Change doesn’t come easy, Buhari tells Nigerians


President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday in Osogbo, Osun State, said the promised change for Nigeria will come, but with perseverance and hard work.

Mr. Buhari, who spoke at his one-day working visit to the state, also used the occasion to commission some projects executed by the Rauf Aregbesola administration, including the Osogbo Government High School which has about 3000 students capacity.

The president’s visit was the high point of activities during a week-long celebration of the state’s 25th anniversary.

“During our campaigns, we promised our people positive and progressive change,” he said.

“But history has taught us that change does not come as easy as that. Change will come after much hard work, patience and perseverance.

“We promised that we shall do everything for our country and our people and this won’t be long in coming.”

The president has been widely criticised for his administration’s inability to quickly turn around the distressed economy.

Mr. Buhari expressed his felicitation on the commemoration of the creation of Osun 25 years ago, saying its creation was for development.

“Our government has been helping states to realise their developmental plans irrespective of political parties,” Mr. Buhari said.

“We are here to commission Osogbo Government High School, one of the legacy projects of Rauf Aregbesola.

“The facility here is worthy of emulation by other states. What we are witnessing here is a fulfilment of our government policy on education.

“The economy of scales in this edifice is unquantifiable and so we must seize the opportunities the school has in stock.”

The Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, in his remarks, said the president had not disappointed the citizens as regards his promise to the people.

“He has not disappointed us. He has faced his task with courage and doggedness. No doubt, he is facing some challenges part of which is the fall in revenue that has put about 28 states under severe financial crisis,” Mr. Aregbesola said.

“He continues with a rare sense of doggedness and faith in God as he faces the turbulent situations. We are satisfied with the way he manages the affairs of the state and leads us.

“The challenges we are facing are as a result of the previous party’s (Peoples Democratic Party, PDP) rape of our resources.”

The governor put the cost of the school at N1.35 billion, and said the school had standard facilities.

He said besides classrooms, there are offices, laboratories, toilets, library, bookshop, sick bay, and multi-purpose hall which can accommodate 1000 students for examinations.

“It is part of our party’s manifesto to provide basic education and you can see that in the way All Progressive Congress governed states pay so much attention and commitment to education,” he said.

“When we came in here at Osun, we first held an education submit headed by Prof. Wole Soyinka. Now, we have built 14 elementary schools, 15 middle schools and 11 high schools.”

The sessions held under tight security and were attended by dignitaries, including Governors of Oyo, Borno and Lagos States, Abiola Ajimobi, Ibrahim Shettima and Akinwunmi Ambode respectively.

Deputy governors, ministers, members of the national and state houses assembly, and permanent secretaries were also in attendance.

Others were traditional rulers including the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Aalafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi; Akirun of Ikirun,Oba Rauf Olawale,Timi of Ede,Oba Munirudeen Lawal,Ataoja of Osogbo,Oba Jimoh Olanipekun top government officials, clerics and educationists.‎

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  • vagabonds in power

    A former APC governorship aspirant in Benue state, Nath Apir, says the Buhari led government has failed to do the needful to sustain the level of economic growth recorded by the previous administration – Says Nigeria is in shambles, adding that the people can hardly feed and that the naira has crashed to over N400 to the dollar – Apir casts doubts on President Buhari’s ability to proffer solution to the economic crisis Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Apir says President Buhari cannot assemble a group of yes sir people and expect good results because there is no one to challenge him. A former All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship aspirant in Benue state, Nath Apir, says Nigerians are currently regretting voting for President Muhammadu Buhari at the last general elections…..

    • Mufu Ola

      5 clowns talking to each other. George, Vagabond,Larry, thuzspoken,Emma.

  • George

    Buhari Bingo where are you going or coming from, silly

    • Larry Man


      I feel sorry for Muhamadu Buhari. He’s ended up as a joke and a figure of hate in history.

      Nobody in Nigeria is interested anymore in the mostly banal speeches he reads to himself.

      Nigerians have written Buhari off as an error and a failure; and, begun to look for replacement.

  • thusspokez

    “We are here to commission Osogbo Government High School, one of the legacy projects of Rauf Aregbesola.

    The Nigerian economy is on life support, but the President of the country is commissioning a High School in a small town. Even a Federal minister is too high profile to commission such school.

  • thusspokez

    The sessions held under tight security and were attended by dignitaries, including Governors of Oyo, Borno and Lagos States, Abiola Ajimobi, Ibrahim Shettima and Akinwunmi Ambode respectively.

    1. What were the governors from Lagos, Oyo, Borno states doing in Osun state?
    2. What has Buhari’s visit to the state got to do with these governors?
    3. Given the cost of their travels and accommodations, what benefits do their presence in Osun state bring to their respective states?
    4. Why had no journalists asked them the above questions?

  • emmanuel

    We know, it comes by travelling from Abuja to Oshogbo to commission a Secondary School built at close to N2 billion

  • tope fasua

    oga you slept at the steering for at least 7 months!

  • Kickboxer

    APC/Brainless Buhari’s Govt.: Govt. of parasites for parasites by psychopathic parasite

    1. NO jobs, food, salaries, fuel, electricity, rule of law, & security of life and property…….BLAME PDP/GEJ,

    2. Ignorant of existing LAWS while trying to “fight” corruption…………….BLAME JUDICIARY

    3. Padded 2016 Budget…………………………BLAME MDA directors as PDP members

    4. Refused to show Nigerians how much has been recovered from “looters”…………BLAME LYING MOHAMMED

    5. Created Fulani Terrorists to rape, maim, & kill Nigerians…………………….BLAME LIBYANS

    6. Used 6 months to select “saints” as ministers………….BLAME LATE HANDOVER OF DOCUMENTS BY GEJ

    7. Implemented APC promise to foreigners to devalue the Naira……………..BLAME CBN

    8. Refused to dialogue with Niger Delta militants………………….BLAME KACHIKWU & IJAW ELDERS

    9. Asked to Restructure Nigeria according to 2014 National Conference…………BLAME GOWON

    10. Asked to show his WAEC……………………BLAME the Nigerian Army


    12. Boko Haram terrorists are still killing/ holding Nigerians…..BLAME UK TELEGRAPH NEWSPAPER

    13. Asked to improve security of life and property after the USA declared 20 states unsafe……BLAME & INSULT THE USA

    14. Asked why he remains ACUTELY BRAINLESS @ 78 years………………….BLAME HIS TWO MUMU PARENTS

  • adekunle akindude

    What good is the new school when the teachers will not get paid for months? This is the most useless Governor in the whole federation

    • Abdulkadir

      Somebody is querying the building of a school. What a Nigeria! So he should not build school but give the monies to teachers.

    • St

      May God help us to be wise in this country, so they should not build learning environment for kids who does not know the problem of the economy now abi? No wonder u made such a statement sha… Education is vital

      • emmanuel

        were there no schools before now in Oshun? All he needed was to renovate and upgrade. N1.35 billion stolen

        • St

          Yeah but I nor support the money(cos corruption matter don tire me for Nija) just the idea of not building schools

  • d dog named Buhari

    Shortly after Buhari launched the National Egg Production

    scheme and signed N25Billion MoU with TUNS Farms, Osun State for egg

    production, as birds eggs is on the import prohibition list.

    Despite the agreement, the production still fell short, so the President

    hatched a plan to use the scheme to pacify aggrieved party faithful who

    feel left out, and a large number of his inner circle. Selected chieftains

    were asked to supply bids to import eggs from countries like Ghana, Togo

    and Benin Republic.

    The 350,000 eggs needed per day put the

    contract sum for importation at several Billions.

    The waiver therefore is a violation of the administration’s statute that

    prohibits the importation of eggs.

    It was also gathered that ex President, Olusegun Obasanjo had lobbied from

    the start to be the major supplier of the eggs. But his farms in Ogun,

    Delta, and Cross River states can only produce 25,000 within the time


    “The Federal Government is already looking for excuses for the impending

    failure of the programme by asking states to contribute 40 per cent to the

    scheme,” Fayose had said in a statement.

    He said the school feeding programme was purely a contract between the

    APC-led Federal Government and Nigerians.

    “Were the states consulted before the APC made the promise during the

    presidential campaign?” the governor queried.

    “How can you make a promise and win election on the basis of that promise

    and now expect states to help you to fulfil the promise? That to me is


  • favourtalk

    That is the truth baba, we will wait to see the good tranformation soon

    • emmanuel

      When you exit this forum from your inability to renew your data plan or eat food.
      Aero and First nation has an average workforce made up majorly of family people and those who have dependants. Impliedly, over ten thousand Nigerians got into big trouble since Wednesday when the indefinite suspension began.
      Some may die from hunger, inability to buy drugs, depression, heart attack etc.
      Should Nigerians wait to die one after the other? Do we have the imported Grass here yet?
      Has MTN paid the fine yet?

    • woman leader1


  • UOU

    Words from a wicked, vengeful saddist but like you ended in 1984/5 so shall you end even worse in 2016/17.

    Meanwhile, latest report from Akwa ibom is that..

    Ekanem Edet, former Secretary of the Mbiabong Village Council, popularly called Jolly Boy, just took his life and left a note for buhari. The man blamed everything on the unbearable harsh economy which deprives him the opportunity to provide the least basic human needs especially food, for his small family of a wife and 2 sons.

    In 1985 IBB and his evil group, did the only good they could be remembered for the country, taking out the saddist but this time around, the people will do it themselves..very soon hunger will unite all people, tribe, religion etc and things will happen

    • emmanuel

      An ex-banker took his life in Lagos two weeks ago from frustration and the numbers are larger by the day. Buhari is a cattle rearer fit for the bush.
      Wait till when he is dead?

  • woman leader1

    No pain, no gain..

  • Truthometer

    Mr. President, as long as you are convinced that you are doing the right thing, just continue and don’t listen to any side talk. We the patriots are 100% behind you. Posterity shall be kind at you. No pain, no gain!

    • Decimator

      I wish you and your likes the most cruciating pains, if that is the yard stick you need to measure your gains.Thanks

  • Kevin Peter

    The clock is fast ticking as millions are losing their jobs, many millions more have no food to eat, the cluelessness of this government on economic matters has driven thousands to their early graves! Yet, the government says we should persevere. Tell me how much perseverance a dying man needs to survive or for the dead to come back to life. In a civilized nation, one expects that the president issues a policy statement through personal address after the country was declared to be in recession; however, the president chose to waste tax payers’ money in flying (in spite of cost of aviation fuel that has grounded two major airlines) just to commission projects that can best be handled by an aide let alone a minister. Nigerians now know with certainty the grievous mistake they made and are counting daily as the days draw nearer when this government and its deceitful party will serve out their mandatory single tenure (if the masses will still endure further) to say NEVER AGAIN.

  • Bee

    It is the structure that made it possible to elect an illiterate the head of African most populous nation in this 21st century that should be blamed.
    One Nigeria is not working, it has not worked for the past 50 years of its experiment, and there is no sign that it is ever going to work, unless we have been misinterpreting ” One Oil Well” to mean ” One Nigeria”. There is more to the country and it’s over 170 million Citizens than just Oil or rather protecting the map from looking funny according to Gowon recently. Entrust the constituting parts with their own destiny and that will create the commitment needed to tackle our problems which simply has been lacking, as well as convert our rivalries to healthy competition which once flourished.

  • dpfrank

    The same people shouting and urging the Niger Delta avengers to bomb and destroy oil pipelines are the same people shouting that our economy is bad, and they deliberately ignored the fact that oil has been the major source of revenue to the Nigerian govt. How can it work? I believe this is sheer hatred and an attempt to discredit the president.

  • Excisionist

    Danladi Shinkafi, Ahmed Joda (Buhari’s hatchet men) and Northern elders forum had it all figured out. Take the broom and sweep the ministries, civil service, parastatals, the security services, etc, replace the highly qualified, seasoned and experienced economics and bureaucrats with uneducated, inexperienced and bigoted northern sunni Moslems, then sit back and enjoy the power boom and economic boom.

    Nigerians protested and protested but Buhari and the northern Islamic CABAL turned a blind eye and continued as if they knew what they were doing.

    They forgot that Running a good economy is not necessarily the strength of Muslims anywhere. After all their “prophet” never sowed nor farmed but reaped the fruits of other people’s labor, plundering caravans and pillaging towns and villages in the Arabian Peninsular.

    And Plundering and pillaging is what their Nigerian counterparts have been doing since the unfortunate amalgamation in 1914. None of them ever contributed any idea on wealth creation. Because you need to have something before you can contribute it. Sharia and all their Islamic priorities cannot give such ideas. As military leaders, they concerned themselves with creation of states and other manipulative activities. They never thought about the future. Where will the resources to run 36 states and federal capital come from ? 36 governors, 36 houses of assembly, milliards of commissioners etc. While we were at it they focused their energy on looting. All of them Abacha, Babangida, Yar’Ardua, Shagari . . . all of them.

    This time around, they think that it is business as usual. Sorry it wount work ! No more wealth to squander!. Get out and allow others to save Nigeria. Go, form your Islamic Country and operate Islamic “economy” and eat your sharia. Nigeria is tired of you bunch of blood thirsty jihadists


    Gold goes through fire before it can be called a jewelry.

    • Decimator

      What are you waiting for before you jump into fire and turn to jewery Mr. Gold?

      • OMOLOYIN

        The simple truth is, you lack common sense.

        • Decimator

          I can see your common sense right away. Mr. Gold. Sorry