Fani-Kayode, Reno Omokri bicker over Zuckerberg’s Hausa comment

Femi Fani-Kayode
Femi Fani-Kayode

An off-the-cuff comment by Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, about the importance of Hausa language, has pitted two prominent opposition figures on social media against each other.

Femi Fani-Kayode, a former Minister of Aviation and unabashed critic of the ruling APC, sparred with Reno Omokri, a former aide to President Goodluck Jonathan and social media strategist, in a series of harsh exchanges on Facebook Wednesday, with Mr. Fani-Kayode wishing he could have Mr. Omokri’s “little bottom spanked for being so cheeky and naughty.”

A Facebook user had on Tuesday afternoon drawn the attention of Mr. Zuckerberg, who is visiting Nigeria, to the Facebook Hausa language option and urged him to consider adding other major Nigerian languages —especially Yoruba, Igbo and Fulfulde— to the platform to reflect the country’s diversity.

“Thanks! I’m glad we support Hausa and we’re planning on supporting a lot more languages soon,” Mr. Zuckerberg responded.

Facebook introduced the Hausa language option about a month ago.

Mr. Fani-Kayode said the decision to add Hausa to Facebook was aimed at advancing a purported age-long agenda of Britain and America to prioritise the interests of the people of Northern Nigeria while suppressing the fortunes of the Southerners.

Mr. Fani-Kayode also highlighted a conspiracy in the timing.

“Kerry comes to the north and sees the Sultan of Sokoto, northern governors and Buhari. One week later, Facebook founder comes to Nigeria and says Hausa is a “unique language” which he has to be included on Facebook,” Mr. Fani-Kayode said. “Think Nigerians think.”

As with most of his posts, Mr. Fani-Kayode’s statement elicited divergent reactions from many Nigerians on Facebook, including Mr. Omokri.

“I do not understand why Kerry did what he did. But as for Zuckerberg, all he did was state a fact. After Swahili, Hausa is perhaps the most widely spoken language in sub-Saharan Africa.

“That is why BBC Hausa, Voice of America Hausa, Deutsche Welle and other world radio services all have broadcasts in Hausa. We must applaud what Zuckerberg has done and not cast suspicion around it.

“Doing so may encourage him to add other indigenous Nigerian languages as Facebook languages,” Mr. Omokri said.

But Mr. Fani-Kayode saw his ally’s take as an attempt to undermine his long-suffering cause to liberate his people from the “yoke” of “Western imperialists” and “internal colonial masters”.

“I read far more into this matter than you do because I am not just a politician but a historian. I also have my views about the social media generally, its link to the top Western intelligence agencies and what its ultimate objective is,” Mr. Fani-Kayode said.

“I guess only time will tell if I am right but these are my views. In any case, I wonder how many Hausa-speaking people are on Facebook when compared to Yoruba and Igbo.”

Unimpressed, Mr. Omokri doubled his efforts to knock down Mr. Fani-Kayode’s argument, saying the embattled former minister, who’s currently standing trial for graft charges, was missing the point.

“By including Hausa as an official Facebook language, Zuckerberg recognises the fact that while there are literally tens of millions of Yoruba, Igbo and other indigenous Nigerian language speakers who can communicate in both their native language and English, the same cannot be said about Hausa speakers,” Mr, Omokri said.

Mr. Omokri said, although Facebook may have shown interest in Hausa speakers by adding their language to its platform, the company was making investments in start-ups that are situated in the southern part of the country, adding that those were the consequential issues that deserved mentions.

“You may recall that Zuckerberg and his wife recently invested $25 million in Andela. That would be a most strange way to undermine the South given that all of Andela’s founders and most of their fellows are from the South,” Mr. Omokri said. “Talk is cheap but money makes things happen. Zuckerberg talked about Hausa, but he put his money in a Lagos tech hub.”

At this point, Mr. Fani-Kayode indicated that he could no longer swallow Mr. Omokri’s lectures, which were delivered with apparent respect, saying the comments were superfluous as he had not actually condemned Mr. Zuckerberg or Facebook.

“Now I am beginning to get a little irritated by you,” Mr. Fani-Kayode said, adding that Mr. Omokri’s rebuttal to his observations constituted a betrayal of trust.

“If I wanted to condemn you, him or anyone else, I would do so loudly, openly, clearly and gladly,” Mr. Fani-Kayode said. “But I haven’t done that: I simply disagreed with you and I was very civil about it which I really didn’t have to be because you don’t deserve it.”

Mr. Fani-Kayode also dragged the governor of Kaduna State, Nasir el-Rufai, into the crossfire, saying the former FCT Minister had repeatedly warned him about Mr. Omokri.

“Our mutual friend, Nasir El Rufai, often warned me about you but I never listened to him,” Mr. Fani-Kayode said. “Now you have proved him right and all because you want to please your foreign and new-found northern friends.”

Mr. Fani-Kayode then listed other areas in which Mr. Omokri allegedly betrayed his former colleagues in the Jonathan administration.

But Mr. Omokri responded by saying he would not join issues with Mr. Fani-Kayode out of respect.

The feud spilled over to Twitter on Thursday morning, when PDP supporters on social media sued for peace.

Messrs. Fani-Kayode and Omokri have been playing a critical role in distributing populism messages on behalf of the PDP on social media, where the lingering economic crisis has helped the party regain its voice.

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  • Spyman29

    Mark Zuckerberg is out there making money and two of you are out there fighting over nothing

    • owhonda

      My brother I tire o. This is nothing at all. Kayode just lost my respect. Picking a fight where there is none.

      • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

        So you once respected Kayode? That places a huge question on your person.

  • Okoro Tonye

    Southern Nigerians should go and read their history books (Oh! They cannot. For, you see, history has been conveniently been expunged by Fulani/Hausa federal govt). Nevertheless, history told us that the Fulani caliphate had an agreement with the colonial British on their arrival in Northern Nigeria : Allow us to administer Northern Nigeria with our existing political and administrative structure, we shall return all royalties to you. Unfortunately for the South, and with active connivance of the west, this agreement has been extended to the whole of Nigeria. Americans and the British cooperate absolutely since the second world war, and share assets and all around the world. Nigeria is ofcourse, a British asset. THE FULANI IS A WESTERN PARTNER IN AFRICA. SOUTHERN NIGERIANS SHOULD GO AND LEARN INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMACY!!

    • A Grim Sociopath

      Perhaps you should go and learn common sense and recent history. Jonathan won against the northern majority in 2011. It was basically a fight between the north and the south and the South won. Where were the “Western powers” then?

      • Okoro Tonye

        Mr Grim Sociopath, i was only giving insight as to why western political and business leaders gravitate to to Northern Nigeria. I cannot see how it relates to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s election victory in 2011. Mind you, that election was not between the Northern and Southern Nigeria. He won the stipulated percentage from various parts of the country.

  • blueeyedkitten

    reno-omokiri is even wrong. hause wasnt choosed because the hausa speakers dont often communicate properly in english. hausa is a major major languege spoken widely in africa. you have hausas in chad, niger, sudan, ghana, cameroun CAR and about 60% of the speakers are nigerians. its a language any serious organisation cannot do without. no wonder we have hausa broadcast services in china, Britain, America, Iran, France, Germany and Brazil.
    only an id!ot wouldnt attribute this action of facebook to ethnic/religious antics.

    • pheliciti

      Thank you. The Hausa language is so pervasive that even the Fulani conquerors of Hausa land subsumed their language under it….or have you not wondered why the Hausas have fulani leaders who speak the language of the conquered.

      • Ibrahim

        I like the angle you looked at it.

        • veritas

          me too. thats the missing parts of history people dont know.

        • Reginald Dandeson

          Very well.

  • Factual

    Hahaha! The Ethnic Bigot, FFK.

  • Dazmillion

    Dont get me wrong, I have no liking for Reno. but this time around he making sense since the topic did not have to do with PDP or Jonathan.

    Hausa is indeed the most widely spoken language in western Africa and if you take into account the large Hausa speaking population in several countries that are on Facebook, it is greater than the Yoruba and Ibo Facebook users combined together, Fani boy’s level of intelligence and manners is shocking for a man who went to Cambridge.

    • veritas

      Actually its French.

  • owhonda

    I now see Kayode as a hater and sadist. This guy suspects even his shadow, uncouth, disrespectful of others opinions and exhibits thug like attitude. Making a mountain out of a moth Hill.

  • thusspokez

    Fani-Kayode, Reno Omokri bicker over Zuckerberg’s Hausa comment

    These two men obviously, have too much time on their hands. They are fighting over a foreign-owned business decision instead of spending some of the money they looted to invest in Nigerian future Zuckerbergs. Shame on them!

    Anyway, how many Hausas-speakers are kin on communicating on Facebook in Hausa? Go to any of the Hausa newspapers like the ‘Leadership Hausa’ and see how few visitors they have.

    Nigeria does not even have a ‘Nigerian (English) Dictionary’ like most English-speaking countries. Maybe they are waiting for a Zuckerberg to introduce one and then squabbling about why XYZ words from tribe XYZ are not in that dictionary.

    • FineBoy

      An Average Hausa Speaker listen much to Hausa News in BBC, VOA, etc

      • thusspokez

        If so, I wonder why Nigerian governments don’t see the danger to national security of allowing this to happen.

        • Mufu Ola

          U’re a very very very very serious case. So govt must ban people from listening to radio? Now u will claim to be more intelligent than an ‘aboki’.

  • Tafida Gadzama

    How do you know we don’t communicate? You’re on Facebook for a wrong reasons while housas are trusted by the Western world because of our honesty as opposed to the southerners desperation of going to embassy to lie in order to travel. However, they don’t travel only but engaging in fraudulent activities. Therefore, shut your mouth and look events at Mediterranean Sea; the biggest graveyard of the southern Nigeria. We all have our skeletons and this perception of portraying housas as backward isn’t acceptable. For instance, call us anything, Nigerian is govern by the term we set and all noise of restructuring will be done on our own terms. We know when to respond if our interest is threatened.

    • Lorgne

      Sorry this is below the belt. You got it all wrong.

      • Tafida Gadzama

        Why wouldn’t it got it wrong as your sentiment has been respondents to.

    • Debekeme

      Tafida, you are a silly man. Those of us from the South who stand against our brother to preach one Nigeria and call for unity among all tribes are disappointed by you.

      How dare you open your mouth and gloat that the North is in someway superior to the South? Ive been preaching peace, equality and unity all my life despite the misgivings many have about the misrule of NIgeria predominately by Northern leaders.

      Please, stop this your senseless gloating and stop making matters worse. Many are angry but chose reconciliation and progress over sensless division. Statements such as yours are counter productive and very irrational.

      • Kallah Bature

        Debekeme please don’t dignify such people with your reasoning.Such individuals are amongst all tribes.They are no better than the FFKs of this country.Please continue your good work of building a better Nigeria where everyone is equal and welcome

      • veritas

        True patriot. people like us need to be more on social media to enlighten Nigerians on the need to remain 200 million people and shed no blood. That would bring investors. over 150 million Population = massive foreign investment = jobs = no tome for tribal or religious Bigotry. .

      • Eluba Inas

        Don’t burden yourself with Tafida, every tribe in Nigeria has it is own share of dickheads, continue the good work you are doing. We should not allow ethnic bigots and religious zealots to define the path forward for us.

        • Tafida Gadzama

          But dick heads are found in your tribes…idiots!

      • Igodomigo Suleman

        @Debekeme: Aren’t you lucky that this time Tafida jwas kind enough and told you the truth and nothing but the truth which they hardly tell anyone. That they dictate what happens in Nigeria is it not true. Why not thank him for revealing the truth which we all have known and take the truth home and think of how to mobilise and set your people free from internal colonization? Are you dumb?

        • Lanre

          Don’t argue with these Southern Slaves. Just watch what will happen.

        • veritas



        @Debekeme. Ur proving silly as well, u don’t call ppl name like Dat Tafida Gaza is not Ur mate & d north has gone far beyond, sorry

    • Kayode Funmiola

      You missed the point , he put your language Hausa on Facebook and put his money where it will generate income and employment for the southern people. make your Northern place peaceful and things will change. Education you are backward, selfishness is your second name, you don’t love yourself imagine the distance between the poor and the rich in the north, compared to the southern counterpart, this are facts.

      • Jika

        ‘These are facts’ as opposed to what you have written; ‘this are facts’.

        • A Grim Sociopath

          No one loves a grammar Nazi

          • Jika

            The fact is that wrong usage of words,tenses or,adjectives may distort the message the writer is trying to put across What do you mean by Nazi?Can we try to be civil please, even when we are ‘grim sociopaths?

          • Eluba Inas

            You missed the point. Kayode was yelling about Northern backwardness on education, yet he could not grammatically express himself that was the point made by Jika.

      • bib

        south south nko.

    • Bulldozer

      This is the mentality of typical northerner. I wonder the of marriage existing between SW and these jihadist. Look at the infrastructure budget of 2016 – a scam for all southerners.

      • Tafida Gadzama

        Because you are a coward, you will die in this marriage bastards!

    • A Grim Sociopath

      I hope you don’t breed. People like you are the reason why FFK has followers. Northern suprematist oshi.

    • veritas

      Indeed the North knows how to respond to threats very well. the response is called THE NIGERIAN (Islamic) ARMY. Brutal as the devils devil

      • Tafida Gadzama

        Whatever you choose to call us, we have an answer to your questions when our interest is threatened just like the West. You can shout restructuring or whatever you want to call it, our interest is paramount and we will defend it by fire by force according to Wilmot the mouth of the ghost. The more you respond to my defence, the easy I respond with an annoying answers.

        • veritas

          I dont care what your answers would be. it is inconsequential in the grand cosmic scale of things. I am glad you mentioned that because i take this opportunity to explain to you my evil genius mind! I am not on the side of any of the Nigerian Tribe, be it hausa, yoruba, igbo, ijaw, igbira, kanuri etc. I dont need any of those primitive and failed ancestral cultures to develop my life or self to the next advanced behavioural level. i am working hard to build techs i can use to protect the Nigerian civilians and children on all sides should in-case Genocide is going to be committed against any region requesting separation. i only care about the Kids, they are innocent and vulnerable And i will use same tech to watch over and defend this kids from the genocide committing, brutal, Islamic Nigerian Army who are the real threat to Nigeria’s unity, they caused all of our problems and hate today and also the under development of this country.

    • Chukwuka Okoroafor

      So you believe that you own Nigeria? Son, you have no clue whatsoever of the reality. If it were so, you would not even be on this forum. You are a puppet, cannon fodder and nothing more. If the Sharia system is brought in (and that is the idea of some in the Sokoto Caliphate system of restructuring), it will kill Nigeria (either by civil war or economic collapse which will still lead to civil war) and you will probably wish that you were dead when the consequences of this comes. I would not talk so tough if I were you. You clearly have no idea what you are asking for. You yourself have no ownership at this time. The tiny elite is for the time being from all parts of Nigeria and it will be only them that will call the shots.

  • Paul

    Tafida Gadzama You think they are doing it because they love Hausa? Think
    again. The West knows that most terrorists from Nigeria speaks Hausa and since
    Facebook is a medium of espionage information gathering, how better way to get
    their sympathisers than to give them opportunity to express and expose their
    Jihadist ideology and be put on watch list.

  • Rosebud

    FFK, you need to give things a break… you need to get some deserved rest.

    • Kallah Bature

      True this man needs a bed rest.The intelligent founder of Facebook said something and FFK who is best known for an intellect bordering on abusing Igbos,Hausas, etc is foolishly differing from him.History has a way of remembering people who may probably spend the rest of their lives in prison going by the allegations of corruption around their necks.Good luck baby FFK.


      You can never crush truth to he ground because it shall always rise again. You cannot stop FFK because a lot of us out here are behind him. YOU TAKE A REST FROM POSTING GARBAGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA.I AM COLONEL MARIAM.

      • Rosebud

        See this one, you are Colonel who? Never heard of you or that crappy name you claim to bear. Now, stray off to some hungry lion’s den, you lice infested, miserable, stray dog.

      • Mufu Ola

        Scumbags are always your heroes?

  • Rijawa

    While I will not waste my time on whether Hausa is a major African language(the facts are there) , I want us to understand the view point from which both Reno and FFK speak . Reno is just PDP and pro Jonathan. Both PDP and Jonathan had supporters in the north. So Reno has no problem with “the north” or Hausa per se, his problem is with those against PDP and GEJ. FFK on the other hand is a man consumed by tribal and religious bigotry. Remember his comments against Igbos before he left APC. He only re-joined PDP to escape EFCC prosecution. He was the architect of all the hate campaign in the PDP. Unfortunately for him the PDP lost. He is now a supporter of Trump. I will not be surprised if he ends up in the Hague because he seems to have become an irredeemable hate campaigner pitching one tribe against another, and one religion against another.

    • Ali mubi

      Yes I am looking forward to the day FFK will be summoned by ICJ in the Hague.The truth is when this man allegedly collected close to N2b from the money meant for arms purchase,did he share it with his Yoruba kinsmen? Suddenly he is now the defender of the Yoruba race and their interest.Yorubas are no longer gullible and they know better than to support selfish individuals who only know how to further their selfish interest .

  • GG

    On this particular exchange and judging only by the report of Premium Times, my opinion is that Omokri was right on the money and factual whereas Fani-Kayode was not. He turned a nice debate and exchange of ideas into rude and arrogant remarks because he believes he lost the argument publicly.
    I’m not sure Mr Fani-Kayode can participate in any sports. He would be a bad loser. On this occasion he lost this debate. Sorry man – be well!


    FOOOoLS like Reno Omokri, Reuben Abati and Olisa Metuh are the reason Nigeria is in this Buhari mess today.

    FFK is very right …. the toad does not run in the day time for nothing …. all the tools to enforce the internal colonization of Nigeria by the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani are being cleverly put in place and Reno Omokri is here talking rubbish.

    May the Lord God Almighty raise more FFK’s for Nigeria at all levels.

    • A Grim Sociopath

      You do understand that Zuckerburg invested in a southern country and not a northern one don’t you? Why would they do that if there was a “northern agenda”

    • Our name is Oh!

      …and may all these newly raised FFK’s live in ….and only influence your fathers village!

  • duwdu

    Who’s interest is Femi Fani-Kayode serving? He’s not winning friends in the North for anybody; he’s not exactly of any political or vote-catching consequence or advantage to any group in the West; and he’s been a serial basher of the bastions of the people of the East.

    So, whose interest is Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode seeking to advance, exactly?

    Na was for this rabble rouser o! Hmm.


    • Adebanke Obafemi

      You are an ignorant person.
      When intelligent people are talking fools as you should keep quite.

      • Mufu Ola

        Who’s the intelligent one?Omokiri is apparent more intelligent & rational than Fani Kayode.He talks of being an historian & reader. I’m sure he’s the only historian& reader in Nigeria! Fani is a crude SOB with an exaggerated impression of himself.

        • Netanyahu

          E be like say you dey jealous Fani. Cool down my friend. There is a tinge of jealousy in your postings.

          • Mufu Ola

            Why jealous.Never met him or have anything with him.But I don’t like hate merchants of which he’s number one in Nigeria.He’s the supremo of hate speeches & aspersions & most annoying he claims to be representing Yorubas. He certainly can’t.

  • pheliciti

    2 e-diots….

    • A Grim Sociopath

      That pun was e-nlightening.

      • veritas

        LOl. you right about that one..

  • ike

    Let Facebook, CNN, VOA, BBC, ITN, FOX, ETC let them try all they can, these miscreants from the north are more interested in religious riot and bombings than in social Media. Ofcourse that’s why Zuckerberg speaks about hausa language but yet invests his money in the south.

  • thusspokez

    In Nigeria, once one ethnic group ‘chops’, rumours spread fast, and other groups all fall in the queue to demand chop too. By way of example, if Hausa-chop, Yoruba-must-chop-too, Ibo-must-chop-too. These people only have energy to ‘chop’ but zero to produce, hence the low economic productivity in Nigeria and the reason Nigeria has 36 states. This is the wrong mentality.

  • Tafida Gadzama

    We’re perceived as the backward people but we are loved by everyone in the west. Jealous, seeking attention, etc. Zuckerberg visited Lagos and not So koto but we didn’t complain and our interest wasn’t threatened.

  • Bala Gembu

    To Fani yes, there are Igbos n Yorubas, but many of them can write n speak Hausa language fluently. But how many Hausas can speak n write in Igbo or Yoruba language? So d number of Hausa speaking people is d highest n that gives them an added advantage.


    Mr Omokiri seemingly has a point when he said : “…After Swahili, Hausa is perhaps the most widely spoken language in sub-Saharan Africa..”

    But Omokiri misfired somehow!…He must think outside the box and understand that the importance of a language has more to do with the prestige of a people who own and speak the language than the population of people who speak it. For example, the population of English men and women in 1816 was about 19milion people. While the population of Chinese speakers was already over 400milion people. Today, how many persons outside China speak Chinese juxtaposed with the number of persons outside England who speak English. The difference is clear.

    • Eluba Inas

      Wrong analysis. More people speak English because of colonization by the British.

      • veritas

        yep that is it..

  • Yeye Fowls

    The last time I checked, Estonia was 1.3m people and they are on facebook. Hebrew speakers are under 13m and are on facebook. More people speak Igbos than Russian but Russian language is on facebook. There are certainly more Ijaws and even more Efik speakers than Norwegian speakers, yet Norwegian language is on faceboob and neither Ijaw nor Efik is.

    This unnecessary fight between two comrades are signs of hunger and frustration from Buhari’s destruction of the economy. An hungry man is an angry man. Otherwise, Fani Kayode and Reno Onokiri should be asking themselves why neither an Igbo nor Yoruba nor Efik nor Isoko nor Kwale etc etc has been able to develop an app like Facebook so that Russians and Ukranian speakers in Crimea can begin to fight over language inclusion like Fani Kayode (Ukranian) and Reno Omokri (Russian) are doing now. Yeye Fowls!

    • saheedl

      Yeye man. Stop talking rubbish

    • Lanre

      You’ve made my point. The reason why some of us will continue to work for an independent Yorubaland. We have our language, culture, societal norms and values which cannot be wished away and must not be forgotten.

  • Ade

    By the time the Hausas introduce suicide bombers into facebook, the Zenkerberg will no how far.

  • Maria

    Nigerians like Fani Kayode are myopic. Facebook is a CIA dragnet to monitor and destroy terrorists. Nigerian terrorists use Hausa language to deliver their messages… that informed facebook to grant them a platform. When you want to catch a fish you dont put your net on the dry ground… you put it in the water… Facebook knows what they are doing… Fani should apply wisdom and stop wasting energy like a ganja smoker.

    • persona

      God bless you sis. There are several people who never take a global view of why things are done and are so parochial.
      The BBC, VOA and DW services have been the tools of the west to monitor the views of the northern leaders for several years, FB on the other hand is the tool to monitor the views of the masses up north hence the whole north is covered. The yeye southerner begging Mark to include southern language failed to realize that the south is always friendly to the west and they are only observed via embassies. They have never figured how these guys work and that is why we keep getting basic stuff wrong always. Nigerians are always reactionary but never deep thinkers. The nation is filled with an army of non perceptive individuals, its always ethno-religious analysis they are groomed to see. Shameful.

  • Mufu Ola

    This Fani Kayode is so petty minded.And he loves bragging about going to Oxford.Is this what he was taught there? A very bad product indeed!

  • CEO

    Without prejudice to the different viewpoints on this exchange between FFK and Omokiri, I’d like to highlight one aspect of Omokiri’s point that needs to be pondered over – the investment of Zuckerberg in the south. The Hausas have a saying, “between power and wealth, choose power, because he who has power controls the wealth.” This reality has starred the country in the face for many years now, and still is. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but some innocuous guy with power can dictate what happens to your wealth. You may do all the work, but he controls. Omokiri’s argument lacks historical viewpoint on that basis. My comment is without prejudice to any tribe in Nigeria. Just stating the fact.

    • thusspokez

      The Hausas have a saying, “between power and wealth, choose power, because he who has power controls the wealth.”

      What do you think wealth is if not a kind of power — which often outlast political power.

      • persona

        Take MKO as the case study and you will understand his point. Abiola had wealth, he sought power, it was denied and at the end of the day lost his wealth. Assad till date has held unto POWER and not even the wealth of the west has taken that away from him. Power trumps wealth most times, a healthy mix is always better. It is why Dangote never plays politics and most of the wealthiest people, we need to know when to draw the line.

        • thusspokez

          The word “power” (like “corruption”) is generic; there is no power but powers e.g., people, political — which is derived from people’s power-, financial , military(coercive), artistic, etc. And in modern society, power do not reside in one individual or person, e.g., Abacha or Abiola.

          Assad till date has held unto POWER and not even the wealth of the west has taken that away from him

          Assad will fall today if it weren’t for supports from external (military) power Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, and his Alawites.

          Buhari’s political power ends in less than 3 years, but Dangote (financial) power will survive much longer.

          It is why Dangote never plays politics and most of the wealthiest people, we need to know when to draw the line.

          These are businesspeople, why would they play politics and damage their business? However, these people pull the government strings behind close doors because of their powers. Make no mistake about that!

          • persona

            I think we(you and I) agree that power is transient and so is wealth. The reason why I use the word power in the context we discuss is to show that be it military, financial, political, it is domineering and often times intimidating. The truth however is that political power seem higher on the ladder because it determines even military power as can be seen in Russia, USA and even in Nigeria. Political power also empowered a relatively unknown Dangote to become Africa’s richest. A wrong use of political power can bankrupt even the richest man. They all play together but in the context of saying what the initial writer made, he was talking about rulership (political) power and wealth.

    • AlBsure23

      Financial power confers political power. No money, no power; simple.

    • persona

      I subscribe to most of what you wrote until the part where you said Reno is wrong.
      The so called historian FFK doesn’t even know why foreign media have always had their services in Hausa and if a Facebook gets it, FFK should be ashamed. I will state it here so that others will understand. The reason why they have had their service in Hausa is simply because all Hausa people are stuck with their transistor radios, it is how the communicate, they preserve their culture and above all spread their tentacles even when they are not at home. The other more salient reason for holding the services is to ensure that the western media are in constant tune with what the Hausas are thinking since they always play the power game. Its a covert way of keeping your enemies close and it has always worked. Mark keyed in to further help the western intelligent services to have a foothold on the thought process of the masses which had long eluded the west. The guys down south are covered by their various embassies but up north, they use such services to monitor happenings and the Hausa service from FB has keyed into that for the west. A silly westerner without taking perspective begged Mark to include other languages and not knowing the significance of his ask. Nigerians always trade everything they have away because of freebies. FFK is no historian, he is a bigot. He maintains his friend in El-rufai and he is sowing seeds of discord by saying same warned him about Reno. It is sad that such a man trained in the west ended up selling his soul to hate.

      • CEO

        Thanks so much for your intelligent piece. It’s quite heartwarming to read from from one of your type with objective analysis. And the level of civility you demonstrate is quite impressive. However, I’d like to point out that we’ve said the same thing in two different ways. Reno’s point did not take cognizance of your understanding of the western intelligence services’ motivation, which, (if you permit me to finish what you left out) is always empowering a willing group politically(with all it’s trimmings) against the rest, who would constitute a stumbling block to their interest. And is there a better way to achieve such an objective, than one’s indigenous language or dialect? I was born in the north, I had part of my education there. I have friends from the north. Naturally, you relate with, and even bond better with one another where the indigenous language is the means of communication. Reno may have been carried away by the investment in the south(if you asked me) but may have failed to see the central part it would play in advancing their main interest. This is their modus operandi, and why I opined that Reno’s viewpoint lacked historical perspective. As for FFK, I think his last response to Reno, resulted from (if I read it correctly) Reno’s reference to his ordeal in a seamingly dismissive manner. I am not holding brief for FFK, but I think he is right about the western intelligence. That I believe, may have been informed mainly by his background in history. What do you think?

        • persona

          Thanks for all your kind words. I don’t deserve it o. I just come to this forum to learn and likewise distil unto those with such views. I don’t seek to be a know all but I have read and travelled wide to listen, observe and learn. The world is indeed a small place and the failure of the black man is what bothers me always. That said, I will try to respond to some of the things you have espoused here because they are brilliant lines of thoughts:
          FFK is a bigot and always paranoid of working order of things and when it doesn’t raise any suspicion, it freaks him out. He castigated Reno for his new found friends in the north and yet refused El-Rufai’s advise simply because he supposes the governor cant teach him a thing or two. The same reason he aligned with Reno against El-Rufai. His main attribute is to play a devil’s advocate and so was his dad. The issue here is that the black man claims to know but we actually never know anything because we are always blaming others. The start of civilization was here, how did it ever get to the point that slave master learnt from us and yet came to enslave us? I have had several of these discussions with lots of Africans abroad and at home and when they start blaming, I try to correct them. Take politicians for example, they don’t empower the citizens and turn around to say they don’t pay taxes. The 1st university was set up, the hostels built have stood the test of time and yet we failed to build more or even make the existing ones functional and our population and need to study keeps exploding. We loot, take such abroad and the looters are glad that the western world wont release same to Nigeria, is that a thing of joy? FFK will say anything for his pocket and should not or never be considered a scholar talkless of an Historian. He comes to use religious pandering to say that our aviation industry needs God as against safety and regulations. The fact that he is not married to the lady at his home that gave birth to him, does that not label him as an adulterer? he yet again comes out as someone who is goldly. The true test of anyone is how they conduct their lives. Many people fail the integrity test and just as I am not a fan of either Reno or FFK, I would pick Reno in this case with his limited views. Glad you grew up north, didn’t you read the speech given by Sanusi? He stated that the Muslim women who inherited farms were chanced by the men based on culture and religion, yet the Christian women up north, farm and are happy, same culture different religion, he has since sat he husbands and wives and told them it should not happen that way because its not religion but doctrine. So anyone who feels another is the enemy, he is not worthy to be called an historian. He cant be an unbiased umpire, he cant divorce himself from political accusations and leanings, he doesn’t believe in anything but in his seeming ability to be the devil’s advocate. The west will always watch the north because of proximity to where radical Islam is, the journey to illegal emigration and prostitution. It is a place of interest and not being able to have ear and eyes, they will deploy intelligence. Their CIA operatives cant walk freely in the north without it raising suspicion, they have to use intelligence. I am not against FB as a global tool but the question about privacy has never gone away from the company.

          • CEO

            Your points are well taken, I appreciate the non combatant stance you adopt on our national issues. I wish the ones directing the affairs of the country were of same mindset, and I mean past and present rulers. In a nutshell, you advocate coming together to find lasting solutions to our myriad problems, and returning back to the ideal that inspired our initial successes. We will continue with this very important discussion from time to time, if you don’t mind, as there’s so much to review and share.

          • persona

            There’s no need to be angry as the nation belongs to us all. Those that have called for restructuring are not wrong but they have covertly avoided the need for transparency, honesty and dignity in labor. If one tries to rebuild a house that is in a swamp without addressing the fundamentals, the result will not change irrespective of the new house design. I always draw example from our entertainment industry. You have non Yoruba indigenes taking lead in Yoruba movies, you see collaborations between east and west, the industry is moving forward, contributing to the bottom-line and they always band together as Nigerian musicians and Nigerian actors all under the umbrella of Nollywood which has caught global attention as coming from Nigeria. The basic elements of success in that industry are the absence of the elite and politicians. Nigerians are hardworking people, they love each other in the basic form, they work together and desire good for this nation. Once politicians and the elite get in, it becomes a divisive tool to divide and conquer. When we begin to take these people out of the equation, Nigeria and Africa at large will grow. I indeed look forward to relating with you on national issues. I have enjoyed the communication and in-depth perception from you. Thanks for being responsive and open-minded. Regards.

          • CEO

            Thank you very much. You are on point. Without the three cardinal principles you’ve outlined, no nation can develop in the real sense. These are the main impediments to our nation’s advancement. In other words greed and self interest. Nigeria’s case is probably compounded by the recycling of politicians from decades back. This has given them a sense of entitlement and superiority. The younger generation at large have been prevented from engaging in politics at such levels due to the prohibitive financial burden involved. These minds, who, going by your Nollywood example, have tremendous capabilities and qualities to excel, have been shut out. With such uneven playing field, the result is what we have today, and may continue to have for the foreseeable future. Politics has become a veritable occupation, and not a mechanism to serve the nation. The masses have become accountable to the politicians, and not vice versa. The question becomes: how do you change the prevailing order of things? Where are you going to start? The wagon has been circled, as the saying goes. This brings us back to the present state of the nation. With such a horrendous state of affairs as what we have presently, what do you think would be the panacea?

          • persona

            Clearly, we have to stop operating in silos. Take a look at the Nollywood example again, an artist seeks beats done by another producer and then signed to a label(party), he does shows, promoters get involved, sales are done, distribution, video shoot, social media engagement, etc…the value chain ensures that different professionals are engaged and employment sustained. The same can and should happen with agric, same has happened in ICT. The challenge is that everyone wants to work in silos in Nigeria. Ask yourself, how come airlines keep failing from Okada, Kabo, Chachangi, Bellview, air Nigeria, EAS etc? They get in with a “me too” mindset, never learn and then they run into trouble but still never share the pitfalls, so the cycle repeats itself. In contrast, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Morocco etc all are smaller but now ferry our people out of Nigeria daily, there must be something they have done that we have ignored. An average seller of pure water does well or even bread, the next you see is completion next door, selling exactly same thing and they choke the market, become enemies and they both don’t make sales because customers try to avoid them both and they fold up. Banks cant come together to organize how to lend to the real sector, they collectively lend to known debtors, turn around to seek bailout. The issue here is that whatever is not sustainable should not be started, politicians should never be allowed to govern and you can see the difference in Lagos(Fashola, Ambode), you saw it in Ananbra(Obi). Politicians can handle the political end for the administrators but they should be kept out of governance. Once we ensure such a model, the growth will be sustained. The absence of politicians in Nollywood is the secret of their success. I digress again, take a look at the silo mentality in telecoms with Airtel, Etisalat and MTN, these companies are managed from abroad, they have structure and they pay taxes, why should it be Glo that will be locked for tax evasion? Why is it that Reltel, Starcomms, Visaphone, Intercellular, etc that always fold up? The silo mentality is bad, we need to collaborate to build better things with the collective involvement of others. We should seek to say that Nigeria is an entity that should be built and by all. The youth have all the tools to push them into power, they also like vanity and trappings that they yet cant afford. Diligence should be taught and imbibed so that we begin to have value and pride in our dealings. Nigeria is a simple country to manage, just many disruptive people and forces contending against it. The first principle is TRANSPARENCY. Once you let all see what you are doing and its effectively communicated, you immediately create a counterforce to those forces of destabilization. The simple idea of getting the collective involved will make a huge difference. Take an example: FG can ask, we have $100m for power, can we crowdsource ideas on how to spend it as against thinking FEC is the place where it should be done. I can assure you that even the idea of directly providing solar panels to an average poor family would solve our power issue, yet everything must go through the grid so that DISCOS can remain in biz. The question now is, in trying to ensure DISCOs are in biz, you keep citizens in darkness. The silo mentality is the main issue after lack of transparency and the menace of politicians. This is the type of conversation we should be having on this platform and not the useless ethno-religious bigotry that has taken the country by storm.

  • Nura

    Mhm. FFK, what a waste. You are the king of haters. Mtsew. Shame!

  • Tonnero

    Funny FFK. He should ask why Zuckerberg came to Nigeria and went to Kenya instead of some other countries. Population. Population drives business. Because every person is a potential buyer. With Hausa, Zuckerberg not only captures a large chunk of Nigeria but also large numbers across West and Central Africa (up to Sudan) who speak the language. The man has a business to run and is not interested in your petty geo-politics in Nigeria. I never imagined I would support Omokri but, on this one, he is right and FFK is wrong.

    • thusspokez

      Population. Population drives business

      This is not always about population. By way of example, how many people in the whole North are literate, let alone have access to the Internet compared to those in (say) Lagos?

      Further, The additional cost to provide facilities for Facebook account holders to enable communication in any language is insignificant.

      • Mufu Ola

        U are living behind times & that’s why lots of Southerners are getting it wrong always.Lots of Northerners are now very well educated. Millions more than you sitting there.I learnt that Kwanksako ( or whatever)in zKano throughout his tenour was sending about 30 students about to study not arts/humanities but high tech courses every year.In 15-20 yrs when dis students are being appointed to high posts, you will still sit down there shouting “marginalization & Biafra”. Except Kebbi & Zamfara I’m not sure there’s any northerner State that doesn’t have their university.And U’re still dreaming Northerners are not educated. Keep on dreaming.

        • Lakeside

          By your warped logic universities is tantamount to more education. In any case, the south has more universities. Cut off point are still being lowered for northerners. Tell us something else even though I know that you will want to continue making your daily bread from that Liar Mohammed. Ode buruku.

          • Mufu Ola

            So university is no more tantamount to more education? But that’s what u’ve been blackmailing these people with.Let’s even assume what u say is correct it means the Arabic studies that millions of Hausas/Fulanis prefer make them far more intellectual than u think.Bcos Arabic/Islamic/Seminary studies in not just about studying bible or Islam but much about Philosophy which is the foundation of knowledge.That’s why Philosophy is a must course in most US & European universities. And that’s why u find an average American think more rationally & not emotionally.Not that they are more intelligent than us.

        • thusspokez

          I learnt that Kwanksako ( or whatever)in zKano throughout his tenour was sending about 30 students about to study not arts/humanities but high tech courses every year

          You learnt indeed! In the time that he was governor of Kano state for 4 years, how many people did he send to study these high tech courses. Instead, he stole the state fund so that, on living office, he may use it to conduct mass wedding.

          I also wonder how many of his 8 children have high education. I wouldn’t believe everything I “learn” if I were you!

          • Mufu Ola

            U won’t believe bcos u don’t to believe.And u’ll never believe.

    • Mufu Ola

      FFK has no brain to understand that simple thesis. His brain is lock jammed with hatred of others that he can’t think straight only to flaunt his father & ‘Oxford’.

    • Bastino

      Funny thing is why a Cambridge trained graduate could not get this simple assertion you made boggles the mind.

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        Politics, my brother, politics. He knows he’s going down,what with his corruption charges hanging on his neck. He thinks if he made too much noise, his conviction will be seen as political persecution.But he’s only been smart by half because every Nigerian can see through his act,except those ones with latrine values

    • Lakeside

      Sudanese people do not speak Hausa language

      • A Aminu

        Hausa language is widely spoken in Sudan. Please don’t make absolute statements you are not sure of.

        • Lakeside

          Widely spoken. Na wah for 9ja oh. Can you give me the percentage please? Dan iska

      • Tafida Gadzama

        Niger, Chad, Ghana and Cameron can speak housa. Name who can speak your language? None!

    • Mohd Sageer


  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    Well there was something funny about John Kerry going to Sokoto on official business as if it is the second capital of Nigeria. However, we must note that Google has Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, and Pidgin options on their website. So, perhaps we should give Facebook the benefit of the doubt for now. Perhaps more language options are on the way.

    • Plumbline

      I agree with you in part Chukwuka Okoroafor, You rightly pointed out John Kerry’s visit to the Sultan as funny. I would say suspicious. It is interesting that the West has provided Hausa Service for BBC, VOA, etc. This has been so for many years. This has been the means for communicating with the many not so educated youths who are cannon fodder for violent extremism. A case in point was the early false declaration of Buhari as winner of the 2011 Presidential elections on BBC Hausa Service which ended in the terrible post election violence on allegations of rigging.

      Google social media reach is not as great as Facebook’s. Heck, Google may not even be in on this! Really Nigerians must think!

      • Tafida Gadzama

        You can agree with your enemy because both are cowards! You hate each other behind and love each other outside. Civil war and Ambode whom I support says it all.
        Igbos must work on rehabilitating their paranoia.

        • Plumbline

          @tafida_gadzama:disqus unfortunately, you are the one suffering paranoia because you and those pursuing a devilish agenda are desperately clinging to the illusion of power by a splitting thread.

          Don’t worry, God has His hands on Nigeria, and as she has survived past conspiracies against her people and her land by satanic agents, she will yet survive these recent onslaughts.

  • John Eke

    Reno’s thoughts are same as mine on the topic. But we don’t need to rain abuses on anyone. Since FFK says he is a historian, let’s wait and see if history proves him right. He has written some good pieces on certain topics, though I don’t fully agree with him on Trump.

  • motsa jiki

    FFK will always lay claim to being a historian but would readily turn history upsidedown to sell some cheap point.British foreign policy partly originates from Oxford. BBC Hausa is a child of British foreign policy.which Oxford is this man claiming ?.

  • Abu Ummu

    FKK should be prosecuted for hate speach, I don’t really understand why this confused and brain damaged gaga is trying to instigate Christians in Nigeria against Muslims and southerners against northerners. The devil incanate in you shall never work by the special grace of The Lord Almighty. You better go and face your corruption charges and let Nigerians live in peace and harmony.

  • henry

    Fani-kayode V Omokri comrade in hate speeches and ethnic chauvinism, friendship borne out of hatred for Buhari cannot last.Behold they shall surely gather together ,who soever gather together against this country by playing ethic card to incite us shall fall for the sake of Nigeria masses.

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    Fani Kayode always playing Mr. Know-all and he know next to nothing except divisional tendencies. Always want to read meaning to simple issue. I think Zuckerberg has the right to his business. The Facebook guru invested his money in the south and ask the north to only be doing the talking. Fani just wish to pelt the north against the south or vice versa.

  • Mohd Sageer

    Fani Kayode is a disgrace to Nigeria

    • woman leader1

      We all know that..

  • JasV

    Who cares about what these expired rogues are doing to themselves. If they like they can f….k each other or better still slit each other’s throat like those demons called boko haram

  • woman leader1

    Ffk is a disgrace and a waste

  • Binsali Owuda

    Point of correction in your report! Fanni Kayode not critic of APC but critic of Northerners. In fact, FFK make jealous of Northerners.

  • Plumbline

    Indeed John Kerry’s visit to only the Sultan, Northern Governors and PMB was suspicious. It is interesting that the West has provided Hausa Service for BBC, VOA, etc. This has been so for many years. This has been the means for communicating with their many not-so-educated youths who are bred as cannon fodder for violent extremism. A case in point was the early false declaration of Buhari as winner of the 2011 Presidential elections on BBC Hausa Service which ended in the terrible post election violence on allegations of rigging.

    Note that Hausa has been the language of the Nigerian government for many decades. It is indeed a form of colonization. The West hardly ever recognizes the cultural diversity of Nigeria (especially North Nigeria) for one. Hence the referral to the “Hausa(-Fulani) Moslem North” in spite of the many more Christian minority tribes especially the Middle Belt. Amazingly, the Western Media are not fangs out condemning recent BH and Fulani Marauders attacks, nor do they decry the government posture as they did in GEJ’s tenure.

    While we want to look at the good sides we must strike a balance with those who cry foul. Their suspicions and worst fears have been historically confirmed. Visits such as these are often strategic, never accidental, regardless where industries are open. Many industries may exist in the South of Nigeria yet the power that runs the country, including these industries, exist with the North! Truly, Nigerians must think through leaving no stones unturned.

    • Tafida Gadzama

      What can you do about it? Nothing!

      • Plumbline

        Actually, Tafida Gadzama, you started helping us out. You have just confirmed what I had said. Many more will read your words and know that you and your ilk have been at this for decades. They will equally agree that it is time to fight back.

        And boy will we so fight! O no! We will not dump the Hausa language we and our fathers have learnt and perfected for years. Rather, we will use it as our very tool to fight back. We will use this language that satanic forces have used to destabilize Nigeria to actually stabilize our ranks and files, while infiltrating the satanic hegemony to defeat it. We will preach the Kingdom of God in this language! Many more will be turned to the Lord Jesus Christ. We are coming for your soul and the souls of all your kind! Don’t worry, we are not BH to kill by the sword. You will only bow the knee to embrace the right use of this language, and the Lord Jesus who gave it to spread his Gospel!

  • front man

    Psycho ffk

  • Tafida Gadzama

    From now onward, any insult by idiots against the north should get equal response. FFK and his bigoted followers are frustrated.

    • Chukwuka Okoroafor

      Kind of like how you went on a tirade yesterday about how Hausas are better than everyone else. Is this not bigoted of you? Could you not lead by example and isolate individuals? You even say ‘against the North’ as if you really have any stake in these labels.

      • Tafida Gadzama

        Chukwudi, democracy is a game of number and not force and your lack of diplomacy in the southeast limited your ability to govern everyone. You can hate and mourn but if you don’t present yourselves in as serious people that are ready to embrace everyone as you do when you leave southeast, your constraints remain in place as a self embargo. No one hates Igbos rather than they themselves. An Igbo man was elected in Lagos as a house representative member, and in Kano a local government chairman and under the PDP regime a senator in Adamawa. Please tell me where a housa or a yoruba man is employed or in the Igbo land? The answer is none, in Kogi state; the chief of staff of the governor is an Igbo man Chikezie a Barrister. Therefore, Igbos are paranoid in terms of how they see themselves as being hated by others.

        • Chukwuka Okoroafor

          We know that there are problems, but there is the caveat that the Igbo people have been held down. It is common to do this to prevent future uprisings. And I wonder what you mean by ’employed’? It can mean anything. That can include self-employment. There are a lot of Hausas and Yorubas who work in Igboland. It does not have to mean government jobs. A Fulani man was mayor in 1954 of Enugu. So, there are issues, but Igbos are not the only obstacle to Igboland’s development. I ask you, why has this past tolerance died according to your perspective?