15 Boko Haram fighters, two Nigerian soldiers killed in fierce battle

FILE PHOTO: Boko Haram
FILE PHOTO: Boko Haram

Members of the Boko Haram on Thursday attacked a military location in Borno State killing two soldiers, the Army has said.

The insurgents were, however, repelled by soldiers who killed 15 of them, the Army said.

The Army spokesperson, Sani Usman, said the insurgents launched the attack at 6:30 a.m. on Thursday. The colonel said the battle lasted for two hours.

‎Apart from the two dead soldiers, four others were injured in the attack, Mr. Usman said.

Read Mr. Usman’s full statement below.

Troops of Operation LAFIYA DOLE Task Force Battle Group and Multinational Joint Task Force presently harbouring in Abadam village dealt decisively with elements of Boko Haram that attempted to attack on their location. The attack which was launched by the terrorist group at about 6:30 am today, Thursday 22nd September 2016 and it lasted for about 2 hours.

During the fierce battle, the troops killed 15 of the insurgents, with many escaping with gunshot wounds.

Sadly however 2 soldiers paid the supreme price in action while 4 others were wounded in action. The bodies of our late colleagues and the wounded have since been evacuated.

The gallant troops recovered weapons and ammunitions from the insurgents These includes, 1 Gun truck, 1 60mm Mortar tube, 7 60mm Mortar bomb, a General Purpose Machine (GPMG), 3 damaged AK 47 Rifle, 4 Bandoliers of Anti-Aircraft rounds of ammunition.

The troops have continued mop up and clearance operations of the remnants of the terrorists. They have also intensified vigilance and high level of alertness.

FILE PHOTO: A Nigerian soldier pull down a Boko Haram flag as a mark of victory
FILE PHOTO: A Nigerian soldier pull down a Boko Haram flag as a mark of victory

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Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman
Acting Director Army Public Relations

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  • Hajiya Hauwa Soyemi

    Another sad loss of our military personnel.

    I thought APC and lai(e) said the war is over and BH had been decimated?

    • obinna

      Check the meaning of decimated in your dictionary.

      • Manxmann

        Shall we say “technically defeated” and no Boko Haram camps in Nigeria – but that was until Amina Ali turned up walking out of Sambisa with her Boko Haram slavemaster & rapist (May 18th). And 3,000 girls still believed missing according to Nigerian NGO a week or so ago. How do you hide so many against a victorious army & airforce – unless the only ones really looking are the PBI (Poor Bloody Infantry) who, despite successes, have suffered significant losses especially those who have been in the field for 3 years

    • Iskacountryman

      the dumbbells opened up another front down south and had to share resources…

    • Peter

      Don’t mind the liars. Maybe the Boko Haram fighters came from the moon. The worst thing here is that the accurate number of casualties on Nigeria side will always remain hideous and made minimal. How can an invader suffer more then than the invaded? To my mind and theunderstanding of the Nigerian military intelligence information and secrecy, they are the worst hit. The same way they are covering up their losses and casualties in the creeks of Niger Delta.

  • alhajizakka

    Thumbs up N.A……kill them all (Spartacus)

  • vagabonds in power

    Buhari’s Army Planning Mass Massacre – It has come to the notice of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law that the Nigerian Security Forces particularly the Nigerian Army, are at it again.
    Our extensive investigations clearly indicate that ahead of tomorrow’s Sit-At-Home protest organized by leading Pro Biafra groups particularly the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB); there are heavy deployment of soldiers in all nooks and crannies of the South East and the South South parts of Nigeria; with the South East being the worst affected.

    By close-source and open-source information available to us, the most affected states are Anambra and Abia; followed by Imo, Ebonyi and Enugu. In the South South are Rivers, Delta, Akwa Ibom and Cross River States. Most affected cities now under siege are Onitsha and Aba. Others are Owerri, Enugu, Umuahia, Abakiliki, Asaba, Okigwe, Nnewi and Nkpor. As at this morning, there are heavy presence of soldiers in major areas of Onitsha and Aba arti Port Harcourt.

  • Babrutus

    Where them dey, who them be? We go puncture any BH anyhow

  • Simeon Nigel

    Colonel Sani. K. Usuman, the telling lies of Army Public Relations officer, is at it again. He often giving low rate of figures of casulties sustained by our gallant military forces fighting deadly and Evil Boko Haram sects in the North-East area or region of Nigeria. Why is it that none of these Boko Haram sects members are never capture as prisoners, but all we do hears often by Colonel Sani K Usuman whenever there has been any form of fighting confrontations between Nigerian Military in that North-East region is a possible concorted lies and false reporting on behalf of the Nigerian military establishment by this colonel officer, What you hear most of the times were that, It is either Boko Haram had been chased away or ‘repelled’. So long as the majority of the Nigerian Military personnel were dominated by ‘moslems faith believers’ top commanders or Top Army services chiefs, Boko Haram will never to be crushed down for good by our Nigeria miliatry. Because, majority of these moslems top commanders are profiteering heavily from Boko Haram continuous insurgency activities in North-East areas. These commanders does secretly collects from the Borno state Governor Gov.Shetima whom himself is currently Boko Haram top Chief operational commander, as being that Nigerian soldiers assigned to fights BH were his fellow moslems and collects also from the Nigeria Federal Government. According to the moslems’ Holy Guran Book, it stated specifically that every moslem must supports his fellow moslems to advancing the jihad’s tenets of Islam against ‘infidels’ or unbelievers. This is the most reason why, a few corrupts moslems military commanders does often keep-on sending out carefully selected Christians soldiers against Boko Haram ‘hot-spots’ terrirorial areas when after BH had been already informed secretly about unbelievers on their way or advancing towards them. This is one of the sorts of dirty games taking place in the North-East region area by Nigerian moslem military top officers. So, if one is to investigate properly, it will be no doubt, that those low numbers of Nigerian military dead ones were all ‘Christians faith soldiers’ as well as those ones that also sustained serious injuries were also christians, too.

  • Realitytalk

    May the good lord continue to be with our gallant soldiers for the good fight helping the country to be safe, we love you and God will continue to protect you and PMB