Sultan condemns Zamfara killings, warns Muslims of ‘crafty blasphemy’

Sultan of Sokoto, Sa'ad Abubakar
Sultan of Sokoto, Sa'ad Abubakar

The Jama’atu Nasril Islam, an organisation led by the Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar, has condemned the mob attack in Zamfara State which left eight people dead, following an alleged blasphemy on the Prophet of Islam.

The group said the attack was “most unfortunate”.

The incident occurred at a polytechnic in Talata Mafara.

“This recurring matter is becoming tediously monotonous and remains condemned in the strongest terms,” the JNI said in the statement signed by its general secretary, Khalid Aliyu.

The JNI said all Muslims should see themselves as faithful in the practice of the religion and not assume the position of judges to mete out punishment against anyone.

“The nasty behavior of some miscreants should not be misconstrued as the Islamic teaching,” the JNI said.

Mr. Abubakar, therefore, commiserates with “all the affected victims of the unfortunate incidence” and called on “respective predominant Muslim communities to be very wary and cautious of crafty art of blasphemy within or around their respective communities and learn to handle such matters with utmost caution no matter the provocations that may arise therefrom”.

The latest killings came two months after a mob beheaded Bridget Agbahime in Kano on allegations that she committed blasphemy in an open market.

In July, a female pastor was also killed in Abuja while preaching around her neighbourhood in the morning.

Full statement:

Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI), upon the receipt of reportage on the alleged blasphemy of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, is once again poised to make this release over the most unfortunate alleged blasphemy which occurred at Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, Talata Mafara, Zamfara State. This recurring matter is becoming tediously monotonous and remains condemned in the strongest terms. The unfortunate attacks that ensued thereafter are criminal and also stand condemned. We reiterate that human lives are sacred and therefore must be dignified. That has been the position of Islam.

JNI reemphasizes that individual Muslims are not Jurists, but faithful in the practicing of the religion. Therefore, they don’t have the right to pass judgment on emotions. The nasty behavior of some miscreants should not be misconstrued as the Islamic teaching. In the light of which we commend the efforts of the Zamfara State Government in nipping in the bud, the escalation of the crisis and equally the beefing up of security by the various security agencies, around Talata Mafara and its environs is also commendable. We however call on state governments particularly in the north to hasten mechanisms which will address these repeated acts of blasphemy; it seems that there are deliberate attempts to cause more tension in the region and the country at large, in the name of blasphemy.

While we commiserate with all the affected victims of the unfortunate incidence, we call on respective predominant Muslim communities to be very wary and cautious of crafty art of blasphemy within or around their respective communities and learn to handle such matters with utmost caution no matter the provocations that may arise therefrom.

Finally, the Sultan of Sokoto and President-General, JNI calls on all and sundry to remain calm and avoid all actions that could jeopardize peaceful co-existence, especially at this material point of trying time of nation building. As always the generality of Muslims are also implored to fervently continue praying for the restoration of peace and security in Nigeria.

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  • Tori Osa

    No Word on the law taking its course on offenders??

    • Iweka Okparaocha

      The families of the deceased should sue the State Government (billions of dollars) in damages or retaliate immediately against the offenders in equal task, kill them too for just the sack of not being christians and let the entire world notice. That would be my stand for justice and final stop for nonsense.

  • Wale Bolodeoku

    Mass murder is not unfortune, but evil; very evil. Those in authority should stop speaking tongue in chick, but in the strongest possible terms condemn acts of man inhumanity to man without equivocation.

  • Walter Debosky

    Where is the dumb ass IG to effect arrest? easy to arrest the guy in Ogun state over bingo buhari

    • Neo

      You know the killing of Christians in the north is not “provocative” to an “average” Christian elsewhere in the country – I mean by Buhari’s Nigeria police’s satanic standard!!!

  • Emeka

    God is my witness, these people are not meant to dwell amongst human beings. They are beast, and I have now seen the reason why Czech Republic president said no to accepting Muslims refugees in his country.

    Some muslims are wonderful and intelligent people, and strictly against these barbaric behaviours by their fellow Muslims, but since you can’t easily identify the non radicalized amongst them, then a blanket ban might be the best option. I can’t offer help to people in need of help and subject the lives of my citizens to danger, if I would be allowed to do the thinking of the Czech president.

    • Alhaji

      And the Czech Republic will enjoy peace more than other European countries. Czechs should thank their leader for the bold decision. The bold decision will prevent the must dangerous virus, the muslims to destroy Czechs’ lives forever.

  • dan

    No single arrest has been made up till now, this is most unfortunate of a country.

  • Otile

    Where is the asshole Dele Awogbe-ole? Let him come out to blame the victims and then lavish praises on his illiterate masters. Sycophancy is a disease.

  • Udom

    There is a saying that you trick me me once shame on you. You trick me twice shame on me. It is human nature to readily forgive those who offend us. I believe it is an innate part of our being for good reasons. It allows us to forgive those who offended us do we can live peacefully as a community. It is inherently for the good of all mankind. For this to work, all parties are generally required to adhere to some basic rules. Absence of malice tops the list. General goodwill towards your fellow man or woman, love of your neighbour regardless of ethnicity, religious affiliation or educational background is also paramount.

    This latest incident in Zamfara seems a sad replay of the same sickening disregard to the likes of fellow citizens by thugs, either in the name of religion or as a right imposed on them from above. The frequency of such criminality has rendered the the notion that we live in a just, civil, lawful society mute. The fact that very few of those cowardly murderers are brought to book, tried and punished makes a mockery of our judicial system. These despicable, deliberate and senseless killings of Christians by Moslems in a nation that fought a bloodly war to keep us as one give one reasons to pause. Are we making progress as a people with a common purpose to lift our nation up or are we receeding into the barbarism of the Stone Age?

    It is very tempting to gloss over these indiscriminate killings by alluding them to random acts of madness perpetrated by a few disgruntled rougues with assault weapons out to seek revenge for some perceived slants against them. It is interesting to note that those who offended these marauders are generally not armed. So, why seek revenge using weapons that can fire many rounds of bullets in the case of herdsmen? What happened to the old-fashion fisticuffs way of settling matters? (if reasonings and sound judgement took leave of our senses). Why must these confrontations end in bloodshed? It is a crying shame that the statistics (which does not lie) shows us that the greater percentage of victims in these fracas are Christians. Why?

    It is very difficult to pretend these are isolated cases unless one happens to be a Moslem. It is equally perplexing for a casual observer not to notice the deafening silence from our Moslem brothers in positions who are nationally regarded and who carry some sway among and within their communities. Why are you not speaking out loudly enough to the world? Why are you not condemning these shameful killings of innocent men and women? These killings are not Christians killing Christians. These are documented cases of Moslem men committing murders against their fellow Nigerians who hapoen to be Christians. Why are we not hearing wails and cries of condemnation from respected Imams, the Sultans and other respected members of our Islamic communities? Why the stony silence? Christian lives don’t matter? Are they not created with flesh, blood and bones like their Moslem compatriots and fellow citizens? Are we not all Nigerians using the same passport?

    The silence from the traditional Moslem rulers is not an encouring sign for a lot of reasons. One, it allows Christian conspiracy theorists to float the notion that these are deliberate killings sanctioned from the top. Yes, it sounds crazy. But, given the unabated killings going on who can blame them? Would our northern elders have remained mute if our Moslem neighbors from the north were being massacred by Christians without vigorous outcry from southern tradutional rulers and elders? It is irresponsible to stat silent and not unequivocally denounce these killers. Our Moslem rulers must speak out soon and let Nigerians know in no uncertain terms, that these killings must stop. It is nit uncommon for a fatwa to be issued in such cases to underscore the seriousness of this crisis.

    The federal, state and local governments, the traditional rulers have not done enough to prevent these killings. This latest case could have been prevented, given the account by eyewitnesses. Why would students leace school, run first to a hospital and then to a private home to seek revenge over an issue that was out if their jurisdiction is beyond me. For the law enforcement agencies not to have been alerted to protect the victims us equally perplexing. There are enough blame to go round.

    What must be done going forward? These incidents desperately call for a national dialogue after all is said and done. The president needs to start the ball rolling. He is the national leader and must lead tge nation out of these cycles of violence before things get completely out of hand. He and other national leaders are not unaware of the amount of unauthorized weapons stockpiled all over the countryside. We need to follow the Australian example and get those guns off our streets. This is not the old western United States on a Saturday night when shoot’em up was the norm. We would kike to be seen as a civilized and cultured nation where civility and the rule of law applies.

    Two, our tradional rulers all across the nation need to see the dire need to meet regularly to exchange views and promote harmony across the land.

    The federal, states and local governments in consultation with the ministry of education and the appropriate pedestals of education, need to formulate an exchange programme among our students. Prejudice and hatred are learned. We must prevent these poisons from getting into our children. Case in point. Place toddlers 3-5 years old together from different backgrounds be it financial, ethnic, religious or social. Those tykes would not display the ugliness we see in adults today. Psychologists and social scientists know this

  • favourtalk

    This is good that it is coming from all leaders of both sides and most importantly the muslim here