Embattled Kogi Governor, Yahaya Bello, opens up on Mosque attack

Governor Yahaya Bello
Governor Yahaya Bello

The Kogi State governor, Yahaya Bello, on Friday night said those who attacked him at a mosque in Lokoja in the afternoon were sponsored political miscreants who saw his ongoing reforms in the state as inimical to their selfish interests.

Mr. Bello said some of the attackers were promptly apprehended by security agents and market women, adding that the “politically motivated attack” would be thoroughly investigated.

PREMIUM TIMES had this afternoon broke the story of how aggrieved residents hurled stones, rotten fruits and vegetables at Mr. Bello, decrying the worsening economic situation in the state.

Friday’s attack against Mr. Bello came two weeks after he suffered a similar one while visiting Ankpa, the headquarters of Ankpa Local Government Area of the state, witnesses told PREMIUM TIMES.

But in a statement signed by his press secretary, Kingsley Fanwo, Mr. Bello said the attacks were carried out by ‘imported’ thugs contracted by his political adversaries hell-bent on maintaining the status quo.

“We are not unaware of scheming by change resistors to sponsor attacks against government officials,” Mr. Fanwo said. “Sponsoring attacks against the Governor will not stop our march to restore sanity to the polity.”

Mr. Fanwo also attributed the attack to a raging ‘syndrome’ occasioned by his sweeping reforms in the state’s civil service, promising that the names of those suffering from it would soon be published.

“The administration of Governor Yahaya Bello will soon publish the names of corrupt citizens of the state who are behind the Ghost Workers syndrome.”

Mr. Bello, who assumed office in January, had embarked on a broad re-verification exercise for the state’s civil servants, citing widespread abuse in workers payroll, a situation he said saw the state losing billions to fraud in a state bleeding from diminishing revenues.

Mr. Bello’s campaign had pitted him against the labour unions who accused his government of being insensitive to their plight.

Mr. Bello thanked the citizens of his state who swung to action and repelled Friday’s attack against him and his entourage, adding that they should remain resolute in their support towards the restoration of the “lost glory of the state.”

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  • Harry Haruna

    This guy is a failure

  • Muhammad Ali

    See this devilish criminal o… Lol. Who apprehend who? Bloody liars! Wild jubilations trailed this idiots case yesterday, we pray more worse things to come his way. Nobody likes you Yahaya bello, thief, criminal forming victim ,your days are number. Lmao. More of the same please kogites.

    • Otunba

      These politicians of our time can lie! Why have they chosen lies as a weapon? Lies can travel a million Miles, but the truth catches up with it in a jiffy. The same Press Officer that was asked about the incident and denied ever witnessing same; same Officer now issuing these lies as their defence, roping in the innocent Market Women in the story as part of security agents who helped to arrest same unhappy Market Women? Allah ya isha………as you peoplpe have been taken the “lack of will to revolt” of the down-trodden masses of the country for granted to short-change them.

  • OmoIlafin

    yeye belo

  • Usman

    that is the price of clamping down on ghost workers, thieves etc, keep on Bello

  • Critical Observer

    Its unfortunate that this bunch of criminals from Kogi East have decided to go this route. For the first time that other region has produced the Governor of the state, they’ve tried every means possible to bring the young man down. First they embarked on emotional blackmail, when that failed they went of a perilous legal battle, yet again they failed at every level. Now they feel like it is down to street mob style, this is quite unfortunate. For the so called labour union, where were they when the previous state government was diverting their salaries to ghost workers. The most backward state in the nation, yet with one of the highest number of ghost workers, what a pity. I guess they are yearning to go back to the “good old days” which obviously the current Governor is fighting to put an end to. Shame on the ignorant people of Kogi state.

  • Lorgne

    It had better be true that you are bringing reforms to the state. Otherwise, young Governor, 4 years is such a such time on the political time spectrum.