CAN President, Ayokunle, denies accusing America of backing APC during 2015 elections


The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Olasupo Ayokunle, has denied ever accusing the United States of supporting the governing All Progressives Congress in the 2015 elections.

In a statement Wednesday by his media assistant, Adebayo Oladeji, the CAN leader said he had never been a politician and would remain apolitical.

He also said his doors remained open to all Christians irrespective of political affiliations.

Mr. Ayokunle said all through his service years, up till the time he emerged CAN President, he never associated himself with any political party in the country and would not do so now that he had been elected divinely to serve.

Mr. Oladeji quoted the cleric as making the clarification “to correct some misrepresentations of facts in an interview he granted some newsmen recently on the visit of the American Secretary of State, John Kerry to Nigeria.”

He said his comment about the visit of the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry’s visit to the Sultan of Sokoto and President-General of the Nigeria Supreme Council For Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Sa’ad Abubakar, was quoted out of context.

He claimed that a reporter he spoke with distorted part of his remarks, and that, out of mischief, he syndicated the distorted report and misled his colleagues to publish falsehood about him.

Part of the report the CAN President said he found offensive reads, “The CAN President noted that the attitude and disposition of Kerry and the discrimination he adopted during the visit supports accusations that the President Barack Obama’s administration, Kerry and other strategic US politicians in the Obama’s government openly supported the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2015 general elections, which produced the current leadership of the country”.

The cleric said, “There was never a time I referred to the 2015 presidential poll and the so-called American support given to the APC by the Obama administration in the interview.”

He added, “I was outside the country when the reporter called me to speak on the visit of Mr John Kerry, but from what I read in the media, I was misquoted and misrepresented. I never linked Mr Kerry’s visit to Nigeria with the last presidential election and the possible support of the United States for the APC. And my office immediately set the record straight.

“There was never a time I referred to the 2015 presidential poll and the so-called American support given to the APC by the Obama administration in the interview.”

Mr. Ayokunle said he later found that the reporter who falsified his position on Kerry’s visit to Nigeria had no proof to back up his report, after he spoke with him.

The cleric said, “I stand by everything I said in the interview except where I was misquoted and I urge our media practitioners to be more professional in their reportage.”

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  • Kadi

    The reporter that syndicated that report must be one of those Christian Journalists association looking for relevance to justify the mushroom association existence in a country where people hang on to pettiness like a life crutch.

  • Ronald Gowe

    President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Olasupo Ayokunle, is a PDP apologist

    • Samadani

      New sherif in town. No more money sharing. So …………!

    • WJasper

      I am not surprised! He is a known disciple of Pastor Ayo Orisajofo!

  • Smart

    Over to you, the media, come out and clear yourself in this issues or else…………

  • joelaw

    Any one who has faced the press in Nigeria will understand what the CAN president is saying. Most of these so called journalists are neophytes, very immature with little professional experience. To be on the safe side, it is in the interest of any one wanting to be interviewed by the press in Nigeria to carry a recorder so that the outcome could be challenged if necessary. These young people are looking for sensational stories to sell to their editors so as to maintain their jobs. Some of them are paid per report, which is exactly what the bank does with young girls who are paid per number of depositors they can attract. Some turn to prostitution to attract huge depositors.There is something seriously wrong with these industries. Publishers of reputable newspapers should guide against this so as not to tarnish their image.

  • Johnson

    Sir, welcome to high wire politics. Now you know that the Nigerian media is over populated with mischief makers and unprofessional journalists. You should henceforth be more circumspect when you talk to journalists particularly on the phone. Whether you like it or not the position you occupy has been politicised. Your priority should now be about reforming that organisation. I will also suggest that you set a new agenda/focus for CAN. Your agenda should seek to address issues such as:

    1. The un-biblical treatment of children who are accused of witchcraft particularly in southern Nigeria

    2. The physical abuse meted to persons said to be possessed by demons
    3. The campaign for Northern governments to respect and guarantee the rights of Christians in their territories

    • front man

      Hypocrite is your problem

      • o

        how?. Anyway, the CAN man need not to bother about US/Obama’s sponsorship of APC. Life has his way of paying back. It was Obama/US warning Russia of interfering in US politics fews days ago, forgotten that Obama sponsored APC elections in Nigeria and Benjamin Netanyahu’s opposition in Israel directly and indirectly.

        • front man

          Lier give us prove of evidence