Eight more Nigerian judges to be arrested in SSS clampdown

Symbol of law and justice, law and justice concept, focus on the scales
Symbol of law and justice, law and justice concept, focus on the scales

At least eight more senior judges in Nigeria are being investigated for corruption and may be arrested anytime from now, PREMIUM TIMES has learnt.

The eight are part of 15 judges that are being investigated by the State Security Service for alleged corrupt practices.

Already, seven judges were arrested between Friday night and Saturday morning in raids that have been condemned by lawyers and Nigerian rights groups.

The seven judges arrested and currently in detention at the SSS office are Justice Inyang Okoro and Sylvester Ngwuta of the Supreme Court; Adeniyi Ademola of the Federal High Court, Abuja; Kabir Auta of the Kano High Court; Muazu Pindiga of the Gombe High Court, Mohammed Tsamiya of the Court of Appeal in Ilorin, and the Chief Judge of Enugu State, I. A. Umezulike.

Messrs Umezulike, Auta, and Tsamiya had earlier been recommended for sack by the National Judicial Council for alleged corrupt activities.

The seven arrested judges were still at the SSS office on Sunday evening, PREMIUM TIMES learnt.

A source at the headquarters of the security service also confirmed that the judges were allowed to see their families and have made relevant statements to the security agency.

Although the identity of the eight others being investigated is not yet clear, at least one of them is a member of the Supreme Court, a source said.

Apart from the judges, at least three members of the registry staff of relevant courts have also been invited for questioning by the SSS and have made “relevant statements,” the source said.

On Saturday, the security service gave reasons why it arrested the judges.

In a statement, the SSS said it also recovered various sums of money from those arrested including over N93 million in cash as well as over $530,000 in cash.

The mode of arrest of the seven judges has led to intense criticism from Nigerians including by the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), and foremost rights group, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP), which asked President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately order the release of the judges.

“The judges may be released even this evening or tomorrow, once they finish with their statements which we are allowing them write at their own pace,” our source said.

An emergency meeting called by the NJC on the arrests is expected to hold on Monday in what may pit the Judiciary against the executive arm of government.


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  • Osebe

    On the molestation and kidnap of Judges and their families by Buhari’s dogs; it’s like beating up the referee in a football match.The NBA has ordered their unconditional release,else….

    • Solicitor & Advocate

      Premium Times Editor,

      In the matter of Justice Adeniyi Ademola…as he then was

      My privilege
      as Nigerian-licensed Solicitor abroad was breached by Justice
      Adeniyi Ademola of the Federal High Court, Abuja, who is reported by his
      stewards to have run upstairs immediately the SSS team arrived his gate.
      According to his stewards, Justice Admola instructed and said whilst fleeing
      upstairs that the stewards should tell lies to the SSS men that he – Justice
      Ademola – has traveled out of Abuja to Benin city in Edo state. His stewards
      did as instructed.

      But the SSS insisted that the stewards should call Justice Ademola in their
      presence to be sure. They did and Justice Ademola repeated the lies on phone
      that he was answering the phone call from Benin city in Edo state, whereas he was
      upstairs locked, in his bedroom. With GPS tracking the SSS located where Justice
      Ademola was – right inside the house – and SSS proceeded to break the door to
      his bedroom where he was hiding and SSS bundled him straight into prison.

      • Solicitor & Advocate

        ………….(2) In the matter of Justice Adeniyi Ademola

        Question is: Why did Justice Ademola panic and run upon seeing SSS men
        arrive the gate of his residence? Why did Justice Ademola tell lies that he was
        out of state? What was Justice Ademola hiding from a law enforcement agency?
        These questions were not asked or answered by Nigerian newspapers I read online.
        I am rather dis-appointed at such journalistic incuriousity. It is below par. For were
        such lies told in the open court of Justice Ademola (as he was until yesterday when
        he became an accused in criminal in prison custody) he would have sent the liar
        to prison for contempt of court and for perjury. So, what exactly is wrong now that
        Justice Ademola himself is now in prison for the same misconduct?

        • amah sossy

          i wish i will be reading from nigerian like you online everyday. You just made my day and ushered me into a new blissful week. Nigeria will be great again. keep it up.

        • Abey

          Tnx bro… Same question keeps running tru ma mind.

        • Ali mubi

          You made a lot of sense.Nigerians are behind PMB to help them eradicate the menace of corruption no matter whose ox is gored.SSS please ignore the corruption apologists and do your job meticulously.

        • Iskacountryman

          child …in nigeria…when armed men come to your house at 1am, run towards them and let them in…you must be an imbecile…

      • NwaIgbo

        Hhahaha, rat Justice always lying, his “Benin Bedroom” now will be Kuje.

    • mybros

      You don’t know what you are saying.
      It’s either you benefit from these corrupt looters or you don’t even know what is good for your progress.
      The arrest of suspected corrupt judges is a very welcome development.
      The government should be encouraged to maintain the tempo and rid the system of corruption. This will benefit the common Man on the street.
      Th NBA or whatever they are called should cover their face on shame for trying to support “their own” who have cases to answer. No wonder these lawyer troop to court to defend looters and corrupt politicians all the time. They seem to benefit from the corruption themselves. God will deliver Nija fully from these cabal.

      • NwaIgbo

        Shameless NBA.

        • Abey

          I weep for my country with this our judiciary that’s nothing but a useless entity.

    • blackdove

      Else what? Toothless dogs.

    • Adeyi

      Is that how the judiciary works? The NBA simply orders their release? OK nah! The NBA had better also order the immediate release of the scores of innocent citizens (who are our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, children etc.) wallowing in our inhumane jails.

    • Kallah Bature

      I hope you are not one of them in disguise.For the NJC and NBA what else do you expect when the continued calculated investigation can implicate some of them yet to be arrested?To be honest Osebe how many ordinary people who were alleged to have stolen a chicken or goat were vehemently defended by NBA,SERAP or NJC.Did you ever hear them asking for the release of a common thief before meaningful investigation. Please allow constituted authority like the SSD to do their job.

    • o. salu

      Wrong analogy. You are so disillusioned you don’t know your mouth from your ass. These same judges are the reason why we are where we are today. Take out the corrupt judges, and the thieving legislators will have no where to hide. Next stop is the so called SAN, defenders of iniquity.

  • Omoba1

    This is a shame. I don’t understand the extraordinary meeting that the NJC is trying to pitch itself against the executive. They should be ashamed on themselves. This is a disgrace to our justice system and to Nigeria as a country. I am ashamed of being a Nigerian

    • delta K

      Yes o they should be ashamed just like you ashamed of your useless father and mother ko

      • Omoba1

        I don’t think you are human. I am sorry I will not reduce myself to be entrapped with the disturbances that may be unsettling you. I am entitled to my opinions

        • Adeyi

          Don’t mind delta K. Simply can’t engage in fruitful discussion. I guess that would amount to some kind of mental fatigue. You say something and all they know is your mama and papa.

          • ebong

            Delta k never had a good upbringing!

    • Oleku

      You should be ashamed of being an APC zombie who can’t think on their own but accept whatever dished by the janjaweeds APC. Naija democracy is under threat ati risk return to dictatorship and you’re here saying rubbish-mumu.

      • kolly

        Enemy of state

      • o. salu

        And you should be ashamed for siding with corruption

  • FreeNigeria

    Nobody should feel sorry for these judges that’s turned judiciary to the highest bider. There should be more

    • dare ojo

      I learn they want to carry out nation wide protest hmmm !! we are waiting to counter protest them with full wrath and youth revolutionary .bastard people

  • Ogidiolu

    Judging from the sounding boards since the judicial clean up began, it appears that no well meaning Nigerian is unhappy with the arrest and detention of the suspect Judges over the weekend. So what does that tell you about the PDP’s melodramatic position on the issue? It should simply tell you that they are playing party politics over this issue. An issue which could not be more important to the resuscitation of Nigeria as a viable state. They should be ashamed of themselves. There is no greater good than the re-emergence of Nigeria as a sane society, and there is no issue of greater importance to that re-emergence than the complete dysfunctionality of the cesspool known as the Judiciary. Put simply, if we have an incorruptible Judiciary things get better we flourish and survive. If we do not then Nigeria will become a cautionary tale in the annals of history akin to a mother eating her own children. You decide.

    • Kallah Bature

      You can’t compare the wishes of over 100million Nigerians who are wallowing in abject poverty with that of a few corrupt individuals who form associations to foster their selfish interest.SSS please don’t listen to the distraction we are behind you.

  • North/West Allies

    So where is the controversial Okon Abang, because he is working for APC abi….hmm we are watching and waiting

    • Iskacountryman

      okon abang is a good boy…

    • Kenechi Casmir

      What did he do? his Judgement is clean.

  • Nuhu

    For a successful and effective fight against corruption, the judiciary must be cleansed up. Nigeria will be great.

  • NwaIgbo

    This is Christmas in October. The untouchables are heroically touched now and every Nigeria that corruption has scourged, devastated, plundered and oppressed is jumping for joy. Are we short of memory, didn’t Sheriff Buhari warned us that if we don’t kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria. Nigerians have died enough from the deadly effect of corruption and its enablers.
    Let corruption die and we will have:
    – uninterrupted electricity
    – food for every Nigeria family
    – Good Roads and efficient transportation systems
    – Airports that will compare with any other airports in the world
    – Seaports and riverine transportation
    – Jobs, Jobs for Nigerians and a jobless graduates
    -Efficient and Modern Hospitals and Medicines to go with
    -Kidnapping-free roads and highways
    -Full Industrialization
    – Abundant Houses for Nigerians etc

    Who in his sane mind is against just as mentioned above?
    What has hindered us from the above? CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION AND CORRUPTION!

  • joe

    Bring it on!. Go get them all. We can not continue to watch helplessly as criminal bandits in robes and agbada loot this country to carcass.

    • Willie Angus


      Not a few Nigerian Judges are animals without sense or shame. Nobody in the world believes Nigeria
      has a judiciary properly so-called. The verdicts the courts issue are so inane as to be nearly insane.
      The lawyers; and so-called S.A.N lawyers, who go to these execrable courts are as empty-headed,
      with scant sense or none at all. In this century, no Nigerian can recall any single brilliant argument
      ever made in a Nigerian court – not one single sensible argument. The problem with this judiciary
      is MENTAL DISSOLUTION – whence came bribery and corruption. Unless half these useless
      court judges are sent to prison and flogged, Nigeria has no chance of ever knowing real justice.

  • Mufu Ola

    This same NJC that always sit casually & leisurely on long intervals to determine issues that deserves urgency now remember to have have “emergency” meeting. Wonders!

  • Ijeuwa

    The fact before us is that the looters of yesteryears hijacked the judiciary for obvious reasons.

    • I just dey ask



      • Ijeuwa

        Abeg ask them o!

  • Michael

    I have always felt that Nigerians are beyond redemption. Although there are many good people, there is a sizeable people who are just morally irredeemable -for instance the lawyers who support the judges. Corruption means nothing to them. Let them go on strike. They are all a bunch of useless crooks pretending to be the custodians of the law.

  • Omoba1

    What people have failed to understand is that the prosperity of corruption in Nigeria continues to promote inequality between the haves and the haves not. The elites continue to cheat the system and general public. Their policies, attitude and conduct continue to encourage their grotesque behaviour. Surprisingly, these disgusting elites have supporters who I think need some form of deliverance

    • ???asking questions

      • What will be wrong with
      arresting the President of the Court of Appeal as well as the REGISTRAR OF THE
      COURT OF APPEAL at 2.00am for their inexplicable refusal since the year 2008 (till
      now) to schedule the case of perpetual injunction forbidding the EFCC from ever
      investigating or arresting Peter Odili for stealing the funds of Rivers State?

      • Ebun

        @disqus_Ogpo3s4qzW:disqus: Shut up there! Which ‘democracy’ did you have that’s been thrown to the dogs?
        Bola Tinubu was acquiring money anyhow at your expense. You called it ‘nascent democracy’.
        Now that Bola Tinubu hires aeroplanes to fly in anyone for lunch, you still say it is democracy.
        That is what you want to preserve, not so? You want Judges to keep ₦10million under the bed.
        That to you is the ‘nascent democracy’ that we must not throw to the dogs, right? You are sick!!

        • Town Crier

          Halliburton bribes in Nigeria now cry for justice

          • Chief of Air Staff, Air Vice Marshal A. D. Bello (alleged to have collected $15.7million using his foreign account, for himself and a former military head of state)
          • Alhaji Ibrahim Aliyu, elder brother of the Niger State governor and former federal permanent secretary alleged to have collected over $35million for himself and others including a former
          military head of state,
          • Alhaji Abdukadir Abacha, brother of late head of state (Sani Abacha) also alleged to have collected $7million using his foreign company as front,
          • Former Minister of Petroleum, Chief Dan Etete, alleged to have collected $3. 5million,
          using his oil company (Malabu Oil) as front;
          • Former Group Managing Director of the NNPC, Mr. Jackson Gaius Obaseki, alleged
          to have facilitated the collection of about $11million which was shared between
          Bodunde Adeyanju, former Special Assistant to former President Olusegun
          Obasanjo, and, a former Minister of State for Defence – Lawal Batagarawa.
          • Alhaji Gidado Bakare of the defunct CITI Bank who was detained for over one
          month during investigation. He was alleged to have collected more than
          $60million for himself, and for another former military head of state and
          for some other prominent persons in Northern Nigeria.

          • Iskacountryman

            my son…do you want to live long?…then stop mentioning halliburton…

    • Niyi Akinlabu

      My brother, that’s the paradox of Nigeria. The victims of malfeasance are the first to complain when justice is done. Psychologist have a word for it: Stockholm Syndrome

      • Peter_Edo


      • Epsilon_Delta

        Was the same “justice” given to Burutai, Damazua, Amaechi or even the SGF when proof of their corruption was everywhere?
        That’s why sane Nigerians see this as a ruse to grab absolute power like Mugabe.

        • Niyi Akinlabu

          Why didn’t your ‘man-friday’ Furtunato do it when he had the chance? Did Buratai, Amaechi just enter Nigeria? Ole gbogbo!

    • joe

      These kinds of principles and values you mentioned are foreign to a lot of our people.

      • emmanuel

        Noooo, do it right and we all support you.
        Follow investigation to the end and jail offenders irrespective of political leanings.
        Someone who received and laundered most of Uduaghan’s stolen monies joined the APC after the 2015 election and has today become unappointed Presidential aDVISER ON nIGER dELTA – SHAME

        • Dodondawa

          Ol boy, if you have that information and you are cork sure that the individual laundered money for Uduaghan, why don’t you file a complaint with concrete evidence with the EFCC and other security agencies, at least for the record.

          • Olusola

            He has none, just puffing!

        • Sir Demo

          He can jail anyone, only courts can! And these courts are headed by thieves.

    • emmanuel

      Absolute power corrupts and that is our concern. Buhari now have absolute powers, so he break into homes to arrest harmless suspected offenders.
      It is a path to anarchy

      • Williams Johnson Fortune

        I wish you and Joe understand what Omoba wrote, he was actually referring to your types, I mean you and the rest Masochists

        • Peter_Edo

          i nor sure say d guy know wettin be masochist!

  • Darlington

    It is obvious Buhari is heading towards destructible path Abacha travelled. Buhari may not end well. Our democracy has been thrown to the dogs.

    • emmanuel

      My comment the morning after Buhari emerged APC Presidential candidate in November 2014 after the $5,000.00 for vote bribe, “the end of Buharis second coming would be more disastrous than his first’
      He has completely messed up Nigeria 17 months after and over 96% of Nigerians want him out of the office today.
      We all know the APC could not have secured 20% of Edo Gubernatorial vote if not for INEC brazen and shameless rigging!

      • Olusola

        Buhari will be there after 2019 or Ribadu will take over in 2019. A very long night for looters, their wife, children and families. Sorry, but we must clean up!

        • Kenechi Casmir

          Yes ooo…I support u

      • Williams Johnson Fortune

        It 99.9% not 96. Mumu. Go and remove him na

      • Sir Demo

        If he is doing the right thing, may he lives longer and in excellent health. If not, let God save the nation from him.

        If you are on the side of truth, probity and better life for the masses, may you live long and enjoy Nigeria. If not, may God get rid of you and ur type for us.

        • Right Minded

          what about you, no prayer for yourself? Anyway let me help u out.. If you are senselessly defending Buhari’s recklessness and you know what u r doing is not good, may Sango and Obatala fire you and your family, but if u r on the side of the truth , may u live but not long…

          • Sir Demo

            But if you are on the side of the truth, may you live but NOT long? May God deal with you as you deserve.

      • dare ojo

        Who told you 96% Nigerian are against him! Well may be you are just a visitor. Except Buhari decides not to go for second term he will win exceptionally if you are not okay by it then go to court of corruption.

    • Dodondawa

      Darlington, do you live in another planet? Every Nigerian knows that these judges in collusion with the so called SANs are one of the major problems with have with corrupt practices. In Nigeria, justice is for the highest bidder and democracy does not thrive in a society where injustice is prevalent. Let PMB and the various security agencies take all necessary steps to fight corruption in the judiciary as long as they can show legally sufficient evidence for the arrest, interrogation and prosecution of the judges. Yes, I personally support the move because it is good for the society and our grandchildren. Enough is enough.

      • ukoette ibekwe

        You seem to be right just as Buhari flooded the courts with lawyers so that he won’t have to produce his secondary school certificate. Justice only for Buhari if not the judges are corrupt. Buhari has spent trillions of Naira since resuming office with nothing to show for. Should we ask the DSS and other law enforcement agencies to invade Aso Rock?

        • Sir Demo

          U are surely not from Calabar.

    • Sir Demo

      What about the judges recently retired for collecting bribes? What about the hepless hapless victims of money induced miscarriage of justice? Aren’t our judges corrupt? And proven to be corrupt even by the NJC? And what did that ugly thing call the CJN did? Retiring them and even asked one to return the bribe installmentally!

      Do you want the president to fold his arms and watched helplessly while a cabal keeps raping us daily mercilessly? NO SIR. OUR DEMOCRACY HAS JUST BEEN GIVEN A NEW LEASE OF LIFE.

      May God be with you Bubu for this uncommon courage. And Prof Sagay and his team.

    • dare ojo

      No way he cannot end the way of Abacha. Which democra’thieves’ are you talking about? Democracy of fraud and endemic corruption? People just used the name democracy to rob the nations wealth.

  • SAM .A

    PMB is just waking up , can somebody tell me on this medium when a Nigeria Judge was put in handcuff , tried and jailed ? None . Can u all recall the Ghanian Journalist who exposed their judges and the consequence , they dish out judgement in their courts and speared their judiciary , poor man , rich man , governors , generals, police IG Balogun , ministers ,Late Afolabi and co have all been jailed ,no single judge have been found wanting they are all angels in a corrupt nation . They are more corrupt than police , more notorious than politicians . Their worst punishment by NJC is to retire them to go and enjoining their loot . PMB ,incase you have just been told , these judges are the cog in the wheel of fighting against corruption . They are the ones perpetuating the status quo . Open up all of them hardly will you find ten that worth the name Judge in Nigeria. Big well done PMB.

    • emmanuel

      Lawyers are now among the richest in Nigeria, because the Judges help them to subvert justices, but we must do things right.
      I have been a victim of judicial perverse character, but that is not an excuse to run a despotic government. It will bounce back Particularly when such acts are against perceived enemies only, while mortaly corrupt cronies get protected and supervises such fight.

      • Mumu buhari minder

        So what—————————are lawyers in the USA and england— not the richest in the world—yeye ignoramus———————–evil to a fault in their hearts——————–except the Fulanis from the North————– niger deltans should not and have no right to own oil wells–are the Fulanis not the richest in your Nigeria-Monkey

  • River-of-Life

    Babylon is shaking

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    DSS and EFCC must cooperate and double up their actions against corrupt-ridden judges and justices in Nigerian courts up to supreme court level.Also,Nigerian police must be sanitized clean of bribery corruption practices which are highly endemic in the system.President M.BUhari,s government is really trying with regard to anti-corruption project and Nigerians home and diaspora must solidly support the current efforts of the government to rid Nigeria of endemic corruption stain.

    • Sir Demo

      Spot on Sir.

  • vagabonds in power

    Bingo Buhari is a National Disgrace————-a curse to the Nation————and the soul that gave birth to him in Niger Republic————Sadly its serves the Yorubas who used the CIA to impose such an unthinking monster on us-RIGHT—-Buhari is gradually leading Nigeria into a pariah status–with the outside world-In his Fulani mind a southerner cannot be the Chief Justice of the Federation—hence the move—–period—This is not a war against corruption because u cannot use corrupt ideas to fight corruption in Nigeria– Your wife is adjudged as a fraudster—-who is wanted in the USA and u say u want to fight corruption–how’? U stole our 2.8b—–and u are yet to account for it–and u say u want to fight corruption–u must be insane. Again when and where and at what time were they investigated by Bingo Buhari–and his Gestapo–was late- Tai Solarin investigated by Bingo Buhari b4 he sent him to prison?—What about Babatope—-and were they government officials—nay—————–Bingo Buhari has done it before—-with total disrespect for the rule——–of law—more than 30 years ago–when he sacked Shagari his Fulani brother————–and threw Nigeria into an economic turmoil–Except it concerns his Fulani brothers from Sudan——————–u go to jail——and enemies——like Dasuki to prison u go———and the name of fighting corruption——Yet his government has the most corrupt Ministers in the History of Nigeria—respect for the Rule of law—–is the ultimate goal of any Nation aspiring for greatness in the world——————–No nation progresses under the draconian rule of monsters like Buhari-freedom is our goal-regardless

    • ajwales

      Mad man, go and take your drugs…

    • zyak

      This human-like-thing must related to the mad dog called Fayose !

      • vagabonds in power

        U are not supposed to reside in civilized societies with humans–a dog is even better than your likes–we talk about the respect for the human race–and law–not the views like yours–monkey

        • Chukwudi

          Mr Vagabond is one of those that are pathologically intellectually challeged.
          he suffers from mental and intellectual laziness; moreso as his ability to crunch normal information has been adumbrated by his ethnic bias.
          Meanwhile, his kith and kin are perpetually in sufferance, bothering on beggarly because the judges continue to aid looters.

          He van not connect the fact that salaries are not regularly paid, roads are not well looked after. not to talk of medicare are all due to looters that are bleeding us all dry!

          Please remeber Mr Vagabond in your prayers that God wilol open his intellect

          Since when last has he said anything that bothers on common sense?

    • Rommel

      We love PMB and support him 100% in going after corruption

      • dare ojo

        No! 1000% backing

    • Rommel

      It is possible that if we dig a little deeper into your family history,it may turn out that you may be from Equatorial Guinea so be careful what you throw at people

      • Sir Demo

        From E Guinea? He is right from here, can’t you see this guy is a goblin that cohabit with primates?

    • Sir Demo

      Here goes the sicko again. I beg who let the d– out again?

    • dare ojo

      Some needs to be executed here for this country to be cleans.

    • Emmie

      omo your name speaks for you ! i hail o o

  • Okoro Tonye

    The reign of terror has commenced.

    • Emmie

      in your house hold ?

      • Okoro Tonye

        In your father’s and mother’s household

        • Emmie

          if you respect your parents or if you even still have one you will not pray for terror to reign in there house useless pikin ! you don use them for ritual

  • LionHeart

    I will have no respect for Buhari until the day he probes his corrupt ministers. If he is truly fighting corruption and not witch-hunting, let him probe the ministers who financed his electoral campaign with stolen money. It is a well known fact that some of his current cabinet members have stolen money overseas, why hasn’t he done anything about it?

    • John Boy

      Meanwhile, he should simply look the other way while the looters continue to bleed the country dry.
      This time last week, nobody could have predicted that he would have touched any of the judges!
      For now, if care is not taken, given the amount of monies being stolen, there is nothing left to pay salaries for anybody not to talk of folks dieing needlessy in hospitals!

      • LionHeart

        I am not against curbing corruption in Nigeria. To be fair, let everyone who have stolen return their loots including some of the current ministers who where past governors. This is the issue I have with this government. Few months ago a UK based Newspaper reported that over 500 million GBP was hidden in UK by a current minister who sponsored Buhari’s electoral campaign. Why haven’t the government done anything about this? I am not on any side, I do not support APC, I do not support PDP.

        I just want a fair fight against corruption.

        • GOI

          So that is the way you see it my bro?…….APC fighting corruption, PDP promoting corruption. The way i see it, a thief is a thief. No single administration can fight all the thieves in Nigeria, let us not hinder PMB in the good work he is doing. The next administration should continue from wherever he stops.

          • joe

            Sensible talk.

        • Emmie

          I believe the only people that can help the government is still the people .. they should give information to the appropriate authority people give info of shady deals most governors and minister did, so its not about the political party … APC on the other hand are trying not to bring corrupt member in to their party.

    • Sir Demo

      The ones he started with, how far has the courts assisted in stagnating. Let’s cleanse the court furst

  • vagabonds in power

    In its latest act of dictatorship & disrespect for the rule of law, the Directorate of State Security (DSS) raided the homes of several Judges of the Federal High Court and Justice of the Supreme Court in the early hours of October 8th, 2016.

    In one swoop, raided the homes of Justices Walter Onnoghen & Sylvanus Ngwuta of the Supreme Court as well as the homes of Justices Adebiyi Ademola, Muazu Pindiga and Nnamdi Dimgba of the Federal High Court. DSS agents spent time breaking down the gate of Justice Dimgba’s house with a sledgehammer before beating his brother to pulp when they could not find him. At this time, Justices Ademola & Pindiga have been arrested and detained.

    This is new addition to a long list of actions that show that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has no respect for the rule of law, the principles of separation of powers and is only interested in using the apparatus of state to harass real and perceived enemies.

    Many will recall the disdain with which President Buhari has spoken about the judiciary and the legal profession in Nigeria. On January 31, 2016 at a meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia he told an astounded audience that the judiciary was his main headache in achieving some of his plans. To buttress his point, he cited how the judiciary ruled against him in his previous bids to become President.

    • Sir Demo

      A vagabond in name, comment and thinking. U do well.

    • dare ojo

      No wonder you named yourself a vagabond. A good name is better than silver and gold.

    • GOI

      Are you in this country? You must have your head stuck up in your anus… From the replies so far, you can see what your comment deserves.


      u must learn to separate an institution from the person(s) in it. By this learning, it will help you applaud steps taken to save the institution. An institution is expected to be clothed in immaculate white but when some staff of that institution begin to come near it with black ink, it becomes urgent to take those staff out. An institution is symbolised with the core values establishing it. it becomes counter productive when staff begin to run counter to those core values thereby rebranding the institution if not checked. The Judiciary is further strengthened by this step. The impartial Judges are therefore given audacity for impartiality, their resolve for best practices is emboldened. we can likely have the incorruptible judge.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Nigerian Judiciary has been a thorn in the flesh of fighting corruption on behalf of ordinary Nigerians; whose rights to live a decent livelihood has been hampered by a few Nigerians. Even though a temporary inconvenience to the rights of these judges is tampered with, the outcome will be generally good for the moral fibre of our society at large. I do not have an iota of pity for morally decadent judges.


    I hope it is not politically motivated, or sectional.


      shut up your mouth. stop asking this inciting question. what is politics and sectional about someone arrested and given chance to write statement. is it politics or sectionalism that dropped those outrageous monies in their homes? so shut up

  • easyman16

    This is a welcoming development by the PMB. in my past post I’ve being describing this judge’s as the problem of our dear nation! this judge’s have made our judiciary system to be hopeless and faithless to the people as a result of high level of corruption in the system well,Thank God that today they are No longer untouchable unlike the past Administration..

  • Sir Demo

    Going forward like this, Bubu can do no wrong again. Give dem thieves bloody nose pls. God punishment looms on the CJN, Mahmoud very soon. No wonder a tree fell and nearly killed one of those thieves Aloysius. The kidnappers are really time idiots. These judges are gold mine.

  • Sir Demo

    The vultures will circle and finish PYO Baba Jeje using ethnic sentiments. Let the north finish dem two terms. But only a person that will intensify the war on looters.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, pardon me if I respond to @Dare Ojo in the same breathe since you both raised the same point.

      Have you forgotten that it was PYO that cleaned up the Lagos judiciary when he worked with BAT?

      I personally feel his demeanour is akin to the saying “still water lies deep”. I believe he has a steel core that would shock Nigerians if he were to be in power. But then, that’s only a presumption on my path since I’ve never personally interacted with him.

      • Sir Demo

        Then I am for him. All I want is a very blood terminal blow to the nose of looters of public treasury. If Satan will do the work, I will vote for him.




  • dare ojo

    Haa! sir kay esq PYO does not have the liver o

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Hmmmn, bruv.

      You know what we say in Yorubaland now. “Oju ina ni ewura ti n hu irun”.

      Till the man is tested, I’d hate to judge, but his records with the Lagos State judiciary reforms is legendary.

      You must have steel balls to have done what he did then.

      • Colone Mariam

        Don’t ever speak that language here again. It offends our collective sensibility. We have laid down rules and requirements to communicate in this forum. This one does not meet the standard at all. Mutum barawo banza.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Stuff it.

          That contribution wasn’t meant for retards like you.

          • Colonel Mariam

            Contribution from an imbecile?
            Shove it!
            Slow arse Kate.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Why bring your mother out on this forum, I’d!ot?

            Please keep your sordid family bits to yourself.

          • GREAT REVENGE

            kate is losing his faggot mind, folks. Homo drug addict!
            Why don’t you just hang your damn self by your phallus?
            Colonel Mariam.
            PT stop blocking me!!!!

  • Umar


  • Julius

    Well done Mr. President. Now, lets hear it from the wailers that always cry about corruption but, hate the president for doing something about it. Are those Judges above the law ? Should the DSS have waited for them to report themselves of taking bribes ?

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    They should all be arrested and dispossessed of their ill gotten wealth. All cases influenced by corruption reopened in other that justices is served.
    Governor Wike who obstructed the arrest of a Judge in PH should be charged with obstructing the SSS/Police from performing their lawful duties when his immunity from prosecution expires.
    Nigeria must kill corruption or corruption will kill Nigeria.

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