Breaking up Nigeria will be “very difficult”, Buhari tells Igbo traditional rulers

President Muhammadu Buhari addressing World Leaders at the 71st General Assembly of United Nations in New York 7000/21/9/2016/ICE/HB/BJO/NAN
President Muhammadu Buhari addressing World Leaders at the 71st General Assembly of United Nations in New York 7000/21/9/2016/ICE/HB/BJO/NAN

President Muhammadu Buhari has again reiterated the essence of the unity of Nigeria, urging those contemplating its break-up to have a rethink.

Speaking at a meeting with the Council of South-East Traditional Rulers at the State House on Thursday, President Buhari warned that the question of having another country out of Nigeria was misplaced.

“The question of having another country out of Nigeria is going to be very difficult.  From 1914, we have more than 200 cultures living with one another. God had endowed this country with natural resources and talented people.  We should concentrate on these and be very productive,” the President said.

Addressing specific issues raised in the address by the traditional rulers, the president gave assurance that the south-east will also benefit from the new railway architecture being put in place by his administration.

On their request for more representation for the south-east in his government, the president said that he was “very conscious of the sensitivities of the south-east”, on account of which, he gave the region’s four out of five states senior ranking ministers in the federal cabinet.

President Buhari used the occasion to appreciate the good work of the ministers from the region in the federal government, saying that they are doing very well for the country.

He appealed to the traditional rulers from the south-east to persuade their people to give his government a chance and to continue to serve as beacons of culture and traditions of their people.

The president assured the delegation that kidnapping and cattle rustling, which he described as “unfortunate” will be the government’s next target, now that “we have managed to calm down the north-east.”

In taking note of the profuse commendation for his administration’s war against corruption and insecurity by the traditional rulers, President Buhari expressed frustration at the endless nature of some ongoing trials, citing some of the cases as going far back to the tenure of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

“We are asking the judiciary to clean itself. Nigerians are tired of waiting. They want some actions,” he lamented.

The President said he hoped that the Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria and Attorney-General of the Federation will come to some form of agreement by which specially designated courts will give accelerated hearing to some corruption cases that are pending, arguing that “we want Nigerians to know we are serious.”

Earlier in his address, the Chairman of the South East Council of Traditional Rulers,   Eze Eberechi Dick, had made requests for roads, other projects among other issues, even as he assured the president of their support for his leadership and programmes.


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  • justin

    Though very difficult according to the report, it is not impossible. What has the amalgamation helped us to achieve.

    • MO the Observer

      before the amalgamation, what did you achieved?

      • kalu

        At least before the Amalgamation no tribe was a burden and a leach on others

        • MO the Observer

          Kalu, amalgamation is a product of British colony,before the British colonized us, there have beeen oppression among empires… Oyo empire is a case study… Oyo empire went as far as colonizing Benin republic and togo, likewise the sokoto caliphate used jihad to colonize other empires that stretched to kwara, Oyo empire, osun and egba to mention few… same is the ibos, what will you say about slavery? it never started with the whites. dividing is not the solution as far as I’m concern, its responsibility that will help us grow amidst challenges

  • Taiwo

    It’s better to accept the reality that this country cannot continue this way. What we need is a referendum.

    • tundemash

      And what stops SE states from conducting a referendum among themselves? What stops SE House of Assemblies from discussing that ?

      • Otile

        The same thing that stops cowardly Yorubas like you from actualizing Oduduwa Republic.

        • MO the Observer

          We are not agitating for a Yoruba country.. You are the ones agitating blindly, that is why we are laughing at your manner of approach

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    Let them know this,so that they will stop facing out galant soldiers. Amnesty can only rant,but it cannot do anything.

    • charles Ridg

      Whenever I read people talking about One Nigeria, they are always from the North. Why is the North kin on One Nigeria

      • Lt. Col. Wisdom Mariam

        I am an exception. I am not from the North anyway.

        • Otile

          You got yourself a big Northern godfather. Ogbeni grading.

          • MO the Observer

            Break up is not certain.. Work on yourself

          • Otile

            What do you have to lose when Biafra goes?

          • MO the Observer

            nothing, instead I will enjoy my country as there will be no fake products… anything that comes in will be authenticated via typical screening

      • Chukwuka Okoroafor

        That is not exactly true. Even Okonjo-Iweala said the same thing that Buhari said a few years ago that it would be very difficult to break up Nigeria.

        • Ebele Olisah

          Difficult, not impossible

      • tundemash

        I have not heard any of SE Govs, HOuse of Rep members, Senators talk about berak-up of Nigeria; are they Northerners too ?

        • Daniel

          The elite have never been interested in true change in the history of nations.

          Read some books…

          • tundemash

            And u are here ranting daily on some other elite; Buhari, while you ignore your own elite. Your own elites also have a right and voice just as you; the naives, once you sort yourselves out within, then you can come national.

          • Daniel

            The elite , I repeat, are too comfortable to effect change.

            Buhari is a PERFECT example of foot-dragging and docility.

            CLUELESSNESS is an icing on his cake.

            How is our economy doing?

            How is the naira fairing today.

            You have to stop being a dunderhead.

            Very uneducable.

        • Otile

          Abubakar tundemash,
          Apply commonse. Have you ever seen a king advocate for dethronement?

          • Ebele Olisah

            Lol. Perfect analogy

    • Daniel

      If you could easily divorce your wife, why is this marriage of childlessness and agony so precious?

      What do you stand to lose,if there is Biafra?

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        You don’t liken a country to a marriage between two people, that is an Igbo analogy which is very uninformed. You should have compared it to the single body that has the head, neck, hands,legs,etc. So if any part of it is sick,it is either treated or removed. I am sure any part of the body that is removed cannot exist alone. So,Igbo cannot exist alone,without constituting a nuisance to themselves,neighbours, and the entire international community. Hence why you have to remain subjective in the entity called Nigeria. Stop being deceived by husband,wife analogy.

        • Daniel

          So long you can live independently, as history shows, this romance is NOT NEEDED anymore.

          And please note, I am not Igbo,but Itsekiri.

          There are very small countries all over the world that are doing very well.

          An Arewa Republic will do better than this UNWORKABLE Nigeria.

          This UNITY sentiment makes us all fools in the eyes of a Whiteman.

          • Okey Agugua

            God. You are so inteligent and smart. I wish i can see you in person. My God.

          • Daniel

            We must not allow the economic recession deny us common sense.

            Buharists need help upstairs.

          • tundemash

            Does that whiteman include Britain holding on to Northern Ireland ? And does a whiteman not look like a f00l to you for approving same sex marriage? If you have a very low esteem of yourself, limit it to yourself.

          • Daniel

            Do not be diversionary here.

            Nigeria is perfectly breakable .

            And it will be in your interest and mine to break it.

            Now, tell me why you are afraid of true change.

          • tundemash

            I responded exactly to the trash you posted about your mini-god, whiteman, whom you claimed you look like a f00l to! I guess you are ashamed of making that f00lish statement now.

          • Daniel

            That is NOT the issue.

            To even respond to that, who is Buhari begging for $30 billion dollars? You?

            Who are making his presidency possible? You?

            Please do not be an Ostrich.

            Answer the question : what will you lose in a fragmented Nigeria?

            Why do you enjoy backwardness.

            Why do you just prefer a sadistic life?

            What is romantic about a prison yard that has stifled your potentials?

            Address the issue, if you get me right.

          • tundemash

            If that wasn’t the issue, why did u bring it up ? You don’t make f00lish and inaccurate statement just to make a point.
            If you don’t like it in Nigeria, stop participating in Nigerian elections and governance; ask your House of Rep Members, House of Assembly Members, Senators, Ministers, Govs and others to stop participating in Nigerian elections and Governance and then, just maybe anyone would then take you serious. But for now, you are just suffering from post-election trauma!

          • Daniel

            You are still running round circles.

            Your narrow-minded tells you all the critics of Buhari are Igbos.

            And that Nigeria is what you wish of it right now?

            Why do you think so?

            Again, address the last comment I made before this one.

            Buhari himself is a perfect example of colonial mentality.

            Address the points.

          • tundemash

            Mor0n, stop being so agitated. If you have failed within the present Nigeria, nothing guarantees you will succeed elsewhere. I queried you on your f00lish whiteman god-like mentality which you didn;t respond to and yet you are insisting on me responding to certain trash? Your stup1d mentality is affecting you.

          • Daniel

            And I asked who is Buhari begging for loan?

            The Whiteman.

            Where is Chatham House located, that Buhari told a story of being a reformed democrat?

            The UK.

            Where does Buhari go for medical checkup?

            The UK.

            The Democratic Party that helped Buhari’s campaign is where?

            The US.

            Anyway, all of those reflect the elite disconnect with the reality.

            And Buhari and his co- ethnic champions claims leadership was handed them by the British colonialist, so they always pay homage.

            Buhari’s children attended UK universities.

            BUT, that aside, what will YOU LOSE, IF Nigeria breaks up?

            And HOW is Nigeria making your life better?

            Again, give me answers.

          • tundemash

            Keep ranting ! There are regulations on self-determination; go check the UN charter and foolow teh process instead of hallucinating daily online. AND PLEASE STOP VOTING IN NIGERIAN ELECTIONS AND ASK YOUR REPS TO COME HOME; is that difficult ?
            Same UK is what Kanu the terrorist was begging to come and help him out of his self-infliction.

          • Daniel

            I am ITSEKIRI OOOOH!

            Leave Igbos alone.

            There are lots of quiet calls to end this contraption.

          • Ebele Olisah


          • Okey Agugua

            Honestly you are intelligent. Tunde is no match to you.

          • Ebele Olisah

            Calm down… Calm down. No need for insults. Whenever a debate about disintegration is on, you all let your frustrations rule the conversation. These debates are necessary and would continue until we achieve a workable solution. Nigeria has not worked for 56 years. Something is wrong somewhere.

          • Powerlessconscious

            Who did USA (the country with highest debt in the world) begged for loan? Who did gej begged for loan to pay workers salaries in 2014?

          • Daniel

            Please go back to the first comment that led to this stage.

          • Ebele Olisah

            And yet you are in a system created by the same white man, for his administrative convenience. Lol. A bit of double standard from you isn’t it?

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            And don’t some white people want the division of Nigeria? It would make sense when you will have three or more weak rump states with valuable natural resources to exploit and also no African power to wield influence. Let us not forget that France that keeps its hold on Francophone West Africa fears a strong Nigeria more than anything. A strong Nigeria would challenge French influence after all.

          • Daniel

            What influence does Nigeria wield right now?

            Is NATO made up of one country?

            We also have the Gulf States doing well independently , but united in foreign policy and security.

            We can fragment and form a convenient alliance.

            A Northerner can never agree on the policy a Southerner put in place to manage the Nigerian economy.

            The South believe in privately-run economy, while the North beloved so much in BIG government.

            So you see, this UNITY of deceit and poverty must stop.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            No, it is certain Northerners that don’t agree with the vision of a greater Nigeria just as there are Southerners who don’t agree. That is the real battle that we are in now. The North vs. South rivalry is nothing more than a sideshow to divert our attention. Finally you say that the North believes in big government yet many Northerners are forced to run a private economy of their own. I think those in the North will be receptive to a market driven system. It is just the elites (the oligarchs and the pro-Sharia groups) that really believe in big government and a mass distribution system of resources managed by them.

  • MO the Observer

    I thought Jonathan constructed all the neeeded and bad roads in southeast

    • Otile

      Senseless rant.

      • MO the Observer

        eeya dead, you don’t even know the meaning of rant… no wonder you just come on here to display your state of illiteracy…. whether you like it or not, your ineffectual buffoon GEJ will continue to suffer condemnation from Nigerians because he totally failed us

        • Nnamdi Ugwuadu

          If GEJ by your assessment is a failure, what then do you say about Buhari? Nigeria cannot go anywhere with the kind of mind set people like you have. We cannot pretend to be one when we know that we are not. For everything under Heaven, time and chance will determine what happens to them all.

          • tundemash

            Earlier in his address, the Chairman of the South East Council of Traditional Rulers, Eze Eberechi Dick, had made requests for roads, other projects among other issues, even as he assured the president of their support for his leadership and programmes.

            But have those roads, railways lines, 3rd, 4th & 5th Niger bridge, hospitals and other projects built by the super ineffectual buffon suddenly disappeared ???

          • MO the Observer

            Ask them for me o tunde

          • Patriot01

            On point

          • Nnamdi Ugwuadu

            Obasanjo your brother used the 2nd Niger bridge to win his election in the East. GEJ came and awarded the contract to a foreign firm and your Hausa/Fulani brother went to South East and changed his name to Okechukwu all in the name seeking for our votes, as soon as he resumed in the office, the contract of 2nd Niger Bridge was cancelled. Now that we say to one Nigeria, he has suddenly remember that railway will come to South East. We cannot be pacified with such petty projects.

          • MO the Observer

            They have come with panelbeating lies o. GEJ said the bridge is under construction, he even showed a fake constructed bridge during his campaign, and the whole stuup-endous ibo people affirmed his claim, only to lament to Buhari that 2nd Niger bridge was a scam

          • MO the Observer

            Nnamdi, GEJ spent 6 years, looted massively, even his wife was storing dollars in her house… You think all those careless looting will not affect the nation? I can see how cueless you are. Plus you minus you, Buhari will prevaik your chairman’s damage. One year is too small for ypu to begin to cry wolf.

          • Nnamdi Ugwuadu

            It looks like you guys understand the word clueless newly that’s why everybody is clueless before your eyes. Have you ever try to compare the prices of goods and services during GEJ and what they are now? You called me a bad driver, I am able to drive and park the car for 6 years without accident and someone else came and drove the car for only 2 years and put the car into recession and coma, who among us is clueless?

          • MO the Observer

            Listen to yourself, you drove and pack a knocked engine car, and you expect the new driver to donmiracle for it to kick start?

  • Henry

    Breakup, the only solution!

  • Decimator

    “The question of having another country out of Nigeria is going to be very difficult. From 1914, we have more than 200 cultures living with one
    another. God had endowed this country with natural resources and talented people. We should concentrate on these and be very productive,” the President said.

    It is interesting to observe the toning down of the former Autocratic Rhetoric of Mohammadu Buhari and his co-civil war generation whereby the non–existing one Nigerian Unity is non-Negotiable and merited an indivisible status. Now he seems to have admitted that the so called Unity of the Nigerian enclave is in reality divisible but according to him difficult. He really deserves a high commendation on that rethink.

    On the other hand Buhari admitting that despite Gods endowment of the country with natural resources and talented people over the years (of which I should presume that he is one of them),Nigeria is not productive as supposed, whereby one should now concentrate on these and be productive, seriously poses the question, why?

    It is on this note that I humbly remind him and his complots, that the instrument which in this case is the natural resources he mentioned coupled with the talented people together, can only be productive in a sustainable and conducive environment. And that is what has remained impossible to attain under the non-existing one Nigeria Unity that is non-Negotiable and merited an indivisible status.

    Nations are not there for people of one or more ethnic groups to just get along with one another and produce the president in turns, but to lay the foundation for each and every one of its citizens to excel and achieve his or her maximum potentials.
    This has remained summarily impossible under the un-existing one Nigeria Unity over the years.

    In earnest, the more sustainable, but difficult solution of division of the country according to Buhari, but leading to a likelier chance of good governance, remains a more credible and easier attainable alternative to ensure the citizens welfare that has become impossible with the present non-existing one Nigeria Unity Principle. I hope they also have a rethink on that also.

    Again Buhari consistently refuses to mention his Fulani herdsmen menace as a threat to National security but rather, Kidnapping and cattle rustling (cattle stealing).Very interesting.

  • Wale

    Mr President, what is so “difficult” in carving out five states that made up their enclave and let them step.
    Ain’t you tired of these noises and let downs?
    Drugs in the azz here today; execution there tomorrow,
    The best, the smartest, the smartest, the richest, and yet, the …………

    To tell you the truth, Buhari wants Biafra just as much as myself and many Yoruba folks wants and will surely make it happen.

    Hail Biafra
    The land of the rising Sun, but no air conditioning.

  • Otile

    Buhari cannot sell his unjust policies to any sensible person. How can he borrow $2.1 billion to help NE attacked and partly destroyed by Boko Haram while he refuses to give some part of that money to SE he fought and completely destroyed himself? All the lucrative oil blocks are retained in the North and he refuses to give Easterners some. Now he is telling those he cheated that it will be very difficult to breakup one Nigeria. What are we uniting to do, to achieve injustice?

    • aboki

      Otile United Nigeria is to your own benefits as there more IGBO in diaspora then in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Kai kanka a Arewacin Nigeria kake enjoying all bounties

      • Daniel

        A UNITED Nigeria as it is currently is a waste of time and space.

        I am not Igbo. But in the event there is a Biafra, not all Igbos in the diaspora are obliged to come home.

        Most of them are already citizens where they are.

        This is unity in deceit and poverty.

        At a minimum, we need a con-federation

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    Though breaking up Nigeria is not only very difficult, but potentially catastrophic, so is continuing with the status quo structure. I think Buhari is now acting as if he is realizing this fact. Word has come in that he is backing a bill that will turn security of oil installations over to communities and the companies. That with the passage of the PIB in the 2008 form (or 2012 form removing the powers of the Petroleum Minister to decide who gets to flare gas among those who produce more than 50,000 bpd and augmenting the powers of the executive branch in oil block awards) will be of great help with stability in the Niger-Delta. We need more than that, but those two bills would be of great help.

  • Xobrandy


    That one (1) billion Naira BUHARI put in Brigadier Marwa’s pocket

    There’s nothing difficult at all in breaking up a bad country. Buhari
    should stop threatening Nigerians to put up with a mess. The only antidote to
    break up is to make Nigeria work in the interest of all the people as a
    collective. Otherwise it is better and easier to break up Nigeria than to keep
    enduring a country that’s become an albatross.

    Nigeria today has no path for anyone who desires progress and does not
    want to steal or rob the treasury. Under President Muhamadu Buhari Nigeria is
    being used to work for the Muslims, the northerners, and the retired military

    That is why President Buhari quietly or perhaps secretly hauled one (1)
    billion Naira from the Central Bank into the waiting hands of Brigadier Buba
    Marwa last year July – within 60 days of Buhari resuming office, as if the
    purpose of the 2015 election was to illicitly enrich Brigadier Buba Marwa under
    the table. Such a country is a bad country where half the populace is wickedly
    excluded from a pursuit of happiness.

    • Chukwuka Okoroafor

      Perhaps this will stop the attempt and I believe that a solution will come in the future. But for one, there were multiple times that Nigeria could have broken up. 1966, 1967-70, 1978, 1993, 1998-2000, and the magic year of 2015 were those instances yet Nigeria remained one through it all. Most other nations would have been done in (maybe except for the DRC which also mystifies analysts). Many, including myself, would say that it is divine providence that has held Nigeria for this long. Plus, you have to see other examples where breakups were violent or violence followed in the years after. Yugoslavia and the USSR both fit that bill. Also, it wasn’t just Buhari who said this. Okonjo-Iweala said the very same thing about 2 years ago.


    With a sectional president who dwells on tribal and religious parameters , a president who governs in a very non-inclusive manner, a president who shows disdain for huge portions of the country he ought to govern , breaking up is very easy.

    • Daniel

      There is a funny character called Tundemash on the forum…

      I need him to tell me what he would LOSE, if this geographical joke breaks up.

      We all have one life to live.

      And that life must not be wasted on an unworkable space.

      I live in a prosperous country of 2.5 million population.

      • Talk true

        Prosperous country? Shame on you

        • Daniel

          Na you sabi.

  • Lanre

    Mohammudu Buhari. Nobody wants to break up Nigeria more than you. You Hausa-Fulani political elite are the greatest culprits. You have appointed only people from your ethic stock to sensitive positions with impunity; Ibrahim Babangida annulled a free and fair election today he is regarded as a leader of the North (Hausa- Fulani); Sani Abacha superintended the murder of Abiola’s household and made sure the winner of the June 12, 1993 elections would not celebrate his victory. You and your people have a different set of laws (Sharia) by which you live; you kill Southerners in the North with impunity. Forget about your nostalgic attachment to your civil war exploits against the Igbos. Like Soviet Union, Nigeria will eventually dissolve into its organic, natural political entities. There is nothing you, Obasanjo or anyone else can do about it.

    • Nnamdi Ugwuadu

      You are on point bros.

  • Okey Agugua

    Difficult but not impossible.

  • Intrepid

    Be a President to all. That is the only antidote to agitations. Gun
    point unity can never stand the test of time, especially to those who
    know what FREEDOM means. That 97%/5% statement made all your unity
    doctrine hallow. Your statements and action are the cause of agitations.

  • Nnamdi Ugwuadu

    I will like to remind Mr. president that breaking up Nigeria is the easiest thing that can happen. For the fact that IPOB has taken the part of non violent in their quest for freedom should not make people think that they are joking. If they have decided to go by the other way, Nigeria today would have been a thing of the past. Let us not be insensitive of the fact that people are not interested in shading innocent blood and come into conclusion that breaking Nigeria is difficult. Is railway the only thing that people of South East can benefit from your administration? You want the Judiciary to perform magic when the Executive is watching thousands of Nigerians die everyday because of poverty and hunger without proffering solution to the economic vices. How can the judges be serious with your anti corruption policy when your political party is a safe heaven for the looters? Orji Uzor Kalu was on the black book of EFCC but as soon as he joined APC he suddenly becomes a saint. Rotimi Amaechi, Baba Tunde Fashola, Tinumbu and the rest of other looters are under the insurance cover of your party, yet, you want the court to speed up action. Mr. president who is deceiving who in this Country?

  • ahmed

    Your father IBB, Abacha, Buhari, Ababakar Salam, Atiku, Emir of Kano,
    Sultan of Sokoto etc looted Nigeria. Hausa/Fulani are eating HARAM
    MONEY. Hausa/Fulani hate Southerners yet they are fighting for HARAM
    MONEY. Resources from infidel land is HARAM yet your brother Buhari is
    dying for it. The biggest thieves in Nigeria is Hausa/Fulani who have
    no shame.

    • aboki

      Fake Ahmed why the abuses. Remember those DRUG PUSHERS and 419ners with Products of baby factories coupled with kidnappers to mentioned few. Those in glass house should not throw stone

  • blueeyedkitten

    some of you id!ots were not even paying attention to what the president was saying. your irrational hatred is making you talk irrationally. if youre so irrational and insensitive to simple and clear words he uttered, how is that antbody’s faults.

    • Aminu Baba

      Don’t mind the idiots. Na hatred go kill them one by one

      • Daniel

        You must have been looking for a partner in ignorance and ethnic championship.

        The poorest part of Nigeria today is the North.

        So when will you stop the ‘rankadede’ followership and call your thieving and oppressive Northern elite, including the current president , to order?

        Sadism is your lot….

    • Daniel

      What did the president say,Mr Secretary?

  • ita ekpo

    Mr president buhari whyi is it rethinkable for what one has made his mind for. Did you go to school at all to understand that nigeria is not the first or the last for agitating for freedom. Biafra the name you hear are you not made to understand that is not your wish. That is what the above have known. Your power is either you accept or you follow with grave. Because you are standing on God creation. I bet you buhari biafra is in your hand to announce even though you are the pharaoh to the struggle. Is you that God has used come rain come sun. Whatever you and your plan member doing it will be a failure at end. The only way you defeat biafra is when this type of struggle have not been in action to other countries.

    • MO the Observer

      Your English needs to be polished… Address your education before addressing PMB’s own.. You guys are not ready to go, as your kins men are agitating for more appointments under Buhari. In a country you called zoo?

      • ita ekpo

        To enlighten you in spirit of biafra this time is not man creation. Is words that have been predicted. So whoever stand on the way of biafra freedom will be grave by thunder or untimely died but not by man. Where were you when biafra as a new nation is coming. Biafra is prophetsy on where no man mind can not mess with. Amechi the leader campaign head of nigeria leader bribing look at him to know his day is in number. Nobody is going to use gun on him but the spirit of the lord will keep him where he will belong.

        • MO the Observer

          did I read you saying spirit?lol, you no like ghost… your English stinks… leave God from your struggle, all this your curses are meant for you and likes… you can cry a river for all I care

          • ita ekpo

            My last name is ghost so beware. English can not be stinks because is language. Is only things like body or dead things. Yes you do hear me mentioning spirit because the holy ghost spirit is my believe as weapon of defeating evil man like your brother PMB. Any other power is powerless. I have to mention God name because he is master of overall power under heaven and earth. If i don’t mention him who will i call for in time of trouble. You want me to call you with no justice to human kind. The one above who is not to bribe or bear no false witness of close door is my strengh and my power. Your brother or cousin killing young girl and children. When he got home he saw his daughter greeting papa welcome. But to others he bow to kill them. His daughter got married he happy others daughter who would have also married he put their family to sorrow. What are you thinking when God will show him his reap fruit. By then you will say is biafra. Our hand is not there. Biafra is our home by history for real. So don’t be grieved because of that name biafra. Because only that by hearing any evil bow down or be a victim. Is your brother PMB eating well. As the wrath of God will take him in hour he did not expect. Again let him put this in his reminder note that all he is doing will hang his family at the end. The cane that will beat him for his killing. You that hold the sheep of the lord let it go. He already been wrath by prayer which he is finish only you see him by cloth. But you don’t know inside of him.

          • MO the Observer

            What a voluminous expression that lacks intelligent ingredients.. Mind you, figure of speech allows me to use ‘stinks’ in my expression, that is if you know what is figure of speech;do yourself a favour, kindly google figure of speech, it will stretch your knowledge .. Death knows no age. Dey there dey wait for PMB death. I dey laff your Biafran generation

          • ita ekpo

            My friend i’m not God to wish one’s dead. But you must understand that he buhari curse himself to that because he already bind himself with prayer of innoncence blood. He has his children to enjoy with but to other he bow to kill. The people that are not using weapon he kill. Is people animal. Is it because he has cow made him not to know difference btw people an cow.. He is lucky people leave off evil thing they were doing. Else him and his family will too be in the same sorrow that he put parents.

          • MO the Observer

            Bro, Buhari is not a murderer, he is a leader, God doesn’t answer your kind of prayers because he is on the right course. People praying for his success is more than you people praying for his downfall. What baffles me is that you Biafran agitators didn’t agitate during JONA’s regime, why now?

          • ita ekpo

            My friend i was looking for question like this from you. May you be bless by the all mighty father. You sometime you have brother who have money. May be you don’t have like him. You want to buy like moto but you short of money to buy. You went for you brother he decline you. But have no help as where to have the balance. As you thinking where to get the money. Your old friend came to visit you. But you shame not to ask him. But through his hearing from a friend. He came to render you for that money. Who do you think is your brother. Let get to to the right handsiide of the fence. In. Other word you have ask why this request not in jonathan ruled. The answer Is that in everything there is time. If they agitate this during jonathan time. It will look as he is the one who sponsor it. Beside that the north thern will not be happy. What will happen something will not be the same. The next thing war. As buhari come in they believed that as hausa fulani come to power is the right time. If Freedom is been given by hausa fulani all fire will be easy to quench. Sw and se if the did trouble will come. Is not a crime but know is in constitution and is the right of every nation. Can you name where people are agitating where they killed. Not unlike they go by destruction or killing human life. Is only in africa. Why because concortion of what we call nigeria. Was a written agreement that will stay forever. Secondly you said those prayer are greater than those not pray for him for better. Under buhari alot happened famine. People who can not feed how will they pray than prayer for him.

  • ita ekpo

    As you are against biafra agitation as independent country. Your daughter you let her go to oversea to be a citizen of that foreign land. Did you ask her to rethink before she become citizen. As your daughter have right to flight out of nigeria to another country to file as citizen so as every clans or regions have right to decide for what they need. What i will tell you is that you have built nigeria with blood of innoncence biafra. The blood you think you are all all in power will sick you wherever you will be. If their demand for is not come to reality. You are military judge Dss sss is your time. But the one whose punishment is not by bribe kidnapping herbman or boko haram. When his time come who are you to have that power. Your days is number where you will stand to answer judgement on earth before men. Every day is for the thief but one day is for the owner of the land.

  • Excisionist

    PT is engaged in unprecedented censorship. Another name for Premium Times could well be Heavy Censorship. They remove any comments that are not favorable to jihadism. That has been the case since northern thieving Islamists used the money stolen from the south to buy the original Premium Times. SHAME !

  • ita ekpo

    There is satanic thing that is going on now in the north about first degree graduate is now target and kill. One is lady second is a man. The north look like if they don’t want biafra or sw to have people with highier degree come out to live. So that they will not occupy office. As they are not up to that degree to occupy office. One nigeria until we are all been killed before we come to our senses. How many time would you allow stick to hit you. Before you know what do. This a new northern style of elimenating our people with high degree graduate.

  • Excisionist

    The south-east is in a precarious situation. On the one hand Buhari (with his 1960s mentality) does not want any restructuring of Nigeria as recommended by the National Conference. On the other hand they suffer the worst kind of exploitation, discrimination and neglect.

    While the wealth from the south is siphoned to the Islamic North, there is hardly and federal infrastructure in the south east.

    Most of the siphoned wealth is in the hands of a few individuals and the rest used in a cycle of development and destruction. The infrastructure built in the north gets destroyed when they go into their perennial frenzy of Islam inspired violence. What’s more; perpetrators are in most cases rewarded (with the siphoned wealth) instead of being punished

    Meanwhile most of the development in the south-east are by self help. It is the only place in the country where communities contribute to build their own roads and tare them instead of government . . .

    As if this neglect is not enough the insensitive jihadist leadership (who control the Army) conduct operations which they deliberately and cynically name “crocodile smile” and “python dance” to intimidate and humiliate the people of the south-east and South-South and prove to them that they have absolute power. Why not name the fight against Boko Haram and other Islamic terrorists “Operation Hyena laughter”

    While Boko Haram is defeating the army and advancing southwards and Fulani herdsmen are destroying farms, raping, maiming and razing towns and villages in the south-east, the Nigerian army led by illiterate jihadists are prioritizing attack on innocent, unarmed protesters. What a shame !

    Buhari’s nefarious jihadist agenda is being manifested.