Buhari administration inaugurates water project in ex-President Jonathan’s hometown, Otuoke

Photo credit: www.newscrystal.com
Photo credit: www.newscrystal.com

The Federal Government on Thursday inaugurated the Central Ogbia Regional Water Supply Project in Bayelsa.

The Minister of Water Resources, Suleiman Adamu, who inaugurated the project, said 13 communities, including Otuoke, would benefit from the N5.9 billion project.

According to him, the Federal Government is committed to complete all abandoned water projects to improve livelihood.

Mr. Adamu said adequate water supply for human and livestock production was a crucial aspect of social and economic development.

He said the recently launched roadmap on water resources underscores the need for short and long term strategies for effective and efficient delivery of water to the people.

“The project we are inaugurating today is among the high priority projects for water supply.

“This project commissioning, therefore, further demonstrates that the Buhari administration is committed to completing all viable projects that have positive impact on the lives of our people without any political sentiments,’’ the minister said.

He called on the host communities to take ownership of the water project by maintaining it for improvement of livelihood and reducing water borne diseases.

The Secretary to Bayelsa State Government, Serena Dokubo, commended the Federal Government for the project, saying such project was needed in other communities.

Mr. Dokubo said the state would continue to embark on projects that would impact on the lives of the people.

Speaking at the occasion, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce (Bayelsa East), noted that lives were saved every time a water project was inaugurated.

“A lot of children die from consumption of unclean water, a lot fall sick, you have to spend more to take them to the hospital to get cured,’’ Mr. Murray-Bruce said.

Otuoke is the hometown of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan who was criticised for failing to provide potable water to the town and neighbouring communities despite being in power, either as deputy governor, governor, vice president or president, for 16 years.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that about 130,000 people are expected to benefit from the N5.9billion project.


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  • Audu Al-amin

    Yet to them Buhari is not doing anything, because he is not sharing the money for infrastructure.

    • amazing2012

      It is not because of sharing money only but because he is a Muslim ! Shamed into son of Otuoke !!

      • Audu Al-amin

        Don’t mind them my friend they refuse to see above religion and regional sentiment

  • Oromilla

    A project paid for by last admin, just like the Kaduna rail, this govt should keep deceiving itself.

    • Oladele

      Did you read this piece at all? Minister went to inaugurate the project. They are just starting but was part of projects abandoned by Dr Jonathan after it was awarded and huge sums dished out and stolen and ate like yam.

      • Audu Al-amin

        My friend why stressing yourself for some people who refuse to see above religion and regional sentiment, well to me is a good thing this administration has done by continuing or completing the abandoned projects by the last administration that stole money and collected percentage for failed projects without completion is that not a big shame.

      • Better_Person

        From the article: “The project we are inaugurating today is among the high priority projects for water supply.
        “This project commissioning, therefore, further demonstrates that the Buhari administration is committed to completing all viable projects that have positive impact on the lives of our people without any political sentiments,’’ the minister said.

        Note that the words ‘inauguration’ and ‘commissioning’ are used. Poor journalism doesn’t make it easier for readers to get the correct details except you dig further.

        Having said that, the project was started by the last administration and completed by the current one. Govt is a continuum so this is commendable. That is why comments like “…Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan who was criticised for failing to provide potable water to the town and neighbouring communities despite being in power, either as deputy governor, governor, vice president or president, for 16 years” is childish.

        No good leader will abandon every other people just to provide amenities for his communities alone.

    • humm

      Then he should have commisioned it while he was there. Its a no brainer that it doesnt take up to 6 years to set a project in motion. So, argue sensible.

    • kinsly

      Paid for? Which country do you Live?? Didn’t you hear that contractors were not paid since 2014? Keep dreaming, you will wake up late.

      • Ken

        That means the job was not done? So Buhari came in and paid the contractors and they went and started the job all over? Why are some Nigerians so daft like this? Buhari is a big mistake and complete failure. Let him go and commission such in Warri or Sapele or Gwari or Abeokuta now. GEJ is not a frivolous man. GEJ finished the Olorosogo IPP. Did he rang a bell that I finished an IPP at Obj town? It is only failures that do that.

    • Malik Isah

      oh boy, yu sick sha !!!!

  • Galantman

    The deafening silence from the e rats , Internet warriors, hate mongers, bigoted persons,wailers , fake freedom fighters, fake self determination miscriants, biafrafraud, etc is too much. Please talk. Let s hear the new version of lies and blackmail you will apply to discreet this project. Oya.

    • Ken

      What exactly did Buhari do here? Do you know how long it takes to finish a Water project? Just as Buhari clean the rail tracks and says he completed it. What a shame! GEJ paid for those projects.

      • Galantman

        I expected this twisted and upturned logic , so I’m not surprised. But asked your hero what he has done to HIS OWN people for six years. Is it not a shame that PMB within one year thought of Jona’s people. Give credit to whom credit is due and let sleeping dogs lie.

        • Ken

          How? What upturned logic? Is it Buhari that started the project? Which project is Buhari going to finish in four years? Look at Telecoms, we give Abacha kudos for doing 85% of the job. Obj did the rest. What percent is Buhari’s contribution? We should stop this hypocritical behaviour if we are to make progress. Let Buhari come and commission a water project in Lagos or Warri or Kaduna now. Buhari is a big mistake. Heaven and Earth know that.

  • Apostel

    New fresh water to produce ogogoro.

  • emmanuel anizoba

    This is real good news. Next should be the completion and commissioning of the jinxed East-West road. PMB should just ignore the eternal naysayers who would rather ask for the footprints of an elephant standing right in front of them. The caravan of change and progress must proceed despite the fierce barking of the dogs of backwardness and distraction. Cheers!

    • kinsly


  • Danladee

    Jonathan has failed Nigeria and his people woefully, and the question one Olu Akande, Port Harcourt puts it succinctly: ….”what significant thing did he do for his people for about six
    years he was in power? The East-West Road till now remains uncompleted. Infact,
    the Bayelsa axis from where he comes, remains uncompleted. In fact, the Bayelsa
    axis – the route to his Otuoke village – is worst for it.

    When Jonathan was in power, the likes of Edwin Clark and Briggs, etc. only
    frequented Aso Rock for self-serving purposes. Edwin Clark was the worst, as he
    continuously pampered Jonathan and made enemies for him. This agitation will
    continue, even if given autonomy until the people engage their leaders.”

    • Ken

      That is rubbish! Who put the project there? GEJ did the work. Just like the IPP. Obj started them but GEJ finished them. In this case GEJ did 99% of the job. Going to Otuoke is just to spike GEJ. We are not bothered. Buhari has finished Nigeria. You his supporters would lock his ass

  • Rommel

    Isn’t it strange that whenever it comes to hardships being experienced by Nigerians,Buhari is quickly blamed but when abandoned projects are completed and commissioned by the same Buhari,they claim those are Jonathan’s achievements yet Jonathan did not commission any of the projects that he built even after 6 good years as president and highest receiver of petro dollars in history of Nigeria,too bad,maybe he had bad luck after all and I tell them this,if president Jonathan was unable to commission any such projects that they claim he built,it was because none of those projects were designed to be completed by the PDP contractors which is why the elements said,his office let another take. When will they ever learn

    • kinsly

      Totally and sincerely agree. I hail thee.

  • Babrutus

    Why has the Buhari government done this? Now the hate-mongers would have nothing to say.

    • Ken

      What has he done? Was the project new? Wouldn’t it have been finished? Give Nigerians a break from this Dullard

      • Babrutus

        Why did Jonathan not finish it? Do you realize that there are more cells in Buhari’s brains than there are brains among hatemongers?

  • thusspokez

    Otuoke is the hometown of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan who was criticised for failing to provide potable water to the town and neighbouring communities despite being in power, either as deputy governor, governor, vice president or president, for 16 years.

    When you become President of your country, you don’t represent your town, tribe, religion, political party but your country — the opposite of Buhari’s mindset. It is an advanced concept which many Nigerians don’t or can’t understand because they don’t have advanced mindset.

    • Rommel

      Even president Jonathan is already singing praises for Buhari so keep going on and on and on but he confiscated people’s land and built his house mansion in Otuoke without paying compensations till today or are you claiming that you don’t know? does he not have water supply in that house? why did he not extend it to those whom he took lands from?did he not attract church to them? did they not construct the roads to Okirikia where his wife is from? what you are seeing in that community was Jonathan’s dream for them

      • Ken

        Buhari is a big mistake. He can go and do rail network in Otuoke or elsewhere by pretending. He is a big failure.

    • primus

      charity begins at home my brother

    • Paul Young

      Your argument is baseless to say the least. Many private citizens who have the means have used their own money to put developmental projects in their communities. Nobody is saying as President he should focus on his community, but i dont think anybody would have raised any eye brow if he completed a project in his village to give his people potable water. Besides GEJ was deputy Gov/ Governor for 8 years, do you know any current or former Governor whose village has no potable water?

      • thusspokez

        The problem with many a Nigerian is that they have become so used to doing things in corrupt and perverse ways, they know not other way. Indeed they have come to believe that their perverse way is the right way. This is the reason, you failed to understand my comment.

        How odd, that many of you condemn corruption and yet here you are, criticising GEJ for not abusing his office, i.e., diverting funds to build facilities for his home town.

        • Paul Young

          So bringing developmental projects to his village is now diversion of funds? Smh

          • thusspokez

            You still don’t get it, do you?

  • Otile

    Wayo Allah. I weep for Najeriya. What a cheap propaganda. Imam Olodo has roused the simpletons, the apes in APC with this deceitful propaganda of a borehole in Otueke. The apes are now jumping up and down singing the praises of their god Imam Mohamed Buhari for drilling a borehole. His minions are hailing this as his biggest achievement in the Republic so far. What a pity!

    Presently, Nigeria is crippled by economic downturn but Imam cunningly used the borehole to distract the attention of his minions. After this fabled borehole there will still be hunger in Otueke, Bauchi, and throughout Najeriya, so what is the big deal? Cant the minions think big?

    When Dumbo Joe was in power he used Nigerian resources to develop Daura and the North hoping that the Fulanis would love him and vote for him. Now Imam Olodo is making a mockery of him by drilling a borehole in his village. Imam, I say to you, this is no achievement. First help Bakassi people needing your help. If this is not propaganda where is water project for Abak people, where is water project for Okehi people, where is water project for Etinan people? I have said it before, Nigeria does not deserve Dumbo Joe or Imam Olodo. Nigeria has bright young people who can move the nation forward. Nonsense

  • Observer

    God bless PMB.. Another wise step

  • JasV

    You should have allowed him and his people who claim him as their son to continue drinking ogogoro which is their water anyway. The truth is that if as President you could not use the existing structures (Local government, State Government etc) to develop your constituency without being corrupt there is surely no way you would have been able to develop other constituencies nationwide. This is why the Old Sage, Obafemi Awolowo declared that, you can only be a good Nigerian when you have been a good member of your family, town, village, local government and region. Shame on this bare footed, ogogoro drunk presi-dunce.

    • vagabonds in power

      Federal Republic of Nigeria

      Niger Delta Basin Development Authority

      P.M.B 5676, 21, Azikiwe Road, Port Harcourt

      Invitation for Technical and Financial Bids for the Execution of Projects in the Fy-2010 Capital Budget


      In compliance with the Public Procurement Act 2007, the Niger Delta Basin Development Authority (NDBDA), in carrying out its mandates, is desirous to undertake the execution of some projects as approved in the FY2010 Budget.

      Towards this end, the Management of NDBDA hereby invites competent and interested companies to apply for the execution of the following projects:

      Scope of Works:


      LOT 1: 2 No. Motorized Borehole at Ethiope West and Ethiope East, Delta State

      LOT 2: Construction and Development Deep Water Borehole at Ekowe Community in

      Bayelsa State

      LOT 3: Motorized Borehole at Kolo town. Bayelsa State

      LOT 4: Motorized Borehole at Ibelebiri, Ogbia. Bayelsa State

      LOT 5: Motorized Borehole at Otuabula II, Ogbia, Bayelsa State

      LOT 6: Borehole/Overhead Tank/Water Distribution in Omuajuloke Omuma, Rivers State

      LOT 7: Ikata Water Project, Rivers State

      Reclamation/Drainage and Erosion Control Projects

      LOT 1: Agbakabiriyai Drainage and Erosion Control. Bayelsa State

      LOT 2: Agbakabiriyai Drainage and Flood Control, Bayelsa State

      LOT 3: Completion of Ogu Erosion Control and Drainage Works at Ogu-Bolo, Rivers

  • vagabonds in power

    Same old lies by the Apes in APC from the pit of hell—–The water project has been on long before Jonathan even became President of Nigeria———-To be honest I do not understand why Buhari has the perchant for lying—-lifting up projects embarked upon or commissioned by Jonathan—————–to deceive Nigerians————–Yesterday they started with the Abuja –kaduna rail system—later they launched another one–Lagos Ibadan Rail–LINES–These are all projects which Jonathan embarked upon and completed before leaving office——————————————–The water project was started by the Niger delta development Board———-Long BEFORE THE STATE WAS EVEN CREATED BY ABACHA-

    • Rabson

      And the daft refused to commission them despite political campaign?