Boko Haram: 13,000 churches affected, 1,500 schools shut, 611 teachers killed – Report

Hong LGA Housing estate completely destroyed by Boko Haram . Photo: Emmanuel Ogala
FILE PHOTO: Hong LGA Housing estate completely destroyed by Boko Haram . Photo: Emmanuel Ogala

Over 14 million Nigerians are directly affected by humanitarian crises in the North-east region of the country, two international humanitarian groups have reported.

The 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative from the United States and the Stefanus Foundation, based in Nigeria, gave the figure on Monday in Abuja.

Addressing journalists during a programme organised to highlight the challenges of terror victims in the country, Mark Lipdo, Executive Director of the Stefanus Foundation, said a research conducted by the groups revealed the figure.

“14.8 million Nigerians from Northeast are directly impacted by the crisis. Officially, there are 2.2 million Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs.

“Unofficially, there are five to seven million IDPs. Those in need of special assistance, are 2.5 million, comprising children under the age of five, pregnant women and nursing mothers,” he said.

Mr. Lipdo said the menace of terrorism has had a wide range of casualties, which he listed to include: 611 teachers who died as a result of terrorism in the north east; 19,000 teachers displaced, 1500 schools closed down, and 950,000 children denied the opportunity of accessing education.

Others include 13,000 churches abandoned, closed down or destroyed, 2000 children abducted and 10,000 boys forced to join Boko Haram.

“Global Terrorism index shows that Boko Haram is the world’s most lethal terrorist group, followed by ISIS, while Al-Qaeda ranks third and the Fulani militants mostly in the middle belt rank 4th,” Mr. Lipdo said.

Vice President of the 21st Wilberforce Initiative, Elijah Brown, added that in December 2015, the number of IDPs scattered around Nigeria alone were more than 2 million.

“As of December 2015, there were 2,152,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Nigeria – the third highest figure in Africa and the seventh in the world,” he said.

Mr. Brown said the activities of Fulani herdsmen were having a terrible effect on the middle belt and called for immediate action against the menace.

“Without intervention, the crisis in the Middle Belt will continue to escalate.

“This could affect other countries in West African region like the Republic of Benin, Chad, Cameroon, Mali, and Niger,” said Mr. Brown

Co-organisers of the program, the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, pleaded with world leaders to respond to government’s call towards assisting Nigeria in addressing the issues of humanitarian crisis created by terrorist activities across the nation.

CAN president, Samson Ayokunle, said various reports in the past had indicated that the rate of humanitarian crisis affecting Nigerians as a result of terror were more than those of similar situations in most parts of the world.

“The situation is looked upon by international bodies as the biggest humanitarian disaster all over the world.

“A disturbing fact about the problem is that it has not received substantial humanitarian response from the world’s most powerful nations as other disasters of relatively smaller degrees in other parts of the world.

“I am therefore calling on the world’s powerful nations to come to the aid of Nigeria in seeing to the end of insurgency.

“Come to the aid of many victims of insurgency within and outside internally displaced people’s camps or homes; those who have been stripped naked, the jobless, the orphaned, those maimed and the widowed in Nigeria,” he said.

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  • David Musaed

    Nna men. 13,000 churches affected just in north east ? Na so churches plenty for naija ?

    • Quantumspirit666

      Notice they have more churches than HOSPITALS and SCHOOLS put together?
      A very barbaric and primitive society

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        Lolzzzz! You deserve a slap on the wrist for this statement

  • Realitytalk

    We should just bless God for given us PMB

    • Otile

      Yeah, but who is going to pay back the money he is borrowing left and right?

  • donMe$$i

    How many mosques were destroyed?
    I thought we were told it is not religious?

  • kinsly

    All this facts should be packaged together and used in the courts to prosecute all those who looted the Boko Haram Fund in all on going trials.

    • Otile

      The $2.1billoin Mohamed Buhari borrowed last year does not belong to Boko Haram. Don’t say Boko Haram Fund, it is misleading. We don’t owe Boko Haram anything.

  • Nuhu

    The report is one sided. Is it only Christians and churches that are affected?

    • newday

      Okay, what difference does it make if the author added that some Shiite mosques were also destroyed or even those of Sunni who are opposed to Boko Caliphate goals on the grounds that 9ja has been a Military Caliphate.

  • Shahokaya

    Myopic report. What ever this cannish inspired report want to achieve beats the imagination of sane people. A report that places the Fulani farmers crisis in Benue , Plateau and Nasarawa above the carnage by the Christian lord resistance army in Uganda, Congo and other Central African countries needs to be taken with a finch of salt, a report that fails to mention the thousands of children and women kill daily in South Sudan by the two competing Christian groups indicate the bias of the authors . A report that claim 13,000 churches were abandoned or destroyed in the Muslims states of Borno, Yobe , Gombe ,Adamawa and Bauchi, while not a single reference was made to Mosques abandoned or destroyed indicate the intention of the writers to fan the emblem of religious crisis in the country. Last time we heard this cunning CAN complaining that John Kerry only visited the Sultan and met with Northern governors, is this their ” retaliation”?

    • Burning Spear

      Separation is the only way out not the Satanic rule of the Fulanis ati Yorubas-What has Nigeria got in common with Southern Sudan-apart from the dark colors of their skin?—-Aware the seed of discord in the zone is being sowed by the West————–with oil money from Saudi Arabia————–period————-Besides, are we being told that the crisis in Syria—Libya————–Iraq ati Tunisia were created by Black Africans—–?————-Some disgruntled Muslims in Nigeria just open their regional thoughts against the south for lack of better things to send to their starving parents in Mali and Chad——Having———-armed their dirty Fulani souls with the National ID card of Native Nigerians-what else do u expect from such traitors-?—All we are asking the Fulanis to do is to go back to Sudan and Somalia where they were before Lord Lugard brought them to Nigeria-as his domestic servants————–period————

    • taka

      Shut up folk, Adamawa is not a Muslim state. There are more Christians than Muslims in Adamawa. You guys should stop inverting the numbers, you hear me so?

      • Shahokaya

        So of the Five states Adamawa is the odd one out. What sense did you make ?

        • Tunji Olarewaju

          None, whatsoever, my brother, yibos can’t make any sense;sense is an anathema to them

      • Jika

        That is not true sir.You may wish to buttress your position with facts and figures please?

  • vagabonds in power

    Buhari declared that the Boko Haram war was over and done with–That is the report he has been selling to world leaders—–Fine so what did he borrow the 2.1b from the world bank for-? To buy flowers or cows————-?-He had earlier alleged that since the war was over—in the North east, it was time for him to start rebuilding the Zone—–hence the move to raise the 2.1b loan——–So why are we still having this humanitarian crisis————————-If the war with the Fulani boko haram fighters was over and done with—–why the food crisis———–?-No amount of lies sold to the West will ever be able to save the rotten Fulani neck of Buhari–Happily for us–the world now knows Bingo Buhari for what he is–a bloody Fulani liar–aided by the Yoruba traitors-in the South west————–sucking the oil wells dry in the SS

  • odenigbo.ndioma

    There will be no peace for the wicked. The legacy of the Chief islamist extremist jihadist fundamentalist terrorist Othman Dan Fodio. It’s a terrible trady to be in the same country with hausa-fulani terrorist tribes with their beastly behaviours. We don’t want any kind of unity with these beasts of no nation. Biafra must be restored Insha allah.



    Terrorist worldwide need not to hold any territory before they carry out their satanic and animalistic behaviour of attacking innocent citizens. It is one of the feature of dying terrorist group to continue to attack, opportunity targets with a view to get media attention. Once their activities are reported to the public-domain- they have achieved their aims of getting attention.In our own case, due to the military action which confined them in an enclave in sambisa, coupled with our continuous denying them access of freedom of movement and cutting up of their supplies routs force the element of Bokoharm Terrorist to attack isolated villages in search of food; this does not mean they pose serious threats, even though is regrettable our love one are lost in the process.

    The expanse of the terrain in Sambisa is about 60,000sqkm land wise. this give them a minor window of opportunity to sneak to attack to survive. Even the developed nations are vulnerable to terrorist attack just yesterday one of the most powerful nation on the planet experienced a terrorist attack. Does that translate to mean the ISIS is not decimated or contained by such nation? So it is left to the media, because terrorist by nature thrive on information to survive. Information is the oxygen of terrorist as canvassed by Margaret Hilda Thatcher. Nigerian should not have doubt of our military capability in defeating the sect. Their end is close, what the Bokoharm is doing is just like a dying man who struggle to hold to anything in order to survive, but at the end it will surely die. Our military should be given . Kudos in this regard

  • Jack

    Boko Haram is islamic agenda of using terrorism to stop the spread of Christianity in the North East.

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      Created,sponsored and sustained by Christian PDP and Goodluck AZIKIWE Ebele Jonathan

    • Contact Point

      ISIS attacks in France, USA, Germany and other Western countries are equally Islamic agenda to stop your spreading of Christianity over there? You are truly a jack

  • Salihu Daura

    This report is co-funded by CAN Christian Association of Nigeria. It’s one sided bias and unscientific with a clear mission of misleading the general public. No reference was made to any official data and they blatantly presents their finding as if Borno ,Yobe and Adamawa are homogeneous societies in such a way that only Churches destroyed mentioned no reference was made to the number of Mosques destroyed. Also they ought to consider the fact that Fulani herdsmen also attack Northwestern States of Zamfara,Kaduna,Katsina, etc.

    • vagabonds in power

      Ask your dirty regional soul from Mali–first about the number of Christians murdered in cold blood on the orders of Muslim Clerics from Senegal–Mali and Chad often smuggled into Nigeria———-by their relations who are now Generals–governors– Senators–CPs ati IGP and Emirs. Now armed with my National ID cards in Northern Nigeria—Over 100,000 Native Northerners have so far been murdered from Plateau to Benue-and the South East–not to talk of Borno state and the K states in the Fulani North——–The most Fulani Military and Civilian presidents we have so far done was to look the other way—while the Fulanis spill the blood of the innocents–The scorched earth policies of the Fulanis-from the West African Sub Region—-continues unabated —The Only ambition OF THE fULANIS is to install more Emirs in various parts of the North———–Sadly certain poverty stricken minds from the North Central have been aiding the Fulani cowhands who kill in the name of Allah–ati Islam—in North Central -For IBB it was who created a local government for the Fulanis in Jos———–not the Pope———————– Native Northerners—are being murdered by Fulanis on the directives of the Sultan of Sokoto and the Emir of Kano———So stop blaming CAN————————The fault lies with the Fulani cowhands imported into 9ja to kill Native Northerners by the Sultanate——-Just like the boko haram fighters–all of whom are Fulanis—But we have the Fulanis hide under the tribal marks of Kanuris to murder their people————–Separation is the only way out—————Is Nigerian the only country with a Muslim population in Africa?———-We have Muslims kill because they were allowed to install a Fulani sultan and emir in the North by Lord Lugard- Fulanis Emirs from Adamawa in the Cameroon Mountains to Kwara state—————–Soon we will have them in Aba and Onitsha————–

      • Contact Point

        Until the day you start been unbiased and silly in your reactions to serious matters, you wont stop been a vagabond you have already named yourself

    • Contact Point

      Am not a Muslim, not from the North but full blood Igboman yet i agree to your point. I hate it when bias and sentiment is implored to national issues as serious as BH and its destruction..

      • Otile

        Don’t give us this crap. The only benefactors of Boko Haram movement are the Northerners. We don’t receive anything from them.

  • vagabonds in power

    Buhari declared that the Boko Haram war was over and done with–That is the report he has been selling to world leaders—–Fine so what did he borrow the 2.1b from the world bank for-? To buy flowers or cows————-?-He had earlier alleged that since the war was over—in the North east, it was time for him to start rebuilding the Zone—–hence the move to raise the 2.1b loan——–So why are we still having this humanitarian crisis————————-If the war with the Fulani boko haram fighters was over and done with—–why the food crisis———–?-No amount of lies sold to the West will ever be able to save the rotten Fulani neck of Buhari–Happily for us–the world now knows Bingo Buhari for what he is–a bloody Fulani liar–aided by the Yoruba traitors-in the South west————–sucking the oil wells dry in the SS

    • Contact Point


    • newday

      Boko H. is alive & well. It only changed tactics. A couple of days ago Boko ambushed a military convoy, killing many. The humanitarian crisis is overbearing. Where is Saudi Arabia, & all the Sunni nations, who engineered sharia into the 1999 constitution & embolden jihadists, while OBJ was awol? Our Sunni President Buhari,should urge Sunni nations to finance humanitarian efforts arising from their fanaticism.

  • Contact Point

    Did i read correctly? 13,000 churches to mere 1,300 schools, including private schools? Which mean we have over 26,000.00 pastors displaced, dead or ran away? Shame of a nation where we are too religious yet not God fearing and abiding to the true teachings of God. We have replaced schools of learning with churches where we worship man instead of God. This report is not correct and i do not wish the government to buy into it. We must start checkmating the spreading of too many churches (or mosques) because they are the real problem to the nation.

    • FreeNigeria

      Well said!!!

  • Lanre

    Just as in the Middle East, this islamic group has terrorized the indigenous people so they cannot freely practice their religion. The Governments of many northern nigerian states have adopted Sharia as a law above the constitution in many instances. This is the foundation of the crises in the North. The complicity of politicians and public office holders in the genocide on going.

  • olat

    13,000 churches affected in NE?
    How many churches exist in d North of Nigeria?
    United States have 35, 496 nondenominational churches (Source: ARDA, 2010)
    Number of Mosques in the United States (2,106) Source: ARDA, 2010.
    ARDA – Association of Religion Data Archives

  • Otile

    This is self-inflicted wound. The Muslim North unleashed senseless terrorism to unseat Jonathan, but as the devil would have it, the terror got out of hand. Now the terror planners are using the bad situation to beg and receive money throughout the world. Each time Mohamed Buhari travels out of the country he presents the case of misery, begs and receives money from generous world bodies. Unfortunately for us the more Mohamed promises to rebuild the destroyed areas the more Boko Haram carries out outrageous destruction. We are tired of this senseless war. When will it end?

    • Omoba1

      Please stop this propanganda. We are talking about victims here.

      • Otile

        You and I are speaking the same language. They are using propaganda to receive money.

    • Jika

      Boko Haram started their murderous campaign in 2009.Was Jonathan the President in 2009? Could it now be inferred that the pipe line bombings are instigated by the Niger Deltans to cripple the economy as a pay back?

      • Otile

        Yeah, but that time Imam Yusuf used his own brand of Boko Haram for conversion only, and you know it. When Jonathan came in the Northerners changed tactics, they used their popular Boko Haram movement to unseat Jonathan. Do you not remember how Imam Abu Qaqa vowed to sack Jonathan and get Imam Mohamed Buhari as a mediator? My friend, pay attention, the plan they scripted then is playing out now.

        The Niger Deltans are protesting cheating done to them. How can Danjuma and the Northern emirs own oil wells in their backyards while the owners of the land go without? Who would not protest the injustice?

        • Maria

          Not for conversion only…they were attacking government establishments including police.

          • Otile

            How else are they going to overpower people and convert them? This is the method Nabi Mohammed himself used, and you know it too.

        • Jika

          Again you are not telling the truth.When was Yusuf killed and who was the head of Government at that time? The first operation to crush Bolo Haram was undertaken during the time of Late Yaradua. The reasons for that order was because of the murderous activities of Boko Haram in Bauchi and Yobe states amongst others.I suggest you do a little more research on this subject to find out the genesis of Boko Haram.The murderous activities of Boko Haram definitely predated Jonathan’s presidency.Danjuma and the Emirs have been owners of these oil Wells as alleged by you before and during the time of Jonathan,how come there was no bombing and sabotage as we have seen in recent time?Are the Niger Deltans just realising this “skewed” ownership of oil Wells?

          • Otile

            Yes, of course Musa ibn Yar’Adua murdered Imam Jusuf, nobody is disputing that. But when Jonathan came in, Northern politicians revived Boko Haram and that is when it became a political movement to knock off Jonathan and return power to the Muslim North.

            Again, Danjuma and the emirs have been exploiting the oil resources of the Niger Delta and the owners of the land have been simmering with anger. You know, there is no way you can cheat a group of people forever, there comes a time when the cheating will get to them and they revolt.

          • Jika

            And what did Jonathan do to fight Boko Haram given the fact that he was commander in chief?If you an ordinary citizen like me could come to the conclusion that some regional forces could use Boko Haram to west power from a sitting president,how come the main man himself could not see it from his vantage point?Again,Jonathan contested for and won election across the country in 2011 despite Boko Haram,how come he lost in 2015 because of Boko Haram as alleged by you?In the light of all the revelations that have come to light,regarding Dasuki gate,do you still believe in your imaginary conspiracy theory?Jonathan lost because he mismanaged the fight against the terrorists just as he did with so many other things.

          • Otile

            Wayo Allah. you are so illogical. Trace your comments and see how your assumptions are so childish, illogical and confused. Refuting them is a waste of time. Live with your uninformed assumptions, omo Odua.

          • Jika

            There you go again.What is illogical about my posts? It is typical of you to start using derogatory language on others once you have run out of conjectures and propogandist views.The fact remains that Boko Haram was actively or tacitly allowed a free reign of terror during the last dispensation.In any case,irrespective of who was using Boko Haram to ‘remove Jonathan’,I am certain they are not as powerful as the Nigerian state with all instruments of power and coercive at it’s disposal.Guess what,Jonathan had all that was needed to crush Boko Haram and it’s sponsors.He failed woefully and the rest as they say is history. By the way,it is ‘wayyo Allah’ not ‘wayo Allah’.

          • Otile

            Actually the actual wailing should sound wayyo Allahu. I can also accept wayyo Allah.

    • Maria

      Boko Haram started before Jonathan… Why are you spreading lies?

      • Otile

        Yes Boko Haram started before Jonathan, but they used it for conversion only, and you know it. Was it not the politicians who murdered Imam Yusuf the founder? The Northern politicians saw how effective the movement was and decided to use it to terrorize, intimidate and conquer Nigeria. Is it not what is happening today? Who is the president today, is he not the Muslim man Boko Haram fingered to mediate for them? When he came to power did Imam Buhari not start by borrowing $2.1billions to settle them? What is the lie about these facts?

  • A. Ejiofor


    BIAFRA will be a bullshit country too!

    Because I am Delta Igbo people say I must support Biafra. I will never
    do so. Look at the list of the five Judges of Court of Appeal that imposed
    Hijab on all schools in Nigeria, don’t you see Igbo Judges among them? When I say
    my Igbo brothers are suicidal people, they will say I am exaggerating. See it
    now. The Igbo Judge who joined Court of Appeal to make that decision, what does
    he know about Islam? Who in his family is Muslim in Igboland? How come that he
    imposed Muslim Hijab on his own people, if not suicide? You can see why Biafra
    will be a bullshit country too.

    • Biafran judges

      U know the Ibos —for what they are–Money na hand back na ground—-they are not at all principled—————-That is why we call them the food is ready————–

      • Vextee343

        The Press should note the names of those five [5] awkward Appeal Court Judges
        who have recklessly pushed Nigeria down this slippery slope of mass murder.

        The five errant Judges of the Appeal Court who issued that no-brainer verdict
        on compulsory HIJAB henceforth in all schools across Nigeria are as follows:

        • Justice A B Gumel

        • Justice M. Fasanmi

        • Justice A. Jauro

        • Justice J.S. Ikyegh

        • Justice I. Jombo Ofor

  • konko below


    I have been reading here
    that HIJAB is compulsory dress for all journalists in Premium Times. I read too
    that anybody that wants to work in Premium Times as staff, even as gate man,
    must wear Hijab, whether to go and eat or to go and sleep at night. What I want
    to know now is that are there soothsayers inside Premium Times?

    How did you people foresee what is now happening?
    Look at it now. The Muslim Hijab is now compulsory in all schools in Nigeria.
    The Court of Appeal in Lagos said that Hijab can cancel any school uniform in
    Nigeria that any government says students must wear.

    Therefore, all Catholic schools, all Methodist Schools and even all Anglican
    schools in Nigeria must better change their name to MUSLIM HIJAB SCHOOLS OF
    NIGERIA from today before it is too late.

    • Muslims

      Does the Hijab stop Muslims from raping their girls in the North or supplying them with had drugs-or turning them into suicide bombers

      • Pastor J. J. Jones

        “A corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit. For out of the heart proceed

        evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornication, thefts, false witness, and,

        blasphemies. The love of money is the root of all evil; which, while some

        coveted after, they erred from faith, and pierced themselves with sorrows.”

  • Simeon Nigel

    Those figures provided by the this organisation were very obviously ‘breath-takings’ beyond human existences on our today’s planet earth. I will be hardly surprised that President M.Buhari will or may not be moved by these in-depth devastations of this magnitude revealation that entirely discemented so badly in a whole large region of North-East. What is our so called Nigerian armies (gaint of Africa) doing? After they often claimed to be the best military performancers in United Nation Peace-keeping missions abroad? Right under their nose just a group common ‘evil rags-tags motor parks boys’ of yesterday, were now able to be inflicting extensive and heavy damages that were spanning a vast areas of places even without our so called Nigerian armies stopping or arresting them. The Nigerian Government, over the past years, have had trained our senior military personnel in both at home and overseas, including USA, Britian, Germany, India-(the most favourite military training abroad for most of Nigerian senior commanders), and others. And yet they could not put up of their acquired military training abroad to an effective use to crushed these ‘rags-tag’ Boko Haram sects. What a big shame!!!! Instead, these Nigerian military top commanders keep on creating battle fields circumstances in order for them to be continuing ‘milking’ or ‘sucking’ into their own greedy and selfish “pockets” from Nigeria’s huge expenditures burden against Boko Haram, and these military top officers criminally ventures only just eating from their own country under Boko Haram ongoing insurgency cover, and hence running down Nigeria of its scare financial resources,presently. What a pitty?

  • NigerianLatestNews

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