Ondo 2016: Confusion in APC as members await Appeals Committee report


There is an uneasy calm in the camp of the All Progressives Congress in Ondo State as governorship aspirants and party members await the report of the Appeals Committee handling complaints arising from the September 3 primary election.

PREMIUM TIMES gathered on Sunday that activities at the party secretariat in Akure have come to a halt amidst fears that the outcome of the report could break up the party and mar its chances of winning the next governorship election.

A source at the party’s secretariat disclosed that besides the earlier resignation of the chairman of the party in Ondo Central, the state Chairman of the party, Isaacs Kekemeke, had planned to resign after the primary but delayed following the suspense created by the appeals against the election.

“Right now everything is in a standstill. We don’t know who is in control because of the suspense created by the delay in making the content of the report public,” the source said.

“We hear that the party leaders are trying to delay the report so that by the time it is made public it will be difficult for aspirants to decamp to other parties.

“Kekemeke had prepared to resign earlier, but with the appeals, he has slowed down, because if the appeals’ upholds the election of Rotimi Akeredolu, then he might as well resign. But if the election will be conducted afresh it might give him another opportunity to ensure his candidate wins the election.”

The greatest fear, it was gathered, is that some aspirants who alleged rigging at the primary and sought for cancellation, could dump the party should the report uphold the result of the primary.

Olusegun Abraham
Olusegun Abraham

The APC’s Director of Publicity, Steve Otaloro, told PREMIUM TIMES that the Appeals Committee had submitted its report to the National Working Committee.

He said it was not clear when the decision of the appeals committee would be made public, noting that the report is being awaited by both aspirants and members.

He admitted that the decision of the appeals committee was crucial in determining the party’s next line of action in its quest to unseat the Peoples Democratic Party in the coming governorship election.

The result of the primary, won by Rotimi Akeredolu, was contested by three of the aspirants: Ajayi Boroffice, Olusegun Abraham, and Olusola Oke.

They alleged that the election was fraught with irregularities and that the delegates list used for the primary was illegal.

Mr. Akeredolu, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, won the primary after scoring 669 votes, while his closest rival, Mr. Abraham, polled 635 votes.

Olusola Oke, Ondo APC Aspirant Photo by SaharaReporters

Mr. Oke came third with 576 votes, closely followed by Mr. Boroffice with 471 votes.

All the appellants have urged the Appeals Committee to cancel the primary and conduct a fresh one.

PREMIUM TIMES learnt that Mr. Oke has perfected plans to leave the party should the committee decide to uphold the election of Mr. Akeredolu.

A source close to his campaign team said although it was unclear where the former PDP National Legal Adviser would be heading, it was clear he was heading out of the APC.

“It is true that he has plans to leave the party, but it would depend on the outcome of the party’s appeal committee sitting on the matter,” the source said.

There were, however, rumours that Mr. Oke had perfected plans to pitch his tent with the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA.

But his spokesman, Rotimi Ogunleye, told PREMIUM TIMES that Mr. Oke was not going to join APGA.

“We are waiting for the report of the appeal committee,” Mr. Ogunleye said.

“No decision can be taken until the report is out, so the rumours that he (Mr. Oke) has decamped is not true.”

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  • Realitytalk

    APC is taking over ondo state by the grace of God, enough of mimiko slavery ruling

    • donMe$$i

      Looks like you read the report upside-down.
      Please do your lineage a favour and re-Read.

    • Darlington

      How are you fairing for Nigeria they took over last?

  • vagabonds in power

    Warning Signs Buhari and the Apes in APC Would Destroy Nigeria’s Economy Which Were Ignored

    But now, naira is on free fall, falling oil prices, inability to sell oil, Biafra agitation, Boko Haram moves, governors’ inability to pay salaries.

    We told them that he’s corrupt just like his fellow cronies, but they claimed he never stole a dime.

    We told them that Buhari is OLD, DULL, and SLOW, but they said they preferred a dullàrd that created Western Germany and President Mitchell’s to a Ph.D. holder that transformed the Agricultural sector of the economy.

    We told them he doesn’t have the moral standard, will and the technological knowhow to tackle corruption, but they claimed even witch hunting is fighting corruption.

    We told them he’s full of LIES and DECEIT, but they hoped on the mirage NGN5,000 salary for the jobless and one meal per day for their kids.

    We told them that since he knew nothing about fuel subsidy, then he knows nothing about the petroleum industry/sector of the Nigerian economy but they claimed he’ll stabilize world oil price and reduce PMS price to NGN40 per litre.

    We told them he has no respect for the rule of law, but they claimed the judiciary was corrupt.

    • billy d dog Buhari

      Now Nko?

    • Whalerolex

      In as much as I agree with you that Buhari is clueless, I don’t think that warrants anyone to mention the name of the dullest Phd holder in Nigeria in person of Jonathan. GEJ was a failure which APC/Buhari took advantage of and now we ended in what I call from “fry pan to fire”. Clueless Buhari lost presidential election against Obj, Yaradua and GEJ. That’s enough to show he (Buhari) was not wanted if not for GEJ that put Nigerians in that difficult situation. GEJ should be ashamed of himself that he is that unwanted to that point Nigerians will gamble with a clueless man.

  • dayo adeyemi

    Junk journalism…..meanwhile Oluwole Oke that you posted his picture is from osun state an honorable member of the house of reps and not the olushola oke from ondo state ….I wonder if you guys ever crosscheck whatever you are disseminating to the public.

    • Babrutus

      Although I cannot verify your input per the names, I concur PT is guilty as charged. My only question for you is, why are you still reading them?

      • Adeyemi Temidayo

        If I didn’t go through it how do I know that the name is not consistent with the picture they posted meanwhile ur probably blind and reading the braille version ….get a life bruv

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          Brother, this is my life, don’t be bitter, it won’t make your life better. Life is not so hard you know. I just wondered why you are still reading them if you consider their journalism junk. Are you a junkie?

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      You are the one who doesn’t k ow anything.. the PT is right … The picture is that of the Oke from Ondo state

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  • EOkeh

    self interest is at work in Ondo state

  • realist

    There is no peace for the wicked so says the Bible. Simple primary election was manipulated because of vested interest. How would they not being in a fix. That is how they would be until the rightful owner takes up the governorship position in the state. None of the aspirants is qualified to be elected because they are desperate and the party leadership too is insincere.

  • Aluko

    The problem with APC is that the party has no true national leader who could be looked up to by the members of the party as unbiased.
    However, let those who want to decamp go wherever they wish afterall the governorship contest is between two parties, PDP and APC. The PDP already have their candidate who is anointed by Mimiko to protect his interest when he leaves office.

  • Tiwa Adebayo

    We don’t want APC… APC out. Both APC and PDP rubbish. They can’t even get it together. SDP let’s try you and your candidate.