How we’ll restore Nigerian economy after PDP ruined it — Buhari

President Goodluck Jonathan and President-Elect General Muhammadu Buhari during their meeting today at the Aso Villa
President Goodluck Jonathan and President-Elect General Muhammadu Buhari during their meeting today at the Aso Villa

President Muhammadu Buhari has assured Nigerians that his administration is doing its best to get Nigeria out of the current challenges.

Mr. Buhari gave the assurance on Monday in Daura, Katsina State, after the Eid el-kabir prayer.

According to him, the previous Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government had left nothing for his regime despite being in power for 16 years.

“Nigerians should realise that this government inherited nothing from PDP governments.

“After 16 years of PDP regime, there was no power supply, no much infrastructure, no rail and no security; this is what it left for us,’’ he said.

The president said his government was tackling three key issues with the aim of moving the country forward.

The issues are security, economy and fight against corruption.

According to him, his government was making efforts to improve the security, economy of the country and fighting corruption.

Mr. Buhari said the government was also making efforts to create jobs for graduates and other unemployed youths.

‘’We have plans for the country; we must first secured the country, for security is the key to development.

‘’We first dealt with the Boko-Haram and now we are dealing with the militants.

‘’Through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and an inter-ministerial committee under the Vice-President, we are working out jobs for graduates and other youths.

‘’We are equally tackling corruption, which will be a continuous thing.

‘’So, we are trying our best and we want Nigerians to do their best too,’’ the president said.

President Buhari also expressed hope that the country would have a food security after recording bumper harvest from this year’s cropping season.


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  • Ken

    This Buhari man is something else. Upon taking Nigeria’s economy to recession he is still talking and some idiots are listening to him. He should keep shut. Apc should go and ‘die’. Apologies to Osho Liar.

    • NwaIgbo

      PDP wailer , what you wish APC is already happening to People Destruction Party. Have you had your convention yet? How many factions do you now have? How many of your thieves are warming up EFCC detention camps? For 16 years you “goatified” our system, you marred our judicial system, you destroyed our ministries and corporation. Wail all you can, you must surely vomit all, for we are coming after you.
      What did you leave for us? Nothing in the Treasury, no light, no security, no food. Nothing, nothing, nothing! Super civil Servant Ahmed JODA concluded in his final report that PDP left CORRUPTION EVERY WHERE.
      MAY Amadioha silence you and your cohorts. Thieves without conscience.!!!

      • forestgee

        Even with PDP corruption things were not this bad!!! We are seeing recession and depression before we become a failed State. APC is confused

        • NwaIgbo

          Check the global oil prize during the Jonathian years and confess your ignorance.

          • forestgee

            Ignorance indeed! Your god is using his mouth to run down the economy, policy reversals left and right and you woke up from sleep to start typing your Ignorance! Thank God we all buy from the same market

          • okenwa

            Try to identify mumu in time rather than waste your time bros.

          • Commentsfile..!!!

            Loud mouthed people will always run from
            the facts… just do the check and stop the insults
            wise man!

        • Ade Omowest

          If PDP has continued, you will be trekking to Togo or Ghana now to look for how to survive, mumu you better thank your “Chi” that you still have some money to buy data and write nonsense.

          • forestgee

            That cannot be…the ineptitude and lack of direction of your government is appalling. They…talk and remain confused. The exchange rate, inflation etc you cannot compare! Look at the INEC of today; very poor. What’s your government doing right. Wake up

      • God help us

        Even if global oil price is zero, some people can manage the economy. Let him resign for his vice to also try.
        Give us one good economic policy Buhari has applied to stimulate our economy. Don’t worry, recession has not reach ur end but soon u will confess

    • Ade Omowest

      People like you are worst than slaves, you are a useless dog that eats rubbish and “shit” under the tables of corrupts idiots that put us in this mess.

      • Ken

        Who is more corrupt than Tinubu and Obj? And even Fashola? You can see that you have been drenched in sentiments than reason. As we have it today, Buhari has destroyed Nigerian economy. You guys should wake up from your hate and lack of foresight. We don’t have a president as we speak.

        • Ade Omowest

          Thank God for Nigeria that the former president whose wife was using house-helps to steal money in Dollars ($31.4millions) in the name of treatment abroad has been thrown out of Aso Rock. A bunch of rouges in PDPig that put Nigeria in Recession has been liquidated forever.

          • Ken

            GEJ was in power for 5 years and 3 months. He did very well. During his reign, he never allowed half baked to be in charge. He worked with a crack team of experts such as Ngozi Nwaela, Akinwunmi Adesina, Olusegun Aganga, Aruma Oteh, Dr Ozeigbe, Gbenga Ashiru, Onolemenme, Barth Nnaji and somany others in their fields. Nigerian economy became the top 24th countries and the best in Africa. 14 Universities and 6 polytechics were built by him under this period. The economy was growing with inflation rate at single digit. What can you say about Buhari after 17 months? Nothing! He is just shouting corruption and never fighting it. Boko haram that were subdued before the election were allowed to fester due to the laxity of Buhari. The claim of any victory on them is complete lie. The Hausa brought them in the first place. The fight is still on. Buhari is a complete failure.

  • Ogom


  • FreeNigeria

    Talk, talk and more talk. Almost 2 years into his administration, Buhari is still talking about planning and blaming PDP for his failures. We thought GEJ was clueless, Buhari and his band of brain dead politicians are virtually wayward.

  • NinjaK

    This Ass can talk talk talk!
    Na so e talk talk talk, possessing all solutions to Nigeria’s problems b4 elections, but after elections na just talk, talk, Jonathan, Jonathan, Talk, Talk, PDP, PDP,……..
    I taya o!


    Anybody can promise any mortal being heaven and earth whether they can deliver is quite another story.Believe that I have seen and expeirienced this phenomenon in humans far too many times.

  • Francis

    Yes we believe you are trying your best but your best is simply not enough. It is obivous that you can’t give you don’t have

  • thusspokez

    President Muhammadu Buhari has assured Nigerians that his administration is doing its best to get Nigeria out of the current challenges

    Nigeria is in deep economic recession, high rate of inflation, mass unemployment, high rate of business shut down; capital flight, nepotism, cronysm, etc., And yet this is after the Buhari administration had tried its best?

    • forestgee

      The very best of PMB will be a failed State!

    • God help us

      His best is not working. Let him handover to his Vice to try.

  • thusspokez

    “Nigerians should realise that this government inherited nothing from PDP governments

    These are tired excuses! The ordinary Nigerian’s stomach could tell the difference between the GEJ administration and Buhari’s . In the former, ordinary Nigerians had jobs and were able to put food on the table; food items were inexpensive; ebola, lassa fever didn’t kill hundreds of them; no daily report of people driven to suicide due to poverty or unemployment.

    • Commentsfile..!!!

      You are unimaginable in comparison bro but
      when it comes to underlining you are the best..
      Lol… I be no no say hungry de catch militants before..
      now malaria don catch mosquito, let them keep
      vandalizing na, u no de applaud them again?
      very soon na eba dem go de beg
      for in exchange to their guns!

  • Buhari d daft cow.

    Buhari u are complete idiots with a brain cell of a f@@l.

  • Dazmillion

    Buhari, by this time next year you cannot open your mouth and be talking about PDP failure. By then you might start giving excuses about your own failure.

    • forestgee


    • Angel Lucifer

      There is not a chance in hell hat Buhari will take responsibility for his own failure.
      I can tell you that for sure.

  • askelon

    Why is he still talking about PDP? Emir Sanusi had warned APC to desist from blaming PDP, and focus on the present and the future. If he knew he was coming in to spend four years telling Nigerians about how PDP left them nothing, why did he apply for the job?

    • Oleku

      You’ve spoken well my brother, you’re a man full of wisdom. Why did he apply for the job if he knew he can’t handle it? APC zombies over to you.

    • God help us

      Why can’t he resign if he can not handle it. Blaming past government after almost 2 yrs. He is a failed man

    • Epsilon_Delta

      “Through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and an inter-ministerial committee under the Vice-President, we are working out jobs for graduates and other youths.”

      How on earth would CBN create jobs? No factories being built, the existing ones are fast shrinking. We are in deep trouble with this administration.

    • okenwa

      I dont know who to upvote here because 99.9% are all saying the truth.

  • Devils Pen

    Blaming others for ones incompetence, deliberate actions,fanaticism, lack of vision etc is called the Arab Virus. This is because Arabs blame Israel and America for virtually every negative thing that happens in the Arab world. Perhaps very soon, it will include blaming every adultery in the Arab world on Israel and America. Back home, we need not be surprised with the blame game, APC is a northern party with a Muslim as President and Muslims like their Arab brothers like blaming others for their incompetence and misfortune. But one thing is certain, except for the religious fanatics, sectional and ethnic bigots majority of those who supported this govt are regretting it and can’t wait till 2019 to correct the mistake. My late dad always said this adage, ” when someone does not know how to dance,he blames the drummers for not playing well”….

  • bigbang

    He is right. You can’t destroy an economy in 12 months. The damage was done for 16 years. Failure to invest in Infrastructure. None of oil refineries are working at full capacity. Who should he blame for that?

    • Enemona

      People Decimate People!

      • Angel Lucifer

        I want to decimate you then.
        I will drink your red juice and more.

        • Enemona

          Blah! You’re a minion. You shud go pooh with the kids.

  • Abah of Ipolo

    ‘’We first dealt with the Boko-Haram and now we are dealing with the militants.
    Why does Mr President leave out the terrorist Fulani herdsmen? Is it not bad enough of a security issue? It impacts negatively on physical life security as as well as on food security.

    • Commentsfile..!!!

      and if he will say that you will still ask what about IPOB or
      MASSOB guys will always find a fault no matter what
      because it is now your daily job!

    • God help us

      Fulani herdsmen are foreign militant though having Nigeria military protection.

  • Commentsfile..!!!

    Na only for Naija u go see person go enter Bar,
    command “as usual” and even shear people drinks
    and go later tell the Bar woman to de add am say
    when job pay he go pay! which Job?
    why cant people live according to their daily income
    without this showoff livestyle?? see where he come
    land us all . thank God for Buhari,
    I just notice say my landlord don de respect me well
    well this days… the other day I be de move bags
    of foodstuffs I be wan send my family … he stood
    on his balcony watching. as I wanted to drive he
    shouted are you coming back soon?
    then I knew exactly wetin be dey his mind! I dont know
    about you but Baba has changed a lot in Nigeria
    within this short time.

  • Damian O.

    My People, this President Buhari is not it. He will keep talking and do nothing for the next three years.

    The man has no solution to anything. Just talking and abusing PDP. But is that the meaning of CHANGE?

    • Commentsfile..!!!

      the Israelites complained more than you are doing but ….
      we know who we have got and he may not reach the
      promise land with us but we will follow, support his little
      effort no matter what!

      • Gabriel Olasebikan

        True the Israelites complained,but we are not Israelites sir.We need restoration and nothing less.We did not worship golden calfs.
        Please do not try to justify impunity using the Bible.

        • Dejandon

          And you expect it to happen over night? Is it easy to rebuild something that was destroyed?

          • Harsh Man

            That’s the point APC can’t tell us what was destroyed by PDP because we see them (PDP) all in APC as born-again!

        • Powerlessconscious

          How do you know the politicians and parties are not your golden staff? You guys want to bring down the government with your mouth at all cost despite you where the country was coming from. But the prayer of churches will prevail. Nigeria is the first country to overcome terrorism.

      • okenwa

        Israelites travelled from egypt to the promiseland of today israel and you mean nigerians are traveling from nigeria to nigeria, from bad to worst, from frying pan to fire, from giver to beggers, most happy people on earth to mourners? Hay bros leave israelites out this nonesense because buhari and apc are all devilites.

        • Commentsfile..!!!

          you reasoning is not complete..
          that there are stages in any process
          does not make it a bad idea
          to following through that process!
          I stand by my earlier post!

  • Truth Justice Equity

    Buhari obviously is a very bad workman, excuses, blame games and complaints are signs of incompetency and clueless leadership. Buhari is a failed leader in every ramifications. Buhari was hotly pursuing the presidency with a very narrow ,myopic and parochial perspectives ,but God was laughing at his mischievous evil intentions and after APC axis of evil succeeded in corruptly obtaining power by hook and crook,The Almighty God disappointed them in their mischievous counsels so that their hands shall not perform their evil enterprises. Buhari will continue to live in Lamentations until 2019 except he repents from his sadistic,clannish and bigoted inclinations. Nigerians shall continue to mourn until the wicked ceases to bear rule over her.may God never allow Nigeria to be punished again by such a ruler.

    • Commentsfile..!!!

      …hope you would praise God
      and be proud to thank Buhari If
      by next year things begins to
      surprise u positively..?

      • God help us

        I will surely praise God if Nigeria get better than it was b4 he took over.

      • Truth Justice Equity

        If buhari can bring Nigeria back to the Nigeria of may 29,2015 when a bag of rice is 7000,a litre of PMS 86,a basket of tomatoes 3,000,30 litres of vegetables oil 6,000,168 naira to a dollar,18hours of electricity per day,tame Fulani herdsmen from murdering Nigerians,bring unity,justice,equity,fairness and love back to Nigeria etc etc I will then thank God that the tsunami that came with buhari had cleared for good. Then we start looking for a good leader to improve on Jonathan’s giant strides not the one like buhari who made Nigeria worst than he met her.buhari is like an evil affliction on Nigeria.

        • Powerlessconscious

          Is not the reduction of food price that gave a sign of progress, it is ability to afford the commodity. Why did gej not return all price to 199 price? Stop deceiving yourself Mr man. In all developed country including UAE commodity is VERY EXPENSIVE but there is money to afford them. So Nigeria only need to demand increase in wages from the government and not reduction of food price. When there is money, you can buy anything. Your analysis and thinking is wrong.

      • okenwa

        That is if you will see next year.

        • Commentsfile..!!!

          what u wish others always comes back to u..
          but still I dont wish you that.. we will all live
          to see why Buhari deserves your support!

  • Political ninja

    Abeg baba dont stress yourself, just return us back to how we were in 2014 abeg. Thank you

    • dami

      Noooooo…those guys were robbing us blind…I no dey!!

      • alkali

        Central Bank Audit Result: This is all we know…

        • ₦38.23billion developed legs and got missing in Central Bank under Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.
        • ₦160billion was taken by Sanusi Lamido at the Central Bank for self-determined spending.
        • ₦1.12billion was taken as spent by Sanusi Lamido on lunch for 12 CBN police guards
        in one year.
        • ₦1.12billion was taken in cash and entered in the account as paid to a non-operating airline
        for charter service.
        • ₦240billion was discretionally doled out at will as ‘donations’ by Sanusi Lamido.
        • ₦1.97billion was paid out in cash and entered on Central Bank accounts as “inexplicable
        expense” by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.
        • ₦20billion was paid out in cash as Legal Fees by Sanusi Lamido to persons unknown.
        • ₦3.086billion was taken by Sanusi Lamido and written off as expense ostensibly to promote
        Central Bank image.

        • musa aliyu

          Kolo mental.

      • Political ninja

        But we were eating then, now baba and his friends and family are eating alone.

        • Dejandon

          Israelites said the same thing. We were eating g well in Egypt, please Moses take us back to Egypt, we had a better life their, no more going to the promise land

          • okenwa

            How many of them died and how many of them reached the promiseland. Is that what you want for nigerians? Pray you escape the death knocking on your door.

          • Powerlessconscious

            Almost all of them died because they lost faith in God by remember good days in Egypt under slavery. But joshua and those who did not complain got to the promise land.

        • dami

          Eating…hand outs from corrupt people, from thieves, from banks robbing us blind…if that’s what you’re worried about or what you miss then I still no dey with you.
          If this is the sacrifice we must make for a better Nigeria then so be it..but for sure we could not carry on with the brazen theft and rape of our commonwealth by our politicians and banks.

          • musa aliyu


          • okenwa

            There is no gbam here, i once travelled to nigeria and i was ashame to hit the road with my benz car because everywhere you suvs of different make and design but today what we see on nigeria roads are footubichi (people walking on foot) including owners suvs.

          • Commentsfile..!!!

            thieves can afford anything but just
            and hardworking people always has nothing
            to justify their labour.. its time to know who
            owns what and through what means… thanks

          • Powerlessconscious

            That is what PDP has turned Nigeria to. The rot can not be cleaned in 2years. Thank God for pmb, Nigeria would have turned to seria. God bless baba.

          • Political ninja

            The thunder that will fire you is coming with a doctor prescription, twice daily, seven times a week. Buhari is a thief and his wife is a rogue. Why dont he slash his 300million naira a year sitting allowance. Factor in salary and all the travel, wardrobe allowances. You can eat sand as the price you want to pay not others. Say this out loud in a public place, na tyre them go wear you.

    • Ade Omowest

      Back to when Madam Jonathan was using house boys and drivers to open secret accounts in dollars to loot the treasuries and her ‘mumu’ husband donating security fund to INEC officials and PDP members to fight elections? Kai NO WAY, Tufiaka.

      • okenwa

        I dont care, what i care about is there is food on my table, my children in schools and electricity to cool my beer which i dont get or have now.

        • Powerlessconscious

          Only you will go back. Not us. Forward forever. We don’t care.

  • Ichoku Konyesilifu Efoagui

    But some of the policies baffle me. You have no foreign exchange to fund overseas education or medical treatment but you have for haj and pilgrimage. Them the legislature pays itself obscene figures.

  • 一番偉いは俺だよ

    Concocting excuses with the boilerplate pleas won’t solve anything.We are tired of it.We voted for you and have been the unalloyed supporters of this administration,working in tandem with you in prayers and deeds BUT alas,the longstanding poverty gets worse by the day.Things are falling apart at the seams-People are dying of hunger.Don’t you think it is about time you did all for all to revamp the economy?.Maybe the people around you are hiding the bitter truth,the reality of things from you.Because ostensibly you don’t seem to get it -that many are committing suicide on daily basis.Do something with the fiercest urgency!!.Leaders find solution to problems,Kings do all to prevent ruination of their kingdom,they don’t just keep saying the same thing.It is a crying shame .

  • Chris okonkwo

    Look at those this president surrounded himself with. Do I need to mention names? If it smells like a rat, then it must, be a rat.

  • God help us

    It is clear that Nigeria Economy and even her citizens are not your priority. Better stop blaming PDP Bcos it is all the policies you introduced that killed the economy.

  • Gabriel Olasebikan

    PMB,please note.You came in with promise’s,promise’s,promise’s, yet NOTHING to show for it.Yet you keep on making promise’s. Men and women of substance in this country have advised you to put the past behind you are work out your policies well.
    Many have advised you to stop blaming the past administration.You have on your own promised to draw a line.Sir,please read Mahmoud Jega on the back page of the Daily Trust Newspaper of 12/09/2016. Drop all these accusations and do something. You do not have all the time in this world.

    • okenwa

      If you know the meaning of dullard, then you wont advice mumuhari. He is a waste of space.

  • favourtalk

    PMB we believe in your leadership skills and ability to change the nation from the mess that the PDP got us here, we shall surely move forward

    • okenwa

      One thing i love buhari for, is his ability to turn mess into shit. He has turned naija into shit in just two years.

      • Powerlessconscious

        That is what you decided to see. Nigeria is moving forward and it call for celebration.

    • Commentsfile..!!!

      we are already moving on bro..
      if a seed does not rot under the ground
      it will never grow up to bring forth good fruits!!
      Nigeria is in her process of germination!!

  • Mare

    PMB, were you not head of state of this country? All of you put us in this mess not only PDP.

  • Rumournaire

    I don’t envy PMB at all. He is not a very lucky man, but I pray God helps him revive Nigeria.

    At his first coming in 1983, he became Head of State just as the then NPN under Shehu Shagari wrecked the economy through corruption and stealing. Under Shagari, only Shagari’s son-in-law – the famous Umaru Dikko, then Transport Minister, had a license to import rice into the country. Umaru Dikko was then the most powerful minister. That government depleted Nigeria’s external reserves to US$2bn, and the country was going down. That was when Buhari’s team overthrew the profligate government. Buhari’s team then commenced a war on corruption. But the Naira was already battered. His government tried to prop it up; but there was no foreign exchange to sustain it. Eventually, his government was overthrown by IBB under whom the Naira was devalued to US$1=NGN22.

    Fast forward to 2014. Can you see history repeating itself? GEJ’s government brought the country to its knees by depleting – through corruption and outright stealing – the country’s external reserves from US$67b to US$29b within 5 years. PMB comes in through the ballot box and commences a war on corruption. He tries to shore up the Naira – introducing some funny unsustainable dual-exchange-rate regime – but there is no external reserve to back it up. Eventually, the Naira succumbs, crashing to what is now about US$1=NGN425.

    Nigerians need to understand these economic dynamics. If GEJ’s government had continued beyond May 2015, the country’s economy would still have crashed. It is simply a matter of having foreign exchange to back up your currency. When the oil price crashed in 2014, we no longer made enough foreign exchange to support the Naira. What did we do? We started to draw on our foreign reserves to support it. So, our foreign reserves started to decline rapidly, dropping to US$29b by May 2015 when GEJ handed over to PMB. The Naira crashed seriously under PMB because his government stopped drawing on our foreign reserves to support the Naira. If he had continued to support the Naira, our foreign reserves would have been zero by now.

    Clearly, PMB is not a very lucky man.

    • St

      Ok, so Na for us to buy Perseverance 4 market cos Patience and Goodluck nor fit help us?

      • Rumournaire

        It’s payback time for us. No country does what we’ve done to ourselves in the last 6 years and gets away with it. Some countries have it worse – see Venezuela. Go to our supermarkets – you still see toothpicks “Made in China”. Our toilet paper is “Made in UK”. And we are blaming the government? We are an unserious people.

        • Victor

          You are a blessed son of Nigeria. May the lord grant pmb to see your recommendations. Truly he needs prayers for his failure is doom for Nigeria and not North or south, muslims Christians or non M, non C. It is easier to destroy than to build. Moses was blamed but no going back to Egypt. It can never be better under them. O true God, help PMB, he’ll Nigeria and Nigerians

          • Rumournaire

            Many thanks. I wish we would all try to be part of the solution.

  • Tommy

    Pls Baba, I know u r working and trying your best, in fact I also knew it was our fault to put u in the afterwards of PDP 16 years of mess, but can u just do us a favour by shutting up your mouth.

    Thanks…. 2019 is just by the corner.

    • Commentsfile..!!!

      thanks for showing some respect,
      I thought you would say you will
      shut his mouth for him.. we know
      Baba dont know how to talk, his
      temperament is also like that of the
      Biblical Moses too but then God
      gave him Aaron to speak for him
      like he has given Osinbajo to Buhari!
      Gods Hand is upon Nigeria keep
      calling for death.. = going back to Egypt.

      • Powerlessconscious

        What has baba said that you have problem with?. Mind you, your thinking of death upon Nigeria is a day dream. If there will be anything, it is only the EVILS of the country that will face that. Christians are praying hard for the restoration of Nigeria and nobody can proclaim death upon the country because God has already answered the prayers of the xtians. Sorry xtians are those who practice Christ like and not because you are born in xtian family or region. Not Christ like, you are not a xtian.

        • Commentsfile..!!!

          read the post I was responding to,
          I guess u misinterpreted my post… thanks

  • okenwa

    I dont think buhari is 75years and if he is then something is wrong with his brain. Is pdp a human being? All the people that made up apc today are all part of the ruin buhari is talking about.Can he sack all of them from his party? Well nothing good will ever come from the north.

  • ed

    President Buhari said him and his team are doing their best. Ladies and Gentlemen we should agree with the president.
    But we should also agree with me that they don’t know what they’re doing.
    That’s the real problem here my people.

  • Excisionist

    Man-up Buhari and take responsibility

    You started the mess right from the beginning through the people you handed your responsibility to.

    Danladi Shinkafi, Ahmed Joda (Buhari’s hatchet men) and Northern elders forum had it all figured out. Take the broom and sweep the ministries, civil service, parastatals, the security services, etc. Replace the highly qualified, seasoned and experienced economics and bureaucrats with uneducated, inexperienced and bigoted northern sunni Moslems. Then sit back and enjoy the power and economic boom.

    Can you blame PDP for this?
    Nigerians protested and protested but Buhari and the northern Islamic CABAL turned a blind eye and a deaf ear and continued as if they knew what they were doing.

    They forgot that Running a good economy is not necessarily the strength of Muslims anywhere. After all their “prophet” never sowed nor farmed but reaped the fruits of other people’s labor, plundering caravans and pillaging towns and villages in the Arabian Peninsular.

    And Plundering and pillaging is what their Nigerian counterparts have been doing since the unfortunate amalgamation in 1914. None of them ever contributed any idea on wealth creation. Because you need to have something before you can contribute it. Sharia and all their Islamic priorities cannot give such ideas. As military leaders, they concerned themselves with creation of states and other manipulative activities. They never thought about the future. Where will the resources to run 36 states and federal capital come from ? 36 governors, 36 houses of assembly, milliards of commissioners etc. While we were at it they focused their energy on looting. All of them Abacha, Babangida, Yar’Ardua, Shagari . . . all of them.
    Plundering of wealth and terrorism are what they are good at, NOT wealth creation

    This time around, they think that it is business as usual. Sorry it wount work ! No more wealth to squander!. Get out and allow others to save Nigeria. Go, form your Islamic Country and operate Islamic “economy” and eat your sharia. Nigeria is tired of you bunch of blood thirsty jihadists

  • David

    Can we for once know why when you decamp from PDP to APC you become a saint and your sins are forgiven? Also can we also know where APC got thier election funding from as we already know PDP stole from us, note they (APC and PDP) both spent heavily during the 2015 elections? Thirdly, can we atleast know what is happening to the MTN fine? Finally, can we know a clear economy plan for Nigeria giving us a possible forecast of what we should expect in the coming months?

    • St

      I concur

  • Etomi

    Someone said “A f00l will always find a greater f00l to admire him…”

    I hail Buhari’s fans who admire him….I hail you greater f00ls!!

    Only idi0ts think that all it requires to fix Nigeria is a president’s claim to puritanism….soon the greater f00ls will realize that vaunted puritanism is not enough!

    The f00l has nothing to offer, and that is why he passes buck disingenuously and unremittingly, refusing to assume any responsibility, as his greater f00ls cheer him on….

    The F00l is like a useless never-do-well son who blames his failure on his father who refused to birth him with a silver spoon….

    F00l thinks that by media trial of his predecessor and opposition elements over corruption he can be shielded from blame over his ruinous approach to governance…

    APC’s false-starts as greenhorns to governance is at the roots of the current economic quagmire, but will they ever own up to be saved?

    Instead of Buhari to eat the humble-pie and own up to the fact that he is suffering from false-starts as an infant in the business of democratic governance and call for help, he blames his predecessors even when in fact his actions in the last two years of being in Aso Rock form the basis of the troubles afflicting national economy…

    And the f00l has been carrying on in heedless self-conceit, while those who could have come to his aid, have left him to his devices, as they rather would siddonlook while he continues in his bullish mission of ruining Nigeria irredemably, after-all he has a legion of yesmen who would help to parrot his excuses and blame-game…..

    The greater f00ls aint seen natin yet….

    • Powerlessconscious

      Continue to deceive yourself only. We shall see who will cry and who will laugh at last. I can bet it that you will cry atlast all you who refused to realise the good effort of this government because you lost election and sold your souls to EVIL. We don’t care for your negative analysis. That is your personal problem. We are not afraid again because the future is bright. God bless pmb.

      • Etomi

        Mumu…which good effort???

        Good effort in making 4million Nigerians lose their jobs in just 19months of being in office!!!

        The airports and sea ports have become ghost-towns….

        Food is now out of the reach of the people due to high food prices….etc

        Since this moron called Buharti mounted the saddle it has been woes upon woes for Nigeria….

        It has never been this bad!!!!

        And what does he have to show for it? Blame his predecessors like a very spoilt child and only media trial of suspected corrupt politicians in the opposition….no conviction…no nothing!

        • Powerlessconscious

          Mumu. Is it buhari that caused all the problems? There have never been the kind of the looting we had under gej. Nigerians has started losing jobs under gej the first Democratic government to borrow money from world bank to pay workers salaries in 2014. You guys can continue to DECEIVE deceive yourself FOREVER. We don’t care. If a country experience the kind of massive looting under gej, the enlightened people knows the country will suffer. But bad educated people who have sold their souls to evil will continue to wail despite their knowledge of the position of the country after the last government. That is your headache. PMB and Osinbanjo is on the right track and may God continue to bless them. God bless baba.

          • Etomi

            Which massive looting took place in GEJ’s government that is not taking place under the current Buhari government; that did not take place under OBJ’s government; that did not take place under Abacha’s government; that did not take place under Abdusalami’s government????

            Buhari claimed that once GEJ is sacked and he is installed president, he will fix Nigeria…

            Rather than fix Nigeria, everything has gone awry under his government, with all he has to show is excuses upon excuses….endless excuses and blame-game…

            I recall during the last administration, GEJ’s supporters were never allowed to offer any excuse on his behalf whatsoever….It was all insults, bashing, hate, etc…

            In fact GEJ never made a habit of blaming his predecessors….indeed no other Nigerian president ever made a habit of blaming others…Buhari is the first Nigerian president to blame every other person but himself….he is such an hopeless asshole!!!

            Buhari is now in government, but more clueless that cluelessness itself, yet his fans don’t want any blame to be placed on him….

            For his bewitched fans, Buhari is spotless, perfect, a saint….hence if anything is wrong in Nigeria today, others should be blame even though he is the president today …

            Buhari and his useless supporters are simply crazy people, who think the whole world has gone mad just like them!!!

          • Powerlessconscious

            Which massive looting is taking place under the current government? Tell me. Hypocrate. Mind you, you can continue to wail. It will change the good direction of the current govt. From cleaning the rot created by your evil party and thieving part PDP. God bless pmb/osinbanjo.

          • Ken

            Yes. Buhari crept Nigerian economy into recession. He was handed over a growing economy but he destroyed it

  • Truth Justice Equity

    Agree or not, Fact or not Fact, ignorance or knowledgeable, take it or leave it; this draft brings the reality to clarity. #sad

    It took PDP 16 years to make a dollar = N197,
    but it took APC just 1 year to make a dollar N400.

    It took PDP 16 years to destroy Nigeria, but it
    took APC just 1 year to massacre, dismantle, kill and bury Nigeria.

    It took PDP 16 years to make fuel price N87 per litre, but it took APC 1yr to make fuel N145 per litre.

    It took PDP 16 years to make Nigeria corrupt,
    but it took APC just 1 year to make Nigeria Fantastically corrupt.

    It took PDP 16 years to keep the price of rice at N7,000 per bag,
    but took APC 1 year to project it to N18,000 per bag.

    It took Jonathan 5yrs to travel to 15 countries,
    but it took Pa Buhari 1 year to travel to 30 countries.

    It took PDP 16years to apply resounding economic policies that made banks grow, but took APC 1 year to apply policies which made banks to sack more staff.

    The worst administration of PDP is far better than the best of APC!

    #HardFACTS!!!!!!! Copied

    • Ken

      You are very correct . Some fools are still supporting the Apc that has nothing to offer.


    We dont have choice than to let Apc fix this country, pdp has done enough damage already.

    • Etomi

      APC……always promising to fix Nigeria, with each promise becoming a curse on the nation’s fortunes…

      I rather they stopped their infantile boastfulness, which is turning into a damaging curse on Nigeria!!!!

  • adekunle akindude

    what about power/electricity?without electricity none of these can work Mr President

  • Francis Uwaechi

    It is an abdication of responsibility to blame everything wrong with our future on the past. Buhari’s administration has no economic team. He arrived Aso Rock ill-prepared for the challenges of providing leadership in a poorly regulated economy and those he has put in charge have found themselves making the rules as they go along. I know the tribal bigots will call for my head but he should have kept on Jonathan’s economic team to stabilise the tide before gratifying his political benefactors with responsibilities way above their depth. We have slid into recession but that is the easy part, should we find ourselves in depression, then Nigeria will have a very long march to recovery.