To free Chibok girls, Buhari wants United Nations as intermediary with Boko Haram


The Nigerian leader Muhammadu Buhari has asked the United Nations to help mediate with the terror group, Boko Haram, in order to free the over 200 abducted Chibok girls.

The teenage girls were kidnapped by the Boko Haram in April 2014 from their government-owned school in Chibok, Borno State. The Buhari‎ administration has faced heavy criticisms for its inability to secure the release of the girls.

Speaking on Wednesday in New York during a bilateral meeting with UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, Mr. Buhari ‎said his government was willing to accept the UN as a mediator. He reiterated his earlier stance that it was difficult identifying the credible leadership of the sect.

“The challenge is in getting credible and bona fide leadership of Boko Haram to discuss with,” the President told the UN Scribe. “The split in the insurgent group is not helping matters. Government had reached out, ready to negotiate, but it became difficult to identify credible leaders. We will welcome intermediaries such as UN outfits, to step in.”

Mr. Buhari’s statement was contained in a press release by his spokesperson.

Read the full press statement below.

As a show of commitment to swapping the abducted schoolgirls from Chibok with Boko Haram fighters in custody, President Muhammadu Buhari has told the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, that Nigeria would welcome intermediaries from the global body.

Speaking during a bilateral meeting with the UN scribe at the sidelines of the 71st UN General Assembly in New York, President Buhari said the Nigerian government was willing to bend over backwards, to get the Chibok girls released from captivity.

“The challenge is in getting credible and bona fide leadership of Boko Haram to discuss with,” the President said, adding that, “The split in the insurgent group is not helping matters. Government had reached out, ready to negotiate, but it became difficult to identify credible leaders. We will welcome intermediaries such as UN outfits, to step in.”

The President reiterated that the teachings of Boko Haram were far from being Islamic, as neither Islam, nor any other religion, advocates hurting the weak and innocent.

“The fact that they kill men, women, children, and other people wantonly, and shout Allahu Akbar (God is great) shows that they do not know that Allah at all. If they did, they would not shed innocent blood,” President Buhari said.

He thanked Ban Ki-moon for the moral and material support given to Nigeria, which has enabled the country surmount many of the challenges facing her.

In his response, the UN Secretary General congratulated President Buhari on the anti-corruption war, declaring: “You are highly respected by world leaders, including myself. Your persona has given your country a positive image.”

He said the UN recognized the achievements of the Buhari administration against Boko Haram, urging that human rights be upheld always, to prevent a repeat of the scenario being witnessed in Syria.

Ban Ki-moon also thanked the Nigerian leader for his commitment to issues on climate change, adding that the government should “own the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” for the good of its citizens.

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  • Realitytalk

    That is my president, always prepared for everything. The bbog can see that the president cares about them now

    • Omo O’oodua


      But Professor Wole Soyinka and Femi Falana may die a painful public status death
      for endorsing a barely educated Muhamadu Buhari as president of the republic.

      Both self-described civil rights activists may be in the throes of death as Nigeria
      wobbles in Buhari’s fumbling hands. Muhamadu Buhari does not fit the job. He
      does not think much. He came onto the job blank. No ideas, no plans, no brains
      for doing anything. Buhari patches up as he stumbles and falls on his sword on
      his announced red lines.

      ‘There will
      be no devaluation’, he’d said, before he signed a devaluation of the Naira to
      spread poverty across the nation. Buhari’s presence in the presidential villa
      is red flag to foreign investors. No one can trust Buhari with his cash capital
      and expect it to be kept safe from depreciation by ignorant policies usually
      announced by Buhari.

      There was nothing Buhari was able to say clearly at the U.N General Assembly
      which any sensible foreign delegation could write home about. He came into the
      Assembly chambers with an almost illiterate speech prepared for him by a mostly
      incompetent Foreign Affairs Minister who has no competence on foreign policy

      • Wale Adegoke

        The people holding the girls doesnt believe in the sanctity of UN as an institution as far as they are concerned the global body is populated by infidels. They are not going to have anything to do with UN mediation and therefore nothing good is going to materialize from this brain wave arrangement.

      • Olatubosun

        President Mohammed buhari is working Nigeria is progressing
        Support the agent of change for the brighter future of our glorious country

  • Olu from South Africa

    “You are highly respected by world leaders, including myself. Your persona has given your country a positive image.”- Ban Ki-moon. I wish somebody in Otuoke is reading this as I won’t like to say Jonathan.


      Obama propaganda that does not reflect reality on ground in Nigeria …. mkeep foooling yourselves

      • kinsly

        GEJ Forever? Nice name for such quality of brain.

        • dele20

          GEJ forever in kuje prison

      • Ha

        Your parents paid your PTA dues for nothing. Was it Obama who said that? Did you understand what you read?

      • dele20

        Patience & gej forever in kuje prison

      • dele20

        Did I see your comment sound like OBAMA PROPAGANDA?you better change, your way of criticising is a great disease



    The Nigerian National Assembly urgent needs to compel Buhari to take an IQ test.

    What a dull and brainless President …. what an unthinking recommendation …. it is extremely unwise for Buhari to go public with his request for UN assistance.

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  • Decimator

    This Train has no destination. Anyone boarding it is doing so at his own risk.Sorry

  • Galantman

    Intelligent decision by the president. This will prevent hawks and heartless men from duping the government as they did during the reign of PDP.

    • Olatubosun

      Good talk

  • Olatubosun

    God bless you sir

    • Otile

      Sai barbarian, sai baba.

  • Olatubosun

    Good initiative

    • Otile

      You are a good praise singer.

  • Olatubosun

    God bless Nigeria and God bless buhari and his cabinets

    • dele20


  • Otile

    This is getting more interesting. At first Islamic Boko Haram fingered Buhari as their representative/mediator then power was shifted to him. Now that he has the power to release the girls he is asking the United Nations to give him more power. What manner of a man is this? Imam Buhari why are you tantalizing us with the release of these girls, why?

    • Marcus Ijele

      My brother ,the kind of man Buhari is –is a man confused and focus less. The Army claimed they have rescued about two million people from Boko Haram, one wonders why the girls from Chibok are so special that of two million rescued prisoners of Boko Haram, non of the girls is among them. This shows the pure politics of the so called abduction of the girls. Endless negotiation is the tactics being used by Buhari to keep people believing there was truly a kidnap. What makes their release so special when many other claimed kidnapped individuals are being rescued by our certified lying Military? Negotiation is now shifted to UN, another round of talks and soon, this fragile man called Buhari will leave Aso Rock or something else happens and another person will face pressure to effect rescue of a non existing kidnapped girls. When a man becomes so smart, he out smarts himself. That is Buhari. Security agents never stopped the Ezekwesili group when Jonathan was the President, it becomes worrisome that the same security can now stop the group from going to Aso Rock to protest before the mastermind of the so called Kidnap. One day, Buhari will tell the whole truth about Chibok Girls.

      • Otile

        This is true, my brother. God bless you.

    • excel

      pdpig e-worrier with their mental disturbing comment. you seriously sick

  • Islander

    At first Buhari was only going to the U.N. to sing two songs to western countries to “help Nigeria fight KWARAPSHIAN”, and “help Nigeria return stolen money.”. Now, western countries have seen that he himself is not serious about fighting kwarapshian, since no corrupt official has been convicted or jailed since he came to power. Now this new song, “let the U.N. mediate between Boko Haram and Nigeria”. Ha!!!! ??? So he assumes the U.N. knows where Shekau is? Or, Buhari knows where Shekau is, and will give the U.N. that location, so they can go talk with Shekau? Oh, what a dummy!! But the dummier folks are even those in this forum that think it is a good idea. Lets’ all return to this forum one year from now, and let’s see how the U.N. helped Buhari return the Chibok girls.

  • excel

    This is a great way to go, it will enable transparency. Kudos to the President.

    • dele20

      Yes ooooo, Kudos to our president Buhari

  • dele20

    The teenage girls were kidnapped by the Boko Haram in April 2014 under clueless, previous administration of GEJ from their government-owned school in Chibok, Borno State……… PMB will surely succeed