Budget Padding Scandal: House refers Jibrin to Ethics committee

Abdulmumin-Jibrin (1)

The House of Representatives on Wednesday referred the allegations contained in budget padding petition by one of its members from Kano, Abdulmumin Jibrin, to its Ethics and Privileges Committee. 
The move consequently dashed widespread expectations that the House would move to sanction Mr. Jibrin, who had been stirring the budget padding scandal since he was removed as chairman of the Appropriation Committee in July. 
At the resumed sitting Wednesday morning, Emmanuel Oker-Jev, House Rules and Business Chairman, moved a motion for the House to address alleged breach of House ethics by Mr. Jibrin. 
Subsequently, Speaker Yakubu Dogara suggested that Mr. Oker-Jev’s motion be referred to House Ethics and Privileges Committee for further investigation. 
But another lawmaker from Kano, Aliyu Madaki, expressed reservations about the motion and submitted that the entire House should resign in the wake of the scandal. 
Mr. Madaki said all representatives have been indicted by Mr. Jibrin in his scathing allegations. 
Mr. Madaki’s interjection was in turn interrupted by lawmakers loyal to Mr. Dogara, who chanted “Dogara! Dogara! Dogara!”
Throughout the deliberations, Mr. Jibrin kept his cool but later walked out, also without raising any issues. 
The House has since continued with its deliberations on other matters.

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  • olaniyi

    just because he expose the fraudulent act of these opportunist Nigerians. you are really joking

    • Shahokaya

      He is yibo and you know corruption, stealing and drugs are part of their heroic exploits.

  • raji

    You must be one of those that has been benefiting from those corrupt politicians.

  • Salihu Daura

    I now understand that Nigerians are not ready for the salvation of our dear country. If not how can we be safe with the kind of representatives we have at the national assembly! A member that should be commended for exposing the cabal who are responsible for our stagnation and poverty is now being referred o ethics and privileges committee, Haba.wake up masses.

    • Okokondem

      Salihu, I have lamented this ever since Mr Jibrin, albeit not a saint, decided to expose the shenanigans that takes place in the Nigerian legislature.

      In civilized societies such a person is viewed as a whistle-blower, and not treated as a scapegoat as seems to be the case with Mr Jibrin. Really makes you wonder about the country we call home.

      The deafening silence by the Nigerian people in matters like this gives you pause. Our people have become so tolerant of what other societies reject and react to.

  • GARS

    Zombie !

  • adekunle akindude

    It is a house of shame So is the Senate birds of the same feathers

  • Burning Spear

    These mumu Fulanis are always like that–when in power u see them with their gra gra–noise–all over the place—————–Only for them to end up—as the main thieves——Just like Aisha Buhari of the Halliburton fame—–and Bingo Buhari—d dog—-from Niger Republic——-A man who has over 1.3m pounds in a London bank like Bingo Buhari———–should not disturb our peace–How we are going to restructure Nigeria is the main issue at stake today–Let the Fulani cowhands in Aso rock go and die in Mali for all we care–But we must restructure Nigeria—Allow Bingo Buhari steal ideas from Obama who cares–Obama is his Fulani brother from Kenya–Look at the ears of the two Fulanis————————–u will know they are related————————-So let them continue to fools themselves until Trump takes over the government of Buhari———————————————————-and that of Obama——-in the White House——————–The Truth of the matter is that we will never allow these mumu Fulanis rule over us in Nigeria–again————–with their fake Hausa/Fulani slogans——–Yesterday Buhari stole 2.8b from the Niger delta-oil resource base———-Today this one has also stolen more than 25b—————–haba——– Nigeria ——–Yet they do not want my people from the SS–go—-their own way——————————-cause of the oil wells—-Freedom is our goal———————–not the rule of these Fulani thieves————ati their Yoruba errand boys in APC-animals

    • Rommel

      President Obama praised PMB when the two met yesterday for his courage

      • Okokondem

        Did Obama praise Buhari for job well done, or for being courageous which is a needed quality anyone aspiring to rule Nigeria must have. These are two different things.

    • Okokondem

      Another day, another litany of conspiracy theories. Do you ever get tired?

  • Rommel

    Is there anyone still doubting how corrupt Nigeria is? today we hear that a succesful president like Lula da Silva and his wife are facing corruption charges in Brazil because of less than $1M,but in Nigeria, even a local government chairman cannot face corruption charges for such amount.

  • Okokondem

    As Rommel aptly points out, in other countries people pay a political price or even a criminal price for less.

    You have to be flabbergasted that to date the Nigeria executive branch has no known public position on both accusations of impropriety committed by SARAKI, and DOGARA.

    You wonder then what are the statutory functions or relevance of the office of the attorney general if such allegations are not taken seriously.

    The following is an excerpt from the New York Times of April 19, 2016, highlighting the charges that resulted in the impeachment of the first female president of Brazilian.

    Notice the reason for her impeachment was not embezzlement (which is practically an entitlement to the political class in Nigeria) rather, her government borrowed $11 billion from local banks to improve the welfare of the poor and disenfranchised to fulfill earlier campaign promises. Imagine that.

    Here’s why she was impeached, which most people already know.

    From the NEW YORK TIMES :

    —–There is broad agreement that Ms. Rousseff’s administration employed budgetary tricks to conceal a looming deficit and enhance her prospects during a bitterly fought re-election campaign in 2014.

    Experts say Ms. Rousseff’s administration effectively borrowed some $11 billion from state banks, an amount equal to almost 1 percent of the economy, to fund popular social programs that have been a hallmark of the Workers Party’s 13 years in power. These programs included payments to Brazil’s poorest residents, credits to small farmers and the financing of homeownership for low-income families.

    But legal experts and constitutional scholars are divided over whether that action rises to the level of an offense that merits removal from office.

    “The government lied about the messy state of their house by putting up a pretty window,” said Carlos Pereira, a political scientist at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, a leading Brazilian university. “The government betrayed the people, and for this they must be punished.”

    But the president’s defenders say such fiscal irregularities do not qualify as a crime, the constitutional requirement that would allow the Senate to remove her from office if she is convicted after trial by a two-thirds majority.

    Pedro Serrano, a constitutional law scholar at Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, said Ms. Rousseff’s enemies were using an overly broad interpretation of the law, a move that will harm the nation’s young democracy.

    “In any civilized country in the world that has legal democratic institutions, such a punishment must be very narrowly interpreted,” he said, referring to removal from office—-

  • TininiTanana

    Jubril the Show Man ….oya over to you. Lol