Herdsmen caught armed while grazing to face terrorism charges — Fayose

Ayodele Fayose, Ekiti State Governor
Ayodele Fayose, Ekiti State Governor Photo:Pulse.ng

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has vowed that herdsmen caught grazing with arms or any weapon in Ekiti would now be charged with terrorism.

The governor made the declaration while signing the anti-grazing bill into law on Monday in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital.

“My government took the bill to the House after what happened in Oke-Ako some months ago,” he said.

“The House has passed the bill and I have to assent to it. It becomes a law from today that if you do anything to the contrary you will be punished by the law.

“Any herdsman caught with firearms or any weapon while grazing in Ekiti now will be charged with terrorism.”

Mr. Fayose signed the bill in the presence of traditional rulers in the state and members of the House of Assembly, led by the Speaker, Kolawole Oluwawole.

“I solicit your support for this government to succeed,” the governor said. “This is not about party politics and Ekiti should be our primary concern. I’ll continue to call you for this kind of meeting every three months to give accounts of governance.”

Shedding light on the contents of the new law, the Speaker said the state government was already working with local government officials to mark out portions of land for grazing to all local government authorities in the state.

“Grazing activities must be from 7am to 6pm on daily basis,” he said. “The government shall allot certain portion of land to each local governments for grazing.”

He noted that anyone caught leading cattle to graze on portions of land or any farmland not allotted by government would be apprehended and made to face the law.

“Any herdsman caught with firearms and any weapons whatsoever during grazing shall be charged with terrorism,” Mr. Oluwawole.

“Any cattle confiscated shall be taken to government cattle ranch at Erifun in Iworoko community.

“Any farm products destroyed by the activities of any caught herdsman shall be estimated by agricultural officer and the expenses of the estimate shall be borne by the culprit.

“Any herdsman who violates any of these rules shall be imprisoned for six months without option of fine.”

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  • Excisionist

    Ride on our man and a man of the masses. This is the kind of law Buhari should be encouraging. Instead Buhari is aiding and abating terrorism by Fulani herdsmen

    Gov. Fayose, please stand as candidate in the next presidential election. I shall not only vote for you but campaign for you

  • North/West Allies

    Very good

  • favourtalk

    The confused governor

    • new republic

      Your people and familly lives is worthless to you and can be taken by fulani herdmen.

  • Enemona

    I don’t like this man and his antics. In this case, I hail him for his proactivity. Other states are weeping like babies but he has just taken practical steps towards resolving this issue. I hope he does not politicise it. Good steps.

    • Mufu Ola

      You call this practical step.How is it practical? Just bcos he signed a bill? I was thinking he would ban them completely as he promised. What’s special about d law?

      • Enemona

        How many states have even lifted a finger on this issue? At least, he’s made a law, he’s invited stakeholders for discussion, he’s created, or plannned to create, grazing areas in every local government area etc. I am not saying it’s the best way to approach it but it’s a good start.

        The guy is wayward but we must not throw out the baby with the bath water.

  • George

    oNLY man standing the rest has buried their heads in sands as during ABACHA .

    Pls Fayose we need you at the centre to help tam those loose cannons from the worthless north.

    • Mufu Ola

      What Fayose is dramatizing is what was casually done in Enugu State today when one herdsman with gun was arrested by police.No fuss. No hell raising.My point is what’s in that “bill” that is not already in our law book.It all drama & razzmatazz to dazzle the gullible ones like you.I insist there’s nothing new in that bill signed by Fayose & I’m sure u will not hear anything again bcos he can’t enforce anything there.

  • Bo Biz

    I’ve never liked Fayose’s brand of politics,until he armed Ekiti local hunters to protect Ekiti people from the marauding fulani herdsmen.I salute Ekiti State Assembly for passing this very important bill,and congratulate Fayose for assenting the bill into law.I hope the governors in my region will wake up from their slumber to the fact that the primary responsibility of government is the welfare and security of the citizens.Like Fayose or hate him,this is a step in the right direction. I hope the local hunters will be used in arresting offenders to avoid sabotage by the Police.

  • John A

    THE ONLY MAN STANDING, i must give kudos to Fayose for his bravery.

  • PolyGon2013

    Thank you, Governor Fayose.

    • Mufu Ola

      What’s to thank?

      • lo

        Don’t sorry, one day you will meet with Fulani herdsman face to face, articukrly the blood thirsty ones from Mali, then and only then you will remember Fayose.

        • Mufu Ola

          I’ve met them before.I have no problem with anybody.When you develop a stereotyped mindset on issues you automatically have problems.Some people especially on this forum are far more dangerous than the herdsmen.

  • Rommel

    While some are busy insulting president Buhari and asking God to save them,the serious ones are taking steps to safeguard their people,that is the difference

    • mikapower

      Buhari must to be blamed because this is an issue that needs a federal intervention.The duty of government to the citizens includes security of lives and properties.If he is ready to fight for oil in the Niger delta he should also fight hersman of which he is one of them.Treason and terrorism is an issue that demands federal might backed by everyone.Buhari should not be emotional because of his relationship with this evil group and you should not get emotional because of your relationship with APC.Say the truth and shame the devil.

  • Mufu Ola

    I thought they said you banned herdsmen outright?

  • lawal

    Mr. Fayose what about Niger Delta Militant,and other group holding weapons and they killing women and children, destroying public wealth. All this is cause by you politicians, as inability to govern well and provide employment to these groups of criminals. Mr. Fayose you are also a terrorist, because you’r part of corruption train, so to me any corrupt leader is a terrorist to his own people and nation at large, so get ready to face the same charges and other people like you.