Economic Crisis: Buhari yet to request emergency powers – Presidency

Buhari in France

The presidency on Monday denied news reports that President Muhammadu Buhari was seeking emergency powers from the National Assembly in order to tackle the lingering economic crisis in the country.

In a statement by the Special Assistant to the Vice President on Public Affairs, Laolu Akande, said an economic management team set up to propose solutions to the economic crisis had only recently concluded its assignment but had not passed the recommendations to Mr. Buhari for actions.

But he admitted the team’s recommendations may require “legislative amendments and presidential orders”.

“The Economic Management Team has indeed been considering several policy options and measures to urgently reform and revitalize the economy. Some of these measures may well require legislative amendments and presidential orders that will enable the Executive arm of government move quickly in implementing the economic reform plans,” Mr. Akande said.

“As far as I know, this has not been passed on to the President, the Federal Executive Council or the Legislative arm of government.”

Different news reports had on Monday quoted presidential sources as saying that the Buhari administration was seeking, among other requests, the suspension of extant laws governing some aspects of the economy from the National Assembly.

The government has come under increasing pressure as Nigerians struggle daily with hardship inflicted on them by a raging economic crisis.

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  • Truth Justice Equity

    This a government lacking in integrity, honesty and sincerity .there is no body that will ever rely on the information coming out from this people. This government have never been truthful even for once.from the denial of their campaign promises with which they scammed Nigerians ,to peddling malicious falsehoods against their predecessors to lying about their performance in office to living in denial about their acts of misgovernment .this government is completely bankrupt in every virtue of governance .what a pity .Nigeria have entered one chance bus.

    • Nkemefuna

      My People, come with me!

      Petrol per litre is how much today, after President Buhari increased the price few months ago? It is 145 Naira
      per litre. For 5kv generator, how many litres do you need per day to generate your own electricity, for just
      six (6) hours? You’ll need 10 litres. That is how much? It is 1,450 Naira per day.

      Now, since the zero megawatts Minister for Power Raji Fashola has no knowledge of how to supply electricity
      to Nigerians, how much do you now need per month, to get six hours of private electricity a day?
      You’ll need 44,500 Naira a month.

      Follow me, please!
      What is the minimum amount you’ll also need today to cook a pot of soup for your four children
      as a family? The minimum is six thousand Naira – with minimum ingredients. So multiply that by
      15 days, if you will manage the pot of soup for two days. What will you get? You will need
      90,000 Naira a month to feed a family of four.

      That means Naira devaluation by President Buhari plus the petrol tax by President Buhari
      have now made life impossible in Nigeria. Just to eat and have six hours electricity for a family
      now cost 133, 500 Naira per month, without doing any other thing, not even going out, or, even
      going to school. How many Nigerians earn 133,000 Naira per month? Answer me, please!

      • Watch man

        Good analysis! But you have not suggested any solution.

        • Otile

          Buhari is pigheaded, he will only take the advice of dumb ass Kemi. No wonder Nigeria is crashing.

        • shakara123

          Neither have you!!

  • E.d. Martins


    Muhamadu Buhari knows next to nothing about economics. He has no governing
    reputation to be entrusted with emergency powers over economic planning. Buhari
    has not taken a single correct decision since resuming office on 29th
    May 2015 which anyone in Nigeria or abroad has seen as sensible or feasible.

    His deputy – Yemi Oshinbajo – is a lot worse. On his own part ordinary
    logic escapes him very often. With slippages in oil market last January and
    with oil prices crashing down by March 2015, all that Vice President offered
    were nostrums. We shall double the national budget, he said, and potential
    investors looking at Nigeria, simply stopped bothering.

    “Charlatans and pretenders to knowledge have taken over Nigeria”, an
    exporter in a south-east Asian country said in disgust. It was not for lack of
    emergency powers that President Buhari dragged Nigeria into economic recession,
    it was for lack of knowledge. A person who lacks knowledge is not a proper
    recipient of Economic emergency powers in a sane country, unless Nigeria is an
    exception to that rule.

    • Dejandon

      Your frustration at personal failure should not be brought online. If you continue this hatred, I doubt you will last till 2019 when you will have opportunity to use your single vote again.

      My advice to you; calm down, stop assuming no one in this govt knows anything. Is it not a lunatic move when you are busy complaining about a govt that is only 5 months into its first annual budget execution? Before any legitimate criticism is valid, I will allow two budget execution first, meaning, wait till 2017 Dec before judging this govt

      • Ayodeji Olumuyiwa Thomas


        You are an evil man. You are one of those destroying Nigeria as a totally blind Buhari supporter.
        Nigerians must stand up for once to show they are not fools. You the Buhari’s supporters ask
        Nigerians to give Buhari more time, but more time for what again?

        A man that is nearing halfway into his term in office does not need more time to draw a judgment
        on how badly he’s doing. Nigerians are much worse under Buhari than at any time before now.
        Nigerians are suffering and dying in hunger, joblessness and deadly insecurity to lives and properties.

  • favourtalk

    PMB is trying his best to bring better governance to the nation, we shall be better and nigeria will grow stronger by the day as PMB is intensifying effort to make the country better

    • front man

      Well said

  • front man

    God bless Pmb

  • excel

    Kudos to the President, His effort to restore the nation economy will soon start to yield a positive result, The NUJ needs too stand up against this paid journalist that are destroying the credibility of the profession.

  • udemeobong

    This is what Buharia should have done after taking over power, knowing fully well the nation was in a mess. By now the situation wouldn´t have got worse.


    PMB is trying his best to make Nigeria work. I pray Allah continue to guide him.