It’s now official: INEC disregards security advisory, goes ahead with Edo election

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The Independent National Electoral Commission has decided to go ahead with governorship election slated for Saturday in Edo State, casting aside security concerns.

This was disclosed to PREMIUM TIMES by INEC Director of Publicity and Voters’ Education, Oluwole Ozzi, Thursday afternoon.

“We are going with the election,” Mr. Oluwole said in a short message to this newspaper.

The police and the State Security Service, on Wednesday, released a joint statement, seeking postponement of the election for security concerns.

“The Nigeria Police and Department of State Services wish to inform the general public that credible intelligence availed the agencies indicate plans by insurgent/extremist elements to attack vulnerable communities and soft targets with high population during the forthcoming Sallah celebrations between 12th and 13th September, 2016. Edo State, is amongst the States being earmarked for these planned attacks by the extremist elements.

“It is in regard of these that we are appealing to INEC which has the legal duty to regulate elections in the country to consider the need for possible postponement of the date of the election in Edo State in order to enable security agencies deal decisively with the envisaged terrorist threats,” said the Police and the SSS through a statement by their respective spokespersons, Don Awunah and Garba Abdullahi.

After the security concerns were raised, Mr. Oluwole told this newspaper the commission would consult stakeholders to decide on the appeal by the two security establishments.

The Peoples Democratic Party condemned the request for postponement, saying it was bizzare and shocking.

The Edo election is expected to be strongly fought between the candidate of the incumbent governing All Progressives Congress, Godwin Obaseki, and his PDP challenger, Osagie Ize-Iyamu.

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  • Olori Magege

    All hail INEC. I hope this is a sign of good tidings from the body

    • amazing2012

      Inec or president ? If your president is like the former who intervene and rig election in Ekiti using military and senator obanikoro he will have intervene on this one.
      Hail the president, for allowing Inec to perform its legitimate duty without intervention !

  • amazing2012

    Buhari led administration is the best in factual display of democratic principle. He allows institutions to go ahead with their legitimate duties without intervention.
    Alas, still some negative minds will blame the president for what he gives a free hand.
    Now it is left for the security personnel to prove Inec wrong and “if” there is breach of security to arrest Inec and prosecute them for ignoring security warning and jeopdizing the lives of suppose “victims”.

    • FreeNigeria

      Arrest INEC for doing their job? It baffles me how some Nigerians reason. The security operatives should do the jobs we pay them for, they should ensure this election is conducted without violence. It’s their job, they should quit if they can’t do it

      • amazing2012

        Doing which job ? Election ? Is election security work ? Can you conduct election without security ?
        The securities says there is a report of insecurity and Inec insist, so if there is breach of security it means Inec MUST be brought to justice !
        Wht non sense is this ? Is changing date going to give advantage to someone ? When Jonathan change date of his election for months interval, did he win the election ?

    • emmanuel

      How did you derive your moniker amazing? Your state of mind as expressed in your various comment potray you as a weak minded person.
      What has Buhari demonstrated here other than buckling under pressure from Nigeria to let go his planned postponement.
      APC is already a disgraced party, Oshomole is a loser.

      • amazing2012

        If it were Jonathan he will have not only intervene but dictate what the Inec/security should do, just like the way he change his election time table to months and use military and Inec to manipulate Ekiti election. Modus to free and fair president, who allow institutions to carry out their legitimate functions without intervening. But only people with eye not with hate can see the virtue of this wonderful person, Mr president.

    • Anasieze Donatus

      Nothing to add,you said it all.Thumb up bro

  • Tunde

    Well done INEC! About time everyone starts doing their jobs! SECURITY INSTITUTION, DO YOURS! The message that came out from your team before INEC gave the impression that you were cancelling the elections; it is not your job Mr IGP! well done INEC

  • ???asking question




    • Izedomi Ohirein

      Those who are sure to loose the election.
      The last Edo elections PDP’s gubernatorial candidates are now in APC. In the last election, PDP candidate failed to win his own polling booth.
      I can’t see APC not wining Edo by a landslide given their performance of the last 7.5years. Only APC candidate Obaseki was part of that success story worth continuing..

      • Otile

        There was never a credible threat to security over this to-be rigged election in the state. The other day Imam Mohamed Buhari was seen campaigning openly for the APC minion without any fear of attack. Imam knows the violent places and he avoids them like the plague. When strong Odua touts yabbed him he chickened out of a long standing invitation to Eko and rather complained of ear ache. Again when Avenger boys threatened to capture him alive he declined an invitation to a function in Ogoniland, & hurried to England and hid in a hospital for over 13 days.

        I hate when Islamic APC cries wolf like this but when the real danger comes they play dead. Islamic Fulani herdsmen have been marauding and killing people at night but Imam does nothing. In the Niger Delta Fulani soldiers have been harassing, natives stealing their food and raping women but Imam is saying nothing. Yesterday an 84 year old man died of wounds inflicted on him by Northern soldiers but Buhari has not sent any condolence message to the bereaved family. If that incident happened in Italy or Serbia Buhari would have sent mourners to console them.

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    The people know those registered in their polling booths outside central Benin City. They can always call on the Police for assistance when required. Reliability of the Police to live up to their constitutional responsibility is always our problem.

  • thusspokez

    The Nigeria Police and Department of State Services wish to inform the general public that credible intelligence availed the agencies indicate plans

    These mumu organisations claim credible evidence and yet Buhari was in the state campaigning. It never occurred to them that if there is potential risk of violence at future dates , that it is also possible for the attack to be brought forward to earlier dates, e.g., during Buhari’s visit.

  • Oskirin

    tank u baba 4 nt towing d jona way by postponing d election.wht will b will b.