Budget Scandal: Reps plot to remove Dogara as House Speaker


Members of the House of Representatives opposed to continued leadership of the House by Yakubu Dogara are considering moving a vote of no confidence against the Speaker and the entire leadership.

The House, as well as the Senate, will reconvene tomorrow, Tuesday, after a lengthy recess that started on July 21.

Supporters of the Speaker are, however, also preparing to block any move against Mr. Dogara, who is accused of budget fraud.

Mr. Dogara’s backers are expected to give him a standing ovation at the end of his speech opening the new session.

Allegations of budget fraud and abuse of office, which became known as budget padding scandal, were leveled against Mr. Dogara and some other lawmakers by Abdulmumin Jibrin, who was removed as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee shortly before the House went on the recess.

Mr. Dogara denied the allegations.

In the wake of the allegations, some members formed the Transparency Group and called for the prosecution of the Speaker and other accused persons.

A key member of the group, who asked not to be named, told PREMIUM TIMES ahead of Tuesday’s resumption that efforts were on to mobilise lawmakers against Mr. Dogara.

“But we have not concluded (on moves to remove the Speaker),” the source said, revealing that the vote of no confidence agenda was being considered.

He said they would decide later tonight whether to go ahead with the agenda.


However, a source in the leadership of the House said the agenda would not materialise.

“While they are planning (the vote of no confidence), others are planning to pass vote of confidence in the leadership of the House,” the source said.

“I want you to know that after the prayer, first thing tomorrow is the Speaker’s speech. In the speech, he will welcome everybody and address all the issues and the allegations. Then, his supporters will rise to give him standing ovation, which will be followed by a vote of confidence.

“So, I doubt if those planning vote of no confidence will still go ahead.”

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  • TrueFairGame

    Some mix ups?

  • Rommel

    I am interested in knowing those that will give standing ovation to Dogara after the said speech

  • john omoloye

    that House or National Assembly has no little or any shame, vote of confidence for more budget padding

  • new republic

    brutalai and the police should get prepare to kill many nigérians tomorrow at the NASS protest is better to die in the hand of armed forces than to die of hunger,the whole world will witness it.

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      If u die na d end for u b DAT. Once u c zombies dey point koboko,DAT wan na warning,the next na wey dem?next ao many?counting begins,yes Sir we killed forty.

  • FreeNigeria

    NASS of nuisance

  • vagabonds in power

    The budget padding scandal in the House of Representatives took a different twist Monday as embattled former chairman of the Committee on Appropriations Abdulmumin Jibrin received hash criticism on Twitter from Nigerians over reports that he operates a foreign account in contravention of the law.

    Trouble started on Twitter, when popular Nigerian activist Kayode Ogundamisi asked the lawmaker for clarification on documents linking him to a foreign account, including the ownership of a property which was used as the address on the account and he replied demanding to know what former would do following the revelation.

    Jibrin tweeted at Ogundamisi, “Oga now that you have found out that I own the property, what’s next”, but when negative reactions started pouring in, the lawmaker denied having any link to the account, saying, “I urge the public to disregard this latest blackmail as the document in circulation is not worth a toilet paper”.

    The lawmaker also accused Speaker Yakubu Dogara of sponsoring what he described as propaganda against him through his Deputy Chief of Staff, C.I.D Maduabum, adding he has directed his lawyers to report the matter to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the police.

    The Speaker’s aide has since denied any connections to NYCN’s allegations, saying, “I formally deny these allegations and denounce it as the hallucinations of deranged psychopath”.

    • bingo buhari

      when two fualni mumu elephants fight

      • Manuel Tobby

        Igbo drug adulterers suffers

      • Mufu Ola

        Inferiority complex has eaten deep into u folks. Point of correction though.Dogara is not Fulani or Hausa as some ignorant & mentally lazy people think.A little research by u people should tell u this.So much for the “educated”.

        • bingo buhari

          No wonder the Fulanis want him out

  • Bright Henry

    Dogara must go. He is a thief.

    • Babrutus


  • Babrutus

    If there are now camps with clear agenda, it means our HoRs has progressed. For too long now, they have lacked purpose.

  • Realitytalk

    Let the corruption be rooted out of the senate and the house of rep. we want corrupt free leaders like PMB at all sector and angle

  • vagabonds in power

    Didn’t the APC market itself as the party with the capacity to save Nigeria from the ruination caused by the PDP? At what point did the party realise that governing Nigeria was not just a difficult task but an impossibility? And if governing Nigeria has become impossible, why is the APC still in office? Shouldn’t it step down to allow people who believe that turning Nigeria’s fortunes around for good is still a possibility, no matter how daunting the task, to govern?

    Perhaps, these APC jokers do not know or may have conveniently forgotten. They are in office because they told Nigerians they will do the job and deliver on their promises. Nigerians will hold them accountable.

    Deflecting attention by pointing fingers of blame at the PDP is a no-brainer. Nigerians gave their verdict on the PDP more than a year ago. So, the joke is no longer on the PDP, it is on the APC. And no matter how hard the APC tries to obfuscate issues, one thing is certain. Never will it ever be said that Buhari was the best president Nigeria never had like it is said of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

    Instead, he is working very hard to achieve the opposite. The way he is going, Buhari is likely to end up the worst president Nigeria ever had unless he changes gear.