Buhari approves governing boards for NPA, NIMASA


President Muhammadu Buhari, has approved the composition of the governing boards of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) as follows:

(i) Emmanuel Olajide Adesoye-Chairman
(ii) SupoShasore-Member
(iii) Suleiman Ibrahim Halilu-Member
(iiii) Constance Harry Mashal-Member
(v) Umar Shu’aibu-Member
(vi) Charles Efe Emukowhate Sylvester-Member
(vii) Hadiza BalaUsman-Member
(viii) Mohammed Bello Koko-Member
(ix) Dr. Sekonte Davis-Member
(x) Professor Idris Abubakar-Member
(xi) Mrs. I. J. Uche-Okoro -Member


(i) Major General Jonathan India Garba – Chairman
(ii) Asekomhe Oaakhia Kenneth-Member
(iii) Mohammed Gidado Muazu-Member
(iiii) Hon. Barrister Ebele Obi-Member
(v) S. U. Galadanchi-Member
(vi) Ms Nene Betty Dike-Member
(vii) Dakuku Peterside-Member
(viii) Rear Admiral Adeniyi Osinowo-Member
(ix) Bashir Yusuf Jamoh-Member
(x) Joseph OluwarotimiFashakin-Member
(xi) Gambo Ahmed-Member

Bolaji Adebiyi,
Director (Press),
Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation.

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    I didnt hear the BIGOTS should foul here !

    • Say the truth

      Whenever he gets it right there shall no response. Whenever he goes back to sectional appointment there will be uproar. That is what it is. Tell your messiah to remain broadminded and there wouldn’t be any problems.

      • Mallam

        Wailing WAILERS they would make abusive comments and names calling because of the inbuilt HATRED on PMB person

        • vagabonds in power

          The Hail Hitlers are back with their regional vomits—-Bingo Buhari from Niger republic–is a curse——added to the fact that he is not even a Nigerian..nigeria does not belongs to the ibos and yorubas

        • vagabonds in power

          The Hail Hitlers are back with their regional vomits—-Bingo Buhari from Niger republic–is a curse——added to the fact that he is not even a Nigerian..nigeria does not belongs to the Fulanis and yorubas

    • Enitan Williams


      But who is on this execrable list of job-for-the-boys
      in the Nigerian Ports Authority and in NIMASA as a face of change; who?
      Nobody! Just a bunch of carpet-baggers hanging to the coat-tails of mediocre
      Ministers and party apparatchiks for un-merited recommendations for appointment
      as Board Members.

      To be fair, Nigerians are not as thoroughly naïve. Not a few lost
      faith in the APC change slogan six months after Buhari resumed office. As at
      today less much than 5% of the populace still hang on to a wretched hope that
      Buhari’s APC government can bring change, despite that there’s no one inside
      the government or party circles with the relevant education for mental ability
      to wrought CHANGE.

      The Buhari government has stopped pretending
      that it is really about CHANGE. It has fumbled and wobbled for 15 months
      and has nearly lost its way in its own confusion. The only thing to say for the
      APC Buhari government is that it has come to see it hasn’t party members with
      any good reputation for good thinking to endeavour any CHANGE. Now that the
      government has come to terms and revealed itself as a status quo government
      of business as usual, Nigerians can only despair they have been badly duped
      with merely bogus slogan of CHANGE.

      • Bongus

        @Enitan, you are not being fair on the membership of the boards. There are seasoned professionals on the two boards and in the party. That we know. You don’t expect government to go to space and bring people on board. It must be those technocrats within their ranks who believe in the ideals of the government in power.

        • Rotty


          Your apologia for mediocrity is the reason Nigerians are suffering in economic recession today.

          Nigeria is not the personal property of APC or of any party that wins an election. What is best

          for Nigeria is not a party-membership card. You can’t expect 180 million Nigerians to join APC.

          Nigeria needs damn good thinkers in this crisis who may not even belong to any political party.

        • emmanuel

          You are very lo on memory and have continued to insult our sensitivity as a people. Buharis, having restructured Nigeria as a foolani enclave now decided to fleece the South by offering board positions to decaying APC members, so they can get some allowances and supplies of furniture and provision contracts to survive.
          We are not bothered, as the journey into the future begin in a day and that for the fragmentation of Nigeria has began in earnest. Buharis several acts of nepotism is only taking us there on a fast lane.
          We wish him goodluck with his foolani kinsmen appointed to all federal offices. He then picked some hogwash Yorubas (ROTIMI Ameachi inclusive) to lace it up.

  • Paul zadok

    Bashir yusuf jamoh is an assistant director at the NIMASA, this means heads will roll in that parastatal.

  • vagabonds in power

    Not a single Ijaw man was appointed into any of the boards—from the Niger delta region by Amaechi——————An indication that Amaechi is not the true son of an Ikwerre man–or woman—————-May have been adopted by a childless Ikwerre couple———————–That the 4th largest ethnic group-in Nigeria-could not make it under the government of Bingo BUHARI –shows the level of hatred Amaechi has for the Ijaw Nation-Hope Jonathan who saw himself as a Nigerian instead of an Ijaw man— is now watching the entire episode–as it unfolds—–The Ijaws are wasting their time in Nigeria—it is better for them to to be free in poverty than remain slaves under the oil wells in the niger delta————————

    • Karl Imom

      A little digression, if may – is Ijaw really the 4th largest ethnic group in Nigeria?

      • St

        Ijaw Ni Ijaw Ke, the kanuri’s and Fulani’s are there, not to mention d Tiv’s ….. Ijaw nor near

    • St

      Vagabond in power, you never still change… Ijaw’s are not the 4th largest ethnic group in Nigeria, it’s the Tiv’s….. I even doubt if you know the Tiv’s people sef….

    • dpfrank

      You are sick for writing this thrash

  • emmanuel

    Economically decaying Southerners to collect seating allowances (rehabs) as board members, while the Northerners among them are to collect the contracts.
    Nepotic AB (Alhaji Buhari)!

  • Nkem

    What is Shashore doing as a “member” of a committee?

  • Karl Imom

    This government is fantastically anti-minority !! You hardly see names from minority groups in their appointments. Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba, and Ibo – Are these the only groups that have qualified people to work in this country? In the whole of Benue State, we have only ONE man (Audu Ogbe) holding a political appointment at Federal Level. What is the National Character Commission doing?

    • emmanuel

      Guy, nor mention Benue for here o. David Mark was there when foolani herdsmen slaughtered his people. We cried to heavens then that Nigeria should stop cattle grazing and he kept queit. He was busy collecting money AND WHEN IT WAS TIME FOR ELECTION, YOUR PEOPLE QUEUED BEHIND AN UNREPENTATNT FOOLANI ETHNICIST. So why blame the man you said was your Northern brother.
      i beg, waka pass.

      • Karl Imom

        This topic is about political appointments and David Mark does NOT hold a political appointment. He is an elected official. So if you have problems with him, then talk to him, Do you NOT have senators in your own state to call about a national problem? Do you not have a senator in your own constituency to call with respect to what you consider to be a national problem? Why call call senators from other states? Here in the United States, we call our own senators with our complaints, NOT senators from other states.

        ” AND WHEN IT WAS TIME FOR ELECTION, YOUR PEOPLE QUEUED BEHIND AN UNREPENTATNT FOOLANI ETHNICIST. So why blame the man you said was your Northern brother”

        Nonsense! you voted Jonathan, how did he solve your Niger Delta problems after 6 years in office?. In the end, Niger Delta was better off with President Yar-Adua than Jonathan – your political icon. Jonathan was rejected in his reelection bid because he was perceived to be a criminal, thief, treasury looter, an alcoholic, incompetent, and a litany of other complaints against him including forgery of a doctoral degree. Do you hold Benue people responsible for what the man was? Your comments signifies your ignorance, bigotry, and deep-seated hatred for other ethnic groups in Nigeria.

  • bootypoppin

    Na wow. Today it’s this gov is anti minority. Tomorrow it’s this government is only pro hausa fulani. The next day its this government gives southerners board members and let hausa fulani run the parastatals, the next day its Muslim vs Christian, next would it would be gender equality. The average Nigerian has a PHD in complaining and finger pointing while they have primary school certificates in constructive criticism and solution rendering.

  • dele20

    That is great by our president

  • dpfrank

    Good one by government