Nigeria’s power generation improves to 4,285 megawatts


The Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, has said that the country’s power generation has increased from 3,810 megawatts recorded on September 8, 2016 to 4,285.90 megawatts on Friday.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the power generation record was reported in the website of “Nigerian Electricity System Operator’’ on Friday.

The TCN said that 4,285.90 megawatts was the total output by power generation companies, and had been transferred to the 11 distribution companies across the country.

Electricity generation in the country has been stable in the last two months, rising from about 2, 983 megawatts to over 4, 000 megawatts.

Although power has improved, many parts of the country have remained with poor supply owing to problems with the distribution companies, including provision of pre-payment meters.

The Acting Chairman of Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, Anthony Akah, recently disclosed that no fewer than four million electricity consumers in the country were awaiting supply of the meters.

Mr. Akah said that although the commission had improved on metering system, unavailability of meter manufacturing companies was hindering the maximum provision of the product to Nigerians.

He said the commission would sanction any distribution company which failed to comply with directives relating to the distribution of meters.



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  • amazing2012

    …and satans can not see this ! Only lies and hate they preach. You can notice no single comment to thank god and pray for further success of the nation.

    • Abokinyang

      We were doing 5000 mw before present govt took over, you have not even reached where you took over from and you want to be applauded. This is no improvement. We can only applaud you when you surpass the previous administration i

      • Powerlessconscious

        Continue to deceive yourself only.

      • Rumournaire

        On what date did we do 5000 MW?

        • Abokinyang

          Dec 2014check the TCN portal

          • Rumournaire

            Here is a quote from the TCN website:

            The Transmission Company of Nigeria has attained a new record peak
            generation of 5,074.7MW and highest maximum daily energy wheeled
            nationwide of 109,372MWH on Tuesday, 2nd February, 2016.

            The new peak generation which was attained at about 9.30pm on
            Tuesday, 2nd February, 2016 and successfully wheeled by TCN to
            distribution load centres nationwide, surpassed the previous peak
            generation of 4,883.9MW achieved on Monday, 23rd November, 2015. Also
            the new peak of 109,372MWH maximum daily energy wheeled nationwide,
            exceeds the previous 107,142.32MWH highest maximum daily energy wheeled
            on Tuesday, 26th January, 2016.

            From this, it is clear that before this regime, we never achieved 5,000 MW. The highest ever so far is 5,074.7MW, achieved 2nd February 2016. Before then, the highest was 4,883.9MW, achieved on 23rd November 2015 – still under this government.

            I advise you to check out your facts before making public statements out of political prejudice. Let’s learn to appreciate small improvements. We cannot continue to run down our country just because we don’t like who is in power. We know we are not where we should be, but the overall direction is positive – and we should acknowledge it.

      • chemy

        That is the lie of the century because we all know that it was recently that the TCN can even wheel out 5000.

        • Abokinyang

          We were all present when Alaoji1&2 was switched on 14th Dec 2014 and TCN told the whole world that the gas plant has upped the transmitted electricity generation to 5150mw . By the way which transmission station has bugari built or commissioned since the inception of the govt that suddenly brought this increase from 2000 to 4249mw. You can only deceive gullible Nigerians with your lies not people like me. Afam power plant 3 was done by my company under ppp and handed over to the phcn,yet they were not able to transmit until prof. Nnaji came up as minister for power before it was transferred to the national grid,thanks to GEJ he built 6 different power stations between 2012 and 2014 no president past or present has achieved that feat. The present govt has not added a single power plant to the ones they inherited,they have not even completed the ones in various stages of completion before they took over. Oji river2,3 egbin phase 3,4,5 Abuja emergency 2,3,shiroro3 modernized hydro,Alaoji 4,5 . These has 250mw each which when completed will add another 2500mw to the 5150 already achieved as at Dec 2014. Check the TCN portal and stop celebrating failure

          • chemy

            Thank God you claim to be an expert. If that is so, you will know that the maximum capacity of TCN is 5,000. From facts available at my disposal, most of the power plants being claimed as done by Jonathan were started by OBJ. The Oji river power project was decommissioned by phcn under Jonathan. What’s the capacity of Afam 3 that you are talking about? And who made it not work? Was it Buhari? And why did all the light disappeared? Why were we in darkness thru most of last year? Oga, I spend #4,000 daily on fuel when it was #98 under Jonathan for generator in my two schools. Now I spend less with fuel at #140.
            The boldest move in power generation in Nigeria is the mambilla project. Buhari has committed to it. I believe you know it’s capacity. TCN capacity is being taken to 6,000 from 5,000 after more than two decades.
            I know I have more power now than under your clueless GEJ and OBJ my bad grandpa.

          • Abokinyang

            This is why I don’t like reading most of these online comments my brother if this govt has any good intentions of improving our power generation and distribution they have to go back to the white paper by the committee set up by Yaradua which was already being implemented by Jonathan. Lets tell ourselves the truth mambila can give us 600mw maximum but General Electric a foreign partner in nipp said that the money for building mambila can give us 40000mw of nuclear power plants which is far cheaper in maintenance than hydro. The template for the nuclear power plants have already received the blessings of the past govt and iea . If the present administration embarks on the mambila project,that will be the highest level of cluelessness the truth be told. I rest my case

    • Okokondem

      Are you saying we should be thankful for 4400 megawatts that is in fact a regression from what was obtainable before this administration came to power? And you are bringing God into the fray in a way that is confusing.

      God gave us OIL among others, to sale and provide our people with electricity but your so called leaders failed to do so.

      And you want us to thank who? Be careful, you are using God’s name in vain.

      It’s people like you with such low expectations that have empowered the looters because they have come to believe there are no consequences for their greedy behavior.

  • TrueFairGame

    Actually if you are living in Nigeria, you will notice this improvement for the last two months. I pray that this is sustained

    • Okokondem

      There is the problem. Your frame of reference is skewed. You are actually taking part in the celebration of less than 4500 megawatts of electricity for whatever Nigeria’s population is, which varies depending on who is ask….160, 170, even 180 million.

      For perspective, someone cited South Africa with a population of about 55 million for generating as much as either 34,000 (or 44,000) megawatts. That was enough for you to know Nigeria’s pultry 4400 megawatts is nothing to be proud of, but there you are telling us quote,

      “Actually if you are living in Nigeria, you will notice this improvement for the last two months. I pray that this is sustained”

      I didn’t come here to pick on you however, I couldn’t help seeing how your willingness to accept mediocrity is part of why the country refuses to improve. If there is no agitation from ordinary Nigerians like yourself for what you are subjected to on a daily basis, year after year, now for 17 years and counting since the current dispensation that began in 1999.

      • chemy

        From 2800 to over 4200 looks like a 50% increase or improvement. Why shouldn’t he celebrate that?

  • adekunle akindude

    Wht kind of information is this that our electricity supplyis less than 4400 megawatts and our leaders are not even ashamed to put out this kind of facts for almost 150 million people?South Africa has more than 44,000 megawatts of electricity output/usage This megawatts of electricity is what a small company uses here in America While we read about millions of dollars being misappropriated everyday in Nigeria none of the past Governments have thought it right that electricity supply prevents crime everyday and our economy cannot grow without regular electricity supply It is a shame that we as the largest economy in the black race are still in the dark Mr President if you do not find a way to boost electricity supply you will fail in all other efforts Please do something as soon as possible

  • FreeNigeria

    Wow, what an achievement? Clap for the mediocre

  • Okokondem

    If you need proof that Nigeria has no shame look no further. My goodness how can anyone release such an embarrassing statistics for a country and population of this size.

    In light of this show of shame by whoever released this information to the public, I am imploring, no, challenging PREMIUM TIMES to do an in depth exposé that would chronicle Every Yearly Federal Budget Allocation For Power Generation &Distribution with OBJ in 1999 through the current 2016 budget.

    Since PREMIUM TIMES so far is the only Nigeria media, print or otherwise, that does some level of investigative journalism, it is incumbent upon you to shed light on the magnitude of pilfering perpetrated against Nigerians by those entrusted with what amounts to tens of billions of dollars to provide power that never manifested.

    Please PREMIUM TIMES take your time, do a comprehensive presentation for your readers, and the entire country, of every billion dollar appropriated each for electricity generation and distribution starting in 1999.

    You have earned our support to do this. We will be watching.

    • Rommel

      This was the statistics that Jonathan administration that you support so fervently was releasing when they were in power,this is what your brothers in arms who are blowing up pipelines wish to prevent,that Nigeria’s energy generation will not even reach 5000 MW’s,the highest ever power output recorded in Nigeria was when PMB came into power just before your kinsmen started your second intifadah

      • Okokndem

        There lies the difference between you and I. My allegiance today is to the Nigeria state despite her imperfections which are plenty.

        To your disappointment and unlike you, I have no favorite party, governors or federal or state legislators. That’s primarily because I don’t have the requisite information to adjudge their performances or lack thereof in specific terms. However, evidence exists to show that the ruling class in general, regardless of party or political affiliation, cares mostly about themselves and those close to them and not those they govern.

        Now, about my challenge to PREMIUM TIMES to, in essence, compile a chronological list of all annually budgeted funds by the various Nigerian legislatures for power generation and distribution from 1999 to date inclusive, hardly justifies you labeling me a loyalist of GEJ or any other. I suggest you go back and reread my comments.

        You can’t tell me you are not ashamed as a Nigerian that the country is struggling for decades to generate 5000 megawatts of electricity despite tens of billions of dollars, not naira, dollars poured into that sector.

        Since you want to single out individuals based on geographical demographic rather than successive failures in governance, let me remind you that people from what we know as northern Nigeria have ruled Nigeria for 43 years since 1957 beginning with Abubarka Tafawa Balewa. You do the math.

        • chemy

          I thought Azikwe was the Governor General and then President for about 6 years? Then Ironsi for so.e time. But come to think of it, how many refineries, roads etc were built by those southerners? Who built Egbin, Kainji, Manbilla, Shiroro plants and the few refineries we have. Then let us x-ray the time of our southern brothers and see what they did with the country?

          Please do a little reflection on what has been done in this country and tell under whose rule Nigeria performed better.

        • Rommel

          Since we are talking statistics,let us now be factual, according to figures released last month by NEITI,of all revenues that has accrued to Nigeria since discovery of crude oil in 1958 colonial administration to 2016 Buhari administration,we now know that 56% of the entire amount occurred under president Jonathan.

  • Okoro Tonye

    Clap for yourselves

  • Spoken word

    BRF is working.

  • Rommel

    Nigeria will survive and while we are happy that there is improvement from what our detractors had planned for us,we are still on course to hit our projected 6000 MWs as soon as possible and 10,000 next year and from then onwards,it will be upward movements,Nigeria will survive,God bless Nigeria.

    • PolyGon2013


  • Joe

    Hypocrites will only look at Naija through a tribal prism! All expressing similar and semi factual statements but through biased angles. Is it wrong to expect more from your government? Why are we talking about the past when we should be looking to fix the future?