Why we demolished Nuli Juice, other Ikoyi properties – Lagos Government

Photo credit: venturesafrica.com
Photo credit: venturesafrica.com

The Lagos State Government on Saturday said it carried out a demolition of some properties in Ikoyi during the week because they were “causing environmental nuisance, traffic snarls and more importantly a security threat to the neighbourhood.”

A statement by the Commissioner for Information, Steve Ayorinde, said the state would intensify efforts to destroy buildings erected without compliance with construction regulations.

“This is an exercise in progress; it is an on-going operation to sanitise the environment,” Mr. Ayorinde said. “We have also developed strategies to prevent re-occurrences of illegal developments and for the sustenance of a cleaner Lagos.”

Mr. Ayorinde said those whose properties were demolished were notified ahead of the exercise on Thursday.

“We have documentary evidence of service of all statutory notices, the buildings were also marked with the X red oxide to also call the attention of the owners to physical planning contraventions,” Mr. Ayorinde said.

The state government was responding to criticism that ensued after images of the destruction were circulated on social media Thursday afternoon.

Nuli Juice, a fruit juice and meals cafe at 8, Rumens Road, was affected by the demolition. It received sympathies on social media after its owners condemned authorities for not issuing a prior notice.

“How do you show up at 8.30 a.m. with bulldozers and armed police to terrorise shop owners, and then proceed to level their stores and property to the ground with no prior notice?” Ada Osakwe, Nuli Juice founder, said in a post on Twitter. “Even squatters have rights.”

But Mr. Ayorinde said the owner of the property and the tenants were served months back.

“The demolished building on Rumens Road, Ikoyi was properly served contravention and quit order since March. Both the landlord and tenants,” Mr. Ayorinde said in a separate post on Twitter Saturday.

But Ms. Osakwe told PREMIUM TIMES Saturday afternoon that “the first time tenants were aware of the planned demolition was when it was taking place.”

Ms. Osakwe said there were six businesses occupying the building when the earth moving equipment arrived to tear it down.

“None of the six tenants received any form of notice, warning and/or advice from LASG, contrary to what Mr. Ayorinde stated on Twitter today,” Ms. Osakwe said.

Ms. Osakwe said Nuli Juice and other businesses were not allowed to evacuate before the demolition commenced.

When PREMIUM TIMES put this question to Mr. Ayorinde, he sent one of his surrogates to respond.

Shina Odunuga, who identified himself as a Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Information, said the tenants weren’t allowed to evacuate because they were served months ago and acknowledgement copies signed.

Mr. Odunuga said he would email the proof to PREMIUM TIMES on Monday, including photo evidence showing the properties were marked for demolition.

Akinwunmi Ambode, the state governor, was faulted on social media for authorising the destruction of small businesses at a time the country was grappling with economic recession.

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  • Abdul

    Wicked govt, no compassion whatsoever. Now they have destroyed business, send workers home, make unemployment worse and return the business owner to life of struggle. Shame.

    • Truth.com

      You must love lawlessness, my brother. Nigerians love lawlessness and any reasonable person that try to correct your attitude towards lawlessness is wicked. Really. Tell me or show mw any country that develops by lawlessness. Wake up and smell the coffee of doing and saying the right things and stop crying when Government is trying its best to move country or state forward. What do you people want from your Government. A house destroyed gradually by thieves and opportunists like Abacha, Babaginda and Jonathan supporters like Fayose, Omisore, Fani Kayode Obanikoro (all Yoruba and writer is Yoruba FYI) cannot be rebuilt in 1 and 1/2 years. Expect a miracle form Buhari will never happen. Buhari promise change not miracle. See your Pastors or Afa for miracle after a country destroyed for more than 50 years. Do you guys get it.

  • okpada

    What is wickedness in destroying illegality and lawlessness. People deliberately break laws because they feel that the system is corrupt and nobody can do anything to them. Untouchable. We should learn to do things right, even some of these people travelling to the US and Europe come back only to break laws which they obey in outside Nigeria with Pampers in their bombom

    • lanre

      …and we are waiting for them to do same in mushin, isale eko, etc

  • Bimbola

    Check the facts properly, you will discover that vendetta is behind some of the demolitions. Who are you kidding.

    • dami

      village Africans…there’s always a reason to not obey the law…either sympathy or now vendetta.

    • PolyGon2013

      Lagos government would not just wake up and destroy businesses. I believe that the business owner was well served with notice. Nigerians like to disobey laws.

      • Kudo

        Can you swear by it.

  • Bulldozer

    We are looking forward to seeing the eviction notice and photo proof. Even at that shouldn’t they be allowed to pack their belongings? Must it be completely destroyed?

  • Ada

    No need for all these long story. Can he provide the proof already? If he does then we can blame the business owners

  • Kudo

    Why did the government allow them to build illegal structures in the first place. Africans inept for civilization.

  • Dejandon

    Lawlessness in the name of ‘dont kill the poor man’ mentality is one of our problems in this country.