Edo election postponement: Fayose blames Buhari, says president unable to lead


The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has described the postponement of the Edo State governorship election by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as a very bad signal and the “beginning of the end for democracy in Nigeria”.

Mr. Fayose said “it is obvious that the All Progressives Congress (APC) feared that it can’t win the election and is ready to employ whatever crude means to subvert the wish of the people”.

The governor said President Muhammadu Buhari was responsible for the plot.

“I warned Nigerians not to elect Buhari because he lacked capacity mentally, morally and intellectually to superintend over any civilised society, now we are all seeing the results. Our economy is in recession and democracy is also in recession!” Mr. Fayose said, according to statement by his aide, Lere Olayinka.

“Apart from the security agencies that they instructed not to provide security for the election, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) was under instruction since yesterday (Wednesday) not to release electoral materials to INEC.

“It was just a game by the APC-led federal government to frustrate the people of Edo State from kick-starting the journey of changing the APC one-chance change in Nigeria, but they should realise that the power of the people will always be greater than the power of those in power.

The election was postponed on Thursday by INEC after the police and the State Security Service, SSS, said they could not guarantee security.

The electoral body had initially vowed to go ahead with the polls despite the warning, but a source said it was pressured to change course.

“How can you postpone an election less than 48 hours to the scheduled date? What manner of security concern could prevent an election in just one State when elections were held in Northeast States that are confronted by Boko Haram insurgents?” asked Mr. Fayose.

“Obviously, this is a sign of what to come in 2019 and Nigerians should not be amazed if in 2019, they tell us that elections cannot be conducted.

“This is sad! It is a sad commentary for democracy in Nigeria and I only hope this Buhari’s APC government will not collapse democracy in this country,” the governor said.

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  • Patrick

    Pot calling kettle black. I do not support the election postponement. However, characters like Fayose have no moral rights to criticise the decision.The less he talks,the better for his integrity.

    • Go Getter

      Many Nigerian can not think straight any more ! No wonder they voted an illiterate into power to rule most populous nation in Africa. In commenting on issue like this, one needs to objectively talk on the recent issue , and the recent issue here is postponing an election , is it right or wrong should be the point to hammer .Thanks

      • Fadama

        Mr. Literate indeed. Good riddance

      • Ade Omowest

        Thank God we elected the “illiterate”, his performance so far and his exposure of the Treasury Looters under the so called educated PhD holder is commendable.

    • Ade Omowest

      Fayose has no integrity to protect.

  • Truth Justice Equity

    This is an integrity deficient government,what a big shame.
    I wonder what buhari and his shameless axis of evil party will have to say about this one again. The worst calamity that will ever befall any nation or people is to have a buhari or anything like him as the President or leader of any nation. I feel pained that Nigeria my beautiful nation with good people will have to contend with a national disaster like buhari,Jonathan only sin against God and humanity was to have allowed a congregation of thick darkness and an axis of evil called APC to Budd in Nigeria and to make his sins grievous and unpardonable, he cowardly betrayed Nigeria into their hands.This national tribulations is only 16 months old,and Nigeria had been totally ran down and completely overwhelmed in all sectors. Name them,Efcc,judiciary, party politics, rule of law,human right,economy, security, food security, currency, governance, NASS,national unity ,peace and cohesion. Buhari government is like the ten plagues God sent to Egypt to torment them.may God Almighty give special grace to Nigeria to overcome this buhatsunami ,buhaebola,and buhavolcano.may God preserve our democracy for this remaining 2 years and 7 months of buharis calamitous ineptitude. May God never allow Nigeria to be cursed with this kind of leadership that caused Nigeria to mourn.Edo voters please hold your peace,don’t fall for their evil mischief and satanic rigmarole. the end ,God that delivered Isreal from the evil grip of pharaoh shall deliver you from this axis of evil APC government.

    • raji

      If your brother or sister is among the people that will write exam on Saturday, you would have been happy that the election is postpone. Who told you that PDP will win if the exam is conducted by that Saturday, please go and get the video clip of yesterday when PDP met and hear what Wike said.

      • share Idea

        After watching the video the only thing you remembered was “What Wike Said”. Nigeria we hail thee

  • Mons

    charity begins at home fayose. ekiti, a state where 9 is greater than 15 or so. man with myopic memory. empty barrel with most noise. the fools like you will only listen to u anyway, ekiti tv and co.

  • DEGE_K

    APC learnt this undemocratic tactics from PDP. GEJ also used it! May God deliver us from this fraudulent Politicians. Good it is postpone as it solves the WAEC issue.

    • Gabriel Olasebikan

      Shouldn’t the change you craved for be a change that will make APC not follow the “undemocratic tactics” of the PDP?

      • Wisdom Alpha

        That is what we thought the change was suppose to bring but it is clear it brought to Nigerians unprecedented hardship that has never been before….EVIL CHANGE!!!

  • amazing2012

    Exactly the way Jonathan is unable to lead when he postponed presidential election for months to favor his satanic reign that is remembered for massive corruption and Boko haram having a field day while he and his wife were dancing azanto in Kano !

    • Gabriel Olasebikan

      I thot the “change” was all about changing “the way Jonathan is unable to lead”?

      • amazing2012

        Jonathan was never unable to lead. And no Nigerian leader was unable to lead and no shall any Nigerian leader will in future be unable to lead.
        The problem is that Nigerians like you are lazy and parasite believing the federal government have a sole responsibility to put food on their table.
        Even the Hausas that voted for Buhari did not in anyway stop doing their pity work to live. But people like you put hope on humans, and other related reasons not on God for their survival.
        No leader, system, tribe, religion, region, race, ethnicity or color affiliation will make you rich. It is you, that hold your destiny !
        It is suprised that Nigerians like you who were brainwashed with propaganda will be doing well while someone will tell them they are suffering and they will believe.
        Again, instead of you to complain to your local councilor, local government chairman, state and federal members of House of Representatives, state governors, you are busy complaining in where your shouting is directed in vain.
        The basic of federal government are social insfracturacture under federal institutions such as security, light, roads, health, and education. Everybody acknowledged improvement on security, and light. It is not the duty of government to put food on your table. You are not sick or a begger ! It is you that will create wealth, create jobs, and opportunity.
        Most of those people that suffered in life are the educated one. Because of their pride in engaging in jobs which they regarded as “manual”. ALL want an office a car with AC and driver job ! Unfortunately some do need an office job, because God have bless them to be more than that. God have made them to be employer of labor not laborers.
        If you illiterate, you will have found a job to do but because you know how to read and write, it have now become a problem to you.
        Change is in you ! Change is your ability to source for legitimate means to live not to rely on someone !!!!

        • Tritcall

          MUMU talk from you.

        • Teflonjones

          Having your electricity rations increased from 4 to 6 hours per day won’t bring investment and jobs. Nigeria is blessed with sufficient solar energy yet we continue to blame the sabotage of gas pipelines for our epileptic power supply. Mediocrity is a disease.

      • Wisdom Alpha

        Thank friend for this truth, God bless you.

      • amazing2012

        Can you tell me there is no difference with Jonathan era ?

    • Wisdom Alpha

      If the so call change is truth…shouldn’t things be better off now? You speak like a child fully under the breast milk of his mother!

      • amazing2012

        Lazy ! Change means to rely on your effort not free money !! To work not to be parasite !!! I have already adopted change and I am doing well. My destiny is at my hand not at the hand or program of any body !!!

        • Wisdom Alpha

          What change have you adopted?

          • amazing2012

            I adopted the change of diversifying my source of income and reduced my spending.
            I adopted relying on self instead of government or anybody.

          • Teflonjones

            This is the 21st century bro, government should provide uninterrupted power supply to genuinely stimulate the economy. Any other other than that amounts to mediocre thinking.

          • Wisdom Alpha

            What do you know about self reliance and diversifying…for sure light will soon shine and the darkness will be removed and very soon the rightful owner will take his place back and everything will begin to work again.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Fayose’s days are numbered.

    • Wisdom Alpha

      It is a pure lie rather the days of this evil government is over…Fayose and the good people of Nija will faithfully see the end of the government of evil change surely before the end…

  • favourtalk

    Must this guy always talk, he should apologise to his party first for bringing Sherrif to distabilize the opposition party becuase of his greed

    • born Great

      I don’t think you should always comment.

  • born Great

    Buhari is a pretender.

  • Yemi

    Fayose let me refresh your memory of FEBUHARI 14 was postponed to March for BUHARI 28 heaven did not fall. Fayose the wailing wailer keep on wailing.

    • Wisdom Alpha

      what are you refreshing? why do not you ask yourself is our country going forward or backward by this? You as a person if you condemn something do not it mean that you can not do that same thing? Let not be bias over things because of our affiliation but speak the truth. But these same people condemned the past government for postponing a nation wide election…now they can not even handle one state election…friend think about this…are these people good people?

    • Bakanridi

      Don’t mind jare! The governor remains a confused and controversial person.He is always seeking unnecessary publicity.

  • muazu wali

    Where was he when elections were postponed for six in 2015. Therefore elections will hold in 2019 at the President’s convenience. A predecense has already been established by the PDP.

    • Wisdom Alpha

      …but do you know what you are saying? The election was postponed last year for the whole federation and these same people who call themselves APC cried a loud, meaning it was wrong!! But now these people who claimed that that postponement was wrong are now doing even the worst, just common one state….now tell me what jurisdiction have this APC to have condemned the last postponement. Also tell me is the progress or backwardness…I suppose if a man condemns something then it means he should not be a victim talk less worst of the same wrong. If you claim precedence has been set then you are thinking wrongly and this present government is a disaster and the greatest mistake that Nigerians have ever made. I know one of the reason you are speaking the way you are speaking is because you are a religiously affiliated to the present president. Please say the truth and stop been bias because of one affiliation or the other.

      • muazu wali

        Yes I am a Muslim and Buhari is also Muslim. That however has nothing to do with my views. PDP is the one complaining.

        • Wisdom Alpha

          Great that religious affiliation has nothing to do with your view but by this action is APC moving us forward or backward? That PDP is complaining but didn’t APC complained when such happened under PDP, so then why are you now worried that PDP is complaining for this?

  • Ade Omowest

    Who appointed this big mouthed gov. as the Spoke person of PDP? He and Wike should apologize to their party members for forcing Sheriff on the party. Meanwhile, Fayose should face his job in Ekiti as he will soon be called to answer for his stewardship.

  • Bakanridi

    He is still in the hangover of his frozen accounts. Say what ever you wish,Mr Parrot cum faulted mouth governor.PMB REMAINS YOUR PRESIDENT AND C-IN-C.

  • Peaceometer

    When Jonathan postponed national elections, Fayose wasn’t in Nigeria then, I believe.

  • Man_Enough

    the last government postponed the general election for 3 months citing the same reasons. fayose was part and parcel of that government.

    • TininiTanana

      ….then this government should do better.

  • sunshine

    THis Govt is a very big mistake Nigeria’s have ever made since democracy…i wept 44 my sweet country…God bless Nigeria


    Fayose will always display his childish behavior. He does not have to talk nah.