Protesters disrupt Osinbajo’s meeting with oil communities in Edo

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo
Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo

Nigeria’s Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo’s meeting on Monday with the Edo State government and the oil producing communities in the state was temporarily disrupted by some protesters.

The protesters, who carried placards with various inscriptions, broke into the venue of the meeting at the Samuel Ogbemudia College (formerly the New Era College), Benin City, and demanded a fair treatment for the oil producing communities in the state.

There was commotion in the hall immediately the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Usani Usani, finished making his presentation, as the protesters pushed their way forward into the hall and continued waving their placards.

About nine speakers, including the Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu, had already made their presentations before then.

“Enough of the marginalisation of the host communities,” said the inscription on one of the placards.

The state governor, Godwin Obaseki, and his deputy, Philip Shuaibu, stood up from their seats and moved into the crowd to talk to the youth. The protesters, however, insisted they be allowed to speak their mind to Mr. Osinbajo.

A voice blaring out from the public address system in the hall kept on telling the rowdy crowd, “Everybody should sit down…. Everybody go back to your seat. Go back to your seat.”

The commotion continued for about 10 minutes.

When the protesters were eventually given the opportunity to speak, they demanded that the acting president must visit the oil producing communities in order to have a firsthand knowledge of what the people were going through.

“If you go (to the oil producing communities) and see things you will pity us,” one of the protesters said to Mr. Osinbajo.

He told Mr. Osinbajo that when they saw three helicopters hovering around the Benin airport in the morning they thought that the acting president was going to visit the oil producing communities.

He said they felt disappointed and angry when they were later told that Mr. Osinbajo won’t be visiting the communities because of insecurity.

“If you know that our place is not secured (for you to visit), leave our oil alone,” the representative of the agitators told the acting president.

Another protester told the acting president, “Edo people are peace-loving, but that doesn’t mean that we are cowards.

“We are not feeling the impact of the NDDC and the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs. We have been marginalised in the amnesty programme (of the federal government).”

Governor Obaseki, in his address, told the acting president that the state has had its fair share of deprivation in the Niger Delta.

“Our youths are very restive,” Mr. Obaseki said.

Throughout the commotion, the acting president appeared unperturbed where he sat at the table with other dignitaries.

“I am now going to begin my own demonstration,” Mr. Osinbajo said jokingly when it was time for his response.

“Our plan is to visit all the oil producing communities in the state. There is no issue of insecurity,” Mr. Osinbajo said, adding that there wasn’t enough time to immediately carry on with the visit.

Mr. Osinbajo told the people that he and Mr. Obaseki have agreed that they must find time to visit the communities.

He explained the “new vision” of President Muhammadu Buhari for the people of the Niger Delta.

“The new vision will define the future,” he said. “The provision of social amenities by the government is the right of every community.”


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  • Rommel

    I bet none of the placard carrying people can give a satisfactory definition of marginalization given steps taken so far by FG to address the demands of the Niger delta,I would like people to give few examples of where what they are demanding is practiced across the world

    • Daniel

      You remain irredeemably intellectually shallow.

      Just because we had a civil war we threw away a very nice structure of governance of the first republic.

      How did Awolowo educate the South West?

      The poorest of today which is the North, how did they manage themselves then?

      Go and read and observe your society.

  • emmanuel

    The short man d.e.v.i.l shud have been stoned. They should have poured sand mixed with polluted oil on his monkey face. They should have forced ground water from the wells and springs (polluted with crude from old rotten NNPC pipes) down his miserable throat. The days of drilling oil and spending the money in Lagos and Abuja are gone…The youth shud react by blowing up a pipeline. I am sure he will then have time to visit. B the way, the Edo people must understand that a separate republic/sovereign state is the only solution. So we must pursue the secession agenda vigorously.

    • Ritchie

      “They should…” who are the “they”? Why didn’t you throw the stone, pour the sand etc urself? You should lead your own bros, sons cousins to do your own dirty jobs. Don’t send others who are not crimininally minded like yourself.

  • Jannit

    I don’t understand why the demonstrators protested with placards. They should have used missiles. Osinbajo is gradually becoming cmfortable visiting the Niger Delta. I think he should be taught a lesson. Nigerian govt don’t respond when you dialogue. You must violently confront.


    Osibanjo is more dangereous than his Fulani masters—————if he as a Yorubas man whose revenue from cocoa was never used to tar a single road in the entire south south–by Awo—–Instead goes on to claim the area where the oil wells are located in Edo–state– was not secure enough for him to visit–then Nigeria should leave the Niger delta—alone———————-We cannot continue to be hewers of wood and drawers of water—————–for the tripod—Ibo—Fulani and Yoruba thieves—-freedom is our goal————————-

    • Olaola

      Brainwashed deranged and demented biafraud monkey.

      • MaskedPhantom

        He’s not a Biafran, God forbid! He’s a creek reptile, a slight notch above slimy yorobat maggots!

    • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

      When a leader does good, commend him, when he does bad, reprimand him. That’s what separates us from the children of Judas Iscariot generation who are primed to hate the truth.


    At least Osinbajo is civilized enough to acknowledge the presence and democratic rights of the protesters, if Buhari were to be the visitor, the army would have been instructed to kill .

  • muhammadunfagge

    But this is very bad. This is disrespectful to the office of the Ag. President.


      Keep quiet , that was democracy in action and Osinbajo understands it.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, unpalatable it might be, but its part and parcel of democracy.

      Aside, I think it’s best our leaders hear directly from those who feel the pinch and pain most.

      • muhammadunfagge

        Yeah, you are right.

  • El Patron

    I bet Osinbajo handled the protest very gracefully. That guy is a true democrat. Wish we had more of his kind in Nigeria as leaders

  • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

    Osibanjo is doing a great job, Nigerians can now understand and see the gulf of difference between a man led by the spirit of God and others, a man led by the spirit of God is loving, kind, compassionate, not proud, not haughty, does not hate, does not discriminate, does not look down on others, have a sound mind, his words are mixed with grace and seasoned with salt,and filled with wisdom and understanding. the difference is clearly overwhelming. May God continue to bless our president Buhari with more months of rest in London, so that Nigeria shall recover from the evil pit, excruciating pain, sorrow, death, agony and destitution where buhaharis lack of leadership credentials and hate, tribal, ethnic, religious and clannish bigotry have cast our nation.

    • Izon REDEEMER

      Then why did he refuse to visit of the source of the wealth of the South South—————–If Osibanjo was really a man of God–WITH faith–in our Redeemer Jesus Christ—– and the belief—-he had in God as a Pastor–he wld have led his team to visit the abode of the oil bearing communities–in Edo state————-So pls bazz off with yr PR work for a Pastor who cannot visit the home of his flocks–because of the fear of death–But he is not afraid to steal the crude oil ozzing out of the groudd abi———in d SS——————-Besides He was in the south south because of greed——for awooof oil revenue—————–free flow of crude oil–into the leaking pockets of the Fulanis—Yorubas and Ibos———A commodity which the tripod have been stealing since 1956—–Separation is the answer—-not the rule of the Fulanis and Yorubas and their Ibo surrogates—in APC—

      • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

        You are suffering from acute delusional syndromes.
        You don’t know what you are looking for. The people you represent are the worst chameleons on earth. They are neither here nor there. Separation is your answer ,but when duty called for separation in 1966,your fathers betrayed their brothers and neighbors and choose the Fulani from Mali and Sudan with whom you have no affirnity.
        You celebrate your leaders you played Judas on your brethren who led the course of separation and built monuments to remember them for dying the death of Judas Iscariot.
        Good morning Mr Izon mugu.


          Good lecture for the brainless nincompoop.


    That same Holy< Spirit———should have led him to visit the source of the wealth of the South South–And not hang around the Capital of Edo statate——–and claim he visited the oil producing enclaves in the SS—-Let take a step of faith–as a Chrisitain Pastor and not hide under the Sokoto of the state governor——–If Osibanjo was really a man of God–WITH faith–in our Redeemer Jesus Christ—– and the belief—-he has in God as a Pastor–he wld have led his team to visit the abode of the oil bearing communities–in Edo state————-So pls bazz off with yr PR work for a Pastor Osibanjo————–who cannot visit the home of his flocks–because of the fear of death–But he is not afraid to steal the crude oil oozing out of the groudd in d Niger delta————-in d SS–abi?—————–Besides He was in the south south because of greed——for awooof oil revenue—————–free flow of crude oil–into the leaking pockets of the Fulanis—Yorubas and Ibos———A commodity which the tripod have been stealing since 1956—–Separation is the answer—-not the rule of the Fulanis and Yorubas and their Ibo surrogates—in APC—Let him go and free the Okah brothers–leave Deizani and Etete—————–alone———————-not c,limb atop the sufferings of the people and claim he is a Pastor–of Rdeemed church of God————

    • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

      Did Jesus go about freeing crooks and criminals who are adamant about repentance and salvation, go tell your criminally minded brethren to repent first before God will visit them through his servant.
      So long as you izon mugus spread your legs across the lines, your salvation shall take ages to come. You must stop playing Judas Iscariot, you must choose this day whom you will serve between the desert vampires and the living God. You must declare your stand in Nigeria, you must choose between freedom and bondage. You must grow up now and choose a consistent path.

    • Magaj

      Keep supporting and celebrating your thieves and blame the govt for everything that is happening to your community. You are not even ashame, how can a normal human being say free deizani after looting over $10billion I think u need to go to a psychiatrist for checkup cos that amount can turn the entire ss to America instead u celebrate them imagine spending N300m for thanksgiving reception for an ex convict who stole your money and was giving any passerby $100 in a hotel in U.K. but all u do is criticizing the govt instead of goin to their mansions to burn them down n collect anything collectable from them my friend be wise n stop putting sentiment in politic

      • Izon REDEEMER

        Name the Fulani oil Ministers that were sent to jail-from late Rilwan Lukman-ati-Jubril Aminu———————-who shared oil wells as if they were balls of akara—to emirs————-in the Fulani controlled—North———————Again why is he in the SS—why not LAGOS—if not for his greed——–Osibanjo calls himself a man of God—with no faith in His God abi—He refused to vist the oil bearing communities——————because of secuirty report—if he had faith in God he would have like Jonathan–gone on a visit–to see things for his dirty Yoruba soul–Monkey–

  • Mary


  • Iskacountryman

    monkey sef wan amnesty…

    • Izon REDEEMER

      No if Monkey no wan amnesty then leave them alone why the visit——————-animals———-?

      • Iskacountryman

        na to offer monkey banana…