29 injured in New York bomb explosion


A powerful explosion has rocked New York in the U.S. injuring at least 29 people.

The New York Times reports that the explosion was caused by a homemade bomb in the Chelsea neighbourhood of Manhattan.

Another explosive was later found ‎by authorities a few blocks away from the scene of the first blast.

New York police say they have video from the scene of the blast and are already investigating. They have asked residents living in some areas of Manhattan to take more security measures like moving away from windows.

Already, Mayor Bill de Blasio has called the explosion “an intentional act,” saying “Whatever the cause, New Yorkers will not be intimidated.”

Mr. De Blasio said none of the significant injuries sustained from the blast was life threatening‎.

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  • amazing2012

    …you cannot have peace until you desire peace. You drop over 300,000 in Syria alone and killed over 10 million of aggrieved people all over the world in the name of freedom and justice. Actually destroying people in order to save them.
    Review your foreign policy, specifically stopped proliferating of arms, supporting of arm groups in the name of fighting injustice. You don’t need to kill over 10 million to fight for justice ! Justice for who ? Deaths ?
    Before you went to Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen were all peaceful. But now devastated with uninvited wars that consumed over 10 millions lives. Surely these people must go after you with aggressive vengeance. Please change your policy so that the world will have peace.

    List of countries bombed by Christian terrorist since the end of World War II China 1945-46
    First World War
    Second World War
    Korea 1950-53
    China 1950-53
    Guatemala 1954
    Indonesia 1958
    Cuba 1959-60
    Guatemala 1960
    Belgian Congo 1964
    Guatemala 1964
    Dominican Republic 1965-66
    Peru 1965
    Laos 1964-73
    Vietnam 1961-73
    Cambodia 1969-70
    Guatemala 1967-69
    Lebanon 1982-84
    Grenada 1983-84
    Libya 1986
    El Salvador 1981-92
    Nicaragua 1981-90
    Iran 1987-88
    Libya 1989
    Panama 1989-90
    Iraq 1991
    Kuwait 1991
    Somalia 1992-94
    Bosnia 1995
    Iran 1998
    Sudan 1998
    Afghanistan 1998
    Yugoslavia – Serbia 1999
    Afghanistan 2001
    Libya 2011
    Syria to date
    Yemen 2014 to date
    Besides killing of over 100 million red Indians in American continent.
    In total over a billion people were killed by Christians !
    Christians under USA has 900 bases in 153 countries for direct killing of innocents women and children.
    You attacked them, play victim and call them terrorists!

    • dr paul ojeaga

      U really dead wrong dear, America intervenes with good intentions the United States remains the only country that stands up for the truth. America will have peace long live the United States Amen. The wicked can never bring America down

      • Folahan

        You sound naive. Was Iraq invaded for good reasons, or libya. Its all about oil and politics and the control of trade and resources. Period.

        • HAMZA

          …….obviously they fight for the DOLLAR and not even religion – and the Dollar is their god!!!

      • HAMZA

        ………..they fight for the DOLLAR and not even for religion – and the Dollar is their god!!!

        • amazing2012

          Before, engaging in war is a business, where you “steal” resources after you conquered and murdered millions of people who can be an absticle to your principles of emslavement. But now it does not happen again, oil is everywhere and maintening war is expensive. War of today have taken a new coloration that can be viewed through different prism and define by every victim, suspect and other stake holders.
          Many people define war of today with religious connotation, because the countries attacked share the same faith.
          Others look at it a providing security in the region for the defense of state of Israel.
          What so ever, killing people in millions is not a solution to any problem. It is more like destroying a nation in order to save it !

      • amazing2012

        Intervention ? You call it intervention, the killing of women and children ? killing of over 20 million people ? dropping bombs on poor people ? Creating, training and equiping terrorists groups ? Google Hilary’s confession from utube, where she said “we formed alqaida…..”.
        Ok, mention ONE country that US interven and is peaceful or better now.
        Please what do you major in your PhD, ? ANIMAL SCIENCE OR DAFTOLOGY ?

        • dr paul ojeaga

          The deed of restructuring Iraq in line with the United States strategic interest has been accomplished there is nothing you can do. There exist a world order. I don’t hate you. At least you acknowledge my superiority to you, “just as the United States is superior to iraq” in quote. When you get your PhD don’t forget to use your title best

          • amazing2012

            Restructuring ? US strategic interest ? A world order based on what ? 666. ?
            Your PhD, if it is true is unfortunate, remember we have your equal who went to look for Dangote truck driving !
            I urged you to read ” Destroying a nation in order to save it” by John McGuffin, Internment (1973), Rouge state among others.
            The result of restructuring concept and strategic interest is what you will continue to see in your cities. And live in fear in your homes.
            I don’t support violence act of any kind in whatever name. But you support “world order” concept of killing innocent people and bombing their countries.
            everyrhing is connected to everything at certain range, frequency, degree, magnatude, dimension and distance. You are not Phd holder, because you don’t sound someone with logical and balance thinking. Tell what you major ! Am sure not on politics or humans science! And to make it worst, you insert selfish and bias in your submission and give your analysis with less accuracy and authenticity !

    • Zy

      Typical of a deranged Muslim, always blaming the west for all the inherent problems with your religion. Wherever Islam exists=misery, hatred, death. My friend the Muslims can never rule the world, evil will never rule the world darkness will never run the world, hatred will never rule the world. All other religions live in peace with each other except Islam.

      • HAMZA

        Amazing2012 postulated his own factual information – do argue and confront him in a similar manner , if indeed you are Godly and truthful!!!

      • Kez Ebed

        Amazing2012, you must be the current bomber at New York, or at the least, you must have had fore knowledge of the sordid act. REMOVE YOUR MASK and acknowledge responsibility of your action. Of course you may have made a notorious point.

        • amazing2012

          I never support death of innocent souls including animals. Take it from me, you either stop going to bomb other countries or you should always face vengeance and lived in fear.
          You call them terrorists? What of the Christians solders travel millions of kilometers to kill innocents in millions ?

          • Sir Louis

            Amazing, I agree with you. During Obama, Clinton and Kerry period, the US, UK and France have masterminded huge crimes against innocent people by levying unprovoked war and devastation on them. One prays that they pay for all their crimes. That is why, hopefully, a Trump Presidency which plans to look more inwards would be best for the World and international peace.

      • amazing2012

        It Is sad that you can not see how and who manufactures arms and proliferate them to various contries to cause unnecessary wars.
        Wars that are not limited to Muslims countries. Rwandan genocide was perpetuity weapons from Christians countries of Belgium, Israel, USA and uk. In this genocide over a million innocent people were exterminated. Unfortunately Christians versus Christians who attend the same church.
        Lords Resistance Army of Uganda under Christian satanic knight Joseph Kone, who killed over a million and keep the destruction up to today. With intention to form Christian administrative legal system in Central African states.
        Liberian war, Christian murdered millions of Christians with western weapons but unfortunately you did not see all these.
        On Islam and other religions:
        Please removed the percentage of Muslims whch you regards as unpeaceful and answer what are rest ? Peaceful ? So Christians, atheist, pagans, hindus, BHUDIST, Shintos put together on one side are all peaceful not only Christianity. That is to say Christians and other unbelievers (peace) coming together against only religions God (violence) leveled as darkness.
        But God says in the bible that:
        “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? -2 Corinthians 6:14”. Then why do you York with pagans ? This verse is only talking to those you don’t York with pagans. Because if you are a true servant of God you will not York with pagans.
        Remember the verse did not mention Christians, it refers to anybody. By the way the word “Christians” originated from pagans in Antioch not from God. And the word “Christianity” also named not by God but transformed from the word Christians (christus) which is Latin to “Christianity”.
        Subsequently, it is only Muslims that did not York with unbelievers. But Christians not only with them but they become ONE. Christians and Jews not only York with them but they cannot differentiate themselves.
        In this context, Christians of today including you confirmed your unity with pagans. Now what you are saying is that you are either peaceful and light with the other pagans on one hand and Muslims only violence and darkness on the other hand or you are darkness with pagans and Muslims light or both the two sides are darkness. Also you know you can’t have light and darkness together (Christians and pagans) then another darkness (Muslims). And there cannot be darkness -darkness on both sides, by natural balance and equity and meaning of the biblical verse quoted above.
        The figure of your calculations is right but make more sense to understand your position as pagans.
        In practice, your research is true because ALL the rest with the exception one (Islam) think the same and act the same way. Please tell me the difference between pagans and Christians in committing sin !!
        Furthermore, your research affirmed you can have salvation not only through Jesus are looking for salvation(light) is not only through Jesus but same light from other pagan gods, Gautama Buddha, Rama and Shrishna in which you have a cogent unity.
        Another interesting verse from your bible witch literarily refers to Muslims is:
        Thank you for your data!!
        Join the light, be with those who rightly believed in Jesus, and other prophets before and after him.
        Be a Muslim quickly !!!

    • Enemona

      I agreed with everything you wrote until I got to “List of countries bombed by Christian terrorist since the end of World War II China”.

      • amazing2012

        My brother when a Muslim or a country dominated by Muslims with western ideology commits an offense his religion is use to judge his action. To do justice, same should be on Christians actions !

    • Daniel

      Well,that is why we need Trump who wants to focus on America alone.

      Hilary on the other hand can only up the ante on what Obama has done.

      One of the dumbest things Obama did was to kill Gaddafi.

      To your tent oh Israel…

  • Stephen Suley

    I recommend that NYC organizes a mass vigil or solidarity walk soon. In support of those injured by the attack and also to show support for the honest law abiding Afghans and Muslims who are also sickened by these attacks.