Again, APC blames PDP for Nigeria’s economic woes

John Odigie-Oyegun, APC Chairman
John Odigie-Oyegun, APC Chairman

Nigeria’s ruling party, the All Progressives Congress, has again blamed the opposition Peoples Democratic Party for the country’s current economic crisis.

The APC, whose other officials including Chairman John Oyegun had stated similar stance, on Monday asked the opposition party to apologize to Nigerians. It, however, assured that President Muhammadu Buhari would undertake the “urgent task” of reviving the “battered” economy.

Nigeria’s economy is officially in recession, the National Bureau of Statistics confirmed on Wednesday, saying the country’s Gross Domestic Product contracted by 2.06 per cent in the second quarter of 2016, the second time of recording negative growth rate consecutively.

Nigeria’s economic crisis – marked by growing inflation, falling naira value, low oil revenue, increased incapacity of most states to carry out basic responsibilities and general hardship among citizens – was a result of President Muhamadu Buhari’s “ineptitude and incompetent” approach to the management of the economy, PDP said in a statement hours after the NBS release.

“We join all well-meaning Nigerians to call on Mr. Buhari to resign if he is unable to reverse the disastrous economic decline he has brought on Nigerians,” PDP said.

But APC, in a statement by its National Secretary, Mai Buni, insisted the manners in which the economy was managed as well as “unprecedented” high scale corruption under the PDP government of former President Goodluck Jonathan were the circumstances that plunged Nigeria into the current economic quagmire.

The situation has seen many Nigerians struggle to eke out living, and various companies close shops or retrench workers.

Since Mr. Buhari came to power in May last year, a total of 4.58 million Nigerians have become unemployed over a period that stretches through 2015 Q3, Q4 and 2016 Q1, Q2, NBS revealed on Wednesday.

However, Mr. Buhari, who rode to power on the promise he was going to revive the economy, fight corruption and ensure security, should not blamed for the crisis, the ruling party said.

“In spite of the PDP’s orchestrated and feeble attempts to blackmail the current administration and twist facts, the reality remains that the prevailing socio-economic hardship being faced by Nigerians is a direct consequence of the mismanagement of the economy and unprecedented looting of the country’s commonwealth perpetrated under its watch,” APC said.

It said the PDP’s “attempt to turn truth on its head is fraudulent, insensitive and an insult to Nigerians,” adding that, “For the umpteenth time, the PDP must own up to its transgressions and apologize to Nigerians.”

“Going forward, the urgent task before the President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC administration is to restore the country’s battered economy back to health and all legitimate and innovative means are being employed to achieve this in the quickest possible time.

“The APC assures Nigerians of the strong political will and commitment of the President Buhari administration to revive the economy and tackle the nation’s current challenges through suitable and well-thought economic policies, fiscal discipline and socio-political reforms,” the scribe said.

He added that economic diversification topped the government’s strategic agenda. He also sought public cooperation for Nigeria to reach its deserved place.

“Among other strategic economic agendas, diversification of the country’s economy is a priority for the administration. To this end, President Buhari is aggressively formulating and implementing policies aimed at diversifying Nigeria’s economy from oil to other sectors such as agriculture, mining and manufacturing.

“The APC assures Nigerians that the administration will pull the country out of the present hardships. With the support, cooperation, patience and prayers of Nigerians, the country will reach its deserved potential under our leadership.”

While the government has repeatedly promised better days ahead and encouraged citizens to bear “today’s pains for tomorrow’s gains”, Nigerians appear impatient, demanding short term approaches to address growing hardship.

This was amplified, during the weekend, by Shehu Sani (APC Senator representing Kaduna Central) who warned that Nigerians “may die before President completes reforms”. Similarly, Dino Melaye, another APC Senator, Kogi West, sought “drastic” measures, lamenting that “The hunger in the land is real, pervasive, widespread and debilitating for the poor masses.”

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  • Abidilagungun

    Una no dey tire for excuses?

  • Darlington

    Buhari and APC are as clueless as spineless sheep. APC should bury itself in shame. Over one year in power, the only policy thrust of this government is blame game.

    • Mufu Ola

      Legitimate blame game ‘cos it’s true.

  • Kickboxer

    APC/Brainless Buhari’s Govt.: Govt. of parasites for parasites by psychopathic parasite

    1. Failed to create the enabling environment to generate jobs, food, salaries, fuel, electricity, rule of law, & security of life and property……………………BLAME PDP/GEJ,

    2. Ignorant of existing LAWS while trying to “fight” corruption…………….BLAME JUDICIARY

    3. Padded 2016 Budget…………………………BLAME MDA directors as PDP members

    4. Lied that about N80 billion was allegedly recovered from “looters” without details…………BLAME LYING MOHAMMED

    5. Created Fulani Terrorists to rape, maim, & kill Nigerians…………………….BLAME LIBYANS & FAYOSE

    6. Used 6 months to select “saints” as ministers………….BLAME LATE HANDOVER OF DOCUMENTS BY GEJ

    7. Implemented APC’s promise to their foreign SPONSORS to devalue the Naira and impoverish Nigerians……….BLAME CBN

    8. Refused to dialogue with Niger Delta militants………………….BLAME KACHIKWU, IJAW ELDERS, & GEJ

    9. Asked to Restructure Nigeria according to 2014 National Conference…………BLAME GOWON

    10. Asked to show his WAEC……………………BLAME the Nigerian Army


    12. Boko Haram terrorists are still killing/ holding Nigerians……………..BLAME UK TELEGRAPH NEWSPAPER

    13. Asked to improve security of life and property after the USA declared 20 states unsafe……BLAME & INSULT THE USA

    14. Asked why he remains ACUTELY BRAINLESS @ 78 years………………….BLAME HIS TWO MUMU PARENTS

  • Kevin Peter

    Media war and propaganda are no longer relevant at this time. It’s only a mad person whose house is on fire that will be running after a rat instead. The continuous blame game by the ruling party over 15months in the saddle simply shows the high level of incompetence presently reflecting on the economy. Time is precious and any attempt to derail whatever economic measures they have till next year will spell doom for Buhari and his party. The prediction for now is that this present government may not last beyond May, 2017 if current situation persists.

  • favourtalk

    The PDP really messed up this nation and we cant allow them to leave and destroy the nation, we shall surely get better …

  • Oracle

    Clueless APC.
    This Gov’t knows nothing about governance.
    Pls hand over to a sage leadership, come 2019. But if 2019 seems too far, resignation is constitutional. That’s how it is done in civilized societies.
    APC should tell Nigerians who to blame for this clueless Gov’t’s inability to make 1 dollar to 1 naira exchange rate. Abi na PDP dey determine crude oil price for international market.
    My summary: APC wasn’t prepared to lead this country. Wait until Nigeria becomes better, then come and campaign.

  • Rumournaire

    I have been a strong supporter of PMB. However, while I accept that GEJ’s government, through massive corruption and stealing, messed up our economy big time and it would take us time to recover, it must also be acknowledged that PMB’s government has failed to take some steps that could have helped in salvaging the economy:

    1) I expected PMB to announce complete deregulation of petroleum products and dismantle PPPRA within his first week in office, and thereafter announce commencement of the process to sell the ailing government refineries to PENGASSAN/ NUPENG or whoever believe they can make them work.
    2) I expected him to scrap anything that smells like a dual-regime of exchange rates – a situation that breeds obscene wealth by a few just by making phone calls – as Emir Lamido Sanusi said recently. The seeming deregulation of the Naira came late as a number of would-be investors had already moved their funds elsewhere before we eventually accepted the reality of the exchange rates.
    3) I expected him to announce concrete steps to boost, not only agricultural production, but processing of same. This would include not only boosting availability of fertilisers but providing generous concessions to Nigerian companies that process home-grown agricultural produce.
    4) I expected him to dismantle the Pilgrims Board and stop any involvement of the government in anything religious.
    5) I expected him to be more open to professional advise from those who really know, and not keep suspecting that every southerner is a crook that has vested interests
    6) I expected him to have been more forthright in condemning and going tough on the rampaging herdsmen who had been operating with impunity in the middle belt but have since PMB’s tenure extended their reach to the south.

    I am pained that PMB has so quickly sqandered the goodwill that brought him to power.

    • emmanuel

      Six points Economic drivers?

      • Rumournaire

        I am not an expert economist, but I believe some of the points above would have helped. My whole point is that Buhari, though a good man, is not skilled in economics and should have assembled an economic team upon assuming office, to help him. But his problem has been that he is suspicious of advice from certain parts of the country. He should have opened up. There is no doubt that some hardship is inevitable, following the waste by the previous government, and the collapse in oil price – and production. But if he had launched a robust economic plan upon assuming office, Nigerians would have been more understanding.

        I’m not a politician, but I really fail to understand why PMB has retained Emefiele as CBN Governor. Emefiele was rewarded with that position by GEJ for Zenith’s bank’s assistance in the looting of the nation by PDP – Emefiele was Zenith Bank MD under Jonathan. In terms of economic ecumen, Emefiele should be cleaning Sanusi’s shoes. Is Emefiele really the best CBN governor PMB could find?

    • William Norris

      So you recognize that the fuel subsidy and regulated prices are a major factor in the current economic crisis. That is GOOD. Now read this –

      Jonathan tried to abolish fuel subsidy when there was plentiful government revenue, that’s the mark of intelligence.
      Subsidy removal:I’m ready for mass revolt -Jonathan
      -Find alternative – Agbakoba, Falana, others tell President
      From IHEANACHO NWOSU, Abuja
      Sunday, December 11, 2011

      President Goodluck Jonathan, at the weekend, vowed to take the option of social revolt from Nigerians than back down on his plan to withdraw the subsidy on fuel.

      He said his insistence was informed by his knowledge that Nigeria’s economy will collapse in two years if the subsidy is sustained.

      Sunday Sun learnt President Jonathan stated this at a meeting with the leadership of some civil society organizations at the President Villa in Abuja, which was also attended by Vice President Namadi Sambo, the Minister of Finance and Coordinator of the Economic Team, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and her Petroleum Resources counterpart, Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke.

      Nigeria spent at least $25 billion on fuel subsidies between Jan 2012 and Dec 2015.

      You’re on the road to rehabilitation; you clearly recognize that The Dullard is opposed to deregulation. I recommend a week extra treatment with anti-Zombie serum to finally rid your empty brain of the ‘blame Jonathan’ reflex.

      • Rumournaire

        I ordinarily would not have responded to your post as I do not engage those who resort to abusive language online. However, I am responding to you for the last time to set the record straight on where I stand.

        I am not a politician and have never been one to take sides with any politician blindly. When GEJ was in power, I prayed for him to succeed. He achieved some good things but allowed his government to be derailed by corruption and looting. If you want to know, I firmly believe that GEJ brought Nigeria to the doldrums where it is today. He inherited US$67b in external reserves, enjoyed a very high oil price during his tenure, but left only US$29b in the kitty and huge debts after six years. His government ruined Nigeria.

        I am also not, and have never been a blind supporter of PMB. Just as I prayed for GEJ to succeed, I also pray for PMB to succeed. That is why I comment on things I think he is not doing well. Bigots support their hero blindly, as if their hero is always right. I am not one of those. I have always advocated complete deregulation of petroleum products and remain a firm believer in it.

        Reserve your obscene language for your likes. From me to you are these words: “God bless you and may He do His great work in your life!”

  • Etomi

    The people stopped GEJ from phasing out the fuel subsidy regime…

    But under PMB, the people acquiesced to him when he jacked up the pump price of fuel from N87 to N145….

    Now the consequences of that daring move has started cascading down: run away inflation, forex volatility, etc….But Buhari and his supporters say GEJ is to blame…

    His initial hostile policy stance toward the Niger Delta amnesty deal and indeed the ND question was what threw the militants back to the creeks, now the country is suffering from his brashness, but he blames GEJ for his indiscretion…..

    Buhari used 7 months to constitute his cabinet; and instead of appointing technocrats, he appoints his political acolytes, and ever since his government has been directionless, with dire consequences on the economy, but he blames GEJ for his stupidity…..

    Buhari proposed a budget but it took aeons before the budget, dogged left right and center by allegations of executive and legislative padding, could be passed into law….the nation groaned for the budget to be passed, times passed with terrible consequences on the economy, but Buhari and his men say GEJ is to blame….

    PMB constituted about three or so panels on anti-corruption, but failed to empanel not even one on the economy….the first thing he went about doing was devoting precious months hunting down his predecessor rather than face the problem of the economy, times passed with dire consequences on the economy, but he says GEJ is to blame….

    PMB and APC and very irresponsible lot….they don’t want to assume responsibility for anything and that is the tragedy of this hopeless government that has visited untold hardship on Nigerians!!!!!