Buhari opens up to U.S Secretary of State about Niger Delta, Boko Haram, others


President Muhammadu Buhari has pledged that the anti-corruption crusade in the country will be deepened and institutionalized to last beyond the life of the current administration.

Receiving the U.S Secretary of State, John Kerry, at in State House, Abuja, Tuesday, the president declared: “We will insist on the standards we’re establishing. We are laying down administrative and financial instructions in the public service that must be obeyed. Any breach will no longer be acceptable”.

“We will retrain our staff, so that they understand the new orientation. And those who run foul of these rules will be prosecuted, no matter who is involved. But we will be fair, just and act according to the rule of law. Anyone perceived corrupt is innocent till we can prove it. We will work very hard to establish documentation for successful prosecution, and those in positions of trust will sit up,” Mr. Buhari said.

He appreciated the intervention of the U.S before the 2015 polls, demanding free and fair elections in Nigeria, saying, “America did not do it because of what it stands to benefit from us. You did it for the Nigerian people. It tells so much what the U.S stands for in the world”.

On the Boko Haram insurgency, President Buhari thanked the U.S for both hard and soft military help.

“The training and intelligence that we could not muster ourselves, we received. The training has made Boko Haram less of a threat to Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin region, while the military hardware has given our troops added confidence,” Mr. Buhari said.

President Buhari said though militancy in the Niger Delta has impacted negatively on the economy and affected the positive intentions of international and local investors, government was showing restraint not to use real force, “except when constrained to do so”.

On the economy, the president assured that the focus of his administration was on the diversification of the economy having learnt our lessons from years of over dependence on oil.

In his remarks, Mr. Kerry commended the courage of President Buhari in fighting corruption, saying: “We applaud what you are doing.

Corruption creates a ready-made playing field for recruiting extremists. You inherited a big problem, and we will support you in any way we can. We will work with you very closely. We don’t want to interfere, but will offer opportunities as you require.”

The Secretary of State also pledged to assist in tackling the humanitarian challenges in the North-east, adding that his country would get the UK, France, and others “to augment the support”.

“Nigeria is priority for us. We won’t miss the opportunity to work together, because you are making significant progress,” Mr. Kerry said.

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  • Charles Coteen

    Buhari is on the right track. Nigerians should support him

    • Delta Man


      • Adeyi

        Better optimistic now than groping for sense of purpose as a result of past misjudgements.

        • Tim

          How hard is it 4u to accept truth that is clear to the living and the dead?…that Buhari has destroyed Nigeria and that nothing is working? Tell me one facet of our national life that is working or healthy. Mention just one.

          • Adeyi

            You tell me the truths and facts before Buhari came on board. No cosmetic ‘facts’ pls

          • justice

            You ask for one, but i will give you more than one,
            On Insecurity (Boko Haram)
            1) many territories under boko haram have been recovered
            2) People of the south east taking hostage by boko haram are returning home in droves (thousands)
            3) business activities are coming back to life in the North after so many years of abandonment.
            4) Flushing out of boko haram is on the final lap.

            On Anti Corruption fight
            1) So much money has been recovered
            2) Anti corruption bills to institutionalize the crusade in on the way
            3) Padding of budget is being exposed for the first time in our nation history
            4) Sanity and sense of purpose is returning back to our system.

            On Economy
            1) Diversification of our country economy is getting serious attention for the first time in our nation history ( so many administration has paid a lip service approach)
            2) Made in Nigeria goods are gaining recognition.
            3) Prudent use of our scarce resources
            4) Massive infrastructural development going on across the country.

    • Emily

      Support incompetence and cluelessness and certificatelessness? Not me and you. God forbid! Tufiakwa!

      • Adeyi

        Some of you will tuck your tails in between your legs and hide your faces under soil in the nearest future. Just wait and see where certificatelessness can prove doctorate to be mere paper certificate.

      • justice

        You are not counted already, so keep your calmness dude.

    • Nigerian Prince

      We all have to join hands to support Buhari.

  • Adeyi

    US-Nigeria relations in the right direction. Secretary Kerry on point. Mr. President, do not relent in any way. Nigerians are with you in the fight against corruption and the Boko Haram Terrorists. Most of all, we trust you.

  • Truth be told

    “America did not do it because of what it stands to benefit from us. You did it for the Nigerian people. It tells so much what the U.S stands for in the world”.

    Just imagine the kind of useless and senseless statement that Buhari who calls himself a president is making? How can you say US stands for the world?
    1. Did they stand for the world when they invaded Panama in the early 80s? Or is Buhari in West Germany once more!
    2. Did they stand for the world when they invaded Iraq?
    3. Did they stand for the world when the CIA helped apartheid South Africa locate Mandela and jail him for 27yrs?
    4. Did they stand for the world when black men and women are shot like Dogs and the assassin white policemen acquitted?
    5. Did they stand for the world when they stood far away and watched via satellite the genocide in Ruanda bcos there is no oil?
    6. Did they stand for the world when the sponsored rebels to invade Cuba and topple Fidel Castrol?
    7. Do they stand for the world when they arm “moderate Islamists” against Assad becos of oil contracts?

    Buhari should stop disgracing Nigerians. This is why America has no respect for us anymore. America loves a master slave relationship and the more daft you are as a president the more love and visits you get from US officials especially if there is some oil to steal. Truth is: Kerry with his over sized nose is simply looking for my Niger Delta oil and gas contracts…he is in Nigeria to protect interest of US oil companies – Chevron, Exxonmobil which AVENGERS has blown up. Period.

    • Adeyi

      And so why did the US not give our ex-president full support since he was amenable and c—less as some claimed so as to get access to oil. You think America don’t have oil or are simply oil-less? What’s this fixation on oil by the way! That’s the same jingle we hear very often in Nigeria and is causing some people to say ‘our oil.’

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        Besides the oyel,what else do they have to offer,unless you are counting criminality?

        • Oj

          …and what is your business about that? Parasites like you will not think of how you will work hard and dig your villages deep enough to locate crude oil or at least kerosene. Instead you are busy here posting rubbish and placing all ur hopes on the Niger Delta. Sorrrrrrrrrrryyyyyooo the party is over. Separation is inevitable. No more, no less

    • Malik Isah

      at least dem no bi osu like you.

    • Bastino

      Never heard of what is called diplomatic language before?


    It’s really a form of terrorism to see the prestige of the United States standing next to an Sunni Islamist dictator who just recently massacred over 1000 Shiites! And is still holding their leader,wife, and hundreds in gulags.

    We don’t know what to make of this cozying up to Buhari by Kerry, who in the past I thought was cool. The American people chose Bush over Kerry, to my surprise, I guess they are more savvy politically than we know.

    Palling around with a dictator who is complicit in many violence against his people is absurd.

    • St

      Did u see what those shite militias did? If you live around Kano and Kaduna, then you will know the atrocities those shite boys and their leader commits. NPF were scared of them in their town and remember that’s similar to the birth of Boko Haram

  • Arabakpura

    Let Kerry be coming every month so that Buhari will be explaining things more!

  • emmanuel

    Now I am convinced that the Americans are st00pid crooks who pretend about everything. Their love for their so much loved demoncracy and human rights is a sham. How can a US top official stand side by side with a killer like Buhari who only months ago sent his Army to kill and bury Shiite muslims in mass graves (321 killed) as revealed by independent human rights bodies…Have Americans forgotten the massacre of peaceful protesters in Biafra land? where people were rounded up in Churches, raped and killed because they dared to protest?

    Don’t Americans have eyes anymore? But as usual what drives American relationship is the American interest. All the Americans want is the wealth of the Niger Delta and for their oil companies to continue in business…and for Nigerians to continue to consume the Genetically modified US Wheat used for baking etc…and finally for Buhari to allow US set up a military base in Nigeria. These are the things an educated Dr Jonathan refused and the US ran m.a.d. Now they have a man they know they can manipulate and the US cares not whether he is a killer and ethnic bigot.

    • aiteteji

      Maybe its time you started opening your eyes!

    • Gary

      What is said in the open is not always same as what is said behind closed doors. Trust me John Kerry did not come to Nigeria to see Buhari and the head of Nigeria’s Moslems on a junket. The issue of sectarian violence against Christians and the Shiite massacre brought him here. He has come to quietly admonish in the hope that the US will not have to go public if the situation persists.
      That’s how diplomacy works.

      Expect to see some movement about the continued detention of Mr. El-Zakzaky soon. Or a rupture in US-Nigeria relations.

      • tundemash

        Just tell us you were at the meeting else it’s all the usual wishful thinking from an ogogoro mind !

        • Ologunguntere

          You this 419 jailbird. So the murder of Nigerians is irrelevant because of your idol bingo. You must be mad. No more, no less.

          • tundemash

            Mor0n is that your interpretation ? What a lowlife !

    • Dapsy

      What kind of rubbish is this one saying?

      • AfricanChild

        Baba nla nonsense talk. No mind am.

    • Malik Isah

      food for the gods!

  • Ogom

    Notice Kerry said nothing about the state of the economy?

    • tundemash

      I also noticed he said nothing about your stolen destiny!

      • Ogom


        • tundemash

          Indeed !

    • ify boy

      Why should Kerry repeat what Buhari has said? The economy is bad: READ:

      “President Buhari said though militancy in the Niger Delta has impacted negatively on the economy and affected the positive intentions of international and local investors, government was showing restraint not to use real force, “except when constrained to do so”.

      • Ogom

        “Mr. Kerry commended the courage of President Buhari in fighting corruption, saying: “We applaud what you are doing.. ”

        “The Secretary of State also pledged to assist in tackling the humanitarian challenges.. ”

        But he said NOTHING about the economy – no commendation, no pledge to help, nothing – even though they clearly discussed it. Kerry knows his host is a thin-skinned autocrat, stubbornly tinkering around with failed economic paradigms from the 80’s, so he diplomatically avoided commenting on the issue.

    • Amir

      Kerry also said nothing about the wailing wailers, alias Otuoke avengers.

    • Henry_Itopa

      Kerry is on a tour of countries affected by terrorism so they can coordinate efforts. Try reading sometimes. It isuch better than creating your own news

      • Ogom

        “On the economy, the president assured.. ”

        The economy was discussed amongst many significant issues.

        You try reading sometimes, instead of being a snarky, sarcastic a hole.

        • Henry_Itopa

          Your so called point does not change the fact that Kerry is on a tour of countries affected by terrorism.

          • Ogom

            Argument for argument sake. Clap for yourself

          • St

            He’s right though cos that has been the reason for the trip prior to his flight to Nigeria

          • Ogom


  • With US behind the Nigeria people, the biafra thugs would never be allowed to lay their paws on SS, the old Midwest, Calabar or PH

  • favourtalk

    You are already winning the war, compear to the past clueless government…..

  • tundemash

    He appreciated the intervention of the U.S before the 2015 polls, demanding free and fair elections in Nigeria, saying, “America did not do it because of what it stands to benefit from us. You did it for the Nigerian people. It tells so much what the U.S stands for in the world”.

    Obviously, this is the reason the Otuoke coward chose to quickly conceded defeat. Only Dumbo Jo heard the the clear warning from Secretary Kerry and President Obama not to tamper with election results hence only him knew the danger; not druggie FFK or the cl0wns Otile Shekau, TAWANDER, BurningSpear and other wailing wailers. Thank you Mr. Kerry

  • josima

    The other time French president was going to visit Nigeria, and they rescued one Chibok girl. This time U.S. Secretary of State is coming, and they killed Shekau, the third time.

    • Henry_Itopa

      No one has claimed to have killed Shekau he was injured. You guys need to come out from your hate filled conspiracy and fantasy world and help build this country.

      • Efemena Edafiok

        May God Almighty bless you.

  • Rommel

    The fight against corruption will be intensified and deepened while crushing of insurgents will be renewed with vigor,I want to use this opportunity to thanks Mr Africanus Ukparasia for capturing those 3 miscreants who have been making people uncomfortable in the Niger delta,peace will eventually return to that part of Nigeria,we now know who and who have prevented the Niger delta from developing after trillions of Naira has been poured in through interventions like OMPADEC,NDDC,NIGER DELTA MINISTRY and 13% derivation yet we see no changes,we cannot continue like this.One nation,one destiny,long live the federal republic of Nigeria.

    • kiziking

      NIGER DELTANS are their own worst enemy, very greedy and lazy. Instead of bending down to work, they prefer already made money with which to purchase big cars, without home, school and good roads. After collecting huge sums from the companies, they still expect the companies to assume their responsibilities for them. I feel like God gave them oil to help them else with their laziness none of them would have more than 20 years of lifespan as they will die of hunger.

  • kiziking

    Come what may, at least Buhari looks more handsome than OBJ…with such a mouth that seems ready for a kiss with Kerry…who knows what he has in mind

  • Aminu Baba

    Encouraging words from Mr. Kerry. I know he always has confidence in our president. Pity they have only 100 days in office. Could be the reason for this increased tempo in interaction between the leaders of the two countries. However, I have the strong belief that Hilary would carry on the same policy. Nigeria MUST overcome its monster, no matter what

  • ricky ifo

    We find it difficult to understand the rule America are playing in Nigeria.Are their encouraging anarchy,nepotism,dictatorship.Are their encouraging one religion against the other,and Hausa/fulani against the rest of the country.This is a president that has pitched one religion against the other,this is a president that has encouraged the killings of other tribe’s by his kinsmen..this is a president that has divided Nigeria against each other.This is a president that his utterances and actions are nothing but unpresidential.This is a president that claim to be fighting corruption but are really encouraging and protecting corrupt people is his cabinet and party.This is a president don’t doesn’t care about due process.This a president that all his employees are his are his family members.