Companies linked to Patience Jonathan’s $15 million plead guilty

Patience Jonathan Abuja women rally

Four companies involved in a money laundering case linked to former First Lady, Patience Jonathan, have pleaded guilty before a federal court in Lagos.

Pluto Property and Investment Company Limited; Seagate Property Development and Investment Company Limited; Trans Ocean Property and Investment Company Limited; and Avalon Global Property Development Company Limited pleaded guilty to a 15-count charge before Justice Babs Kuewumi.

The trial involved Waripamo Dudafa, who served as Special Adviser on Domestic Affairs to former President Goodluck Jonathan; former presidential aide, Amajuoyi Azubike Briggs; and former Skye Bank official, Damola Bolodeoku.

The three pleaded not guilty before the judge.

Details later…

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  • Thomas

    The three pleaded not guilty based on what? Nigeria must be a banana republic ..

    • Arabakpura

      The three pleaded not guilty because they have spent their share!

      • Oskirin

        wht of mama pee? she no cum? pls cum ooooo.or allow me to go n claim d kudi…

        • opy

          Na only her go soon waka come

          • Mohammed Bode

            So fascinating, this seem the best contributions so far on national issue without recourse to name calling, insult based on tribes and all those childish attitude. My prayer is that, no matter how hard we must get to the promise Land.

      • front man


    • woman leader1

      They pleaded not guilty because their shares have been spend.

  • Nkem

    So does that mean they will jail the four companies or what?

    • Night Crawler

      They won’t jail the company instead, FG will take over from the owners

      • Nkem

        But they said the companies were fake. So what is the government taking over?

    • suzero

      Company will forfeit assets, the individuals might plead to have acted under instructions from above and get light sentence

      • Nkem

        They said they were phantom companies – no assets, no valid address, nothing. They were just fronts for the fraud.

  • Rollingdollar

    The 3 pleaded not guilty. APC magic, EFCC rumba dance. You want to punish Jonathan, so you make a deal with people to implicate company. All na wash

    • woman leader1

      You don’t know what you are saying, the companies pleaded not guilty, and do you think they are not guilty, they have all spent their shares so what do you expect them to say.

    • opy

      Your foolishness is genetic!

    • Julius

      You are a dunce.

  • Dazmillion

    The headline is “plead guilty”, however the main story says “pleaded not guilty”. Which is it premium times?

    • Dan Minister

      The four companies plead guilty while the persons plead not guilty

    • Mustapha Isah

      It seems that ur comprehension is very poor. It is the companies that pleaded guilty while the 3 guys Dudufa and co pleaded not guilty. Always read between the lines.

      • woman leader1


      • Toughie Man

        Companies are headed by individuals. The names mentioned in the case are representatives of the companies who stood for and on behalf of the companies. Isah, do you know anything in law or journalism? Facts before the matter.

      • ogechi

        If the company they used in laudering ur money is pleading guilty then ur coconut head should tell u the launderer is culpable…

    • Amir

      The same Ijaw militancy that cannot comprehend simple analysis. That’s why Jonathan failed woefully in understanding economic terminologies.

  • Toughie Man

    This is a big gaffe. PT, headline different, content different. Is this a ploy to mislead readers? common PT.

  • front man

    They are all guilty.

  • Night Crawler

    PT should please clearify the issue, is it the company who pleads guilty or the defendant… PJ no hiding place for you, I head your husband had met with IBB for your sake, your days are numbered

  • opy

    And yet they still have the effrontery to ask why the economy is in recession? May God punish you all. Amen

    • Fatai Abdul


    • woman leader1

      Amen and Amen

  • Mohammed Jubril

    Let this man Buhari fix the economy and stop all these there “distracting tactic” of carrying us out of problems of economic failure he brought upon us in just one year.Please enough of all these nonsense. This media trial will not work. On all these people we hear on media trial, how many of them the president jail? enough and please fix the economy you rubbished in one year and stop distracting us.

    • kundri kundi

      This is one of the many factors that led to the recession and you are still blaming Buhari for rubbishing the economy.

    • mdsurgeon

      You are grossly informed. The economy under Jonathan was nothing but voodoo economy, where numbers were cooked up in order to create false impression and impress the gullible. In Jonathan’s economy, 1 plus 1 was not equal to 2 but 20 or 200, or however many zeros they wanted behind it, while they were remitting the balance to their own private accounts.
      It is only now that the true picture of the economy is coming out, and it will take quite some time and some pains too, to fix it.
      So, quit your bellyaching and get to work.

      • share Idea

        I guess it was GEJ that was cooking the price of rice in Nigeria then. Nigeria we hail thee

        • Reminisce6

          Rather hail GEJ that was dishing out waivers on importation of consumables like groundnut oil and others,thereby making it impossible for local production to compete with imported goods.Hail your lord Jona for putting local manufacturers of consumables on death kneels.

          • share Idea

            Please can you do a simple google search the food import of Nigeria before GEJ came on board and what it was during his time especially when all the reforms (E-Wallet policy) gained traction.

            We are in 21’st century, so you should not be repeating lies told by others without verification

        • serubawon70

          No ooo . It is Buhari. He is the one who made Nigeria to be dependent on importation of rice and reduced the price of oil world wide thereby depleting our foreign reserve earning

        • Ade Omowest

          What you don’t know is that a little part of Nigeria savings (in foreign exchange) was being used to help ‘big boys/girls’ as waivers to import RICE & other “chop chop” items including tooth picks for poor people like us to Chop and die, while the party chiefs and Jonathan’s wife were sharing the remaining large amount of Dollars secretly. The result is lack of factories for employment and the economic RECESSION we are facing presently.

          • share Idea

            Please recommend to your clueless leader to repeat same so that the price of those commodity will remain same. Nigeria we hail thee

          • Ade Omowest

            Brainless people like you will never decode logic. No money again, your Jonah and his 40 thieves plus his wife have embezzled your savings and set up Sc-avengers in Niger Delta to blow the source of money. Go and farm until Buhari is able to repair the damages and stop lamenting.

      • tuby NY

        Well said bro..

      • Guest

        Your write up reminded me of the scene in the movie “Idi Amin” when Amin confronted the Governor of Uganda central bank to print more money in total wreckness of Uganda economy…”your excellency Uganda money is worthless, it’s like…

    • kundri kundi

      Buhari is God sent and God’s selection. Accept him or you die of high blood pressure. Nothing you can do, and by the grace of Allah, end of the road to corruption and corrupt leaders is approaching.

      • tuby NY

        Okay advice 2him..

    • Reminisce6

      Na Buhari dey investigate suspect abi na im dey carry dem go court?Na Buhari siddon for Villa dey judge suspect abi the Villa na courtroom?

    • ogechi

      If he has been jailing ur fathers&motherss since then u go talk say na witchhunt,na wa for nigeria sha

    • front man

      Nobody is distracting pmb should be allow to fix the economy

    • Ade Omowest

      Haahhaaaa, “This media trial will not work”- Mohmmed Jubril. This one no be media trial ooo, na High Court of Criminal Justice trial. Get that fact into your warped brain.

    • kinsly

      Dumb comments.

  • agbobu


  • mdsurgeon

    When exactly are the Jonathans going to be placed on trial like the former Brazilian president is now being placed on trial for wrecking the economy and cooking the books?
    Jonathan government wrecked the economy and cooked the books to make it look good.

    • front man

      Well said

  • Aliyu

    Editor Premium Times,

    Patience Jonathan is therefore guilty!

    Since the companies are dummies and are all owned by Patience Jonathan who was sole signatory to bank accounts
    of the three [3] companies, it follows that Patience Jonathan is guilty and could be sentenced to prison in absentia now
    pending when she returns from overseas and could be arrested inside Nigeria. There can be no question on this issue.
    I now understand why Goodluck Jonathan was running around Minna on Sallah day to see General Ibrahim Babaginda.
    But it is now too late to get Babaginda to do anything because criminal sentencing and forfeiture must follow guilty plea.

  • wode

    @PT, the headline says

    “Companies linked to Patience Jonathan’s $15 million plead guilty”

    and the last sentence in the new reads

    “The three pleaded not guilty before the judge.”

    So what does this mean?

    • O’Kwesi

      @wode:disqus : You go school at all? Follow me! Three companies + three human beings were charged to court.
      The three companies pleaded guilty. How many remain on charge sheet? Answer: Three human beings.
      So, the three human beings now say they are not INDIVIDUALLY GUILTY. That means trial of the three
      companies that pleaded guilty is over. While the trial of the the other three human beings will start.

      • Ade Omowest

        Thank you for teaching “wode” ‘English comprehension’ .

    • YOMBO

      Open your eyes and read very well. The three individuals that pleaded not guilty are different from the rogues that pleaded guilty.

    • serubawon70

      It means the Patience companies pleaded guilty but the persons giving them money pleaded not guilty. The thief is blaming his hand for stealing and exonorating himself. But monkey hand is resembling human hand here

  • front man

    Oh my God lord Jonathan family must be place on trial they are the caused of the harsh economy in the country, corruption skyrocketed during former president Jonathan

  • woman leader1

    Why won’t the country be in recession, when all they do is to loot our money, everyone in Buharis cabinets are criminals.

    • front man

      Don’t mind those criminals

    • YOMBO

      Including your fraudulent mother woman leader!

      • woman leader1

        You are also a criminal like your father.

        • Julius

          Dont lower yourself responding to a moron.

  • front man

    Pdp wanting pmb to resign is a form of distraction

    • woman leader1

      Pmb will never fail, he will succeed just because pdp fail they are looking for what to use to distract pmb

  • wode

    For those that may not know, these are parts of the reasons for the sudden resurgence of the militants, blowing up the pipelines and different factions asking for negotiation? What negotiation? Simply that those who “swallowed” our common resources should not vomit them (I mean not to be probed). Now that the crocodile has started smiling and virtually nothing to avenge again, the true pictures are beginning to come out. Who says Nigeria wouldn’t be great again?

  • Public Interest

    Premium Times new Board Appointments

    EFCC should wake up. Premium Times has announced new appointments on their Board of DIRECTORS.
    This is the time to look into people appointed. The way Premium Times is always happy tto expose and
    disgrace anything Jonathan shows that Premium Times is appointing more Hijab-wearing Mujahedeens.
    This is the time to move into the place and open their Hijab to see the faces behind the veil for once.

    • YOMBO

      Madness like never before! U need a psychiatrist urgently!

      • Showboy


        I wanted to ask @public interest if he has any sense at all. When did Hijab become offence in Nigeria?

        And where does EFCC get any power to regulate wearing of Hijab in a private company to start with?

        Premium Times journalists can wear anything they want – even if their gate-man is wearing Hijab too.

        • Public Interest


          • ‘Wole Banjo


            My God! What sort of people are these? This ongoing economic
            recession might have damaged the brains of some Nigerians O. President Buhari
            should please do something fast before more Nigerians go mad. The Premium Times
            published a professional report on today’s court case. The companies belonging
            to Patience Jonathan pleaded guilty to moneylaundering and forfeited $15million
            to Buhari’s federal government. That is the issue O. But see what some
            Nigerians are discussing! Rather than face the issue in the Premium Times
            Report they want to know if Premium Times Editors wear Hijab to sleep at night.
            What sort of people are these?

            What is the relevance?
            The fear of Islam is destroying Nigeria more than economic
            recession. The same thing is happening now in University of Ife (O.A.U) where
            Muslims are taking laws into their hands. Boko Haram Muslims threaten to
            capture President Buhari. All these raise concern, yes, because it does not
            show that Nigerian Muslims are behaving normally again, especially after they
            started beheading innocent people. But that is no reason to read Islam into a
            professional news publication that Patience Jonathan’s companies have pleaded
            guilty to moneylaundering and forfeited $15million to Buhari’s federal

    • Paul Young

      Your assessment is very wrong and very very far from the truth. The truth is Premium times have their moments. Sometimes they appear to be pro- PDP and GEJ, other times they appear to be pro-APC and Buhari. The truth is that 90% of the time they report the news as it is, not caring whose ox is gored or who is offended

      • Burning Spear

        I beg make we hear better word ojare–journalist are trained to ask questions they are not Zombies–who are the directors of the companies—are they related to the first lady—–given a situation where she has been having a running battle with dudafa—with regards to the recovery of the money-from him————————–

    • vagabonds in power

      It is now as clear as daylight that EFCC set up Dudafa——–who wanted to embezzle the funds kept in his custody-So decided to work with him Dudafa to steal the poor womans money——–So which of the firms is now pleading guilty—-Is it Dudafa the owner of the firms or the first lady—the custodian of the money——This incident is purely an arrangement between the mad Holy Fulani cows in Efcc ati their Yoruba counterparts——–yearning to intimidate the Ijaws Nation to submission—–So connived with Efcc to have the first lady an Ijaw woman- put on trial as it is usual with the Fulanis————from Mali—Niger Republic and Sudan ati their Yoruba He goats–from Togo———who through Obasanjo murdered the former goverrnor of Bayelsa state———–on some frame up charges————through a false media report that the late governor was wanted by the corruption ridden Metro Police in London–under the control and influence of Obasanjo—the most corrupt Nigerian ever to walk the surface of the earth————-The question is has any of the Abacha loot recovered from Switzerland been traced to his former wife who said she was instrumental to forcing Buhari into politics-?Can any anti corruption agency investigate the Halliburton case of Aisha Buhari—————————–? Those who go to equity must make sure they go with clean hands and heart from the Fulani Emirate————————Sagay-an Itsekiri man –ati Keyamo—-should leave the Ijaws and the Jonathan’s alone biko

      • Ade Omowest

        But Dufafa is an Ijaw man from Bayelsa that was sponsored by Mama Peace as PDP governorship aspirant against the sitting gov. Seriaki Dickson. How could he (Dufafa) be used by Fulani or Yoruba against his benefactor Madam Ibifaka P. Jonathan?

        • Burning Spear

          Is he in the Custody of the Amayanabo of Okrika—or the Mingi 11–of —Nembe ————–He is in the gulag of Efcc–and while there u can be made to frame up youzr own mother–And did Zik not fall out with Ojukwu at the end of the Biafran war————?———

          • Ade Omowest

            Okay o, I can understand now. Mother and Son are now at loggerhead because of ‘Awoof’ Dollars jointly looted while Jonah was busy shacking Kaikai.

      • Julius

        You are a moron true and true !!

        • separation is the answer-

          Hail Hitler of the Bingo Buhari dynasty-Remember -We are not discussing issues affecting the south east–with Ijaws biko–So carry your old regional thoughts to the grave yard of Zik and Ojukwu—————

    • Ade Omowest

      You are out of synchro, and need brain adjustment

  • efcc-who pleaded guilty

    Former First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, has thrown more light into how her estimated $20 million in Skye Bank was left in the accounts of four companies operated by the erstwhile Special Adviser on Domestic Matters to the President, Mr. Waripamo Dudafa. *Patience Jonathan Mrs. Jonathan, in a statement of claim in the suit filed by her to recover the money, said all five accounts were opened with her funds but discovered to her chagrin sometime in 2014 that four of the accounts were opened in the name of Dudafa’s companies, namely Pluto Property and Investment Company Limited, Seagate Property Development and Investment Company Limited and Trans Ocean Property and Investment Company Limited. Mrs. Jonathan, who introduced herself as a housewife, trader and wife of a politician, in the statement of claim, said when she discovered that four of the accounts were not in her name, she drew the attention of the bank to it, following which Dudafa brought the bank manager, Dipo Oshodi, to her sometime in April 2014. According to her, the bank manager promised to effect the change in account name, but that she subsequently discovered that it was not effected. She said despite repeated requests that the change in account name be done, the bank did not heed her advice.

    • Burning Spear

      EFCC—————–pls tell us who pleaded Guilty–was it the first LADY—————Mrs Dame Jonathan——-or Dudafa the owner of the firms——————–that—–pleaded guilty—–and—-to what charges? That the first LADY had no right to keep money handed over to her-by her many admirers that she often assisted with one favor or the other-? That she was supposed to hand over the money to the Fulanis in charge of IDPs Camps in Borno ati Katsina state abi? Just as Aisha Buhari did with the 300m she gave to the IDPs even b4 the husband was imposed on us by the CIA–Perhaps part of the loot from the yet to be investigated Halliburton bribery scandal maybe———-Again——————when would the wife of late Abacha be investigated–by the Itsekiri–Sagays———ati Keyamos of–the Urhobo kingdom in Osun state———Look here the Ijaw Nation will survive——————————-the onslaught against her by the same old enemies from the fake regions that Lord Lugard set up in Nigeria——————-Tribalism again——abi?——————————–What we yearn for is separation——————————Yesterday it was the All States Bank-owned by–Chief Banigo—-who had his bank seized by Obj—and Fulani Ribadu————-The other day–it was Crystal Bank owned by another Ijaw man Zebulon Abule—-whom late Abacha was forced to confiscate his Bank and had him sent to prison——Then came the turn of late Alams the only governor to go to jail in Nigeria—-for corruption because of his Ijaw tribal Marks——–and the one and only governor to be murdered by the Fulanis and Yorubas- Now it is the turn of the wife of Jonathan——to go to jail—–Because she has no Sultan of Sokoto to call his tribesman Fulani Bingo Buhari to order—-from the Caliphate—-Yet the SS, have traditional institutions that are older than that of the Fulanis—Sokoto-But are not recognized—as such by the custodians of our collective wisdom in the Niger delta——–Aware their aim is to make gullible Nigerians believe that the Fulanis and Yoruba first ladies, are the only Saintly ones-in Nigeria————————————-Africans can now understand why most leaders from the black continent often refuse to hand over power even when defeated in an election————-because of the witch–hunt by their so called leaders who are often used by the western nations against them—-to destroy-the progress of the emerging Nations in Africa—-Freedom is our goal-not the rule of the Fulnis and Yorubas————-ati their Ibo collaborators in APC-

  • Uncle Bee


    PREMIUM TIMES IS 2nd to none in objective reporting…

    Premium Times keeps leading the pack in Nigeria as the first and most reliable news organization.
    The Editors and reporters must defend their numero uno spot with sustained resolve against hate.
    Because Premium Times does investigative report, some Nigerians will be hired to attack its name.

    Nobody likes to be exposed, anyway, so it is only to be expected that corruption will soon fight back
    The Premium Times Board is up to the task, as it has maintained un-paralleled objectivity for years.
    But that is no reason for the Premium Times Editors to rest on their oars now that they are in front.

    • ???asking questions

      • Where did Patience Jonathan get the $15million she deposited in Skye bank through the three companies?

      • Since her salary throughout her life does not amount to $2m, was Patience Jonathan a front for somebody?

      • Is justice fully done by just seizing the $15million as forfeit, without criminal punishment for those who stole it?

      • What is President Buhari afraid of when his government said two days ago that Patience is not under probe?

      • Walter Debosky

        Kindly also find out what has happened to Burantai and his Dubai mansion oo,

        • niran ade

          After then we can send Patience to join

          • Walter Debosky

            Lol,all of them are barawo,no exception,but the hypocrisy of this current administration is just annoying!

        • Incircle


          WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE of Patience Jonathan is GOOD FOR General Buratai.

      • Alkali

        The corruption BUHARI sweeps under carpet: CENTRAL BANK audit result

        • ₦38.23billion developed legs and got missing in Central Bank under Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.
        • ₦160billion was taken by Sanusi Lamido at the Central Bank for self-determined spending.
        • ₦1.12billion was taken as spent by Sanusi Lamido on lunch for 12 CBN police guards
        in one year.
        • ₦1.12billion was taken in cash and entered in the account as paid to a non-operating airline
        for charter service.
        • ₦240billion was discretionally doled out at will as ‘donations’ by Sanusi Lamido.
        • ₦1.97billion was paid out in cash and entered on Central Bank accounts as “inexplicable
        expense” by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.
        • ₦20billion was paid out in cash as Legal Fees by Sanusi Lamido to persons unknown.
        • ₦3.086billion was taken by Sanusi Lamido and written off as expense ostensibly to promote
        Central Bank image.

  • Justice Nigeriana of d Fulanis

    The United States Justice Department has revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife, Aisha Buhari was used as conduit in fraudulent wire transfers, from her Nigerian account in favour of Congressman Jefferson, via the ANJ Group LLC.

    The US District Court Memo, states that Congressman William J. Jefferson, between August 2000 and August 2005, sought hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of himself and family members.

    Yet Aisha Bingo Buhari remains elusive to the search for Equity and Justice——————by the Global Peace Family———Africans most especially Nigerians can now understand why———————–most if not all African Leaders from the Emerging democracies of the African Continent, often refuse to move out of office–after all these Western nations sponsored defeats in an election——They rather stay glued to their presidential palaces till death do we part——because of the witch-hunt by the trans-national leaders often installed by western nations to destroy the economies of their countries————Just————as we see Buhari and the Yoruba thieves are presently doing with their scorch earth policies against the Ijaw Nation-in the Niger delta and the country at large——————Aisha Buhari ati Yawo Abacha nko?

  • Man_Enough

    Activities of the avengers will escalate as the nooze tightens around the neck of their sponsors. Reminds me of how Bipi was used.

  • Magaji

    Economic recession, na thief-thief cause

  • Du Covenant

    We wonder why black people are not respected anywhere in this world?…Look at what we do to each other!.