Ban corrupt Nigerians from public office, Maitama-Sule says

Maitama Sule
Maitama Sule PHOTO:

A former Minister of National Guidance, Yusuf Maitama-Sule, has called for a ban on public officers convicted of looting public funds from partaking  in partisan politics and holding public office.

Mr. Maitama-Sule told the News Agency of Nigeria in Kano on Sunday that the ban should be backed by law passed by the National Assembly.

“This will be possible when there is a law to back it and we hope the law will be enacted soon to support the idea,” he said.

He  noted that  the fear of the  Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, by public officers was now the beginning of wisdom.

“EFCC has done extremely well in the discharge of its responsibilities so far, as there are a lot of recovered looted funds now.

“But the biggest challenge for EFCC is that it can investigate but it does not have the power to spend money and utilise it for other purposes.

Mr. Maitama-Sule, who is also Nigeria’s  former Permanent Representative to the United Nations, also called for  an enabling law  for the government to utilise the recovered looted funds to improve the living standard of Nigerians, especially the common man.

He suggested the revitalisation of education, agriculture and power sectors in order to give the nation’s moribund industries a new lease of life using the recovered funds.

The elder statesman commended President Muhammadu Buhari for tackling insurgency, especially in the North-East.

“We have to thank God Almighty for the peace that has since been restored in the country and we will continue to pray for its sustenance.

“No meaningful development can be achieved in any country without peace and even the ‘most diehard cynics” know that President Buhari has done well in terms of restoration of peace in the country,” he said.

Mr. Maitama-Sule urged Nigerians to continue to support and show  understanding to the government in its determination  to restore sanity in the country.


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  • Kez Ebed

    Is M. Sule joking or trying to mock Nigerians? Its surprising he is saying this. Nigeria’s National Assembly is the other name for concrete CORRUPTION, so how can it make law that would ban corruption from public office. Besides, where has there been anyone else convicted of corruption in Nigeria? which corrupt person does he want to ban? Mr. you don chop belefull, so no just take the rest of us make afternoon caricature.

    • Adamu Ndagi

      Kez, mind your language. The elder citizen was making some concrete and constructive suggestion to curb corruption. How could you too establish that NASS members are corrupt? Until when all of us change our attitude positively towards nation building.


    This is the ideal way to go but its a big dilema in Nigeria at the moment because Most of those in the NASS will be the first to be banned by the law they will promulgate. Will/Can this every happen in Nigeria? I doubt it. It is like asking them to pass judgment against themselves and the friends to to make themselve scapegoats.

  • Hamza Ahmad Fagge

    Yes Baba, I really love this exposed-policy of yours, may Allah keep guiding and looking after your steps and may the Nigerian government approve and take it into account.