Katsina Governor, Masari, blasts Niger Delta leaders, says they used oil money as ‘pocket money’

Katsina State Governor, Aminu Masari
Katsina State Governor, Aminu Masari

The Governor of Katsina State, Aminu Masari, has said Niger Delta leaders must come clean on how they spent the oil money allocated to the region over the years.

“For six years,” Masari said, “we had a Niger Delta president. Let us see what difference he made in six years when he was president. When the excess crude account became pocket money, how much of the money went to the Niger Delta?”

In an interview published in the current edition of The Interview, Mr. Masari called out Niger Delta leaders, challenging them to “come clean” on how they managed the region’s resources.

According to a statement by the Managing Director/Editor-In-Chief of the magazine, Azu Ishiekwene, “the interview features Masari firing on all cylinders. He took on Senate President Saraki, explained why Obasanjo’s third term bid failed, and spoke, at length for the first time, on ‘budget padding.’ And then, he removed his gloves on his predecessor, Ibrahim Shema, and the Niger Delta.”

Although Mr. Masari did not name names, the reference to a Niger Delta president was apparently pointing to Goodluck Jonathan, the immediate past president, under whose presidency oil price averaged $100 per barrel.

Asked what he did to ensure accountability of oil money when he was Speaker of the House of Representatives and also a ranking member of the Peoples Democratic Party at the time, Mr. Masari said, “The House of Representatives has been friendly to the people of the Niger Delta than any other institution in the country.”

He asked the Federal Government to publish how much the region has received since the 13 percent derivation started.

The resurgence of violence in the Niger Delta by the Avengers since last year has led to massive losses in the country’s oil revenue and peace efforts have stalled.

On Saturday, the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, said the Federal Government had spent over $40billion in the Niger Delta in the past 12 years.

The magazine’s issue also contains detailed interviews with Chioma Ajunwa and the world’s most famous foodies, the Roca Brothers.

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  • new republic

    Let the NIGER DELTA people be,face your own groundnuts business in north,

    • gtjimoh

      So that you can continue the blackmail.

    • iskanda

      Exactly. All the now educated masses in northern Nigerian that are making noise today did so with the Niger Delta oil. That’s the only thing they are interested in. Since they hate the south so much, why don’t they go their own way, and try using groundnut revenue to pay salaries of even one local government?


      sorry, he was tying to bail you people of Niger delta (especially the poor mass) and you are STILL TELL HIM TO MIND HIS BUSINESS

      • Gary

        If he really wants to help, let him ask Buhari to probe the oil industry for the past two decades. Let us know who got oil blocks and their qualifications for it. How much was paid and taxes accrued to the federal purse. Ditto for the fuel subsidy regime, the NDDC, the Niger Delta Ministry. The yardsticks for designation of projects and contract awarded and to whom; amounts and percentage of execution.
        Doing the above will be a lot more productive than grandstanding in the media to shed crocodile tears about the Niger Delta people. Believe me, we don’t need others to tell us when the rain started to fall in us.

        • veritas

          Gbam. you said it all. debate closed..

        • Samadani

          Oga Jona got all the opportunity but wasted it. Don’t cry wolf where there is none.

      • Baron

        Dont let this parasitism get too much into ur blood. You can survive alone on your miserable Cocoa. Ivory Coast is doing pretty well on its Cocoa Pods. You too can thrive. Dont be a perpetual beggar and hope the Niger Delta will continue to pay ur bills. Can’t u see the hand writing on the wall?

        • Samadani

          That South Sudan (SS) Vice President, Riek Machar is presently in North Sudan undergoing treatment for his terminal sickness. The Sudanese government accepted him on humanitarian ground. A word is enough for a wise.

  • Netanyahu

    Mr. Masari, if I were you I would mind my own state and make it work like there was never oil revenue. But you people have a way of taking Panadol for another person’s headache.

  • Benny

    What a laughable and ignoble assertion? Mr. Alhaji Masari, your region were in power for more than 44 years and the dredged of the nation are profoundly found at your backward. Try attending to your log before seeking to remove the speck in my eyes.

    • Rommel

      How much money did they receive during those days? and if you look around in Nigeria today,is there any structure you see that was not built during those times? we now know under whose administration 56% of all revenues that has accrued to the country from crude oil was made,can you point to anything as built by Jonathan administration as legacy of the greatest oil boom in history of Nigeria?

    • absam777

      Those Northerners are smarter than you give them credit. They made sure you infedels help them develop the capital of the future Arewa Republic – ABUJA.

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    ”Katsina Governor, Masari, blasts Niger Delta leaders, says they used oil money as ‘pocket money’”

    You may be right. Some of them did as you have purported. Those involved may be the like of Amechi of Rivers State, Sylva of Bayelsa State, Oshiomole of Edo State, Uduaghan of Delta State while the of rest them used the money productively.

  • Gary

    Mr. Masari, care to give us figures and numbers of oil block awardees from 1985 till today? Who got what and how many billions of dollars they have amassed for the benefit of their people and the country? How about a full list and full accounting of oil subsidy racketeers?
    Are most of these folks predominantly from the Niger Delta as you would have us believe? Really?

    I challenge you to ask President Buhari and his men now running the EFCC and DSS to call for a national commission with full sub poena powers to probe the Nigerian oil industry in the past two decades.

    Let’s do that and stop the boju-boju of finger-pointing about where the oil money went. And before Buhari undertakes the selling off of NNPC to his favored ones.

  • Rommel

    As it stands now,even if the whole continent of Africa were given to the people of Niger delta,they will still remain as they are,all the money that has been given to them through various intervention programs could have transformed them into the envy of the rest of us yet what do we have? the country with the largest proven crude oil reserves in the world is Venezuela with over 700 Billion barrels while Nigeria has 35 billion with about 65% of this in the Niger delta,Venezuela is also near to the United states but today,they are in abject poverty,the people of Niger delta are lucky to find themselves in the midst of Nigerians otherwise,they would not be different from Equatorial guinea,Sao Tome or even Gabon

    • Deltan

      When a mad man walks naked in the market square he often goes into spastic soliloquies…and without promptings he begins a burst of loud laughter ostensibly mocking all other people with clothes on. In his thoughts, everyone with clothes has problem and of course he would want to prescribe a solution for people to follow. Now, when m.a.d men begin to prescribe medication for the public, then you know the end times are indeed here.
      Why should you beggarly parasites bother about how the Niger Delta spend their monies? Apart from providing 85% of the resources (With Igbo East providing the rest 15%) used to run Nigeria, the Niger Delta has contributed visibly more than most regions (Except the East) in –
      –Science and Technology

      BUT it is the liability North that can NEVER point to any contribution to Nigeria except terrorism and Sharia that your allegiance lie. It shows how mumuistic you are. From the time they drove Oba of Ilorin from the throne and installed an Emir from Kano your lives have never been the same again. Enslaved for life! And you have the nerve to come here and post watery comments about a noble people who feed you.

    • thusspokez

      Niger delta are lucky to find themselves in the midst of Nigerians otherwise,they would not be different from Equatorial guinea,Sao Tome or even Gabon

      The dumb and stµpid African comments again! You have no clue about the history of the Niger Delta.

      Ask the Portuguese traders, the Dutch and finally, the British. The Niger Deltans were the most prosperous and progressive people at the time when most of what is now called Nigeria was still in the dark ages.

      Their contacts with Europeans traders made many even wealthier and indeed the richest people in colonial Nigeria. If for anything, the ND amalgamation into Nigeria by the British has been an impediment to their commercial and entrepreneurial spirit. Obviously you don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Rommel

        So what happened eventually that made your people take to crime with much vigor? apart from answering foreign names,what else did you benefit from your association with them? we know what the portuguese were interested in so what were you selling to them that made you prosperous?

        • thusspokez

          I had that they were selling people like you!

          • Rommel

            The crimes of your ancestors against humanity were indeed grave,it is only just that you people suffer today which is why I pray that your suffering increases several folds

          • thusspokez

            …your ancestors …you people

            One thing I am certain about is that a dumb and stµpid African like you will go to your grave without knowing my ethnicity. So don’t waste your time guessing!

  • nkoyo

    N4.6 trillion was collected on 13% derivation from 1999 to 2015 by the Niger delta governors and nobody is being held accountable on what this was used for . This is exclusive of NDDC , Amnesty and other funds specifically for the region. We cannot continue doing the same thing and expect different results.

    13% should no longer be given to the Governors , specific projects for the entire region should be identified and credible contractors mobilised to do the jobs , we didn’t get the jobs done when oilers above $100 , now that its less than $50 what do we expect to happen.

    President Jonathan and all the governors of the Niger Delta from 1999 to date , heads of NDDC and Amnesty shame on you .

    Like has the audacity to lament that Port harcourt airport and east west road haven’t been done by the FG , hohoho you were in government at the Federal level what did you do ? I’m a sad Niger deltan but i assure you that Gods perfect will for the region shall be established and all you stumbling blocks will be put in your place .

    • Gary

      Ibori and his fellow Governors stole much of the oil revenue, with the connivance of fellow party members at the national level. Niger Delta oil money has largely funded Presidential elections from Obasanjo to Buhari. Hence the death struggle for the control of Rivers State. Odili, Ibori & fellow PDP Governors funded OBJ’s reelection campaign, Third term project, YAr Adua and Jonathan’s elections. In exchange, they got unofficial amnesty from EFCC prosecution and walked away with their billion. Until Ibori went too far with the Turai Yar Adua power grab which failed and landed him in prison in the UK.
      Rotimi Amaechi followed suit after defecting to APC to fund Buhari’s election, again with Rivers State oil money. His man won, Akpabio’s man, GEJ, lost.
      The above is where most of the 13% oil revenue for derivation has been spent since 2003. As if that is news to anyone here but the hypocrites trying their hardest to bury their heads in the sand.

      • veritas

        Gbam. And if you check the list of contractors who executed the jobs, a lot of them are from the north.

        • Samadani

          And who gave them the contract?

          • veritas

            The Federal Government, Godfathers and recommendations.

    • thusspokez

      13% should no longer be given to the Governors

      This money is not given to the state and not the governors. But look a the following facts:

      1 = South West – 19.3% Poverty (+ Average)
      2 = South South – 25.2% Poverty (+ Average)
      3 = South East – 27.36% Poverty (+ Average)
      4 = North Central – 45.7% Poverty (+Average)
      5 = North East – 76.8% Poverty (- Average)
      6 = North West- 80.9% Poverty (- Average) Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto, Zamfara.

      80% poverty rate compare to 25% in the South-South. What happened to all the money given to the northern states who don’t even have to suffer any effect from oil poollution, environmental disasters and destruction to livelihood of the South-south local communities, not to mention the health issues caused by the pollution?


        1 = West – 19.3% Poverty (+ Average)
        2 = South- 25.2% Poverty (+ Average)
        3 = East – 27.36% Poverty (+ Average)
        4 = North – 203.4% Poverty (+ Average)

        203.4% poverty rate compare to 25% in the South(Niger Delta). What happened to all the money give to the northern states who don’t even have to suffer any effect from oil pollution, environmental disasters and disruption to livelihood of the local communities in the South, not to mention the health issues caused by the pollution?

        I have restated your figures appropriately into the four Cardinal compass (geographical) points. This categorization into 6 Geo zones is FRAUD designed by the North to get more funds from the rest of the country. I am surprised that people like you still do not get the logic. Nigeria is North, South, East and West. Have you ever heard of NE,SW,SE or SS of US, Germany, England or France? What you hear is North, West, South or East of countries.

  • thusspokez

    The Governor of Katsina State, Aminu Masari, has said Niger Delta leaders must come clean on how they spent the oil money allocated to the region over the years.

    I am sorry, but isn’t this rich coming from a northern governor? Can he name one northern state that is not at least 30 years behind the worst state in the South-South?

    I am sure that Aminu Masari may be speaking to his Northern ignorant and illiterate audience who will believe anything he says; and will no doubt, be nodding their heads as he displays his mumuness. Nevertheless, Aminu Masari is an ignoramus and should shµt up and invest his time in raising the welfare of his backward people and state. Here are the facts;

    OPHI Country Briefing June 2016: Nigeria

    Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) At a Glance

    States ——— Poverty Rate

    1. Lagos ——— 8.5%
    2. Osun ——— 10.9%
    3. Anambra ——— 11.2%
    4. Ekiti ——— 12.9%
    5. Edo ——— 19.2%
    6. Imo ——— 19.8%
    7. Abia ——— 21.0%
    8. Rivers ——— 21.1%
    *. FCT (Abj) ——— 23.5%
    9. Kwara ——— 23.7%
    10. Akwa Ibom ——— 23.8%
    11. Delta ——— 25.1%
    12. Ogun ——— 26.1%
    13. Kogi ——— 26.4%
    14. Ondo ——— 27.9%
    15. Enugu ——— 28.8%
    16. Bayelsa ——— 29.0%
    17. Oyo ——— 29.4%
    18. Cross River ——— 33.1%
    19. Plateau ——— 51.6%
    20. Nassarawa ——— 52.4%
    National Avg ——— 53.3%
    21. Ebonyi ——— 56.0%
    22. Kaduna ——— 56.5%
    23. Adamawa ——— 59.0%
    24. Benue ——— 59.2%
    25. Niger ——— 61.2%
    26. Borno ——— 70.1%
    27. Kano ——— 76.4%
    28. Gombe ——— 76.9%
    29. Taraba ——— 77.7%
    30. Katsina ——— 82.2%
    31. Sokoto ——— 85.3%
    32. Kebbi ——— 86.0%
    33. Bauchi ——— 86.6%
    34. Jigawa ——— 88.4%
    35. Yobe ——— 90.2%
    36. Zamfara ——— 91.9%
    Regional Averages
    1 = South West – 19.3% Poverty (+ Average)
    2 = South South – 25.2% Poverty (+ Average)
    3 = South East – 27.36% Poverty (+ Average)
    4 = North Central – 45.7% Poverty (+Average)
    5 = North East – 76.8% Poverty (- Average)
    6 = North West- 80.9% Poverty (- Average) Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto, Zamfara.

    Percentage of people who are also destitute
    Bayelsa ——— 10% (As worst case in the South-South)
    Katsina ——— 60%

    Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI)


    Imagine a perpetual and irritating parasite complaining that the host is storing food for himself? Is beggarly Masari aware that the money in question and the resources are for the Delta Republic people? …and in any case, what is his business about what Niger Delta leaders do with their money? This is mumudity taken too far. Aren’t there enough Cattle in Katsina and Young girls to marry than to poke ur nostrils into the resources of the Niger Delta far away from your desert and desolate land? Ungrateful parasites! We feed you. We pay your Salaries…yet all you can do is keep beheading people and produce suicide bombers. Don’t worry, the generation of people in the Delta Republic that will place you people where you belong is already here. I hope you understand what I mean. Nonsense!

    Masari, prepare for separation. It is inevitable.

  • Man_Enough

    the issues raised by masari are the things NDA should address really.

    • Marthin

      …what issues? Masari is an alien and has no right to raise any issue in the first place. The only relevant issue now is to reconsider how useless Britain brought the Niger Delta into the same space with a visibly confused Islamist terrorist loving and blood letting people from Masari’s country. SEPARATION! – This is the only issue.

      • Man_Enough

        feel free to go your way.

        • Marthin

          Good. Avengers and IPOIB are working on that.

          • Samadani

            They have since deserted the creeks to take innocents as human shield. Operation crocodile smile underway!

  • Damijo

    I do not understand why a beggar should be complaining? It appears it is only in Nigeria that beggars have choice. I just dont understand.

    • thusspokez

      It appears it is only in Nigeria that beggars have choice

      You have not met beggars in the West. Some are dog owners. Now with the cost of dog food and vet bills, how can any dog owner plead poverty? Anyway, they would approach you and demand [oops! ask] for a minimum of $1 or $2 or £1. I don’t like taking out my wallet in front of beggars to give them money. What if the beggar decides to snatch my wallet and run away. Forgive me, I digress!

      • Solomon Brown

        I like what you did there.

  • Usman Dantata

    Is Masari aware that the people confessing in the National Assembly and sharing monies to the tune of billions and millions of Naira are all from his poor unproductive North? Is he aware that these thieves like Dongara, Jujubrin & Co shared over 3billion Naira of the Niger Delta money and placed it into their pockets? Or is Masari blind and deaf? Ba Hankali Walahi! Charity begins at home…and like some people say here, there must be limits to mumudity.

  • Jaspa Matanga

    Na waaa ooooo! Wonders shall never end. Come and see somebody asking another to explain what he did with what belongs to him. Mr Masari, are you from Niger Delta? what is your own there? Do the Niger Delta people ask you what you do with your cows, goats, tomatoes, desert sands etc. Please mind your areas natural resources and leave Niger Delta people alone with their God given oil resources. Rapacious Fulani mendicants go back to Futa Jallon mountain areas from where you migrated to Nigeria.

    • thusspokez

      Forgive him, because he does not know what he is saying. He was addressing a local mumu audience but little did he know that in our information age, even if you break wind in the confide of your toilet, by the time you finish and come out, news of it has travelled to the four corners of the world!

  • evidence

    Demonic parasite from fouta Djallon, what did you leeches from the north do with oil proceeds from 1958 till date? Not to mention 86% oil block that you parasites own‎.
    What is your business with what is in another man’s backyard? 
    Blood sucking demons.‎

  • Devils Pen

    It is the height of insult, impunity, savagery, wickedness, etc for someone who contributes nothing to a pot of soup to question how the people who contributed to the pot of soup eats the soup or shares the meat in the soup. I agree we must not justify the massive looting and recklessness by Niger Delta leaders however is not in the place of a man whose state or region is parasitic to the Nigerian nation to question Niger Deltans how they spend their money,let reasonable and enlightened indigenes of the area do that….

  • Truth Justice Equity

    It is funny watching a dead man mock a sick man,what parameter is almajiri masari going to use to measure the progress of katsina with akwaibom,delta,rivers,cross river and bayelsa states. Massari should concentrate his energies on how to redeem his bewitched monstrous almajiri imbeciles children from animal kingdom and translate them into the kingdom of human beings or better still how to deliver his maggots infested ,vvf ravaged sisters and daughters from their immoral afflictions than to be laughing the laugh of madness .

  • George

    See me see trouble.

    Slave asking his mister how he spent his own money.

    How is this vulture to ask Niger Delta how they spent their money whether he called it pocket money or any names. Very dirty man see his face.

  • UOU

    Then the northerners should give account of what they used their own groundnut money to do for the north yet north is still so impoverished more so, the military headed by northerners must tell us what they did for the north with all their power and federal money from 1970 till 1999 while they were in power?

    And when Masari(a pdp rogue turned apc charlatan, without sceondary school education), was :

    Asked what he did to ensure accountability of oil money when he was Speaker of the House of Representatives and also a ranking member of the Peoples Democratic Party at the time, Mr. Masari said, “The House of Representatives has been friendly to the people of the Niger Delta than any other institution in the country.”

  • Anasieze Donatus

    The Oil do not and will never belong to Niger Delta. The Oil belongs to Nigerians,if i may ask when cash crops and other agricultural products was the main and only foreign exchange earning of Nigeria ,did the Nation exclude Niger Delta from sharing or getting their share from the Federation? It is wickedness and Laziness that runs in the blood of the people.They are very unhappy people because i have had the opportunity of living among them.
    No amount of your agitation will give you restructuring because you dont deserve it.Your agitation will continue to bring sorrows and tears and will make the crocodile in the creek happy.

    Your oil ,when did you plant it there and how did you know it belongs to you. Reading comments from these Lazy group is heart breaking,YOUR LEADERS POCKETED WHAT WAS MEANT FOR YOUR DEVELOPMENT AND YOU SEE NOTHING BAD ABOUT IT.

    It is good that Nigerians have tasted the Governance of a Niger Delta man and they have also see how the Niger Delta Governors impoverish their people and i know that never again will Nigerians allow another Niger Delta man to rule this country again and ruin its economy the way GEJ did. You are free to make idiotic comments and talk about your OIL but not that Nigerians AINT listen to your CROCODILE TEARS anymore and that is why all Nigerians are unanimous in support of CROCODILE SMILE OF PMB

    • George

      i HOPE this thing I am seeing here isn’t your face I would have spit on it.

      This nonsense you just vomited here is the reason why the Fulani doesn’t see your Yorubas are human being with the way the kills your sisters and brothers at Mile 12, Kute, Bergar etc etc.

      Keep dreaming and tell the whole world the Cocoa house in Ibadan belong to the whole Nigerians and Cow, sheep’s, goats, in the North belong to the whole Nigerians.

      If what GEJ did was bad I want you to tell the whole world what we should be calling what OBJ, ABACHA, IBB, ABUBAKAR AND this old Bingo did before the coming of yesterday GEJ.

      Even the dead Yaudua who was dead for months yet remains president of the dead Nigeria. shame on you and shame on tinubu.

      • Anasieze Donatus

        I am an igbo man from Omambala area of Anambra State so do not start with your delusional mind about me been a Yoruba Lazy Ijaw man. Under your Clueless Brother Nigeria was looted to its marrow.What was looted in Nigeria from 1914 to 2009 can not be compare to what GEJ looted under 6 years from 2009 to 2015

  • Stanley

    This is exactly the war we thought Buhari was coming to fight. Look into these monies where ever they are looted and recover them for better use. But Masari must remove the log from his eye before seeing the speck in eyes of the leaders from the Niger Delta. More than N700b have gone to the north at some point, through various allocations to states, numerous local governments, direct FG projects. Masari cannot come clean on how these funds are used and why so many northerners are not taken out of poverty. What the north has received from federation account is enough to transform the north to a Dubai. What Katsina State has spent on sponsoring pilgrims to Saudi Arabia in last 10 years if invested in agriculture will transform the state and make it the envy of other states. True of False?

  • Chijioke Ilodozie

    Mr masari should niger deltans leave the money, for you