The 12 athletes who made Nigeria proud at Rio Paralympics, setting new record


With 8 gold medals among the total haul of 12, the 2016 Paralympics in Rio is Nigeria’s best ever.

PREMIUM TIMES brings you an overview of the 12 athletes who made the country proud in their various events at the Paralympics.

Ezuruike Roland (Powerlifting Men’s -54 kg Gold Medal winner)

The Nigerian Power-lifer set three Paralympic Records (PR) enroute his victory in Rio as he ended with a lift of 200kg.

Before his success in Rio, Ezuruike had won medals at the African Games as well as the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow where he won a silver medal in the Men’s 72kg.

Kehinde Paul (Powerlifting Men’s -65 kg Gold Medal Winner)

Kehinde twice broke the men’s -65kg World Record (WR) to win GOLD in the Powerlifting event.The 28-year-old lifted an astonishing 220kg to claim gold in style at the Rio Games.

Born in Lagos, Kehinde competed in the men’s 72 kg event at the 2014 Commonwealth Games where he also won a gold medal.

Ejike Lucy (Powerlifting Women’s -61 kg Gold Medal winner)

Ejike demonstrated that she is a leader indeed shattering the Paralympic and World Record three successive times en-route winning gold in the women’s -61kg event in PowerliftingThe 38-year-old, who PREMIUM TIMES understands was condemned to using a wheelchair due to polio, is an old war house.

Her outing in Rio is the fifth Paralympic appearance, having made her debut in Athens Greece where she won gold.

Condemned to silver medals in Sydney and London Games, Ejike finally got it right in Rio which may be her last outing.

Onye Lauritta (Athletics Women’s Shot Put – F40 Gold Medal winner)onye-lauritta

Onye handed Team Nigeria her first medal in the athletes event, clinching gold in the women’s shot put F40.Onye’s first throw of 7.83m saw her break her world record of 7.72m set at the 2015 IPC world athletics championships in Doha.

Her second throw landed at 7.54m, while she went one centimetre further on her third attempt.

Onye then went on to unleash an astonishing throw of 8.40m on her fourth attempt to secure the gold medal in the event.

Nwosu Ndidi (Powerlifting Women’s -73 kg Gold Medal winner)

Nwosu beat the defending champion to win women’s -73kg Powerlifting event.It was a dramatic win for the 37-year-old who had to lift 140kg to equal the Paralympics Record (PR) before she could usurp France’s Souhad Ghazouani who looked like she had GOLD in her kitty.

Omolayo Bose (Powerlifting Women’s -79 kg Gold Medal winner)

Omolayo shattered her own World Record (WR) and set a new one of 138kg to win Nigeria’s sixth GOLD medal in Rio.The 27-year-old Commonwealth silver medalist came to Rio as the firm favourite in her event and she did not disappoint wining in spectacular fashion.

Ugwunwa Flora (Athletics Women’s Javelin Throw – F53/54)

The 32-year-old put up a splendid display as she erased Tunisian Hania Aidi’s World Record (WR) of 18.86m set at the IPC World Championships in Doha last year.Ugwunwa furthered the mark by almost 2m, throwing an impressive 20.25m in her third attempt to also shatter Liwan Yang’s Paralympic Record (PR) of 17.89m set at the London Games four years ago.

Ugwunwa emerged as the top gun in the women’s F54 Javelin throw.

Orji Josephine (Powerlifting Women’s +86 kg Gold Medal winner)

Orji shattered the world record of the women’s +86kg power-lifting event with a lift of 154kg to win the gold medal.The swashbuckling fair complexioned Nigerian ended the gold rush after earning the eighth for the country in what could largely be seen as a successful outing in Rio.


Tijani Latifat (Powerlifting Women’s -45 kg silver medal winner)

Tijani won Team Nigeria’s first medal at the 2016 Paralympic Games, clinching Silver in the women’s -45kg Powerlifting event.

Oyema Esther (Powerlifting Women’s -55 kg Silver medal winner)

Oyema gave Nigeria her third medal of the 2016 Paralympic Games; winning silver in the women’s -55 kg event.

She won with a lift of 127 kg in the nine-athlete event.


Innocent Nnamdi (Powerlifting Men’s -72 kg Bronze medal winner)

Innocent with a lift of 210kg muscled his way to the podium as he settled for bronze behind China’s Lei Liu who won gold and Iraq’s Rasool Mohsin who claimed the silver medal.

Iyiazi Eucharia (Athletics Women’s Discus Throw – F56/57 Bronze medal winner)

Veteran Iyiazi at 42 won Nigeria’s final medal in Rio and it could also be her final having seen it all since making her debut show at the Paralympics over a decade ago.This is Iyiazi’s fifth appearance at the Paralympics and her fourth medal.iyiazi-eucharia

She won Silver at the Athens 2004 Games, two gold medals in the F57/58 Discus and Shot put events at the Beijing 2008 and Bronze at London 2012.

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  • Cleartruth

    I do not see any Muhammed or aisha here. Less I forget , there is no suicide bombing competition in Olympics, that’s why our muslim north is not on medal table.

    • Victoria

      Tatafo and Cleartruth you are both pathetic with your coment.premiumtimes did the right reporting.Thank you premiumtimes


    Premium Times should try and be giving Nigerians the complete list of performances. It is very important for people to have the complete picture or if you like, perspective. See below

    TATAFO brings you an overview of the 20 athletes who made the continent of Nigeria proud in their various events at the Paralympics.

    1. Ezuruike Roland (Powerlifting Men’s -54 kg Gold Medal winner) —- EAST (Biafran Republic)
    2. Ejike Lucy (Powerlifting Women’s -61 kg Gold Medal winner) —- EAST (Biafran Republic)
    3. Onye Lauritta (Athletics Women’s Shot Put – F40 Gold Medal winner) ) —- EAST (Biafran Republic)
    4. Orji Josephine (Powerlifting Women’s +86 kg Gold Medal winner) ) —- EAST (Biafran Republic)
    5. Oyema Esther (Powerlifting Women’s -55 kg Silver medal winner) —- EAST (Biafran Republic)
    6. Ugwunwa Flora (Athletics Women’s Javelin Throw – F53/54) —- EAST (Biafran Republic)
    7. Innocent Nnamdi (Powerlifting Men’s -72 kg Bronze medal winner) —- EAST (Biafran Republic)
    8. Iyiazi Eucharia (Athletics Women’s Discus Throw – F56/57 Bronze medal winner) —- SOUTH (Niger Delta Republic)
    9. Nwosu Ndidi (Powerlifting Women’s -73 kg Gold Medal winner) ) —- SOUTH (Niger Delta Republic)
    10. Kehinde Paul (Powerlifting Men’s -65 kg Gold Medal Winner) —- WEST (Oduduwa Republic)
    11. Omolayo Bose (Powerlifting Women’s -79 kg Gold Medal winner) —- WEST (Oduduwa Republic)
    12. Tijani Latifat (Powerlifting Women’s -45 kg silver medal winner) —- WEST (Oduduwa Republic)
    13. Kabiru Sokoto (Church bombings and rape of minors- GOLD medal winner —- North (Bokostani Republic)
    14. Idris Shettima (Child molester, rapist, predator & forced marriage/conversion -GOLD Medal winner —- North (Bokostani Republic)
    15. Abubarkar Dongarat (Stealing & Embezzlement @ House of Reps GOLD medal 258million Kg) —- North (Bokostani Republic)
    16. Jujubrin Ibrahim (Confessions Men’s – Million Dollar kg GOLD medal winner —- North (Bokostani Republic)
    17. Shekau Abubakar (Islamic Terrorism – Mens Category – GOLD Medal —- North (Bokostani Republic)
    18. Malami Usman (Beheadind and limb cutting – GOLD medal winner —- North (Bokostani Republic)
    19. Sanni Bature (Sharia implementation, killing of Pastors – GOLD Medal —- North (Bokostani Republic)
    20. El-Amin Daura (Killer Herdsmen terrorism, Jos and Benue – GOLD medal —- North (Bokostani Republic)

  • USA

    Buhari to attend Para–Olympics for the Elderly and Certificate less people of the Fulani NORTH —————in the USA——-


    The north has the biggest amount of disabled people but as usual they never contribute to Nigeria but when it comes to capital projects and appointments you see them. More than 70% of the medals were won by Igbos …….the most marginalized and excluded…….so the only hope for Igbos remains self determination, there is no hope for Igbos in Nigeria.


    • Gabriel Olasebikan

      @tawandaincommunicado:disqus….please be informed we prefer “Sharia” to all these.

  • Kickboxer

    BIAFRA= 6 Gold, 2 Silver, and 1 bronze= 9 medals out of 12.

    NIGERIA= 2 Gold, 1 Silver

    • Screwdem

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      • Kickboxer

        No time for Lazy man. It is time to show your contribution! Go and learn a trade. Oil is finished. Parasite!

  • persona

    The objective of Paralympics is to turn disability to ability. There is a lesson here for Nigeria, the recession(disability) should be turned around.
    The parochial minds calling regions here probably didn’t notice the country they hate so much clothed, housed and supported those that got the medals. Time to end all bigotry(disability) for nation building(ability).
    Congrats to the athletes, they are patriots and have done us proud by even smashing records on a global stage. Congrats.

    • vagabonds in power

      Do not forget the money to cloth and feed them came from the oil revenue base of the South South–where Buhari has just sent over 50,000 soldiers to intimidate the Ijaw Nation- Cause that is the only way they can dominate the ppl of the the SS most especially the Niger delta—-tribalism again abi—So stop giving credit to the Fulani ati Yoruba and their Ibo surrogates—Freedom is our goal-not the rule of the Fulanis –Yorubas and their errand boys from the far east————————–The Fulani North has more disabled people—than the rest of Nigeria but are never into sports————-They will rather bomb Ijaw villages and harass–innocent souls in the oil bearing communities to enable them steal their oil wells.


      Why don’t you “cloth” your bombers, Al-majeris, and killer herdsmen to become useful and win medals instead you keep cheating and abusing the useful part of the country.

      • persona

        You call them beggars, good for nothing, bombers, cheats etc and yet when people call your people names, you say its not peculiar to them.
        The bronze Nigeria won was sealed by the same northerners that you despise. If you eradicate your tunnel vision, you will see there is good everywhere. Most Paralympian won now from your region, likewise, most of them failed in the able bodied Olympics, does that not tell you that preparation and discipline are the things that makes the difference. Your inability to think deeply always just shows that you are a very shallow, wicked and bias person. If you continue this way, you may give yourself HBP over absolute nothing.


          The truth is that the north is vastly unproductive to the collective development of Nigeria .

          • persona

            Your hypocrisy knows no bound. They are unproductive and you long for their Tomatoes, you eat their beef and its derivatives(suya), beans, mellon, potatoes, carrots, cucumber, yam and groundnuts but when their is an issue, you scream and foam at the mouth. Kaduna now is launching exploration of rare form of Nickel, we no hear your voice but will say otherwise when some resource is not attended to for ya side. Oga, what happened is that aboki put us over for the bronze, you cant take it back and the SE tipped us into gold medal table in Paralympics alongside the SW people you also dislike(putting it mildly). Everyone is happy for Nigeria, na only you dey bellyache using your ethnic lenses. They contribute their quote with diligent farming and you cant take that away from them. Every region puts something forward, its this selfish viewpoint of yours that make you abuse the people who feed the larger percentage of the country even as they may not contribute in material resources as the SS. Ingratitude is a bad thing and it resides deeply within you. There is no hiding it, the world doesn’t revolve around you.

        • Ulo

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  • ayo

    Honestly God gave Nigeria the Igbo for her uplifting and prosperity, if Nigerians will allow ibos to help this nation, we shall not be far from Malaysia, Taiwan,Singapore ,south Korea etc in developments. The problems with Nigeria had been that those who are naturally gifted by God to help our nation are pushed out of the field of play because of primordial hatred,envy,jealousy and religious bigotry while half fit and mediocres are pushed in to play for Nigeria. That’s why our nation have continued to craw at an adult stage .may God give wisdom to our leaders.if any person neglect Gods gift for him /her to prosper and excel, such a one shall continue to groan under the yoke of lack and poverty. This is why the holy book said that the Gift of God in a man maketh way for the person. U can’t be wiser than God who bestowed his gifts and callings on whomsoever he willeth.Nigeria,you can’t battle with God.The Nation of Isreal rejected their saviour because he was born in Bethlehem, they said that nothing good shall come out from there,their leaders conspired and betrayed him and have Him murdered.but at the end,they lost big time as a nation and a people and was carried into exile while their nation was destroyed and looted.May God help Nigeria to learn wisdom.

  • Realitytalk

    congratulation to them, i really app guy did for the country at the tournament.

  • felixoti

    What the able could not do, the disabled have done .. and even more. Given that for 3 Olympics now our able-bodied athletes have been a disappointment, isn’t it time Nigeria focus on the Paralympics and let the others go their wandering ways?