Patience Jonathan says EFCC used impostors to plead guilty in court

First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan
First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan

Former First Lady, Patience Jonathan, on Thursday said the decision by four companies linked to her to plead guilty in a corruption trial on Monday, was a conspiracy to confiscate her money and humiliate her.

Mrs. Jonathan said the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission plotted with “unknown persons” to carry out the “desperate” act.

The allegations were contained in a statement released by her lawyers shortly after four companies pleaded guilty before the Lagos Division of the Federal High Court.

The four companies are Pluto Property and Investment Company Limited, Sea Gate Property Development and Investment Company Limited; Trans Ocean Property and Investment Company Limited; and Avalon Global Property Development Company Limited.

Chima Osuji, a counsel to Mrs. Jonathan, said her client was the one who first took issues with the EFCC for allegedly freezing her account without following due process.

“This is a clear evidence of the desperation of the prosecution to pull down the former First Lady and confiscate her hard-earned money,” Mr. Osuji said.

“It is an irony: it was the former First Lady who went to court for the repatriation of her confiscated money when she realised that the EFCC and its co-travellers were playing politics with this issue after she had come out publicly to say that the money belongs to her and that she has all evidence to prove the sources of her money.

“Up till this very moment, EFCC has refused to interrogate or invite her for questioning,” Mr. Osuji said.

Mr. Osuji said the law demands that appropriate identification must be verified before anyone could stand as representative of a firm, a procedure he said the EFCC failed to follow when the agency brought four individuals to enter pleas before a court.

Mrs. Jonathan slammed the EFCC for “tissues of lies being churned out” by the agency “in respect” of her case.

Mrs. Jonathan said she was “not a director, shareholder, promoter and/or participant in any of the four companies now under trial,” adding that she’s only interest in the case because “she was the sole signatory to all the said accounts, contrary to the fabrication that she used her driver and cook as proxies.”

EFCC spokesman, Wilson Uwujiaren, said Mrs. Jonathan should approach the courts if he felt agrieved about the agency’s actions.

“If she is unhappy about proceedings in court, she has the right to seek redress,” Mr. Uwujiaren said.

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  • Concerned Nigeriana

    Patience Jonathan should please keep quiet. She says she was not a participant in these 4 companies
    but admits she is the SOLE SIGNATORY of the bank accounts of the four companies. What is a greater
    participation in a company than the status of sole signatory to all the company accounts? What sort of
    illogical letter did Patience Jonathan’s lawyer; Chima Osuji, write without thinking or reading it over?

    • Arabakpura

      Na only them Waka come now!

  • agbobu


  • The game

    Mama THIEF. As you can see it’s no more business as usual, hubby is not in villa anymore, rot in hell

  • Contact Point

    Sorry, does it mean the e-rats and wailers have not really read this article or that they are too ashamed to comment and call EFCC ‘names’? Now we are seeing the rot this shameless woman perpetuated under her husband’s leadership

  • Mike

    How can a civil servant, perm sec, in bayelsa for that matter, be a sole signatory to four different companies account at the same time,.
    What a conflict of interest is this.can a civil servant also run 4 different companies? Only in Nigeria

    • Ken

      How many companies does Atiku has? What of Obj and Ibb and Danjuma? Have you forgotten Danbazau and Buratai? What has happened to them? Why can’t Nigerians be fair for once?

      • Julius

        So mama piss shouldnt be investigated because nothing happened to those you listed ? The cop cant give me a speeding ticket because others were speeding pass him when he pulled me over ? . Maybe we should dig up all our dead leaders and probe them before mama piss. Right ? Be serious.

  • serubawon70

    The lawyer is doing more damage to his client than EFCC could. Makes one wonder if he is being paid by another person not his supposed client. You are not a director, shareholder, promoter or participant of a company, and yet you are the sole signatory to its bank account?

    • Ken

      How? Somebody is saying that mercenaries were brought to testify and you are saying rubbish? Those people that pleaded guilty were not authorised by anybody. Are you not surprised that the individuals involved pleaded not guilty and the fake guys pleaded guilty? Think.

      • serubawon70

        Are you ok at all? We are talking about being a sole signatory to the account of a company she claimed not to have any connection with. Is that possible to you? What has fake guys or not fake guys have to do with it?

        • Ken

          Go and read her comments on that and repost.

  • Opekete

    I really don’t know what to call this woman called ‘mama thief’. How can a sane person indict herself like this? Wouldn’t it have been more dignified to keep quiet and allow people to keep guessing? Even her lawyer seem to be more gullible than she is. I wish somebody will play the tape of her statement to her so that she can listen to herself.

  • Ahijoh

    When the law of karma catches with you, no matter how hard you try, you must pay for your sins, Ole BIG thief

  • Shahokaya

    If it where in China their mama thief would be stoned to death. I wonder what her jail term would have been in US, or Israel, in Nigeria she may go free because shoeless militants will chorus Lebam Na our person.

    • Ken

      Try and reason.

  • Osakue

    So all men and women are not equal. Why is the former First Lady not in jail? Can this happen is USA or UK? Is this how to fight corruption? Even our security agencies know some people are untouchable.

    • Ken

      Do people go to jail without conviction? How many persons has Efcc convicted in this feckless govt? They just tell lies upon lies.

      • Julius

        If they rush them into jail, you would be in here fake crying “rule of law” . Let the legal process takes care of them.

        • Ken

          It is not about rush. Where are the evidence? Are you not aware that Tinubu , Amaechi and Fashola stole Lagos and Rivers states money to fund Buhari’s election? If you pretend not to know then you are very wicked and doesn’t need my time. Is Efcc not aware? What has it done? Until Efcc probe Ibb, OBJ Atiku and Abdulsalami , they have no moral to question anybody.

          • Julius

            Genius, mama piss went to court claiming the money belongs to her. Right ? For somebody/anybody that has no known means of making that huge sum of money. You dont think he/she should be asked how they came about the money ? If I rob a bank and deposit $15 million in the bank shouldnt I be questioned how I came about making that kind of money especially when I have no Job or running a business or businesses ?. Are you serious ?

          • Sonny Martin

            Obviously he isn’t!

          • Julius

            Of course not !

      • vagabonds in power

        Shagari and Alex Ekwueme were investigated for more than twenty months by Fulani Buhari, at the end of the day, Justice Ayo Irekefe said Alex Ekwueme went into politics a rich man, and left as a poor man. They investigated Shagari extensively, but could not establish a case of stealing a dime on him before they let him be. But we saw what the person investigating him did afterwards, he is still extremely rich. If you read the history of Shagari, I have a copy, I can give you; in chapter 17, the writers used about 70 pages discussing what they did to Shagari.

    • IZON Redeemer

      Is she not Ijaw–why would she not go to Jail-in their Nigeria-Are the Nigerian prisons not meant for only Ijaws-?-She says the money belongs to her—–period–Not the Alakijas — Adenugas –Dangotes—Emeka Offors—and she has proof that she is the owner of the money–gotten from the oil wells in the Niger delta—–The SS of the Nigeria is not owned by the Yorubas Ibos and Fulanis————-Take her to court–if u like—as it is usual with the tripod————-Chain her and hang her as Buhari did to Ken Saro Wiwa—————That is what the Ijaw Nation demands from Monsters like Buhari–If Bingo Buhari believes there is no God watching over his evil plans against the Ijaw Nation let him go ahead and jail the wife of the former president—if he is a man born of a Fulani woman from Mali—and decides to leave his thieving Halliburton wife alone————————-We the Ijaws will never cry for the Former First lady because we all know these are politically motivated trials of the Ijaws in Nigeria—Look at the Ijaws—sent to prison—The first governor to go to Jail in Nigeria and was later murdered by the Yorubas—is an Ijaw man—————–late Alams————Which other governor has ever gone to prison—Orubebe–Ijaw—-Akpobolokeme—–Ijaw——————-Robert the cousin to Jonathan Ijaw—-Mrs Madueke Ijaw—————–Dudafa Ijaw———–Mrs Dame Jonathan Ijaw—-Then count the number of Fulanis——–Yorubas—————and Ibos in the gulag of Buhari-not one————–Ijaws in the government of Buhari only One—————–Lokpobiri out of over 43m Ijaws scattered around Nigeria—-Separation is the only way out——————————————————–not the rule of the Fulanis and Yorubas—destroying every fabric of our society—with their fake promises

      • Sonny Martin

        Lots of misinformation. Buhari did not murder Ken Saro Wiwa. I’m not sure what census numbers you are citing, but 43 million Ijaws is stretching it a bit. Another ethnic rant! For 60 years,the black sudanese fought for independence from the Arab north. They got their independence. Now they are fighting each other because of ethnicity!
        The black man is forever cursed!

  • vagabonds in power

    Who is Buhari going to sanction? Is he educated enough to know the difference between his lack of certificate-and the words his fake media team lifted from the Speech of Obama—-Does Buhari even know the meaning of plagiarism?—-People should just stop these lies—–about Buhari–the man is purified Fulani daft——-No amount of propaganda and lies from the Sultan of Sokoto, the Defacto President of Nigeria–from the Fulani Emirate— will ever exonerate the culpability of the Fulanis in the Boko haram war——-A war which has led to the murder of over 100,000 Native Nigerians—Yet Buhari has already freed more than 3,000 of them–while he goes about lying about how Jonathan stole $400 trillion from the oil wells owned by the Fulanis—Sadly–these Islamic Jihadist from Mali and Sudan are the same killers the Fulanis—Yorubas — Ibos and their Itsekiri and Urhobo surrogates in APC –often urge Bingo Buhari never to negotiate with the Ijaw Militants in the Niger Delta——-The truth of the matter is that Buhari has already ordered the release of Kabiru Sokoto–the Fulani Boko Haram fighter who killed more than 200 Ibos in a Catholic Church on Christmas day in abuja——–while Mumu MEND led by Okah that supported Buhari during the elections—–against—–Jonathan their Ijaw brother–remains in the custody of Buhari-with–Kanu the IPOB—-leader all remain in the gulag of the Fulanis and Yorubas—Separation is the only way out–for the Ijaw Nation————-There is no hope for them in Nigeria period——————————————

  • IG

    A slap to our government and our anti corruption agency. A woman that has never done anything outside government before claimed to have $22M in her bank account still accused government and anti corruption agency of wrong doing. NIGERIA IS TOTALLY FINISHED, I GIVE UP ON THIS GOVERNMENT AND THE FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION

    • Sonny Martin

      What is the point?

  • Ade Omowest

    This woman is shameless. How could she be withdrawing money from the companies’ accounts when she is not a director, shareholder, promoter and/or participant in any of the four companies now under trial? To compound the absurdity, none of the accounts bears her name or BVN. That is complete fraud.

    • vagabonds in power

      nother Hail Hitler of Bingo Buhari——————understand the matter at hand before you open your rotten brain to sing a song of fools——————Sadly she your Ibo brother as her lawyer———————The fact of the case is this—-She has openly stated the money belongs to her————–and that she can proof ownership-period—Aware she has beedn having a running battle with useless Bank like Sky Bank—I wonder how a sane human being can use such a hopeless bank———owned by south easterners—————-The firms in question belongs to Dudafa——————-So the directors must all be known to her—————-Fact number two this very matter has been an issue between her and the bank for long–Even before Efcc waded into into the matter—–to enable them share the money with dudafa—————That is the truth——————-how can u have share-holders in a firm without the owner of the company knowing them? Efcc should parade the said directors for us to see them—-This is not a case between Atilogu dancers vrs Boko haram——————–

      • Ade Omowest

        Advise your Mama Peace to get an Ijaw lawyer if you are not comfortable with an Igbo man/lawyer. Meanwhile, save all this washout explanation and concoction for the Judge in charge of the case as you seem irredeemably insensible.

  • joelaw

    I doubt if this woman understands the gravity of her offense period. She betrayed the trust reposed in her as ‘first lady’ whatever that means. What kind of medical treatment will cost her $15m. Neurosurgical procedures are about the most expensive and they cost not more than $2m for the most difficult type including hospital stay and medication. This lady thinks she is talking to illiterates. No matter how Jonathan apologists slice and dice this, the woman can never smell such a heavy amount based on her qualification and position except she steals. Look at the hotel she is alleged to own, the lady just went to town abusing her position collecting money from best bidders. In fairness, she is not alone in this, governors wives often turn themselves into cash and carry lobbyists for evil contractors, and always establish ‘NGO PET PROJECTS’ just to siphon money. The former State of Virginia governor and wife were prosecuted and jailed for abuse of office similar to this. This evil will not die until these criminals are made to face the music. That this lady can openly lay claim to illegal money tells a sad story about the Nigerian state, my take is, if Buhari should fail to bring sanity to official impunity we can kiss accountability goodbye.

  • Ken

    Let people continue to waste their time here. Efcc would be disgraced again

  • Sonny Martin

    I guess the EFCC detectives were impostors too.

    • IZON Redeemer

      Brainless mumu———————–sadly she has an Ibo as her lawyer———————The fact of the case is this—-She has openly stated the money belongs to her————–and that she can proof ownership—The firms in question belongs to Dudafa——————-So the directors must all be known to her—————-Fact number two this very matter has been in court long beofre Efcc waded into into to enable them share the money with dudafa—————That is the truth——————-hoqw can u have share holders in a firm without the owner knowing them? Efcc should parade the said directors for us to see them—-This is not a case between Atilogu dancers vrs Boko haram

      • Sonny Martin

        Seems like you can’t have a conversation without name calling. That explains your IQ!

        • vagabonds in power

          The thoughts of a typical Ibo man–So if the Arabs still attempt to divide and rule the blacks in Southern Sudan–have u asked your dirty regional soul why Garang was murdered–in a plane crash in UGANDA———to enable the Arabs continue with their exploits of the black people-in southern Sudan–? Who killed Garan–was it the Ijaws——-Are the Russians also fighting among themselves since the dismantling of the RUSSIAN EMPIRE–via the CIA—? What about the Scotts who yearn to leave the British-why have they not learnt from the Southern Sudan–?–When we talk about the population of the Ijaw Nation some of u seem to look at it from–Yenagoa—–or the regional prisme of the late eyes of Zik-The IJAW Nation begins from Cross rivers state to Awka Ibom—-then unto—-Abia—-Delta–Rivers– Ondo and Lagos -Southern Sudan cannot be compared to the Ijaw Nation—The quarrels among them will not last forever—————————Separation is our only goal–and we cannot move from one slave master in the south west-ati Fulani North–to another–in the far east-

          • Sonny Martin

            I’m not Ibo! Assumptions is the mother of all fuckups!

          • Sonny Martin

            At least you agreed that you already have problems among yourselves.

  • vagabonds in power

    . For the avoidance of doubt, Mr. President, Nigeria & Nigerians have changed. We have changed:

    – From being the largest economy in Africa;

    – From having an average 6% GDP growth per annum over the last 5years to a recession GDP of -2.38% in your first year in office;

    – To a country where 4.58million people have lost their jobs in 16 months of your leadership;

    – To a country where inflation has risen to 17.1% from the 9.6% that your admin inherited;

    – To a country with the worst performing currency in Africa & third worst in the world;

    – To a country where non-oil exports have fallen by 43.2% ;

    – To a country on the brink of what most western media calls the worst food crises ever seen happening in the North Eastern part of the country;

    – To a country where its citizens are increasingly unable to afford food and other basics (a bag of rice has gone from N9000 to N20, 000) & where hunger now reigns supreme, etc.—————————


    • Sonny Martin

      Well written by a PDP apologist. What did the PDP accomplished in 16 years?

      • vagabonds in power

        Sequel to the current recession in the country under Bingo Fulani Buhari and the consequent rise in the cost of food stuff, same as Nigerians experienced some 30 years ago under Buhari draconian Military rule, many families have been forced to turn to eating ordinary leaves in order to survive again.

        According to a source close to the Nigerian Pilot on Saturday, said leaves such as “tafasa”, spinach, etc had come to the rescue of most families in Kaduna and its environs, while lizards and cats might be endangered as some children were seen hunting them to provide a cheap source of protein for the impoverished families.

        A resident of the state,Malam Bukar Shaibu said it was sad that even the rich around Kawo,Unguwan Dosa, Hayin Banki and Unguwan Kanawa, and others areas of the state are helpless in assisting the less privilege in the society, adding that they had the capability to assist the poor amongst them but were not living up the masses expectation as the harsh economic recession is also biting hard on them too.

        “Some of them have gone on Hajj for the umpteenth time, while the money can be used to buy food and feed many mouths. Hajj is incumbent upon a Muslim, once,” he said.

        According to him, “rice and maize have turned into precious commodities which only the rich and privileged ones can afford ,many of our people now feed on leaves, some cannot even cook the normal ‘pate’, they are seriously feeling the pang of an excruciating poverty. We pray the government will come to the people’s rescue by establishing free feeding centers .”

        “The other times, I saw some children chasing a big agama lizard, they said when roasted, the meat look sweet, even cats,dogs are no longer spared,” he said

        • Sonny Martin

          All I can get from this piece is a personal dislike of Buhari. I’m sure the Boko Haram insurgency contributed in large part to the economic situation in that part of the country and indeed the whole country if you take into account the constant disruption of oil pipelines by militants. Money spent on defense can be used for the betterment of the masses.
          I do agree with you that the constant Hajj traveling should be scrapped. Government has no business in religion. One reason the Middle East is a mess! If you want to practice your faith, pay for it. But not with taxpayers funds.,

      • vagabonds in power

        what is the sense in talking to shallow regional minds like yours—-

        • Sonny Martin

          Regional is still better than a pipe dream.

          • vagabonds in power

            Ibo manu which one is the pipe dream the Biafran dream which the Ibos rejected via Zik-or that of the Ijaw Nation–Or the usual road side dream of the Ibos to have their Biafra—created and named for them by the Ijaws–again? No ijaw Nation no Biafra——it is a land locked area–like the Fulani emirate in Mali