19,000 Nigerians suffer public sector job losses in 6 months    


At least 18,919 Nigerians lost their public sector jobs between October 2015 and March 2016, the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, said.

Although about 5,867 new public sector jobs were generated between October and December 2015, the Bureau said about 10,155 jobs were lost during the period in the public sector of the federal, state and local governments.

This translates to a negative employment generation figure of -4,288.

Also, while about 5,726 jobs were created between January and March 2016 in the public sector, the Bureau said about 8,764 jobs were lost during the period, with a negative employment generation figure of -3.038 for the period.

The Bureau, which reported a sharp decline of 84.1 per cent in total employment against the figure in the last quarter of 2015, said only about 79,469 jobs were generated in the economy in the first three months of 2016, against about 499,521 jobs created during the corresponding period of 2015.

The agency said in its quarterly job creation survey in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, that the figure was 83.1 per cent lower than the 389,605 jobs created in the corresponding period last year.

“This sharp decline in employment generation in the first quarter of 2016 is strongly correlated to the weakening economic output within the period, where the Nigerian economy recorded a negative growth of -0.36 percent,” the statistics agency said.

An analysis of the jobs created for the quarter showed 21,477 came from the formal sector, consisting formal professional services with less than 10 employees.

Mile 12 Market
Mile 12 Market

About 61,026 jobs came from the informal sector in the first quarter, made up of mainly low skill, low paying blue collar jobs in agriculture, light manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade businesses.

The NBS said the drop by 27,246 in formal employment in the last quarter of last year and 21,477 in the first quarter of 2016 across all the economic activities was as a result of the slowing down of economic activities in the wake of the economic recession.

With the economy actually in recession at the moment, following the recent formal confirmation by the NBS, analysts say the employment situation would likely worsen, except government took steps to spend on strategic capital infrastructure to reflate the economy.
The Lead director, Centre for Social Justice, CENSOJ, Eze Onyekpere, said declining employment figures in an economy in recession was not surprising, as firms are closing up and reducing their workforce, in the face of declining gross domestic products (GDP) and high inflation.

NLC Protest Photo: Buzz Nigeria
NLC Protest
Photo: Buzz Nigeria

“Decline in employment is to be expected in a recession,” Mr. Onyekpere said. “With companies’ profits declining, their retrenchment of workers, and not hiring to replace them, the figure will keep going down.

“The challenge is not in the recession, but for government to spend its way out of it. Not as Nigerians talk about, but quality spending in a way to help regenerate the economy.

“Spending is not about borrowing to pay salaries of workers, but spending on strategic capital investments and projects to improve the ease of doing business, ensure availability of infrastructure, like power, roads, works and housing, for people to run their businesses.”

The Nigeria Labour Congress President, Ayuba Wabba, said the concern of the labour union was on how government could create new jobs for young Nigerians who constitute the most affected population by the crisis.

Mr. Wabba said the best way forward was for government to ensure manufacturers continue to access raw materials and produce.

Most manufacturers, he said, find it difficult to survive.

“Many of them have closed. They cannot afford the cost of raw materials, because of the difficulty in accessing foreign exchange (FOREX) and the pressure from the free fall of the Naira,” he said.

FILE PHOTO: Thousands of young Nigerians jostled for 11 job positions in UNTH Enugu, South East Nigeria
FILE PHOTO: Thousands of young Nigerians jostled for 11 job positions in UNTH Enugu, South East Nigeria

He said government must ensure FOREX was channelled to the manufacturer’s to enable them import raw materials they cannot find in Nigeria.

On the recession, he said the best way was for the government to make money available in circulation to drive economic activities.

“Government can also establish modular refineries to ensure money used for the importation of petroleum products would be saved and used to develop the economy, by providing the infrastructure required to drive productive economic activities to create jobs for the people,” he said.

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  • Romberg

    Buhari is working na. We can only thank him for the job losses. He is cleaning the mess left behind by PDP’s 16 years of fruitless government….

    • Buhari d daft cow.

      Recessionhari is the biggest scubber in d world with a brain cell of a donkey as 4 u,u are just a plonker.

    • Tommy

      I already gave up on the Dullard.

      • KBE

        Where are APC zombies and Internet hyenas? Saint Buhari. The body language magic had faded.

        • thusspokez

          The are beginning to lose their jobs and hence, their Internet access from work.

    • KBE

      According to MAN, 270 companies shut down or packed up in the last one year of this wasteful and clueless administration.

  • KBE

    Everything Buhari touches turns to dust. Buhari is Nigeria badluck.

  • dami

    These Nigerian manufacturers always complaining…yet I hear nothing from nestle / unilever / Guinness / Kraft (Cadbury)…do these guys know something my local Nigerians brothers don’t know?
    When you have faulty procurement processes and use 3 months to issue one PO…poor corporate governance leading to theft and waste…obviously when a recession hits you must cut jobs…nothing that happening in Nigeria today is new or is classified as a show stopper…the inefficiency of these Nigerian manufacturers is the real killer…otherwise international conglomerates too would of complaining…but alas they are not (at least not as loud and they are still producing)

    Embrace technology and re-fine / re-define your inefficient processes and I’m sure you’ll weather the storm.

    • thusspokez

      These Nigerian manufacturers always complaining…yet I hear nothing from nestle / unilever / Guinness / Kraft (Cadbury)…do these guys know something my local Nigerians brothers don’t know?

      The answer is in your own statement. These are multinational enterprises — meaning that they have factories all over the world and spare resources to support and subsidise their failing or less profitable businesses.

      They can easily switch production from one country to another factory in a country if the cost of production is cheaper in the latter.

    • Romberg

      It’d appear you have problems with English. The news is about public sector jobs. These are jobs in government offices. Already they have sacked 19,000 and they are planning to sack more. You know why? The ‘change must begin with you’ – referring to the job lossers. But they have the guts to secure jobs for their own kids in CBN, NIS, NNPC and FIRS. Poor masses? Sack, sack and sack.

      You will think they are doing this to PDP agents. No. They just don’t think people deserve the jobs. Real change! PDP’s mess! Won’t you ask me, why did Buhari fight for 12 years to turn Nigeria on its head? It’s so bad that even you couldn’t differentiate public sector jobs from private sector jobs. Instead of praising those who have tolerated Buhari for so long, you hit at them as though they are jackies!

      Have you ever run a business? Practice your theory of efficiency. Buhari’s government is a wisdom waster. Hate the few job creators we have left all you can. If they can survive Buhari, they will survive anything.

      • dami

        Naa bruv you have eye problems…or you didn’t read / see the part of local manufacturers? Maybe Buhari has done nonsense – the question is that is it terminal or some people just can’t roll up their sleeves, double down their efforts and weather the storm?…that’s the real question…like I said with multi nationals manufacturing businesses they are
        motoring on in spite of all the challenges (no Iight / no dollar / lazy theiving Nigerians) but with you all your expecting is hand outs and subsidized dollar…that’s why you’re crying.
        Misplaced bile…

        • Bulldozer

          Most of these your so called multinationals are skeletally operating in Nigeria. Major manufacturing are now been done in Ghana and other west African countries and then shipped back to Nigeria. Go and find out.

  • Toughie Man

    It is time this army of the jobless think on what to do with the government that has destroyed their future.

  • FreeNigeria

    Good government create environment for business to thrive, This Buhari administration has become a curse on Nigeria again. Same way he was in 1983, when rice and Omo soap were considered essential commodities and Nigerians had to queue all day for a small sachet of rice and Omo soap. Nigerians need another Babangida to rescue from this curse called Buhari.

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    Cant we get a cheery headline even on a holiday? Isnt that what journalism also is about? With so much happening economically, this holiday would feel much better with something cheerful..and no bickering..if only for just 24hrs

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      Cant we get a cheery headline even on a holiday?

      Is PT the only website bringing you news? There is something for everyone on the Internet. And there are many jolly, entertainment websites on the Internet; go and find them and be jolly my Cyber-friend!

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      If you know of anything that is not bad news, share it with PT and Nigerians.


    By the time Muhammadu Buhari and his family members at Aso-rock will finish with Nigeria, the only jobs available in the country will be at Aso-rock and NASS.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    This change na yawa, we don too dey suffer. We pray God for Nigeria. ….Since you come na tears and pain o. We don tire to complain o. Mumu Buhari, we dey warn o, make Nigeria no come scatter for your head o.

  • Agbe

    Private Airlines shutting down, Public Sector Job Losses and Deposit Money Banks Right sizing and down sizing. Chai, this is not the ‘Change’ Nigerians clamored for.