“I’m entitled to my privacy,” Dino Melaye reacts to PREMIUM TIMES report on N180 million car

Dino Melaye
Dino Melaye

Controversial Nigerian Senator, Dino Melaye, on Thursday declined comments on the source of his wealth to afford his ostentatious lifestyle and knack for luxury cars.

On Thursday, PREMIUM TIMES reported Mr. Melaye to have acquired a 93-year-old Rolls Royce estimated at N180 million.

Mr. Melaye, a first-time senator who represents Kogi West, owns a fleet of luxury and antiquated cars worth billions of naira.

He has at least 28 of the expensive cars parked at his upmarket residence in Maitama Abuja, according to news website, Sahara Reporters.

“I’ve never seen that collection of exotic cars in any single person’s home before,” a journalist who was among several others Mr. Melaye took round his home said.

But when approached in his office in the Senate late Thursday, the lawmaker said the purchase was private to him. He attacked PREMIUM TIMES for its first report on the development Thursday morning.

The report sparked wide condemnation of the Senator.

“Did you talk to me before you did your earlier report?” a visibly infuriated Mr. Melaye queried. “The way you got the other news go, and get another one.”

“I am entitled to my privacy and I should be respected.”

Mr. Melaye was asked how he came by his wealth and what the car actually cost – since he disputed our estimate in the report.

In February, Mr. Melaye, who once led a nongovernmental organisation campaigning against corruption, posed in a 2015 Slingshot estimated to cost about N4.78 million.

In September, he arrived at a Senate function at the Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, in a Mercedes Benz 190 (1958 Model) and a Hindustan Ambassador, used for his security aides.

The Benz had a customized number plate “KOGI DINO 10”.

The Rolls Royce has the registration number “MELAYE 2” and is believed to cost some $400,000.

A source said the car was purchased in Las Vegas, in the United States of America.

“Senator Dino Melaye is very smart, he actually got the car from Las Vegas two years ago. At that time, he was busy committed with anti-graft crusade as Executive Secretary of Anti-Corruption Network (ACN) but decided to keep it in secrecy,” the source said.


If Mr. Melaye had lived only on his legitimate earnings, he may not have been able to afford the exotic cars.

Going by the remuneration approved by Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission, RMAFC, the annual take-home (excluding estacode, Duty Tour Allowance (DTA) and some sundry allowances which they are paid as necessary), a Nigerian senator like Mr. Melaye earns 19.66 million annually.

This means Mr. Melaye would have to be in the Senate for at least 10 years, and spend no dime of his earnings to be able to afford just the Rolls Royce.

Before joining the Senate in 2015, he was in the House of Representatives for four years, 2007 to 2011, where he earned even less legitimately.

This legitimate earnings do not, however, include the illegal but hefty allowances lawmakers pay themselves such as the office running cost.

The Kogi lawmaker is a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, and chairman of the Senate Committee on the Federal Capital Territory.


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  • george bolatiwa

    This guy and his kind are rogues and he is just saying I am entitled to my loot once I get it. Millions of Poor, underprivileged Nigerian bear a direct negative brunt of their criminal and corrupt practices. It’s time to clean house and I think PMB needs to become a benevolent dictator of some sort to help our nation.

    • henry

      I agreed with you.

      • Netanyahu

        Now, agree with him.

    • Keen Observer

      I’m queuing behind you, man. Let Dino & his gangs go same way Dasuki has gone..!

  • Kelechi Balogun Ncs

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  • JP

    Dino like any other Nigeria elites are thieves. Some of their national leaders even have private jets. They are all the same. Politicians irrespective of their political affiliation are criminals.

    • musa aliyu

      Gbam! Gba-gba- Gbam!

  • Höly Wähala

    That Nigeria is a crime scene is not in doubt, career criminals like Dino Melaye are the actors without conscience… Educated illiterates! Even if Dino inherited such opulence from his ancestors, is this the right time to be displaying them to suffering Nigerians living in recession? That should’ve been the question to the moron called Dino, why is he mocking Nigerians at the expense of Nigerians who pay his bloated take-home salaries ati allowances?? Thieves! And Dino Melaye deserves no darn respect… let him sue Premium Times or SaharaReporters make wind blow open his monkey’s nyash… Oloshi ni Dino!

  • Truth is bitter

    They are rogues. I will always say it. I’ve been saying it that our National Assembly is the major cause of the economic recession in Nigeria. Some people are finding it very difficult to maintain a square meal daily, while the thieves they sent to represent them are busy amassing wealth for their children.

  • George

    If Dino should be characterized as a criminal Buhari should be criminal number one because Buhari once said he sent his yeye children to foreign schools because he could afford it so why blaming Dino because he also purchased those cars because he can afford them.

    Where the money came from is irrelevant because nobody has ask OBJ, TINUBU, FASHOLA WIFE SCHOOLS PROJECTS where they got all the monies from.

    Who ever ask Dangote where he got his money from or you people think that Dangote monies is free from criminal activities directly or indirectly.

    What of Young Alhaji from same constituency with David Mark who ever ask him where he got his money from.

    • Mufu Ola

      Ill born,illbred,ill mannered,ill mentality!

      • Onike24

        And they are the majority; no morals, no ethics, they tell lies like it’s going out of fashion, and then express surprise Nigeria is a cesspit?

      • George

        The ill you referred to many in your tribe.

  • Sanmi Falae

    Yes, he is entitled to his privacy as SCRAP-METAL-COLLECTOR !!!

  • Arabakpura

    He is entitled to his privacy as pro-corruption network mobilizer but not as senator of the federal republic!

    • Incircle

      Editor Premium Times,

      Jihadists, illiterates and Thieves comprise APC party

      APC promised school feeding program for all Nigerian pupils and said it
      will start in September, but kept quiet, like a swindling party, as September
      passed Nigerians by in economic woes and sorrows, and in total darkness –
      without electricity supplied by the APC zero-megawatts Minister of Power,
      Alhaji Raji Fashola – a rustic fellow with scant ability to think.

      As Nigerians writhe in pain,
      under the suffocating misrule of APC party, President Buhari offers nostrums
      instead of solutions. “The report of heavy rainfall I am getting tells me we will
      have a bumper harvest this year
      ”, Buhari said, provoking laughter as prices
      of foodstuff instead rocketed past salary level of workers.

      Meantime, stealing continues
      without control across government offices, as President Buhari mopes.
      Those stealing are APC members whom Buhari lately granted impunity to loot,
      by doing nothing to arrest or by pampering through withdrawal of court charges.

  • Simeon Nigel

    It is his constitutionally rights that Dino Maleye should question the interferences of his human privacy and what he does with his life. But the question is, has Dino himself ever holds any public appointed government office throughout his political career? As did just like others that ended up stolen from the Nigerian people’s treasury/money kitty. At least Dino Maleye purchases of his luxury and exotic cars was a ‘child play’ in comparison to heavy and huge ‘robberies and treasury stealing ever recorded in the Nigeria history’ by General Sani Abacha, General Ibrahim Babangida-(the world’s most evil genius military president of his time 1983-1993), President Olusegun Obasunjo and a lots host of others, and so how about Dasuki & Co and Former President Jonathan Badluck (Goodluck) Obele and former Petroleum minister, Deizani Allison Madueke, The lists goes on and on none-stop in Nigeria. In fact to crown it all, ‘Nigeria is the land full of thieves and Ali Baba band of thieves’ This is what Nigeria world’s classification of criminal ventures activities free for all is now known the world all over. If you cannot get it, you then apply ultimate force to grab or take it, if you can possible get what exactly you are looking for in Nigeria. That is the rule of the game this days now in Nigeria. An example, of President M. Buhari and his bands of moslem cohorts from South-west zone or yoruba lands of today that were now ruling the country, through the use of Boko Haram insurgency venture in North-East zone during Jonathan Goodluck regime period, (a Christian president) and they are yet to starts bleeding the country dry just like those before them, as only time will tell in the future by these Muhammadu Buhari and his bands of cohorts moslem today’s government. Only almighty God/Allah will helps us in Nigeria and no one else in this world, not even the Russians, Americans, British, France and Arabs and co….etc. But only ourselves Nigerians for those yet unborn.

    • Onike24

      So Dino is not the only thief and Buhari used BH to get power? Smh

      • Simeon Nigel

        Definitely, because electoral end results statistics of the last general election 2015 has proven that Muhammadu Buhari did not won the Nigeria general and presidential election too outrightly but Jonathan Goodluck (Badluck) Obele wanted to prevent a massive bloodsheds among Nigerians at the time, that eventually made him to gave-way to President M.Buhari to be president, if not, Jonathan would have contested his losing the election in court and employs other twisted means perhaps to remain in power, and he would not have given way to Buhari today

        • Mufu Ola

          Don’t be too smart.You’re apparently honking for Jona,the wayward. and U’re a religious fanatic with your serial reference to religion.U say Buhari didn’t win “too outrightly”. Do u know what it means to defeat a sitting President?In Africa or even anywhere else?That “not too outrightly” means a lot considering the incumbency advantage of Joe. He gave up bcos there is a level u can reach that you can’t pass. Not bcos of any imaginary bloodshed.Who told you PDP/Jona care about ‘bloodshed’ to retain power?They are just powerless to stop the hurricane.

          • Simeon Nigel

            Olu, I quite agreed with your comment but one thing I want you to understand is this, I am not a religious fanatic person like our Northern moslem brothers that were too often have a ‘silent’ hates against the Christians faithfuls. I grew up in the North in Kano and I speaks hausa language very fluent and I currently living in the USA since 1979 to date, and occasionally shuttled forwards and backward into the UK. After my undergraduate course in the eighties (80s) I ended up wasted my entire life in these two developed countries -(USA & UK) but due to General Ibrahim Babangida and General Sani Abacha and others, who were moslems bigots whom I was one of their victims from their Islamic fanaticism in their ways by these former presidents for running their regime that dwell or base upon mostly in Islamic doctrines and decisions their took during their corrupts regimes that made Nigerians like me to wast away my educational skills and life in Europe and America up till today. President Buhari currently has alienated the majority of Christians from the middle-Belt zone of Nigeria. Take for exampl these two states; Nasarawa state and Kaduna state, where Christians are not allows to contest governorship election and if a christian candidate does won governorship election in any of these two states, their winning end result will be taking away by force in favour of a moslem candidate through the assistance of their moslems fanatics brothers working inside electoral commissions-INEC of Nigeria to succeed forcilbly.

  • Keen Observer

    @disqus_vwHT9XznpD:disqus CORRECT, I stand with you brother/sister, can you imagine Nigeria legislators at this time of dire-hard economic recession where an average Nigerian is barely able to eat a single good meal in a day, a so-called senator is buying just a car worth 180m.
    Indeed Nigerian legislators are group of rogues whose majority are dull, inept, very uncreative who cannot establish/run a successful business but only engaged in democratic fleecing / robbery of our commonwealth by allocating salaries, entitlements and allowances to themselves without anyone asking how/why?.
    How many groups & individuals has clamored that the entitlements of our legislators should be reduced & elections into the houses made unattractive? Still the government seems not to hear that. But PMB & his APC could connive & shift the burden of oil subsidy to Nigerians to bear while they in government employ are smiling home with so much money every month. Without a thought for how Nigerians are coping. Is only God that will apportion the appropriate rewards to our legislators.

  • Simeon Nigel

    Hi dear, you Keen Observer; you are perfectly right and correct, our Nigerian legislators job should be rander part-time and unattractive salary per say, because these are bunch of hungry miscreants that offers no tangible benefits or improving the general wellbeings lives of all Nigerians. President Buhari whom Nigerians look up to confidently, has himself slides down too badly just barely a year old in power, and now he is pushing his inept qualities and blaming on the Nigerian courts in the land when on the other hand, he appointed the Federal Government Attorney General of the Federation and now turning around to be blaming the same courts he hand-picked its entire head, what an irony? but making room for stealing together with bunch of cohorts ministerial team.

  • Du Covenant

    Where is the federal inland revenue service in all of this?. In normal societies it is the responsibility of tax authorities to look into this man’s activities and his source of wealth including taxes paid. We are just not serious and many more of such idiots will come up in Nigeria right under our nostrils. The rogue is talking of his privacy, once you have decided to become a public official just forget it!.

  • Olu

    Yes. Honorable senator, You are entitled to your loots..

  • AbdulHamid Adiamoh

    Melaye offers us a glaring illustration of the malaise with Nigerian politicians. With such an amount of money, how many jobs could the senator have created. And if the problem is, as it is obvious, that he has no business acumen, he could have chosen to be an angel investor or venture capitalist supporting others who may have some intelligence. Unfortunately, common sense may be to much to expect from a Nigerian politician.
    Also, in other parts of the world, living beyond one’s means, especially when you are a public servant, could be enough proof of corruption and an invitation for probe. However, as we have come to realise, Buhari sold us a dummy; there is zero fight against corruption in Nigeria.

  • Truthometer

    You are not entitle to any privacy, Mister. Especially when you are living on people’s dime!

  • ramsey4

    I hope we all agree now that every lawmaker in Nigeria is thief. They go to the assembly only to discuss how to share half of the people’s money. Now, this style of governance began during OBJ, and baptized by Jonah, but let’s not dwell on that. Rather, we should hold Buhari responsible for promising to bring change, but now he refuses to do anything about this stealing. If he is really against corruption, how could he just sit in his office everyday, and his conscience does not bother him at all about how the so-called lawmakers cart away the people’s money? What a bad luck for Nigeria.

    • Sam

      That is why Buhari is arrresting judges that Dino will bribe if arrested and charged to court

  • ID


  • joelaw

    NO Dino you are no longer entitled to your privacy, you ceased to have any privacy the day you entered politics and the senate chamber. Were you forced by anyone to contest elections. As a senator which, from all indications appears to be a great national tragedy, you’ve given us the right to pry into your private life. Dino must grow up and stop acting the thug.

    • amusbay

      May be, DINO forget that As a senator he will account to people. This is a mandate given to him by KOGI WEST people and as a distinguish Nigerian position he must account to Nigerian because we pay him from our tax money.

  • prince kelly

    I never like to make comment on nigeria issues but this caught my attention. A first time senator spending funds on luxury cars worth millions of naira and still have boldness to say he is entitle to his privacy..interesting ..amazing.. This man call malaye is holding public office and not even EFFC dares to question him on how he got funds to purchase luxury cars? That means our new govt fight on corruption is for a selective group only. Nigeria is faced with recession
    ( great hardship ) ..the govt is doing less to get out of it and APC public officers…person of Melaye spending cash like never before. Smh. Nigeria is going no where. Until we amend and elect the right pple in…nigeria will remain this way in the next 50years. Only buhari is trying fight corruption and working out plans to get out of recession. The rest re jokers. Nigerians open ur eyes. To our politician “we re watching you”.

  • vagabonds in power

    Dino has always been a black mailer right from his students days

  • javscong javscong

    Can someone please tell this thug to shut his mouth. What privacy? You are a public servant paid from our taxes. So we, the people, have a right to know where you got the obscene wealth you display from. I am surprised that the EFCC has not taken him in for questioning.

  • front man

    Dino thief

  • Opekete

    He has been the errand boy of the corrupt politicians for a very long time. All those times that he pretended to be fighting corruption he was just using it as a cover to haul the proceed of corruption all around the world. I am sure the DSS is currently working on him and he believes he is invincible. You all will see when the wall of his false empire come crashing down.