Senate blocks move to summon SSS boss over raids on judges

Nigerian Senate
Nigerian Senate

The Senate has stood down a proposal to invite the Director General of the State Security Service, Lawan Daura, over the ongoing clampdown on suspected corrupt judges.

In a motion brought as matter of urgent national importance by Joshua Lidani (PDP-Gombe), the Senate was asked to look into the action of the SSS which led to arrest of seven judges in the early hours of Saturday.

One of the resolutions canvassed by Mr. Lidani was that the Senate should invite Mr. Daura to explain why his agency carried out the action the way it did without deference to the constitutional responsibility of the National Judicial Council.

When Mr. Saraki called for vote to uphold Mr. Lidani’s prayer, Senators yelled “ayes” and later “nay” in somewhat equal proportion.

Then, Mr. Saraki put the question again resulting in similar response as the first.

He then ruled “the nays have it”, translating to defeat of the proposal to invite Mr. Daura.

Specifically, Minority Leader, Godswill Akpabio, supported the prayer that Mr. Daura be invited.

But other Senators did not touch that part of the prayers sought.

The Senate however condemned the raid on residences of the Judges.


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  • linkhadj.

    The corrupt Senate wants to cripple any anti-corruption move as a way of self-preservation.

    • ayobamiba

      Corruption in Nigeria is perversive, no part or section of Nigeria is free from corruption, no single Nigerian can beat his chest and declare himself guiltless over the acts of corruption. From the students who do expo in the exam hall,the teacher who organized lessons for pay instead of doing the job for which he is been paid,to doctors who corner patients to their private clinics instead of giving them full attention at the public health institutions where they are employed and paid,to politicians who bribe citizens for votes,citizens who collects bribes before voting a candidate, pastors who collects Church offering, tithes and gifts and apply it for their parochial needs,lawyers who bribes the registrars,judges to get favourable judgment, police man who collects bribes on the roads and in their stations, traditional rulers who sends area boys to collect illegal levies from hawkers,drivers and bikes,omo onile who after selling their lands goes again to intimidate property developers to part with money,government workers who collect tips before attending to citizens, contractors who does shoddy jobs after being paid,government employees who attends to their duty post at their convenience while being paid, President and political leaders who discrimates against citizens based on political, ,ethnic, religious and parochial considerations. Citizens who doesnt pay the right taxes.Etc etc etc.let he that is guiltless throw the first stone.what Nigeria need is a holistic war against corruption that will affect all corrupt citizens and force all to change and not this wishy washy and pick and shop syndromes.


    The Judiciary, The Legislature & The Executive Need to Be Cleansed. All Reeking With Decadence & Decay.

    There Are Too Many Corrupt & Dishonest Men & Women In Sensitive Institutions In Nigeria.

    We Need The Law Enforcement Agencies To Be Even More Aggressive In Their Investigation & Prosecution of Corrupt Public Officers In All Institutions, Ministries Department & Agencies Of Government.

    Elect ONLY Honest & Dedicated Public Officials: www electionoffenders ng

  • kusanagi

    ayes and nays. If it isn’t obvious put it to a vote or a simple show of hands. I mean what if the nays were merely shouting louder than the ayes despite there being more ayes….

    • Broadway2

      What if the ayes were also shouting? You have your interest on one side.

      • kusanagi

        The article states:

        “Senators yelled “ayes” and later “nay” in somewhat equal proportion.”

        It’s impossible for the senate pres to know which side won hence me asking for a more scientific approach. A show of hands and a count. You have zero idea where my interests fall and it’s completely besides the point.

        The point is no one can really say. Shouting ayes and nays is kinda redundant.

  • George

    This is it, Saraki work for the presidency as the presidency has worked for Saraki by withdrawing his purported forged cases and the North have their ways why Tinubu loses again and again.

    • tundemash

      And yet you wailed here when Saraki was charged to court. Why not focus on your monkey business ?

      • ayo

        sure you haven’t heard that the AGF is filing the forgery charges again but this time individually it was only withdrawn so as to perfect the motion on the advise of the federal government appointed prosecutor. The AGF confirmed this today

    • Rommel

      In a democracy,deals are made between executive and legislative arm which is what Obama tried to do but the GOP changed then speaker Boehner with Paul Ryan who was specifically elected to oppose Barack Obama.

    • Don’t be deceived, Tinubu is still in control. Just wait and see. The game has just started. #I_Respect_Tinubu

    • Mufu Ola

      Childish.What’s Tinubu got to do with that?

    • ayo

      I am sure you haven’t heard that the AGF is filing the forgery charges again but this time individually it was only withdrawn so as to perfect the motion on the advise of the federal government appointed prosecutor. The AGF confirmed this today

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Both senate and house of representatives chambers are full of looters and thieves of our national commonwealth hence, Nigerians should not be surprised that the house of representatives are inviting DSS because, DSS arrested those bribes taker judges for corruption crimes.Current members of senate and house of representatives are corrupt-ridden elements who are advanced in embezzlement of our funds and assets.

    • ayobamiba

      Even the executive is not free

  • Muhammad

    The decision was most responsible .
    The entire chamber should go above scheduling time for clearance or explanations from suspicious actions . There are quick resolving means that will save its time for more serious things for national concern . The mid course is to interact with the relevant committee . In this case , it is not serious enough for committee action . And if in the evaluation of the Senate it is a matter of national interest , a letter will do . All citizens visited and arrested deserve equal attention .

  • The-LAW


  • Igbo politician why?

    can anything good comes out from darkness? That is the reason BIAFRA WILL STAND

  • ayobamiba

    This comedy show is getting bizarre, please Mr President, can you take this corruption fight beyond the level of witch hunting and vindictiveness.
    we have had enough of all this corruption induced media dramatization ,frenzy and celebration of corruption in Nigeria. What has been going on could at best be regarded as half hearted feeble fondling with corruption. My take is that there is not yet a sincere national holistic manhunt for corruption such that can cause fear ,awe and deterrent against the acts of corruption. If buhari is fighting corruption and right under his nose,acts of corruption is been carried on with impunity, it means we are just been over dramatising and regaling ourselves in the frenzy of self defeating hypocrisy akin to abachas and objs fight against corruption. Let buhari develop a clear and unambiguous anticurruption road map bill and send to Nass on the real brutal war against corruption. Let a national emergency be declared against corrupt practices as a nation being invaded by external aggressive enemy must do to survive. Let a separate anti corruption agencies peopled by highly intelligent legal minds ,tried and proved incorruptible Nigerians ,who are passionately angry against corruption be immediately established in all the states of Nigeria.let d duration for every corruption case be nothing more than 18 months . let specialized anti corruption courts be set up like tribunals , and let them be fully independent from our normal judiciary. The corruption courts should be protected with ouster clauses to prevent the normal courts from intruding into the cases before them. let them have powers to summon and stripe even the President of his immunity once prima facie case of corrupt practice had been established against him after due diligence investigations by crack team of unbiased, untainted and uncompromising investigators. let both the anti corruption courts, agencies, etc be insulated from executive, legislative and judicial pandering /interference. let them be fully independent with full powers to arrest even the President if he puts himself into corrupt practices. the appeal arising from the tribunals shall go straight to the special anti corruption supreme court which shall be solely established for that purpose and which shall have equal and coordinate jurisdictions with the supreme court of Nigeria. all appeals to the anticorruption supreme court must be decided within 90 days. let total forfeiture of all life acquisitions and properties of a convicted corrupt persons, with death penalty be the punishment for corrupt practices. Also corruption must be defined to include wilful marginalization ,cheating or discrimination of any zone , citizens or part of Nigeria because of their tribe,faith,religion , ethnicity or political leaning in the discharge of government polices,appointments and sharing of political or government patronages in Nigeria. corruption war in Nigeria shall not be successful when the actions and inactions of authorities concerned are tainted with bias,nepotism, wilful malicious tendencies, discrimination against citizens based on tribe /religion, political inclinations and wilful circumventing of rules and laws etc. A corruption war that is not fought on clear and unambiguous transparent framework is bound to pull Nigerians twards tribal,ethnic ,religious and parochial narratives. Nigeria needs an anti corruption war that is all inclusive and encompassing and must not respect age,status,tribe,race,ethnicity, religion, political affiliations etc. Buhari should set up an anti corruption strong door where every Nigerian citizen who have held political office , government contractor,civil servants,trade unionists, pastors ,immams,business men who withheld their taxes etc since 1983 must have to pass through to justify his /her wealth without any discrimination or application of unorthodox manipulation . whosoever that got trapped in that door must pay the greatest prize for his /her corruption.If buhari can do this and enforce it to the letter, within 24 months,Nigeria shall be free of anything corruption. This is d way to go about this war and all patriotic citizens shall support it with burning passion. May God give our President more grace , wisdom and courage to follow this pathway. Making some scapegoats of corruption war is not in the overall interest of justice and fairness.

  • Guest

    One hand washes another, abi? President Buhari, senator Saraki, …una well done, we sabi your late night gentlemen agreement.