Economy: Nigerian leaders also facing hardship – Saraki


The President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, on Friday said like ordinary Nigerians, the nation’s leaders were also experiencing hardship occasioned by the economic downturn.

He spoke at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, after observing the Jumat prayers with President Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr. Saraki said there was no Nigerian with blood running in his vein that would not know that things were difficult.

He called on Nigerians to give the president support and believe in their country in order to overcome the economic challenge.

He said, “With prayer Insha Allahu, we will overcome it (economic recession). The most important thing is for us to stay together and give the president support and continue to believe in this great country that we all have and be rest assured that we will all weather the storm and scale through together.

“Once again, as a country in this period, we will continue to pray.

“On Sunday, the day of Arafat, we offer prayer for our leaders and President so that we can do what is right, because we feel the pain. We know what the country is going through, because there is no Nigerian with blood flowing through her vein that will not know that things are difficult now and we pray that with God’s guidance, He will see us through.”

The Senate President said the National Assembly “will continue to play our own role to ensure that things get better.”

The National Bureau of Statistics reported last month that Nigeria’s economy had slipped into recession following negative growth in the first two quarters of 2016.

The Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, confirmed a few days later that the nation was in its worst possible time with the Gross Domestic Product figures for the second quarter showing the economy was in recession.

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  • 9ja

    Saraki really are you for real….

  • TC

    Saraki not even qualified to be the last person to speak about such…… armed robbery, thief.

  • North/West Allies

    Don’t be silly you criminal

  • Lanre

    Dr. Saraki, Bayo Onanuga the man in charge of the Agency that collates news about Nigeria says Nigerians are not suffering. He says there is no hardship. People are travelling abroad; =N=1,000.00 will get you a good soup; only wailers are complaining and the hardship is all propaganda. From your comments above, do you think Bayo Onanuga has blood passing through his veins?

    • Patrick

      Did Bayo Bayo say that?Haba!

  • Harry

    With all the billions stashed away in Panama and other offshore countries, it is laughable that Saraki and others feel the economic downturn like the common man on the streets.

    • Old Alhaji


      Bukola Saraki is shameless. You will never see President Buhari in any photo talking to Saraki

      Here again President Buhari is happy talking to someone else while Bukola Saraki stands aside.

      But with a zoom camera, Bukola Saraki’s photographer now gives false impression to the public.

      The SARAKI criminal media aides want the public to think President Buhari was talking to Saraki.

      Since 2015 Bukola Saraki was ostracized by President Buhari who does not even pick Saraki’s call.

  • Tunde

    Saraki! Do you have blood passing through your veins? I doubt it? With societe generale still fresh in our minds, Kwara state treasury looting and senate funds used to buy SUV’s leaving a bitter taste in our mouths, you think standing beside the president and saying you are suffering with Nigerians everything is going to be ok! You must be off your mind! That’s it! You are off your mind!

  • Daz Colonel Mariam

    I can see the hardship that Nigerian leaders are facing but we must not mistake their lack of economic policy for hardship.Welcome and join the club.What took you this long?

  • Segun Abayomi

    its hard to listen to Saraki say anything. The man is so disgustingly corrupt blooded.

  • Rommel

    Saraki is now mocking Nigerians,this is a man that has been on holiday with his family to Ibiza Spain telling us that they are feeling the pain,maybe they are feeling the noose closing around their necks not pains like ordinary Nigerians

  • MegaMoneyMan

    He’s right! They’ve been unable to steal as they used to – I think that’s what he’s trying to convey.

  • favourtalk

    Imagine who is talking? why dont you resign from the seat you hold that dear if you are also facing the hardship. TRASH

  • Deovolente

    So the highest paid lawmakers in the world are feeling the pain too? Things are truly bad.

  • JasV

    There is no doubt that the tesibar (beads) that the sarki of thieves is holding is definitely not for prayers but for counting the millions stolen during the period of fasting. Yeye thing. Ole. Barawo. Dan banza kowei.

  • tunde008

    Saraki you are the immediate cause of the hardship Nigerians are facing today. For conniving with Ekweremadu and PDP to take over the Senate house, it took the executive long time to reorganize to deal with the fact that the change promised has been sabotaged by Saraki. Untill Saraki is changed as the senate president Nigerians will find it difficult to get out of reccession.He spent 4.7 billion naira to buy very expensive cars for his fellow senators.Nigerian senators no vision.