Buhari’s approach to corruption war scaring investors – Ben Bruce

Ben Murray-Bruce
Photo: Nigerian Monitor
Ben Murray-Bruce Photo: Nigerian Monitor

The senator representing Bayelsa East, Ben Bruce (PDP) on Thursday called on President Muhammadu Buhari to adjust his approach to the anti-corruption crusade, saying policy was scaring investors.

Mr. Bruce, who said this while contributing to the Senate’s debate on the economic recession in the country, said that Nigeria should not expect foreign investments as even local investors had stopped investing.

He said people who had money to invest were no longer doing so because the anti-graft agencies were harassing any person with cash transactions running into millions.

“Buhari’s approach to anti-corruption is wrong: let us forget the foreign investors, what about the local investors?” Mr. Bruce asked.

“If people are afraid, they will not invest; fear will not be a policy to grow the economy.

“Money is a coward; it only goes to places where there is peace and tranquillity.

“I have a friend who paid legitimate N50 million into his account and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) came and picked him up.

“We cannot be afraid to be Nigerians; we cannot be afraid to live in our country,” he said.

Mr. Bruce recalled that former President Olusegun Obasanjo also fought corruption but that his anti-corruption fight was not one that put fear in the minds of real investors.

He said he supported President Buhari’s anti-corruption fight but insisted that the approach should be changed to encourage investments.

On the prices of food in the market, he said that poor Nigerians were feeling the brunt far more than the rich.

He said the prices of bags of rice, beans and garri had risen by over 50 per cent while the retail prices of the same commodity rose by over 150 per cent.

The lawmaker said while the rich bought the commodities in bags, the poor, whose minimum wage had not changed, had to buy at 150 per cent increased rate.

He attributed the increase in retail prices of items to the cost of transportation, and called for a transport policy to check transportation costs. (NAN)

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  • Sword of Damocles

    “Buhari’s approach to corruption war scaring LOOTERS, TRAITORS, & THIEVES”

    Read all about it

    • Osakue

      why fear police check point if your car particulars are complete?

  • Rumournaire

    Senator Ben Bruce does not know what he is talking about. Actually, with the tough anti-corruption laws in the US and UK,. investors are scared stiff to do business in a corruption-ridden environment. The present anti-corruption war gives would-be investors a ray of hope that the environment will eventually permit them to invest without fear of running foul of their own country’s anti-corruption laws. See what has happened to companies involved in bribery in Nigeria over the last 10 years – Willbros, Halliburton, Siemens.

    • Kallah Bature

      This Ben Bruce of a man who talks from both sides of his mouth amazes me .He never stops bruising my mind when he says one thing and does another.Mr.Bruce where is your promise NOT accept the jumbo pay as a member of the overpaid Senate? Charity begin at home.

  • Galantman

    Ben Bruce, you are been too clever by half. Those who have no skeletons in there cupboard have nothing to fear. You are scared to death because they may stumble upon how you make billions within a twinkle of an eye.

    • Kallah Bature

      I think so.No skeletons no fear.

      • Volcano

        Yeah! No skeletons no fear my brother.

  • tony10

    On the other hand Ben Bruce genuine investors only go to where anti corruption policy is tough and strong. If you made your money legimately there is nothing to be afraid of even if police come calling. It has happened to me before in UK. They apologised and left. As for the so called local investors, there is nothing like that. Most of them are rent seekers and that is main reason we import everything under the planet. Twitter senator I beg pack well.

    • Rumournaire

      You are spot-on. There are hardly real local investors – the so-called investors are rent-seekers who seek undeserved patronage. All they look for is “deals” that short-change the country. When asked how they made their millions, they would start telling you how they saved their NYSC allowance to build their first mansion.

      • tony10

        Hahaha…you made my day with this: ”When asked how they made their millions, they would start telling you
        how they saved their NYSC allowance to build their first mansion.” Exactly what they do.

    • Volcano

      Good example my brother, tell them.

  • Abah of Ipolo

    Anyone who has nothing up his sleeves will have no fear of EFCC. Whoever is afraid to come out to invest should hold his peace (or money). Is it not written that the guilty runneth. ……….?

  • Volcano

    You lie Bruce! Only thieves like you are scared. Obviously, those that have stolen loots won’t come out and invest. PMB’s war on corruption gives foreign investors confidence that there’s rule of law and their money is safe if they come in and thieves like you cannot steal it & go scotfree. Anywhere in the world, governments are concerned about the legitimacy of funds that goes into their economy. But in Nigeria, thieving criminal devils like you always have a problem with EFCC when they try to do their job of tracking down illegitimate money.

  • excel

    Only the evil one will be scared to invest their money in Nigeria. People like this twitter sinator should stop their mouth any how just because they have the opportunity to be in position. No sane person with genuine money will be scared to invest, twitter sinator making reference to some of his colleague though, no foreign or a Nigerians with genuine money.