Sack three ministers now, Dino Melaye tells Buhari 


A senator, Dino Melaye, on Sunday called on President Muhammadu Buhari to take measures to remedy what he described as a “debilitating economic malaise” that is drifting Nigeria towards a “dangerous precipice.”

Mr. Melaye, who represents Kogi State, said the time to take “drastic” measures to save the economy has come.

To stabilise the economy, Mr. Melaye, a member of President Buhari’s All Progressives Congress, APC, asked the president to dismiss the Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun; Minister of Budget and National Planning, Udoma Udoma; and the Governor of Central Bank, Godwin Emefiele.

Mr. Melaye’s recommendations came in an update on his Facebook page Sunday afternoon. He accused two of the ministers of “gross incompetence.”

“The Finance Minister has not only displayed gross incompetence on the job, she also lacks the basic and rudimentary grasp of economic fundamentals necessary to run a critical sector of the Nigerian economy like the Finance Ministry.

“It is time for her to go now and pave way for a qualified and experienced person to steer the Nigerian economy away from the dark woods it has sunk presently under her stewardship,” Mr. Melaye said.

In Mr. Udoma’s case, Mr. Melaye said the former senator was a fine gentleman who lacked requisite qualifications to manage Nigeria’s budget and planning tasks.

“It is akin to saddling a carpenter with a tailor’s responsibility,” Mr. Melaye said.

Mr. Melaye, a close ally of embattled Senate President Bukola Saraki who is being tried for false asset declaration, said he was calling for Mr. Emefiele’s head because he had allegedly committed a series of “policy flip-flops, somersaults and inconsistencies as clear evidence of gross incompetence in the management of the nation’s fiscal and monetary policies.”

The Kogi Senator, who recently courted controversy when he allegedly threatened to beat up a female senator, said he was compelled to release the statement because he feared the hardship Nigerians are grappling with has reached a level that had never before been witnessed.

“As I walk the streets of my constituency these days, I constantly harbor a foreboding that I could be stoned by my angry constituents for the failure of Mr President to fulfill his campaign promises and expectations to Nigerians,” Mr. Melaye said.

“The hunger in the land is real, pervasive, widespread and debilitating for the poor masses,” Mr. Melaye said.

Mr. Melaye, however, said his faith in Mr. Buhari’s ability to turn around the situation remained strong.

“While there is a lot of hunger, anger, anguish and despair currently in the land, I have a firm belief that the situation is not beyond redemption for Mr President, hence my call for urgent and drastic remedial action now,” he said.

Calls have continued to mount for President Buhari to fix the nation’s economy, which officially entered recession last Wednesday after months of low crude revenues and inflation.

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  • Truth Justice Equity

    I am sure that by now ,yorubas should be cursing awolowo in his grave for bewitching them with a backstabbing treacherous spirit that made them to vote for a calamity as President of Nigeria.
    Government of almajiri somersaults, inconsistent, incompetent, blind leadership.
    It is becoming increasingly very clear even to the blind and the most ardent saibaberians that buhari have no single idea about governance, buhari emergence have disjointed Nigeria in every material aspect. To me all the talks about buharis effective management and blocking of loopholes are hogwash and highly crafted lies aimed at distracting Nigerians from marking buhari bumper to bumper, while the government engages in the worst form of corrupt businesses as usual.
    Lies ,falsehoods and propaganda can’t endure for a long time, only truth is consistently constant and permanent.The highly crafted lies,propaganda and media blitz holding this bankrupt government are giving ways with the speed of light. The results from all sectors of Nigeria after a whole year of buharis so called effective management and anti corruption , points to a heavy decline in all hitherto positive indexes , a downwards spiraling of our economic indexes,and the growth of the most formidable corruption ever seen in Nigeria,via forex manipulations where APC big guys are now sitting in their gardens and via phone calls get millions of dollars and stay at the same spot ,sell the dollars and smile to the bank with billions of naira without any investment whatsoever – according to Emir sanusi.while buhari is fighting qurruption.
    Not minding the highly crafted lies and propaganda, buhari have shown himself to be naive,incompetent, ignorant, myopic, uninformed, weak,tired,demented,lacking in doing justice and completely overwhelmed in matters of leadership .To make matters worst,buhari out of malice,hate bigotry,nepotism ,have surrounded himself with the worst assemblage of almajiri imbeciles, mental dwarfs and hollow minded free education products and silent crooks to run the affairs of Nigeria. The best thing for buhari to do now after bankrupting Nigeria, is for him to respect himself and his old age and resign with a national apology .if buhari has any atom of integrity left in him,he must tender his resignation letter forthwith with a deserving apology and not allow Nigeria any further pain,sorrow, anguish and death arising from his bankrupt ,calamitous ineptitude government.
    May God punish all those who conspired to impose this suffering on Nigeria under the guise and propaganda of ‘change’.May God never allow this kind of leadership disaster to ever come to Nigeria again.

    • Höly Wähala

      Write an article or a book… this box is for comments. Nonsnse!

      • Truth Justice Equity

        Surely buhari will achieve much if he can throw away his morbid deceitful ,hate,malicious, arrogant tendencies and decide to settle down as an old man to provide effective leadership to the whole of Nigerian nation without bias,discrimination, hatred, cheating or sinister motives.
        If buhari allows his age and maturity and grand fatherly nature to guide him,he must as a necessity,purge himself of every tendencies that makes him to see some Nigerians as enemies to be destroyed ,maltreated or antagonized, buhari must see all sections and people of Nigeria as his people and be ready to accommodate all Nigerians irrespective of age,religion and political leaning in the government of Nigeria. God blessed Nigeria with great and outstanding human resources, no section of Nigerian nation is left out of Gods blessings for Nigeria ,therefore shortchanging any section or discrimination against any people of Nigerian nation is buharis undoing. God is against any man that sows discord amongst brethren, that’s why God Almighty is opposing buharis government. Buhari shall continue in confusion and somersaults until he is frustrated unless he repents of his malicious tendencies and allows himself to be a true father to all Nigerians.
        Anybody reading this post ,who can reach buhari ,should let him know that God allowed him to become Nigerian President for a purpose ,to unite,unify,heal,sooth frayed Nigerian nerves,build solid bridges of love,friendship, unity and love for all Nigerians ,then prosperity of Nigeria won’t take time. So long as buhari continue to encourage discrimination, hate,bias and cheating in Nigeria, he is surely going to go out office in humiliation and regret because God shall oppose him to the end.let him that have ears listen.

        • Höly Wähala


          • Truth Justice Equity

            These people are indeed terrible, shameless and heartless, why are they openly mocking Nigerians,by the time buhari finish with Nigeria, Nigeria shall be like a nation hit by tsunami, earthquake, Ebola and hurricane merged together.
            There had been no evil and misfortune that Nigeria have not suffered since the coming of pmb to power,it is likely that this man has an evil spell and very bad and negative aura.I have been here for a very long time ,but never in the history of Nigeria have our nation and people become so humiliated,traumatized, suffered hardship ,pain,sorrow and death as within buharis 15 months as civilian President of Nigeria. This a classical example of a nation mourning.never in the history of Nigeria have our naira ever exchanged at 420 to a US dollar,never in the history of Nigeria have Nigerian citizens being murdered by an army of conquest like Fulani herdsmen, never in the history of Nigeria have Nigerian citizens starving to death as in a war time, never in the history of Nigeria have Nigerian citizens become so hopelessly perplexed and badly cast down as today without hope or succour from anywhere. Truly our nation is passing thriugh great tribulations and only divine intervention can save Nigeria from being completely cast down.buhari is a curse on Nigeria, may shame ,distress, pain and sorrow be the portion of all those who used false promises and electoral fraud and wicked manipulations to impose this sorrow,pain and death on Nigeria. May they and their generations bear the recompense of their wickedness against the people and the nation of Nigeria. may God hastily come to our help before it is too late for Nigeria.amen

          • Taiwo

            Na today

          • UOU

            You sound sleepy, why not take a nap?

          • Dagashhh

            He needs weewee not nap!

    • Darlington

      I strongly concur with your well articulated assertions. #Buharimustgo.

    • Bulldozer


  • amazing2012

    What are you doing as a senator to alleviate suffering from your people ? Everybody will push the blame on the president. What are you doing with their constituency project money ? What are you doing to help your people ?

    • Truth Justice Equity

      Did you give him any money for constituency project?, if you do,how much did you give him and for what project.
      You guys should stop deceiving your selves because not all Nigerians are free education products.

  • desnsmart

    We need to first scrap the Senate and to have only house of reps in other to cut down our reoccurent expenditure ,one of the problem we are facing today is waistage. All those ministers you calling for their removal are just trying their best to put things right, is not their faulth nigeria nation is in this mess is a multiplying effect from past mal administration




    Buhari’s three main policy thrusts are running on 100%Plus …. they are:

    1. Hausa-Fulani Northernisation,
    2. Islamisation and
    3. Sharianisation of Nigeria.

    Who can say that these three policy fronts that Buhari is very focused on are not running excellently well at 100%Plus

    • Reality

      I concur in totality.

  • Omoba1

    I listen to Kemi on TVC today. Truly, she lacks the requisite skills to move this country forward. She talked more of Nigeria’s economic problem than solutions. It depicts the lack of knowledge and the need for her to step down

  • SAM .A

    Dino Melaiye should be number one person to be sacked , he is enjoying the slow speed of applying justice by PMB , his case on keeping foreign account as elected senator ,should be in court by now and should be cooling his heels in jail by now . I hope PMB fight against corruption will pick steam and save us from insults from people like Dino .

  • Höly Wähala

    Just like Dino called, those he listed must be sacked before the economy can recover from their incompetent mgmt. Kalamity Kemi does not command the requisite knowledge for running a big economy muchless, one in dire need of experienced hands to dig out of a recession. Emefiele sends conflicting signals to investors locally and internationally, and his illegal hirings should’ve seen him axed longer than now… and Udo Udoma is a lawyer without the technical know-how needed to run the BO and his ineptitude was evident in the botched Budget they initially submitted for ratification. Conclusively, Sen. Dino Melaye has echoed what I have been calling for since that day Kalamity was confirmed as Finance Minister… She is unqualified for the portfolio and the effects are catastrophic on ordinary Nigerians. But, why can’t she simply just step aside? Haba!

    • Iskacountryman

      she is tinubus candidate…

      • You are a big liar, if Tinubu had his way we will not have Kemi and Fashola in this cabinet. Wale Edun was Tinubu candidate. Kemi is Amosun stooge

        • Iskacountryman

          okay…they are all yaribas…so what is the difference?

  • Tunji Olarewaju

    The biafrauds’ minister of rape and thuggery on duty again…God I how did i manage to have this f00l representing moi?

  • Iskacountryman

    three southerners….who cares?…oya buhari fire them…

    • Lanre

      Thank you Iskacountryman. I already made the statement that any Yoruba man or woman who serves Nigeria (as presently constituted) will be disgraced. From my Leader Chief Obafemi Awolowo who was deliberately denied the opportunity to make Nigeria great to the crying General, Oladipo Diya (who did not even have a handkerchief to wipe his tears.) Itiju lo ma ba ni be. Ki n sepe.

      • Senior Colonel Mariam

        what about abiola? you forgot him already?

      • Iskacountryman

        but yaribas love change…

  • bature johnson


  • JasV

    Thank God boko haram is not in charge. Your head would have being their pepper soup for tonite not caring that it will give them diarrhea and severe brain hemorrhage after the meal.

  • St

    But some ministers need to truly leave though one should be Agric. Emefiele that governorship seat seems too hot for him….need more fire, d economy is tough, Emefield has to be tougher than all the sectors to control them… It’s the apex bank

    • Lt. Col. Mariam

      Don’t blame Emefiele. Buhari devalued the naira in a foreign land without consulting his CB Governor. That decision is beginning to have repercussions.

  • Dele Awogbeoba

    The cause of the recession was 1) the implementation of the TSA in one fell swoop that took trillions of naira out of the economy when its was already suffering from a lack of govt income 2) the introduction of exchange controls that left billions of dollars leaving Nigeria and made the exchange rate fall 3) high interest rate environment that has reduced disposable income from consumers and made it less profitable for business to operate and 4) high CRR levels that has restricted the ability of banks to provide loans.

    The TSA policy was implemented before Udoma and Adeosun was appointed. In the implementation of the budget, existing laws ensure that a procurement procedure is followed which delays government spending by many months and therefore militates against quick implementation of fiscal policy. That after all is partly behind the request for emergency powers that will abridge the time period required before money is actually spent by govt within the economy.

    Thirdly, Adeosun has no control over the economy. She does not control the Budget office so the performance of the economy has nothing to do with her. Udoma was given a budget within 2 weeks of him coming on board. Buhari’s one man govt spent the better part of 10 months preparing his budget strategy before he gave his appointed minister a portfolio. If anyone is incompetent, it is Buhari and Emefiele. Buhari came up with the fiscal policy of govt spending financed by govt revenue and debt to finance a budget geared more to infrastructural spending. Emefiele had been running his contractionary monetary policy for over a year and half despite fiscal bottlenecks to FG implementation of fiscal policy that Nigerian law has entrenched.

    Maleye’s suggestions with respect to former finance ministers and CBN governors are silly. The sole period of Nigeria’s major GDP growth was 1969-1974 and 2000-2010. All other periods have witnessed average to dismal performance.

    The CBN needs to reduce interest rates to single digits, cut CRR levels whilst the FG needs to quickly implement and mobilize its infrastructural works. If the procurement act delays the process. Send a bill to NASS to abridge the process. The low naira value and the discontinuance of exchange controls will allow foreign investment to enter Nigeria in order to buy up Nigeria assets on the cheap and invest in Nigeria when it is cheap to do so. Investors need time having had its confidence damaged by Emefiele’s pursuit of a controlled exchange rate policy since 2014. The exchange rate will eventually rise and economic activity will improve. The reality now is that the only way the Naira will improve is by foreign investment coming into Nigeria at significant levels and or the price of oil and Nigeria’s ACTUAL exports picking up (post NDA sabotage). Both options will not come immediately and may take time.

    • Oneman

      Good analysis mr Dele. Thank you

    • Höly Wähala

      The problem with you is acute bigotry and blind yoroism will not allow you give candid analysis of the economy. If Kalamity Kemi is not in charge of the economy, can you tell this audience what her duties as Minister of Finance are? Listen, I’ve known Emefiele since his days at Zenith Bank, I can tell you he was not my candidate for the CBN job (neither was he Dr. NOI’s) based on his antecedents at Zenith, however, he should be sacked for many things but not for running our economy down, that was done by this most incompetent economic team of lawyers and diploman degree holder. The Minister of Finance has three main jobs: International Finance, Debt Mgmt Office and Budget Office… granted, Udoma is now in charge of BO, the failures of Kemi are in IF because foreign lenders and investors do not trust her qualifications and lack of self confidence; she is not doing much debt mgmt because Nigeria is still borrowing to pay salaries, our debt profile is climbing not declining. So, Mr. Bigot, blame and fire everybody is the general concensus, not fire everybody but your useless yoro sister whose ineptitude is glaring for discerning and educated minds to see… She is gone Dele, I warned you from her first day in office that she’s a novice economists, many more calls for her sack will soon be pouring in after her video calling recession just a word. How insensitive. You are just a typica yoruba tribalist who sees nothing wrong with a yoro, keep deceiving yourself, I will make sure she’s sacked. Olodo people!

      • maulud2

        Mr Holy wahala tell your Brother Dino to move the motion and see wonders

        • Höly Wähala

          Tell your olodo sister to do the honorable thing and resign, that’s what educated people do…
          She will get fired if she refuses to heed my long-standing advise, the woman is empty, olodo rabata. Nothing will happen, an early cabinet re-shuffle is my campaign and she will be shuffled aside like her godfather Bola Tinubu was flushed aside in Ondo State recently. Yoro bigots like you and Dele are the reason she will be disgraced out of office… Nigeria will not break up, she is a certified novice. Didinrin. Mtchwww!

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        Since the passing of the CBN Act of 2007, the management of the wider economy was split between the CBN and the FG. The CBN controls the tools of monetary policy and the FG (through the Budget office) controlled macro fiscal policy. Monetary policy consists of Interest rate, exchange rate, money supply and CRR levels (otherwise called the control of liquidity within the banking system available to the banks for lending). Fiscal policy is the use of govt spending and taxation to either stimulate growth or contract growth.

        At no time under Buhari was the Budget office (and by implication management of the fiscal side of the economy) placed under the control of the ministry of finance headed by Adeosun. Fiscal policy is determined by the budget office (which is overseen by the minister of Budget and national planning). Mr Udoma (the relevant minister) within 2 weeks of coming to office had to work on a budget that determined the extent of government spending and govt taxation. The budget was eventually signed in July of 2016. The law states that the FG cannot spend public funds unless approved by NASS. The FG can only spend a proportion of its proposed budget prior to the passing of the Budget by NASS. Effectively, the extent of fiscal stimulus coming from the FG was limited by practical constraints of Nigerian law and politics. We are all aware of the budget padding scandal and the stand-off between NASS and the Presidency.

        Once the budget was passed in July 2016, infrastructural spending is subject to the procurement act that requires the following of certain procedural steps and advertising. Some of this takes weeks or months.

        Once the budget has been approved, the job of the Finance minister under this Buhari govt is to marshal govt finances in order to fulfill its financial obligations. The passed budget (under Udoma) had determined the amount to be spent and the projected revenue and the projected govt borrowing to finance that spending. The finance minister will have responsibility to ensure that govt revenue generating departments operate efficiently and that International or local finance options are the cheapest form of finance available for the govt. Additionally, Nigerian law requires explicit NASS approval of any debt incurred by the FG. Adeosun had stated that Nigeria is first looking to go to supra national organisations to get debt at concessionary rates before going to the international syndicated and bond markets.

        So that you know, the international syndicated and bond markets had indicated that the Nigerian fundamentals are not good. Its debt service obligations inherited from NOI is 1.45 trillion naira. Nigeria will be lucky to raise 3 trillion naira once one takes account of the activities of the NDA. That means close to 50% of Nigeria’s income is going in debt service per May 2015. Since May 2015, Buhari himself has been raising debt through the domestic market which is financed by huge local interest rates set by the CBN. The international market has decided that Nigeria’s balance sheet is porous and Nigeria is not a good lending candidate. The person of the finance minister cannot alter the reality of the FG financial position. In the UK or US, a person that has existing debt of more than 35% of income will never get a mortgage from a bank without collateral. Unless the Nigerian govt is going to put up the NNPC as collateral for any added debt, it will simply not get it until its revenue sources significantly improves vis a vis its existing debt service levels.

        • Höly Wähala

          You wrote…
          “Adeosun has no control over the economy. She does not control the Budget Office so the performance of the economy has nothing to do with her.”

          Really? Her role as the MoF has nothing to do with the economy in your bigoted mind abi? That’s why I will keep asking you to tell the world her role/duty as our Finance Minister but you won’t because you know that you’re lying only to yourself. What are the significance of Debt Mgmt Office and Int’l Finance if we are to acquit Adeosun of complicity in this economic mess incompetent Yoro noisemakers have dug Nigeria into? Again, Dele… She’s as good as gone, trust me on that. Bigot!

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            I cannot help you if you find it hard to comprehend. I had specified the duties of the current finance minister (within the remit given by BUHARI) in my previous response. The operative quote is below:

            “Once the budget has been approved, the job of the Finance minister under this Buhari govt is to marshal govt finances in order to fulfill its financial obligations. The passed budget (under Udoma) had determined the amount to be spent and the projected revenue and the projected govt borrowing to finance that spending. The finance minister will have responsibility to ensure that govt revenue generating departments operate efficiently and that International or local finance options are the cheapest form of finance available for the govt. Additionally, Nigerian law requires explicit NASS approval of any debt incurred by the FG. Adeosun had stated that Nigeria is first looking to go to supra national organisations to get debt at concessionary rates before going to the international syndicated and bond markets.”

            Adeosun has no control over fiscal nor monetary policy and so has no responsibility for the state of the Nigerian economy. She is the finance expert for the FG not the finance expert for the fiscal side of the Nigerian economy.

          • Höly Wähala

            Why can’t you summarize your thoughts in succinct manner? What I quoted is proof that you either don’t know the duties of the finance minister relative to the economy or, you are a tribalist trying to exonerate her incompetence. Again, what is the duty of Kalamity Kemi in this administration?

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            Move on. I have no time for your folly. Readers are able to discern what I have written and the duties of the finance minister within the remit of responsibility handed to her by Buhari.

          • Höly Wähala

            Fraudster, I have saved this thread for posterity. You don’t even know about DMO and the IF within the ministry of finance, Geography graduate pandering for cheap attention. Dirty Yoro criminal, Kemi must go… Shikena!

        • emmanuel

          Dele, na wa for you. Fiscal policies when well define makes it easier to manage or manipulate monetary policies. A country without fiscal policies leaves the economy at the mercy of acute dangers.
          Kemi knows nothing about a country’s economy and that is same reason she does not know what recession is.
          I am afraid, the little you know of economics did not begin from your Secondary School. Sometime, i do not blame you Yorobbers for your poor exposures, because your primary and secondary education are conducted using your native language which has no word for recession and fiscal policy!
          You would tell me you people are widely travel, meanwhile someone who arrive London and immediately commence two or three odd jobs a day would not even have time to read books abroad or Journals.
          I have good lugter each time i visit the UK and see your people in Woolich or Pekam where dem dey put sacrifice for junction.
          Wen dem come back to Nigeria dem go say dem widely travel. Dele, try to civilise small you hear?

    • emmanuel

      You are a shameless attention seeker and an ethnic bigot of the Yorobber gang. Never see anything wrong in your people. Se how craftily you tried to weave the blame around Udo Udoma and Emefiele.
      If you are so unwise, you should realise that people follow your write-ups in different media and you seem not to know.
      If you have the brains you claim to have, you would know that Nigeria problem today is from the fiscal management of our economy which rest solely on Kemi.
      A Finance ministers’ is not a nollywood actors job. If Kemi understand one bit of her job, Emefiele would run on auto pilot at the CBN

  • True Nigerian

    Dino believes in merit so much that he is eager to recommend the sacking of 3 Ministers for incompetence. But the same Dino is willing to die in defence of a heavily corrupt criminal Senate President. Shameless hypocrite!

  • Oh ye son and daughter of coward, Ojukwu ran away with his tail between his legs like the e-rats he was, Nnamdi Azikiwe ran away with his tail between his legs like the e-mouse he was, this are men and women like The Great Awolowo, Sir Ahmadu Bello KBE, you son and daughter of e-rat on-line giant, have zero appreciation for the people trying to get things done, you should “all” be ashamed and hide your face like your forefather, but you can hide behind the computer and make empty noises fake demands, worthless threats

  • Ayo Aiyelabola

    You certainly will be stoned soon and very soon not only by your constituents in Kogi west but in every part of Nigeria for your kleptomaniac tendencies. Pray, come out clean and give an account of how you acquired every asset you have. Ole jatijati.

  • abdul dull daura

    Buhari is the present problem of Nigeria. He is only good at carrying AK47. Typical Herdsman.

    • favourtalk

      like GEJ brought the problem

    • Musbau Hamzat

      Better go and farm.

      • abdul dull daura

        What of the herdsmen challenge

    • IZ

      CHILDISH! Grow up, boy.

      • abdul dull daura

        Somebody very reasonable is saying the same. Fayose is saying Buhari is the problem of Nigeria. He is a baby too?

  • Reality

    Illiterate Buhari is the number one problem. Buhari should resign with immediate effect and apologize to Nigerians.

    • favourtalk

      wake up and see what your hero brought nigeria down to,

    • Cool

      Proffer a way out Mr. “Literate”.

  • favourtalk

    If you believe in this guy, then you are a joker

    • Darlington

      Wait until you no longer have money for data, then you will believe in him. Insufferable hypocrite!

  • River-of-Life

    Nigeria was a project of the British…… And Nigeria is STILL the Project of the British…..Majority of all the stolen money is in the UK; Britain only handed over the power to those they have trained with the COLO MENTALITY. The NASS is filled with Men with COLO MENTALITY……Nigeria’s problem is CLASH of CULTURES (which NASS cannot solve, with all the budget padding saga)……They way out is to Return to how it was before Britain Came……Trying to Unite different cultures for more than 50 years has not yielded the desired results of those who did the uniting (The divide is still there and cracking by the day). Calling the UN (IMF, World Bank) to come and help or bail out the recession will not work. Just to return Looted funds that have been located in the U.S and elsewhere is a problem. By the way Who and Who is United in the United Nations…Is it the herdsmen and farmers? Bank owners and bank workers?

  • Bimbola

    Dino should resign from his seat in the senate. He is a disgrace to whatever that senate stands for. We have not forgotten.

    • Darlington

      What are your own solutions on tackling excruciating economic crisis Nigerians are going through? Forget the messenger, focus on the message. Adeosun, Emefiele and Udo Udoma should voluntarily resign their positions.

      • Musbau Hamzat

        The best solution is that you also go to farm to contribute to export drive of the country. Reliance on oil is our major problem and much money is not coming from oil again, therefore economy recession surface.

        • Nigerian

          Thanks. Tell them the truth because they are myopic.

  • Ignore the messenger and take his message, nothing is more apt than what Dinosaur Melaye said above. Emefile is a mole in this government, Adeosun is not ripe for the position she currently occupying but Buhari appointments are for cronies. She’s occupying the post because Amosun is a personal friend of Buhari. Udoma incompetence is unequaled so is red beret minister

    • Emeka

      Why must he ignore the preacher who is Infact doing worse than what he’s preaching against. He won’t ignore the preacher, because if not chastised, the preacher would corrupt the young ones who are looking up to him as their role model. So that misfit called melaye is the wrong person to make the advise, while the house he’s a part of is busy milking the nation by budget padding and open stealing of national wealth, by way of salary and allowances.

  • joelaw

    Dino, suggesting a 50% cut in legislatures salary will be a good place to start, that scale of salary is wicked and unsustainable at the present. Don’t just preach, act.

  • kasdhuh

    The man who appointed the ministers after a 6-month wait should go with them. So also the President of the senate for the confusion he has so far created in the National assembly. Ofcourse the Speaker and the budget padders should be join the resignation ranks

  • adekunle akindude

    Mr melaye i agree with you for the first time but i think your boss saraki should be the first to resign honorably with the speaker of the house and all those who received the money from budget padding

    • front man

      Nice one

    • woman leader1


  • Mohd Sageer

    Well spoken… These people proved their incompetence beyond reasonable doubt…. There is no point in keeping them, let Buhari get rid of them before they worsen the situation

  • emmanuel

    Must someone else go with a no-brain Yoruba woman? The CBN Governor has managed his responsibilities, with those of the Finance Minister in all attempt to steady the dead economy of Nigeria.
    Kemi and Alhaji Buhari are the culprits in the dead economy; both should go.

    • front man

      Shut up hypocrite

      • emmanuel

        Okay failed brain and manipulator by birth and ethnic group!!

    • Comfortkay

      You are one of the lazy Nigerian. Keep Quite

      • emmanuel

        Good, you are tired of other moniker after floundering in discussing mere word recession? I am not a coward, i would not change my moniker because of poor exposure or ilack of ntegrity!

    • NwaIgbo

      You will not be qualified to wash the toilet of the Full of Brain Yoruba wiz kid. The culprits of our recession is PDP looters of 16 years who will all populate Kuje and Kirikiri prisons for 30 years or more. Sorry , you and your 419ers, scammers, and looters have nothing more to steal, so your wailing continues.


      Can you have dialogue or political discourse without calling people names. What does ” a no-brain Yoruba woman” has to do with the mess being created since independence of Nigeria. Nigeria has been ran like a Banana Republic where a Government officials steal, commit fraud, corrupt, collect salaries/wages while migrated overseas, local government that contribute nothing to the GDP, almost 75% of the budget being spent by Government on nothing to be seen. Do we think all these mess created by our actions have no reactions/consequences. I want you experts to tell me what Buhari must do to correct all these mess. Please, do not tell me that Buhari is corrupt/Islamist because he did nothing to the corrupts when the Judiciary has no guts to perform their duty. Tell me the alternative option of dealing with the fraudsters, corrupt officials, lawless citizen of the country and those bend on violating all rules and destroy with what they have. Remember what the Bible says about the thieves that come to …………………. We cannot move forward without understanding the problems that get us here. I rest my case.

  • blueeyedkitten

    you people calling for buhari to sack kemi adeosun, i hope you wouldnt come back and accuse the government of not believing in the youths of this country(seeing that she is relatively young)? are you also indirectly saying the youths arent ready yet for important positions in this country? that is why i’m always against the argument that the old guards should give way for the youths to take over. its nonsense. leadership or position is not about been youthful or too old to stir it. its about being qualified/competent, and these two knows no age.
    we need knowledge and experience to handle very important and sensitive positions; and i think the finance minister is relatively raw for that position. we need a combination of knowledge, experience and wisdom.

    • emmanuel

      Intelligent you who are exposed internationally. Not Youth who got foreign job and had no global economic know-how.
      Kemi does not even know how to rub pancake; how much more make-up that Young people are used to. She is daft and only try to impress with her eye balls and USA accent.
      We have lots of Mercy Johnson to do that for us. What we need from a Finance Minister is brain, skills, courage and zeal.
      Do i want my children to throw tantrums at home for a woman that cannot help them do Arithmetic homework? Haaa, 16+6 and Recession which i knew in Secondary School as a grievous state of a country’s economy; touted as mere word?
      I beg make una flush Kemi for toilet and spray airfreshner, make person waka!

    • cajetan

      buhari should look for competent youth not incompetent ones that will tanish the image of the youths in nigeria.

      • blueeyedkitten

        buhari should rather look for competent individuals – young, middle-aged or old, i dont care.

  • Nemesis

    Thank you senator. But please, kindly tell me the number of small scale industry you have established since you have been in govt, what advise you have on how to move this country forward and, how many schorlaship you have given, primary health centres you have helped with drugs and equipments. When people like you talk, I wonder what the country is turning to but I want you to know that it is the action or inaction of all the populace at microscopic level that added up together to bring us to our present state.

  • front man

    If those ministers and cbn governor are gross incompetent, then Dino himself is not worthy to be in the midst of Nigeria senators

    • NwaIgbo

      At all, at all. Dino is the area boy of the Senate.

      • front man


      • cajetan

        why is it hard for we nigerian to accept the throughth. dino is in order. if mr presidend still keep these three people in his carbinet, nigeria will colapse on his head in the next two months.

    • woman leader1

      He should not be among them for anything…

  • samigun

    Everyone knows the current economic situation in the Country. PMB inherited the problem from GEJ. Jonathan was so dumb to correct this ill. This current administration is doing their utmost best based on the revelations we’ve heard so far.
    There is too much corruption in the land and none of them had so far denied their non-involvement in the sleaze. So guys take out tribo-ethnic sentiments in your moderation.
    As for DINO—Hmm mm. I would advice we discount his rantings. Maybe he figured that he’s now been marginalized. At least he hasn’t resumed his bodyguard duties. Acknowledging his comments is a waste of precious time.

    • emmanuel

      Jonathan left with Crude at $28.00 pb. Crude has been $44.00 pb since February, yet we entered recession and heading for depression.
      We were told in December 2015 that Nigeria already had N2.8 trillion inTSA. If Budget was not touched until June 2016 and only salaries were paid, how then did we enter recession.
      Meanwhile, only a blank brain would run a Country’s economy for 13 months paying only salaries, not producing or importing, locked the gates to foreign investors yet said to clear landmines. in your village or coven?.
      Corruption, corruption, corruption.
      The publication which highlighted collection of money at official rates and selling same at mallams rate stated that over N5 billion may have been earned from such sleeze. What then is corruption?


        Emmanuel, please do you have knowledge of Economics. N2.8 trillion in TSA does not mean cash in the CBN to be spent. Inflation at around 17% will not help CBN to “print money” at this period of time. It is better for Government to sell Treasury bills, bonds and other debt instrument than to print. Please, ask good economist that can help you understand the basic fundamentals of economics. President Jonathan, Buhari and next President will not alleviate suffering of masses in Nigeria unless the basic fundamentals that make a country grate is attained. They are security of life and properties through enforcement of law and order, sound education system as in South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore China and hardworking of every Nigerians by getting rid of ceremonial and non-performing person like Emir, Bale, Oba, Sultan, Pastors, Afa and other craps. Show me any country that has more ceremonial people than Doctors, Engineers, Scientists and Mathematicians. Only in Nigeria do you have people being paid by the Government for doing nothing. Good luck for blaming Jonathan and Buhari.

        • emmanuel

          why change moniker? coward.
          Treasury means Treasury – to receive all funds into Federation Account. Did you say N2.8 trillion in TSA does not translate to cash in CBN? Where is it domiciled?
          Is that economics?
          Why are you Yorobbers nauseating with the knowledge you pride yourselves to posses? That Account issue relate to Accounting and not economics please.
          Who propounded the theory of printing money you just refereed to here? What aboutFurther contracting the economy by withdrawing liquidity from circulation when production seem not to exist. No sane person offer your recipe for a nation under recession; that is already heading for depression. Please stop embarrassing yourself here.

    • cajetan

      he said nigeria he will fix, but his policies and his cabinet has no head way for now.

  • Comfortkay

    Senator Dino Melaye is a bag Carrier for Dr Sarakis wife. Nobody should take him serious. He has no single respect for women.

    • emmanuel

      Some bag carriers are better than our Finance Minister who cannot add up 16+6 or does not know the meaning of recession.
      That is not to say Dino Melaye is an a man who love the good of Nigeria as opposed to his selfish ends.

  • Joe

    This is typical Dino style….blow hot air with scant substance. If I may ask, what is your word for NDA who are making a damn good job of keeping Naija broke?

  • NwaIgbo

    Bad boy Dino for sure will be stoned by his constituency because he Dino eat all the money for constituency projects in Kogi East.

    • woman leader1

      That is certain.

  • woman leader1

    Saraki should be the first to resign.

  • woman leader1

    Saraki should be the first to resign.

  • Man_Enough

    It was written (and the book must be fulfilled) that the son of man will be killed, but woe unto the man who will kill Him. Even if the government is faltering, it should not be a member of the party in power that should take it to the cleaners especially in public. Dino’s action is contumacious.

    • cajetan

      people like u are the type that will move nigeria forward to athlantic ocean.

  • Yemi

    Who appointed you a town crier instead of you removing the beam in your own eye, you wants to removes mots in other people’s eye all the ministers mentioned in your mis-adventure were far better than you in all ramification.The Nigerians that willingly gave PMB their mandate were not complaining so which is your own.Yor types can never likes PMB because of his ANTI-CORRUPTION Stands. yeye Seneator.

  • Austine

    APC kindly please be advised that you can generate funds from licensing of atleast 3-GSM licenses. And stop all these wickedness of 9% Charge on data and voice on Nigerians. The competition will cause improvement of GSM services across Nigeria. You guys imposed 50-naira on every 1000-naira transactions as if that is not enough there is this rumour of fuel increase. Like we know in Nigeria that rumours are always leaked intentions of the government… Stop denying anything.