, starting from drunk Ironsi to, bloodthirsty gowon, to genocidial animal Muritala, to incest monkey obasanjo, to saddist hopeless hypocrite buhari, to intelligent criminal ibb, to brute confused abacha and to emergency back stabbing abdulsalam. Shame on this country, most of us witnessed buhari’s first coming through treasonable actions _coup- in 1983/85, it was hellish, some gullibe used lies and propaganda to bring him back in 2015 and he has sworn to finish off the people

        • Lanre

          Thank you. You and I share some similar experience. I witnessed first hand Buhari in 1983-85. Now he is back and nothing has changed about him. The same bigotry and nepotism. To this Zuckerberg situation, Mark went to Yaba where serious creative, programming work is being done. But the politicians felt slighted. They wanted a part of success, not knowing that these guys (Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Kunle Olukotun, Sergey Brin, Larry Ellison, Jeff Bezos) spend their time on creative ideas, cracking difficult enterprise scenarios and making profit from finding a solution. The idiotic rule that we have had in Nigeria over the last 56 years is because the country was a forced creation of the British. Yorubaland alone will give you a thousand Zuckerbergs. We will be free from Nigeria!

          • UOU

            I agree with you 100%, with justice and freedom, a typical yoruba, Igbo, ijaw, urhobos, itskekiri man would, not/ never suffer this type of hardship nor need crime or hand out, like federal character, to excel or at least succeed in life

          • Lanre

            Thank you.

    • New Nigerian

      You call Mark Zuckerberg a boy, and Buhari a ruler. English is certainly your second language and the truth is a stranger to you. The rest comments stems from that as well, you may as well be saying something different, maybe you want to say something else…whatever

      • UOU

        Tell me Mr knowall emergency clueless englishman, if buhari is not a maxim ruler and if the facebook mark, is not a boy, counter me?, of course, english is my second language, undeniably and I will not be a hypocrite like you who thinks he knows everything especially english more than English people. As clannish as you are, you will not understand my post and I will pray you never do and upon all your deceit, we will never be in the same level. For your information, of all international languages, english is the easiest language to understand, master/speak hence its almost been adopted gloablly, ode

  • Lanre

    What a shame. Yorubaland will be free. This Buhari is so full of inferiority complex, it shows in his body language!

    • ijelejames

      Free and still a huge slum. Buhari is saying the truth. Change your values. Learn simplicity and stop the show off lifestyle in a huge slum.

      • Kudo

        At the same time, Buhari should focus on infrastructural development. Federal international airports are disheartening.

  • Abidilagungun

    This visit will be listed as one of the achievements of PMB. Hmmm

  • Decimator

    Timid African leaders and their inferiority complex, glad to watch a white man displaying technology to them. What a shame in this 21st century.
    By the way Mr. integrity it is people like you that are not used to simplicity but killing their citizens as a show of leadership. It is not our culture but your sadistic mindset. Sorry

  • Dike Victor

    The wasteful nature of Africa culture particularly Nigeria keeps them backward . Nigeria doesn’t have water, good public toliets , electricity , public drinking water places , . We have long way to go . International airport in Lagos , the arriving part you see everywhere like osodi motor park , you see area boys , asking u , you want to change money and , the toilets are hell !! The problem is that we have lavish culture , which is not good attitude . And everyone is a king and big chief in Nigeria , just because he bought a new car !! Big title , some pple will kill 12 cows so that pple can say he/she spend a lot for his party , a lot etc .

    • Kudo

      It is disheartening.

  • veracious

    If Buhari is serious about simplicity let him take off his Baban Riga. Pride is one of the reasons Nigerians wear Agbada and Baban Riga to work. We are the only civilized country that are not dressing in western attire. Western attire is smart, simple, and shows the person is ready to do work. The Japanese, Chinese, British, Kenyans, South Africans, etc. all have their traditional costume, but they don’t wear it to work. They use it only for special celebrations. Maybe we chose this way because it is difficult to conceal bribe and stolen money in western style clothing, and you can hide even a little goat in your agbada.

    • Ijeuwa

      In a temperature of over 30 degrees Celsius, you wear suits and tie…because you want to be Western…

      • lo

        Buhari’s baba riga since he became president has been upgrade to the mpst expensive ones; unlike his vice that still appears in simple attire. our president is hypo &deceitful.

        • Ijeuwa

          Ha ha ha!!!! How do you know the price of his attire?

    • excel

      Must you allow stupid*ty to get the part of you? Your reasoning can not be worst as this even if you use you anus.

  • Realitytalk

    This is good and word of encouragement from the president and kudos to Facebook ceo for his simplicity when he arrived Nigeria, we shall continue to move the nation forward.

  • excel

    Great one from Mr President. Wailers over to you.

  • Has it ever occurred to Buhari that the 55 yrs of mediocre dictatorships foisted on us by his generation is the root cause of the nonesense we have today? Has it occurred to Buhari and his generation of dictators that Nigeria is what it is today after decades of backward and anti people policies? If only Buhari and his generation could step aside, then there would be hope and peace in Nigeria.

    • New Nigerian

      The root cause of the nonsense we have to day is the 16 years of waste, plunder, death and destitution of varying degrees by the pdplutocrats. So sorry, you miss the mark and what has age got to do with it?

      • Kudo

        Only 16 years? How old is Nigeria? Nigerian mentality nawah.

  • Julius

    Let it be on the record that the IT HUB is Yaba was set up and operated by 2 brilliant Yoruba boys !!!. Let the fun/rant begins Lmaooooooooo !!