Fulani cattle breeders want tracking chips on all cows


A Fulani socio-cultural organisation, Cattle Breeders Joint Association of Nigeria, has called for the speedy placement of tracking chips on livestock to prevent cattle rustling.

The group said the chips would also help in identifying cattle.

Cattle rustling, where scores of cattle are stolen by armed men from the rearers, has been a major complaint of herdsmen. This has sometimes led to clashes between the herdsmen and their host communities. The clashes between the nomadic herdsmen and their largely farming host communities have caused the death of thousands of people across Nigeria.

In a stakeholders sensitization meeting in Kaduna on Monday, the group deliberated on issues such as the clashes between herdsmen and farmers, cattle rustling, grazing reserves, livestock identification and tracking, and disease control.

The National Chief Coordinator of the group, Kachia Hussaini, in his speech called on government to include livestock identification and tracking methods for all grazing animals in Nigeria.

“We have resolved to support all government and private sector initiatives towards proper livestock identification and tracking,” he said. “We also condemn in strong terms the attack on unsuspecting Nigerians under the guise of Fulani herdsmen. We therefore resolved to encourage peace building campaigns among Fulani herdsmen and other peace loving Nigerians.”

He said the meeting also seeks to promote cattle breeding management, facilitate control of livestock movements and “adopt new measures aimed at livestock management in Nigeria.”

Mr. Hussaini called on federal and state governments to fast track plans on grazing reserves and livestock identification across the country.

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  • Decimator

    Mr Hussaini, Have you bought a piece of land anywhere in the country and developed
    it for cattle rearing and anybody took it away from you? Have you implanted microchip
    identification on your cows and anybody told you to remove it or declared it
    illegal. The problem here rest squarely on the entitlement mentality where the
    government has to do all these for you with public funds, period.

  • Rommel

    These people should breed their animals like done elsewhere and stop disturbing everybody or looking for free lands and feed,poultry farmers do not let loose their chickens,they feed it in an enclosed space,nothing stops these herdsmen from doing same.

  • isioku

    the audacity of these herdsmen is so just nauseating. Are cows government property? Now Govt. should buy trackers for their cows, give them land, import grass for them and provide security. And the worst part is they do not pay taxes. No Company income taxes because they do not incorporate their cattle rearing businesses and no personal income tax because their nomadic nature makes it difficult to pin them down to a particular residence for tax purposes. These guys have been indulged for far too long.

  • Rumournaire

    “The National Chief Coordinator of the group, Kachia Hussaini, in his speech called on government to include livestock identification and tracking methods for all grazing animals in Nigeria.”
    What is the government’s business with your identifying and tracking your cattle? You want the government to use public funds to track your cattle? Amazing!

  • John A

    I told them, we only have parasitic animals in the north.
    They should also track your wives and your countless children.
    Can somebody work out a mathematics of separation from this people?

  • Africa

    These are clearly not Cows in Northern Nigeria….are pictures from that part so rare?

  • asimani

    No. What we really need is tracking device implanted on killer herdsmen – actually on all the herdsmen since they all have ak47. Implant it on their foreheads or right hands like the Mark of the Beast (see Revelation Chapter 13), since they are all beasts anyway.