FACT-CHECK: Christian groups’ claim about Sultan of Sokoto is false


Media reports that the Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar, declared September 12 as public holiday for the Eid-El Kabir celebration is false, PREMIUM TIMES check has shown.

Reacting to the alleged declaration by the Sultan, a group of 22 Christian organisations accused President Muhammadu Buhari of abdicating his functions to the Sultan.

In a statement signed on their behalf by the Chairman of National Christian Elders Forum, Solomon Asemota, the organisations said the development gave credence to their earlier claims of a secret plan to Islamise Nigeria.

“We unequivocally wish to state that it is very improper for the head of the Islamic faith in Nigeria to announce, declare, or extend Public Holidays. This is the function of the Federal Government and need not be abdicated,” Mr. Asemota said in his statement published by several Nigerian media.

“Again, we have no objection whatsoever to the Muslim Public Holiday but our concern is that in a secular society as enshrined in Section 10 of the Constitution, the responsibility of declaring or announcing a religious Public Holiday is vested in the Federal Government and such responsibility is sacrosanct.”

The groups cited a story published by Vanguard Newspaper on September 3, as their basis for believing the Sultan actually declared a public holiday.

A review of the Vanguard story, however, shows no such statement was made.

Mr. Abubakar, through the Jama’at Nasril Islam, JNI, which he heads, only announced Monday as the day of the Islamic Festival, Eid-el-Kabir.

“The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, has announced Monday, Sept. 12 as the Eid-El-Kabir Day, 1437 AH. This followed the declaration of Saturday, Sept.3 as the 1st of Zulhijja, 1437 AH,” the Vanguard Newspaper stated.

A review of the statement sent by JNI also shows the Sultan never declared any public holiday.

It is not clear how the Christian groups came to their conclusion that the Sultan declared a holiday and why many Nigerian newspapers, knowing the premise was false, did not let their readers know that.

The man who signed the JNI statement, also questioned the the false rumour of the Sultan’s declaration.

“How could he say that?” Khalid Aliyu, the Secretary General of the JNI told PREMIUM TIMES. “I had given a press release signed by me on Monday on behalf of the Sultan. He never declared any public holiday, because it is not part of his domain.”

“Being the Muslim leader, he informs his followers that certain days are set aside for one aspect of worship or the other. But declaring a public holiday; this is the specific right of the government,” he added.

While the false story of Mr. Abubakar’s alleged public holiday declaration generated controversial reactions on social media, the Federal Government on Wednesday declared Monday and Tuesday next week as public holidays to mark the Islamic festival.

The Federal Government consults with Islamic and Christian leaders when fixing public holidays for religious festivals that have no fixed date like the Eid-el-Kabir and the Easter celebrations.

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  • Kehinde Adebuluwa

    Dear Editor,

    APC Islamist Jihad in Ondo state will be totally defeated

    There is going to be war in Ondo state APC soon. Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu has brought Islamist totalitarian politics
    to Ondo state. Like a Mullah, Alhaji Bola Tinubu wants to impose candidates on the party at all levels as if APC is his
    personal property. Just yesterday, the Mr. Abraham that Bola Tinubu wants imposed as the APC governorship candidate
    removed his mask of civilization and more or less stripped naked with a cutlass.

    Mr. Abraham has withdrawn acceptance of the primary election result he gave publicly on Sunday. Abraham now said it is battle to finish against Rotimi Akeredolu. Can you hear the drums of war beating in Ondo state? If the rabid Islamist Alhaji Bola Tinubu wants a war let him bring it. He will be totally beaten, again. We don’t joke in Ondo state. Ondo state is not Oshun state where Muslims in Ila and Oshogbo support illiteracy for the sake of Muslim rule because of Alhaji Bisi Akande. We reject Islamist rule here in Ondo state.

    • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

      Is that Abraham a muslim? Just asking…………

    • Mama Kay

      What does your comment have to do with the topic at hand?

      Just wondering if you read the story at all.

    • Ade

      Are you on hard drug? Are you the houseboy to Fani kayode?

  • GG

    The Chairman of National Christian Elders Forum, Solomon Asemota, if he wants to remain credible needs to make another release. He needs to apologise to Christians (not Muslims) for the false claim and to the Sultan (this could be done privately).

    We need Nigeria to be peaceful at all times and these old men should know better than this.

    • HAMZA

      ……..that is how these religious bigots go about misinforming their followers and consequently causing rancor and distrust amongst different tribes and religions in Nigeria. May God deal with them very severely before they plunge the nation into anarchy.

  • Maitama Tambari

    As usual with Christians, they cause problem and turn around to say Muslims are the cause. Very simple announcement to the Muslims faithful by the Leadership of Muslims in the country which has nothing to do with Christians, to prepare the faithful to start certain rituals towards the sacrifice day, the ignorant Christians claim without shame that the Leader had declared a public holiday. These Christians, if you press hard, they would come our claiming they are enlighten, educated and wise but in reality they are full of unashamed behavior. What a pity? Is it the way to live with a good neighbours who are always thinking of disgracing you?

    • Wale Adegoke

      Solomon Asemota is a failed politician during the era of Alliance for Democracy. Now pretending to be a Christian elder just to score cheap political point by spreading falsehood and mischief. Asemota is a digrace to the people of Edo state, legal profession, Christianity and humanity.

      • Abdulkadir

        What about the 22 pastors that agree to his massage? It is clear his going into politics was a sinister move to advance the cause of the church and suppress the cause of Islam.

        • Abdulrahman Abdulyekeen

          The govt must prosecute those that signed the falsehood for incitement and libel. I think this govt needs to start biting instead of tolerating hateful incitement that some buffoons are daily spreading on the social media and some mainstream media like the ThisDay and Vanguard newspapers. This is the only way to go or else these agents of the devil will set this nation on fire with their deliberate misinformation.

  • Shahokaya

    We know since the free dollar rain by Fortunato the Buffon ended, these parasitic groups will always try to forment crisis in the country assuming that the leadership will court them for settlement. All those that signed the false alarm should be prosecuted for spreading falsehood with intent to lead to chaos and the breakdown of public peace and order.

    • arewethishopeless

      Right you are. Not sure why this confrontational posture from these groups. Are they trying to engineer a crisis? You claim to be a religious leader and yet you spread falsehood in the land. Everyday now, sultan this, sultan that …. They should stop being a tool in the devil’s hand ooo. This thirst for destruction and blood will not pay them in the end …

  • najabbiri goga

    The other day they were accusing John Kerry of favouring muslims and now is the Sultan for declaring Eid day. What is wrong with the new CAN leaders? Were they elected to fight muslims and islam instead of ensuring harmonious working relationship between muslims and christians?

    • Yooba Ponbele

      …where is the harmonious working relationship between muslims and Christians when Christians are being killed in the north on regular basis. So far this year, they have killed an Igbo woman Kaduna. Another Christian narrowly escaped being lynched because muslims found fault that he was eating during Ramadan. Mrs. Eunice Olawale was killed in Abuja by muslims. Recently, a group of polytechnic students killed 8 people on false alarm that someone blasphemed Mohammed the founder if Islam. So, CAN should keep quiet?

  • dimuso

    Our christian leaders should pls do everything posible to encourage bonding along the tribal,ethnic and religious line across the country by being cautious and sensitive to the aspirations of Nigerians for unity.It is not by mistake that God in His wisdom brought us together, let our christian leaders be at least factual and truthful about anything they intend to feed the public with.

  • TrueFairGame

    Knowing how ‘passionate’ Nigerians are to their religion it is very irresponsible for educated people to sensationalize trivial issues. It appears that some are still in election period. Before the 2015 election, PDP thought that by circulating ‘conspiracy theories’ propaganda that Buhari will Islamize Nigeria will prevent Nigerians from voting him into power. The strategy failed but some have taken the distorted argument to heart.
    If Buhari want to Islamize Nigeria where will he start from? is it by converting Osinbajo a high-ranking Redeem Pastor to Muslim or by dividing the army, police etc into Muslims and Christians? or by cutting some Christian-dominated states off Nigeria? If he couldn’t do that during military region, how could he during democracy?. To me this should be topic in garage or within circles of illiterates not within intellectuals.
    People must balance freedom of speech with responsibility. We are always the architects of our own problems in Nigeria. We loot what is for common good and create confusion among people to get them distracted. Even some journalist write with inner dark motive not realizing that murder is suicide.

    • Oskirin

      no mind dem….na olisah metuh start am with useless mad man fanny kayode…some mumu are still following dem.

      if buhari wan islamize Nigeria, no b babachir david lawal he go first carry go back to islam? coz d man na muslim b4 he turn born again and baba still take am do secretary.does CAN tink in ds direction at all?

      please make dem address d issue of d economy..den we go take dem serious.

  • The game

    Dear CAN Jonothing lost election get over it, he has since moved on &accepted PMB Is the C IN C, U must also learn to live with it.Get over it.

  • Bakanridi

    You lousy noisemakers the Sultan is not your contemporary and you should mind your business.The issue of CAN leadership is enough headache for you to solve than delving into business that is not yours. Since you are not his followers,respect his position. We Muslims respect your religious leaders, we never utter dis respective words to your spiritual leaders. The JNI speaks to MUSLIMS ONLY.

  • amazing2012

    “A review of the Vanguard story, however, shows no such statement was made”.
    “It is not clear how the Christian groups came to their conclusion that the Sultan declared a holiday and why many Nigerian newspapers, knowing the premise was false, did not let their readers know that”.
    They source their information from Satan ! As usual to create further hate among Nigerians. The aim of these Christians leaders is to keep their members in bondage for fear of seeing anything good about. Further more, when Christians are in bondage, their leaders turn to permanent ATM outlets using the name of God !

  • Abdulkadir

    The notion of their massage is to attack; it is to be seen as an oppressor. They have a very plain agenda. They are Christian hardliners garbed in the cloths of liberals. They venture into politics, business, government, education, information technology, Media and what have you, with the dual purpose of advancing the cause of Christianity at the same time suppressing the cause of Islam. They have surreptitiously dominated the polity and its channels of information communication.

    The falsity of this claim (declaration of public holiday by the Sultan) is known to the media yet they went ahead with the news. The media (but a few) is obliged to spread the massages which emanated from their source of spiritual powers. Indeed for doing such, no monetary inducement is needed as the media would only be serving the root purpose for which it was created; the suppression of Islam and its adherents.

    Clearly, they (the christian mafia) have dominated the polity but a light has shown at the end of the tunnel for the Muslims. What Muslims most do is to pursue success in this world (Dunya) just as much as they are pursuing the hereafter (Akhira); for it is one’s deeds in the Dunya that fetches him salvation in the Akhira. We must venture into politics, marketing, business, education, government, research, information technology, warfare, medicine, geography, geology etc. Indeed I must mention, separately, mass communication as a whole and the social media in particular. God had promised to save his religion (Islam) from destruction, but we owe him a duty to guide its symbols and protect its adherent. Alhamdu LilLahi Rabbil Alamin. May Allah protect and save us from the transgressors of this world, for He is all knowing and infinitely sufficient.

    • Dan

      Good comment. May Allah reward you.

    • Right Minded

      Nonsense comments from a terrorist!


      May Allah increase you knowledge

      • Onike24

        You are all just as repugnant as the ones you condemn

    • Umar

      Jazakallah Khayran

    • mmw

      May Allah bless you for this piece of Information. I don’t understand why they cannot tolerate Islam and Muslims for a second.

    • Onike24

      You are wrong, very wrong! One cannot deny that there is an element in fact a large element of intolerance among SOME Christians towards mulsims, but you cannot assume nor should you assume that ALL Christians share the same view. As a Muslim I have faced bigotry directed towards mulsims, I have been called Boko Haram, etc. however it is wrong to do the same. You are just as bigoted as the ones you condemn; that is a real pity.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen


  • vagabonds in power

    The Sultan was wrong because he did not wait for the government to declare the said days as public Holiday before he quickly announced his—-That is the truth of the matter–If the Government declares a Holiday—it must tell us why that particular day is being set aside as a free day–The Christian body is right—The Sultan should have kept quiet–until the announcement by Government—What the Sultan did was to declare a Holiday on his own for his Fulani Islamic followers—separation is the answer—————————not the Rule of the Fulanis from Sudan and Mali—now the Lords of the Islamic Republic of Nigeria–under Buhari–as installed by Fulani Obama

    • Dan

      The federal Government could not have announced the public holidays without knowing the exact days for the Muslims festivals. And this would come only from the Muslims and not Government. The Government consults first to know the exact dates before declaring public holidays. This festival depends on citing of the moon of for the month of Zul-kidda. Ignorance is surely a disease. The so called educated are really displaying their ignorance and hatred of Islam and Muslims and they turn round to blame Muslims at the slightest excuse. What a pity. Please mind your religion and let Islam and Muslims be.

    • mmw

      Please be sincere in your post don’t allow sentiment to cover your, how do you expect Government to know the Eid (SALLAH) day, this has been the practice even during GEJ or any other regime. why didn’t they complain when he (the Sultan) declares 1st of RAMADAN fast and the end of it. I know it may be hard for other ppl to understand, but Islamic Calendar is based on Moon Citing, if Muslims are not guided properly some followers may miss the actual date that’s all. if we continue this way Nigeria can never unite, we should tolerate our differences.

    • You deserve a medal of honour for Mumuism. Declaring holidays is different from declaring Eid day. It is only muslim leaders can declare the Eid day while power to declare holiday is vested in president. Government can never declare a religion holiday that have no fixed date without consulting religion leaders of the said festival.

      • vagabonds in power

        The question is why did he not wait until the government announced the days of the holiday–These things are already known—it is on the Calender so why do we need the consent of these Fulanis from Mali–and SDudan to enable us know today is Eid day

        • Mufu Ola

          Some people have questionable intelligent. U must understand that that Sultan is doing his duty of stating day of Sallah. Not holidays. Mr VIP be logical!

  • Burning Spear

    We Overthrew Buhari Because Of Too Much Frustration In The Society – IBB

    Former Military President, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, said that Buhari’s government was overthrown in 1985 because there was frustration in the society under his regime.

    • Mufu Ola

      Because IBB wanted to loot Nigeria. And he did! Looters are always frustrated when they have no access to public funds.Are u one of them?

  • emmanuel anizoba

    PMB should be ever-vigilant with clericalism and its defeated political associates. Don’t drop the stick, because the many-headed snake of backwardness and corruption is not yet dead. Christian Clerics are patented arsonist-firefighters. So, VIGILANCE, VIGILANCE … VIGILANCE! Cheers!

  • Right Minded

    What else do u expect from Islamic newspaper called Premium Times? When all the editorial board have been polarized by Islamic terrorists and also being sponsored by Islamic Party called APC

    • Mufu Ola

      Check all Nigeria newspapers.95% are Christians, many of them one “deacon”, sons/daughters of one pastor or the other. That’s why u see a lot skewed news/commentaries against other religions.But they pretend to b objective but ”u can’t pretend to be beautiful when you’re ugly because everybody can see it”,according to Chinese proverb. All other religions are useless as far as they are concerned.Meanwhile nobody has ever come back from dead or that imaginary heaven to say this is all about ”that place”.. Mere speculations!

  • Simeon Nigel

    I for one do support Mr Solomon Asemota (A learned Lawyer and a SAN status in his profession), because I grew up in the North and I am from North Central indigene, so I clearly understood the entire tenets of Solomon’s claimed statement and I also beleived every inch of his statememt. Take as an example, Nasarawa state, cut out from Plateau state, Christians there were right now viciously and wickedly under Isalmic seige by moslems of Nigeria and Sultan of Sokoto and El-Kanemi of Borno and other elders Northern Islamic traditional rulers hands; So, what is happening in Nasarawa state is that from the total sixteen (16) years of Nigeria Democracy, majority of Moslems do not casts their votes for any christains candidates there, and its only moslems that has been rulling through financial helps from Sultan of Sokoto and others. Furthermore, Boko Haram sect burnts over 360-(three hundreds & sixty) chritsians captured from Sunday church prayers alive as well as burried over 500-(Five hundreds) alive Christians children and women for a fetish scruficed purpose, and yet no moslems military commanders and Sultan of Sokoto with other Nigeria Islam organisations did never criticised BK evils acts. In addition, the Borno Governor does often gave out orders to Nigeria Emergency Commission operatives, working in his state, not to distributes relief materials and food to Christians IDP-(Internally Display People). Besides, upon all the numerous Islamic organisations in Nigeria put together, including Jama’atu Nasril Islam-(JNI), have never condemed Boko Haram’s evils destructiveness during President Jonathan Administration period, when Boko Haram began its deadly activities in 2009 onwards. Also, Moslems military commanders inclusive of Air Marshal Sadiqe and Lt General Tukur Burutai were aiding and abeting Boko Haram secretly under Jonathan time. So, I strongly beleived that Barrister Solomon Asemota assertions are not far from the truth about Sultan of Sokoto acting scripts on behalf of Islam religion believers in Nigeria. All moslems in Nigeria do often making a big jokes about Christians for believing in Jesus Christ, and that they are fools in believing strongly in almighty God/Allah for having a son in Jesus Christ. How can a creator of heaven and earth including human beings to have had a son of his own. That this is not a religion but for those with a losts souls that need to be slaughter to dead in their mixed in the whole of Nigeria, agin often Northern moslems thoughts about Christians in Nigeria of today.

    • Danladee

      Simeon, you are just a rabble-rouser. I couldn’t understand much from you narrative. Plateau State indigenous Muslims were not happy when Nassarawa was carved out of the state. Right now, no muslim can aspire to any meaningful position in Plateau State. Nassarawa State has Christian deputy governor, commissioners, and other ‘juicy’ positions which is right. Your sentiment is completely unfounded. Moreover, you negated the main topic of the article.

      • Simeon Nigel

        Hi, Danladee, Nasarawa state is a Christian state after all. Even how was that name Nasarawa came about in the first place, because this particular name is a degrading and portraying Nasarawa indigenes to be look-down upon and not fit to be future leaders, this is how I see it. So, why wouldn’t Christains have a juicy jobs, it is their state. Besides, why are muslems in that state do not want to vote for a Christian governor? In addition, why do muslems set-up dangerous divided campaign against Christians to be fighting and not to unite among themselves? Also, why did the first muslem governor by the name; Adullahi Adamu, who was heavily supported by Christians in Nasarawa but only for him to turned around to inflicts ‘a divided and rule’ tactics against them. Even did re-structured all the local government councils to such an extends that major tribes in the state did ended up having only one local government alocated to them, whilst muslems areas had three (3) to four (4) local governments areas as they were called LGC development areas. The question again here is that, why should a muslem governor did only pre-occupied himself with his muslems/cohorts did went about dividing and aportioning re-structured LGC areas all over again among the Nasarawa state people? The answer is simple, was that, for making sure of ensuring muslems domination across the entire state and also rendering Christians population powerless. Therefore, what Barrister Solomon Asemota claimed about Muslems of Nigeria plan is aim at Islamising the whole of Nigeria is very perfectly true.

  • Rommel

    This Islamic paranoia has now gone too far and fast becoming embarrassing,under president Jonathan,when this same Christian association of Nigeria became a faction of the PDP and their head became an arms dealer on behalf of federal government,did I hear these failed Christian leaders condemn such meddling then? he who comes to equity must do so with clean hands.Each year during such times,we hear announcements being made in places like Nigeria about spotting the moon and the people who should be notified,everyone knows that when it is spotted,they announce their festivals so what is this fuss? those whom the gods wish to destroy,they first make mad.

    • Eniolataiwo

      Luv dat bro

    • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

      “Those whom the gods wish to destroy,they first make mad.” That’s all.

  • dike offor

    Until Nigerian,forget about publicizing Religion,this Country would not move ahead..what happened to the Idol worshipers?
    We dont need to make religion and issue….

  • Mama Kay

    I am not in the least surprised by the lying priests. They fear Sango and Ogun more than they fear God.

    When you read the history of ‘Christianity’, you will understand that it is based on lies.

    It was a convenient way of controlling the peasants. The religion of Jesus was Judaism and he never changed his religion. My people follow blindly and up till today, even so called professors are too lazy to research on what they are told.

    The same way the missionaries came to Africa to help their government steal African resources.

    That is why today in England, only Catholic Churches are attended for the reason of getting into a good catholic school. The rest are mainly populated by Africans.

    • sho


      But we know this simple truth as self-evident; that Premium Times is a Mujahedin media-organization,

      where the Hijab is the compulsory wear for all journalists in the newsroom and even in the staff canteen.

      • Mama Kay

        Go and do a research. Stop being lazy. Your propaganda cannot work.

        I haven’t been to PT, so I cannot comment on their recruitment policy.

        Typing falsehood though is typical for many people on this forum.

        • Emma T. Boyo

          @disqus_OIaKlQOkDr:disqus : Look, don’t be holier than thou. Let @sho say what he wants to say. Even if he’s
          telling lies, are journalists themselves not telling lies too? Did Bayo Onanuga – the MD of News
          Agency of Nigeria – not tell a fat lie yesterday? Bayo Onanuga addressed the nation that there’s
          no hardship whatsoever in Nigeria. Bayo Onanuga said despite that electricity has more often
          been at zero megawatts under the incompetent Raji Fashola; and despite that no water has
          been supplied till now in Lagos state since 3rd of April; and despite that thousands of workers
          put officially at 4.5 million people have been retrenched since Buhari resumed office, there’s
          no hardship at all in Nigeria but joy in excelsis. Bayo Onanuga – a journalist – said that trash!
          That’s despite that Naira has been devalued to 440 Naira to a dollar and despite that general
          price levels for food and transport have shot up as a result of petrol price increase by Buhari.

          • Mama Kay

            There is nothing holier than thou in my comment. Spreading falsehood in the name of religion is as bad as starting a war.

            I do not care about those examples you gave because they are politicians and most politicians are liars.

            I care about a religious group trying incite a war in the country.

          • Nobody’sPuppet

            You better shut up your dirty mouth. How can you criticise others for the same thing you do? Focus on your demon worship and forget about Jesus/Judaism/Chhristain leaders. CAN is doing what they are suppose to do. There’s no doubt that those lazy alumajiris want to islamise Nigeria like Turkey. And we sit by and watch them do that. There will never be trust among us. That’s why the issue of coexistence is delutional.

          • Mama Kay

            Look at you. Filth coming out of your mouth.

            You must be one of the paid e-rats who do not reason.

            Research and seek the truth instead of living on people’s sweat.

            Truth hurts but it is still the truth. My final reply to you. I don’t engage with shallow minded people.

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            And that happens to be your headache

  • thusspokez

    The most important question is whether the Nigerian President even has the authority to declare a public holiday without the approval of the National assembly(NA)? I don’t think he does, but then, the NA is a useless institution with members who don’t take their jobs seriously, leaving the President to do whatever he likes without the required checks and balances.

    As for the Sultanate of Sokoto, the Nigerian constitution does not even recognise its existence, let alone give it any power to affect the lives of Nigeria.

    • Danladee

      Neither does the constitution of Nigeria recognizes the existence of the CAN chairman/leadership! Again, the Nigerian constitution gives the President the right to declare holidays without recourse to the NASS.

      • thusspokez

        Piss off! I wasn’t making a religious nor tribal argument, stµpid!

        Nigerian constitution gives the President the right to declare holidays without recourse to the NASS

        What would you know about the Nigerian constitution. Some of you Nigerians are so ignorant and then proud to be so.

    • wode

      “As for the Sultanate of Sokoto, the Nigerian constitution does not even recognise its existence let alone give it any power to affect the lives of Nigeria.”

      Bros, you’re mixing up issues. This is not about Sultanate but about Religious leadership. Sultan just happens to double as the Muslim leader in Nigeria and it’s on that premises that he’s addressed the Muslims. Please, let’s be guided.

      • thusspokez

        This is not about Sultanate

        You decide for yourself what is or what is not.

        Go and read my comment and try to understand the constitutional point I am making — not what you imagine my comment is about.

        • wode

          It’s simple logic.

        • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

          So it is a sin to have our religious leader to direct us on religious matter.

          • thusspokez

            I have no idea what you are on about; please read my comment and discus or ask me question about what is in that comment.

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            CAN as we all know is out for mischief making. But you are now turning out to accuse the Muslims of the same offence committed by this CAN of worm and all that is bad. Address issues and make a point seen to be just.

          • thusspokez

            I don’t know whose comment you have been reading and responding to. It can’t be mine.

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            Well Mr professor may you teach me English language,maybe that might be of help

          • thusspokez

            Maybe you want to help me understand why so many of you have reading and comprehension problems. It is rather astonishing to me. My comment is only seven short lines; if you can’t read and understand seven lines of text, how can you read and understand (say) a 200-page book?

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            Remember,a systematic insult at someone is easily detected by a discerning mind. Stop the insult! I have politely replied you, but the monopoly of insult belong to no one. You should be mature enough to know what an insult means in a sentence. The word ‘can’ could mean an insult if not properly crafted. So be careful!

          • thusspokez

            Stop the insult!

            You wouldn’t be a Nigerian if you are not accusing people of insulting you.

            Indeed, quite often, a lot of you misuse the word “insult”. You don’t bother to read and understand a comment but jump to respond to it and consequently, miss the salient points made in the comment; and when someone points it out to you, you complain about insult?

            Why don’t you show some respect to other people’s comments by first carefully reading, understanding them before responding to them?

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            I think you need to go back and read my response to your comment. Show to me I have goofed. If this is the way you drive home your points,you’ll end up having more enemies than friend and sooner you’ll be isolated and labelled as being too arrogant. To be dissent is not in this way you argue. There are more eloquent and beautiful ways you can contribute without being seen to be rude. Everybody has his or her contributions to make,but in doing this,let’s be constructive and educative rather subtly reduce ourselves to subject of ridicule and insult as we are showing out intellectual ability to the whole world to see. How do you want us to be perceived? You can hide your facial or physical identity but you can not and can never hide your mental abilities or limitations. Please enough of this e- pomposity.

          • thusspokez

            If this is the way you drive home your points,

            In addition to commenting on issues on Nigerian websites, I often provoke people to RE-THINK their comments because, I have been using the Internet for over two decades and have not seen on any website with the sort rubbish and gibberish comments that one often reads on Nigerian website.

            I often ask myself what is wrong with Nigerians. Why are their comments so unintelligible. Why do they always use phrases like: “your people”, “your master”, or take tribal, religious lines on every issue making their comments appear unintelligible?

            For example, your response to my comment about the constitution was to to ask: “So it is a sin to have our religious leader to direct us on religious matter”

            What has this question got to do with my comment about (1) whether Buhari has the right to declare public holiday with the approval of the National Assembly? Or my other comment about (2) the Nigerian constitution not recognising the role of the Sultanate or for that matter, any religious or traditional role? What is the point of having a constitution if you are going to undermine it or not obey it?

            As for you, I hope that this exchange will make you to read comments more carefully before you respond to them next time.

            you’ll end up having more enemies

            I don’t give a damn! I have been on the Internet for at least. 20 years and within that period I have seen and done battles against all sorts and winning many if not all with logic. Besides, I have a very thick skin, so don’t worry about me making lots of enemies. Also note that on the Internet enemies are as valuable as friends.

            There are more eloquent and beautiful ways you can contribute without being seen to be rude.

            What do you think you are? An Internet police to tell people how they must express themselves? Piss off!

            How do you want us to be perceived?

            I don’t give a damn; speak for yourself.

            Please enough of this e- pomposity.

            There is nothing wrong pomposity as long as one has the intellect and wherewithal to back it, there!

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            Empty gra gra. Is that all? Father of internet the Phillip emgwale of this world. I now know where you truly belong. Nevertheless, what makes you different from those you are accusing of being bereft of new ideas. Your,20years on the internet seems to be a waste though,since you have failed to be reformed. Internet is meant for information and Reformation but you are rather misinformed and deformed with your uncouth and uncivilized vituperations. It is shameful,despite your so called 20 years internet experience. Perhaps you are one those visit the internet to explore pornographic expedition. When you declared your self winer of an internet war,what a self delusion. “Piss off” where are you any way?Cambodia, Vietnam,Kirghistan or Haiti. Because I expected you to only make these statements from these world powers. Mtcheeeeeeew.

          • thusspokez

            Father of internet the Phillip emgwale of this world.

            Philip Emeagwali is a Nigerian fraud. You should have read my deconstruction of his claims about ten years ago.

            Your,20years on the internet seems to be a waste though,since you have failed to be reformed.

            I don’t think so, considering the money I have made for myself and my many very happy business clients, not to mentioned my technical expertise provided free on many professional websites.

            Perhaps you are one those visit the internet to explore pornographic expedition

            No thanks, I can still get my thingy up without help from video of other people doing it. Maybe that is what you do. And maybe you can’t get any erection and therefore need help, hence your exploration of “pornographic expedition”. I suggest that stop your expedition before you are drawn to the “dark web”.

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            No value added!

          • thusspokez

            Horses for courses, Abdul..jeed..jeem…deen!

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            Hmmmmmn?is that a h e a d a c h e?

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            You accused the sultanate as being unconstitutional, whereas our constitution guarantees freedom of religion and association. Within the ambit of the law,the sultan has just expressed his constitutional right. So stop turning the law upside down.

          • thusspokez

            Your two responses would indicate that your comprehension of English text leaves much to be desired.

    • Mufu Ola

      All the national holidays are there for anybody to “see”. National Assembly again? In any case they are on holidays.

  • Jibreal

    @Rommel,don’t blame them, blame our useless northern leaders, how is it posible that uptill now the case of Orisinjafo jet buying Arms is swept under the capet, what about Jerry Ghana that is known for bailing Mohd Yusuf, he is still in active politics today and yet we have government!

    • Umar Dendi

      Jerry Gana is a Northerner Malam.
      Go ask Ali Modu about Mohd Yusuf

      • Jibreal

        Who cares if he is a Northerner or not,they are all birds of the same feather that is why God has join them together in PDP. I still blame this govt for not establishing the facts to nail them for the blood they split!

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        He is a northerner but a Christian.

  • Umar Dendi

    Asemota is a tool being used by those who stole our money to divert the attention of the govt.
    The shege will rot with the Biafrans who are funding his smear campaign

  • Usman

    This is why we are where we are, the so called elders can’t spare few minutes to read and understand a statement, simply because of some antagonistic views

  • wode

    I knew it and said it that the claim can never be correct. Sultan and the Muslim leadership are set of very responsible people who are not given to recklessness in utterances and did.

    By the way, looking at the most recent trajectory of the attitude of the so-called Christian leaders (because, I don’t believe they truly represent the interest of most Nigerian Christians) towards the Muslims and Islam, one would wonder what exactly the problem is and why these people find it so difficult to think deeply, introspect, check their attitudes and retrace their steps.

    Here are few recent incidents that should worry an average peace-loving Nigerians as to the attitudes of the so-called Christian leaders:
    1 – The very thoughtless reaction of the Osun state chapter of CAN to a court judgement in favor of Muslim students to wear Hijab in public schools. Instead of them to simply appeal the judgement, they preferred the unlawful option of inciting violence.
    2 – Federal Government extended the public holiday during the Eid-El Fitr celebration by a day because of the change in the expected and earlier declared date. The CAN was expected to show some understanding as that was unusual, instead they went to attack the office of the Sultan.
    3 – Now, misrepresentation of the Eid day declaration as that of holiday, and what 22 different body could do was to hold Press briefing without, at least, one of the members calling for caution and get more facts before the unnecessary attack showing how intolerant and emotional they are. Where is the Biblical provision that enjoys the adherents to get their facts right before responding to issues?

    These are just few of such unnecessary attacks on Muslims, Islam and its leadership in Nigeria. I think, for the purpose of peaceful coexistence, the Christian leader need to pull their break and ensure some restraints. The life is too short!

  • Musa Dalhatu

    So CAN have relegated themselves to rumour mongers against the peaceful coexistence of both Islam and Christianity in Nigeria. My questions are: what have they got to gain by this shameful act? Why are they so quick to attack Islam even on baseless accusations? Isn’t it the responsibility of the Sultan to announce the dates of Islamic festivities? Instead of them to rise up to their responsibilities of checking the excesses and atrocities committed by pastors daily across Nigeria, they would rather spread hatred and chaos in the country.

  • Moore

    The new set of CAN leaders are highly irresponsible and are up to some mischievous agenda. In the last few months, most of the Christian leaders have been making inflammatory comments. I am really impressed with the way the NSCIA have been ignoring the nuisance those Islamophobic CAN leaders now constitute. During Jonathan missile, not less than 80% of appointable position was occupied by Christians. Christian were employed to fill most vacancies in government establishments yet Muslims NEVER accused Jonathan of Christianizing Nigeria. Under PMB now, it is a crime for any Muslim to be given any opportunity in this country, because according to this so called Christian leaders, any appointment or employment of muslim is part of the grand design to Islamise Nigeria. These so called leaders are so shameless to the extent of just listing positions and names of appointed Muslims sprinkled with few of the positions and names of appointed Christians. In any case, no one will take them serious, until they come up with the list of all ministerial, ambassadorial, boards, agencies and all other over 10000 appointment made under Jonathan and now under PMB with their names, religion and period served before anyone can take them serious. The evil activities Boko Haram is painful and has killed many Muslims and Christians and should be condemned. Fanatism such as the killing of the woman preacher in Abuja is evil and cannot be supported by any sane human, however CAN should continue to fight for the right of Christians without becoming a political propaganda organization.

    • Oskirin

      tank u sir in a billion times.u hit d nail of d head gbam!

      God bless. na ds kind of reasoning i want on ds forum.

  • Haba Mallam

    It is time to ban CAN is a terrorist organization, disrespecting the Nigerian nation and Muslims alike, the Sultan cannot even cough without CAN commenting about it. These bunch of bogots, thieves, liars, homosexuals, adulterers and pimps claiming to be pastors should be prosecuted for treason. These idiots have forgotten that Jonathan use to present his budget and economic policies from churches, not once did the Sultan said he is Christianizing Nigeria. Oloshi oweri.

    • Oskirin

      oga do u av ur prove abt wht u said abt jona.pls stop saying wht u dnt knw.if someone is doin d wrong tin,we shd call his/her attention to it n re-direct dt person.

      nt all pastors, are bigots, thieves,liars etc as u claim.we av some bad muslims too.dt do worse.

      mind u im a confirm muslim. so face d fact.

      • Haba mallam

        What a nonsense and rubbish are you talking about, if you’re a Muslim so what? You’re a liar, a Muslim doesn’t need to be confirm.

        • Oskirin

          i still maintain,if u av prove dt jona present his budget 4rm churches,pls provide.i still mantain dt im a confirm muslim nt by name but by action n deeds of d prophet.tnx

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Let them stop attacking the Muslims too.lobatan.

    • Lemu

      at least CAN is yet to kill 20,000 Nigerians as the Islamist have done in the North———————————-via Fulani boko haram————–Look at how Buhari is fumbling———————-with his Satanic islamic ideas

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        How are you sure they are not the one behind bokoharam? North is predominantly Muslims,bomb in the mosques on Fridays,in the market during salah period,at the bus stop during rush hour,in the school during the assembly,which religion do you think target these number of people for destruction?Christianity of course,are you in doubt_o ya visit w w w . evilbible. c o m. For confirmation.

  • blueeyedkitten

    any reasonable human being should be able to read between the lines by now. why are some stup!d id!ots amongst the christians trying so badly to rope the president, and in extension the muslims into religious sentiments? what sort of evil agenda is this? and some of our disgracefully biased media are busy promoting this? i dont blame them though. they knew all along, nigerians are some of the most gullible species on this earth. just look at some of the appalling comments below.

    • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

      They work with the so called media because the media houses are owned by some of their collaborators. So no need to differentiate between both. Meanwhile, good luck to them.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      You observed that too? God save us from this CAN of praganda.

  • bib

    Who says the Christian leaders have no axe to grind with PMB government? Which government blocked their chances of owning private jets with which they could have been ferrying dollars around the world?
    My advice to them is to be consoled as those days of ferrying dollars around the world or even owning private jets are over. This government aims to rebuild the battered structures of the country. it needs the cooperation of everybody in a peaceful atmosphere. Chasing shadows cannot promote that.
    Let’s learn to love our country. Change with PMB!

    • Lord

      is that the issue at stake now—–Zhe Muslims who have no oil in their land own more private jets than the Christian south————-where did they get the money from–Tinubu has two private jets——————he may have gotten the money to purchase them from osun state maybe

      • bib

        You are still deluding yourself that Nigeria’s economy depends on your oil. PMB has demystified that delusion. Can’t you see that NDA activities could not bring the government to its knees as they thought it would?

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        And that is the discussion too according to you? Use the brain after all you are not an animal.

  • Alfsanni

    I am a Bible Student and I a Muslim. I am following what Jesus Christ taught us in the Bible on how to recognize a true Prophet.And the parable of planting a seed. Islam is seed plant on a fertile soil. the Holy Quran was revealed for all man kind. If you are a person who believe in God you must not ignore the teachings in the Bible and Quran. The Prophet Abraham and son Isaac first built this House of God in Mecca. Mecca was a bush or jungle when the Prophet Abraham walked there to live. It believed that he walked from Africa. the story in the bible is similar to the one in Quran how he was told to be having a son at oldage 0f 80 years old. And how God command him to sacrifice his son Issaac. And they were completely examples of being obedient servants of God. This pilgrimage period is to remember and be thankful to Allah and make sacrifice as to follow Prophet Abraham example. What is the problem of some people not to share out of this light of God who hears all languages. For me I only pray to God-Allah in my African native language of Afenmai that I was born. Even if I read Bible in English and Quran in Arabic. May Allah-God protect us from all evils Ameen.

    • Gabriel Olasebikan

      You have no knowledge of the Bible sir.

    • paddy

      keep quiet my friend—is that why boko haram has killed more than 100—–000 innocent souls for your wayo allah

    • Black85

      If I tell you about Islam and Mohammed you will change you religion. Stop saying you follow the teaching of Christ. If truly you do you would have leave Islam. You can’t be a Muslim and a Christian at the same time. Praying in your language is good but know your religion. If you have time, read “The People VS Mohammed”

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Name just one verse where Christian or christianity is mentioned in the Bible you held in your hand

        • Black85

          First of all do you know the meaning of Christians? It means Christ-like. The name came after Jesus Christ left and his disciples were living a good exemplary life like Jesus, so the people who saw says; this people are Christians which means Christ-like. You want to know about Islam and Mohammed? Mohammed is an idol worshippers and a founder of a cult he named Islam and call religion so that he can get convert. He borrow his laws and methods of worship from Jew, Christians and the Arabian idol worship. Have you ever ask yourself why Muslims must pray facing Ka’aba? if you want to put Abraham and Ismael, there is never proof that Abraham or Is mail travel to Arabia. Read about your religion and see if you don’t convert. You guys are afraid study history of Islam. Try and see..

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            There you are again having taken your skunk or vodka. Is that why the current UK ambassador to Saudi Arabia reverted to Islam? Google check. Is that why Jesus Christ himself was not a Christian but a Muslim? Is that why Islam has continue and shall continue to be the only universal religion in the world whole Christianity remains the most dubious and confusing religion in the world? Is that why you travel from one state to the other on Sundays looking for a church to worship in while a Muslim simply prepares a place closest to him to praise his Lord because he believe in his God’s omnipotence. What else can you call confusion and ignorance other Christianity?

      • Musbau Hamzat

        There is no Christianity during the period of Jesus. And for your information, his name is not even Jesus. There is no where in the world someone will just change your name without your consent. I so not understand whom the acclaimed christians were following. Tell me the basis of your religion and how your phrophet teaches you how to pray. I need reference from your bible. Also tell me the meaning of bible.

        • Black85

          Yes there was no Christianity during Christ. The name Christian came after Jesus ehicheans: Christ-like. Because the believers were living an exemplary life of Christ Jesus. We pray by Talkin to God calling him our Father. You Muslims worship Mohammed who is also an idol worshipper. Do you know why you pray facing Ka’aba which is an idol shrine of the Arabian idol worshippers? Do you know why Muslims round Kaaba seven times as the idol worshippers of Arabia used to do? Do you know why you pray five times a day and kiss the black stone of Kaaba like the idol worshippers of Arabia used to do? You guys worship idol call Baal or Allah, the only idol Mohammed left after he had destroyed the 390 idols of Kaaba. Christian pray all moment, time and place because we talk to our Father and God who is a spirit. Jesus sacrifice himself ones and for all so their is no more shedding of blood, just like some Muslims do with the blood of Christians and non Muslims so they can get heaven. If you have courage buy this book and read “the people vs Mohammed” it will tall you who and what is Mohammed. Even your Mohammed acknowledge Jesus Christ.

          • Musbau Hamzat

            I see you do not have the knowledge of either religions. Christianity was formed 400 yrs after the demise of Jesus. Christianity was called follower of Christ and Saul who is not inspired at all now formed the so called Christianity. You need to read well. Muslim worship Only One God – Allah. The God of Jesus, Abraham, Moses & Mohammed. No image or status being worship by Muslim. Islam is a religion with guide unlike Christianity which is based on how it suit me that is why there will never be unity as your mode of worship is not the same. Kabba is a sign of unity and a guide that will never be changed and the HOUSE was built by Abraham – You need knowledge my friend. Kissing of stone was what Prophet Muhammed did when he came back to Mecca and not compulsory for every Muslim but we prefer to do so to follow the Great Prophet. Allah is the Name of God in Arabic as well as God in English – you need knowledge. Christianity spread millions of human blood during Crusade War, pls check the internet. “Crusade War” What is happen in Arabian presently is political. The book you are referring to, There is not evidence from the book to Quran and original teaching of Prophet Mohammed. Read the Quran and read that book, its just hear say. You need knowledge. Prophet Mohammed refers to Jesus as a prophet of Allah. Not as son or God as acknowledgement that he is a servant of Allah. Go and take Arabian bible, anywhere the God names reflect, you will see it there as Allah – You need knowledge. Most importantly, Jesus is not his Name. He is Isah and he himself confirmed he was sent to the lost sheep of Israel. You need truth knowledge. Islam is the only religion of God – Allah. .

          • Black85

            no you go make some research about Islam nor reading a book written by Muslims. all i wrote to you about islam is from the best Muslim hadiths writers that you Muslims belief. the closet letter of Christianity was written 60 years after Christ meanwhile the Quran you are shouting about was written 200 years After mohammed. the problem with you Nigerian Muslims, you know nothing about Islam and pretend you do. you call five times prayers from all Part of the world Facing and old idol shrine a sign of Unity? just listen to yourself. you copied everything from arabian idol worshippers and claimed to be serving God. is you said no image is worship by Muslim then you don’t know your religion. you talk about crusaders; they killed because your terrorist Muslim conquered Africa killing and enslaving then moved to Europe and conquered most part of it killing everyone that did not accept the evil cult. the catholic pope decided to create to crusaders to fight and free Europe from your barbaric religion. if not for crusaders who knows what the world would have been today under Muslim sharia. that was the same time Islam was massacrating people in Asia (India) in particular.. i have a copy of the Quran and so many Books about islam, if you want i can send some to you. Isah is arabic name Jesus, we all know that, but Muslim use Baal as cover up for Allah. the kaaba is house of Baal and its 390 idols. Abraham never build kaaba because there is no history of Abraham passing through the Arabia during his time. when muhammed started Islam, Muslim used to worship looking at Jerusalem because he wanted the Jew to accept his religion, but when the refused and send him away, he left to Medina from were his religion grows, then he attacked Mecca and took over destroying the idols living only the one he used to worship with his uncle when he was a child. them he turn all the method of worship he was used to when he worship idols into islam. that is why, Muslim pray five times a day facing mecca just like the arabia idols worshippers used to do, and that is why you go to Mecca and round kaaba seven time just like the idol worshipers. you like most of your Muslim brother know the truth but refuse to accept because you guys are practicing a cult like religion with condition of no going out when in, else you die. but with all tranquility and honest mind, read make research about your religion, and Christianity and judge for yourself. i have done alot about christianity and Islam, that’s why i have a copy of Quran and other islam book. not to tore it like you Muslims do with the Bible

    • Onome

      Ur point?

  • sanetalk

    It is becoming clearer by each passing day that the present CAN leadership is bent on fanning the embers of religious acrimony in Nigeria as part of a larger plot to destabilize the government. I came back to Nigeria recently and was shocked at the kind of sermon and prayers being offered at a church service I attended. unfounded allegations from non descript blogs that have sprung up were being used as sources of information to misinform the laity and cause disaffection with the government. I read the Sultan’s statement and was at sea as to the basis for the CAN’ statement, the organisation is becoming notorious for credibility deficit

  • Konyesilifu Efoagui

    This religious propaganda is getting quite out of hand and irresponsible. What does anyone gain by fanning up the embers of distrust and hatred and division in this country ? I have always said that God has no will except the will arrogated to God by man. Otherwise how can people who profess to ascribe omnipotence to God peddle false propaganda in pretended protection of God’s interest? Why can people just leave God alone.

    • PRIEST

      Tell yr Sultan of Sudan ordering fulani cowhands to kill Christians and Catholic priest in the south east to mind his business or we send him back to sudan

    • Mufu Ola

      I’m sure God just like FIFA is tired of Nigeria.

  • Mufu Ola

    CAN has become a fully automated tension generating machine.Can’t understand why they are always being frivolous. How will anybody Islamize or Christianise Nigeria? I suspect they think the only way to still be relevant as before is to constantly prey on their followers’ mind.Former CAN President Mba & those before him wasn’t this frivolous. I’m looking forward to a “miraculous ” day when both Christianity & Islam will vanish forever.

    • billy

      Keep quiet time for the yeye sultan to known his bounds as a fulani man from Mali

      • Softly

        Do you have a quarrel with punctuation?

      • Mufu Ola

        Where are you from?

      • kundri

        Prostration kill them! Hahahahahaha Sai Buhari

      • Mufu Ola

        If your Sultan comes from Mali where do u come from?Around the world everybody come from somewhere.Majority of Isrealis are originally not from Israel.Most migrated there from different places including Ethiopia.Over 70%Americans are not Native American.Donald Trump is originally from Germany/Scotland.Many other instances.So you’re not saying anything about somebody coming from Togo,Zambia,Ghana etc.Where are u from?

      • peace

        Billy ur father is yeye tell me are u come from the son of madman and woman

  • Mr X

    If only people/organizations will get to the bottom of things, a lot of frivolous and regretful statements will be avoided. How can organization that leads millions rely on one source without fact checking come out and condemn another. Please let us be fair and objective in criticism/praise. Doesn’t help anyone to be the rights fighter on shaky foundation.

  • vagabonds in power

    The Sultan was wrong period——————– because he did not wait for the government to declare the said days as public Holiday before he quickly announced his–These things are already there on the calender for all to see—-government can only confirm from certain religious leaders————–But for the Sultan of sokioto a Fulni to go about making it his duty to announce holidays as it affect Muslims—it is worong–let him keep quiet and wait for government announcements–period————–That is the truth of the matter–If the Government declares a Holiday—it must tell us why that particular day is being set aside as a free day fopr either Muslims aor Christians–The Christian body is very right-to have challenged that Fulani man–The Sultan should have kept quiet–until the announcement by Government—What the Sultan did was to declare a Holiday on his own for his fake Fulani Islamic followers–from Mali and Sudan-Separation is the answer—————————not the Rule of the Fulanis from Senegal and Somalia—now the Lords of the Islamic Republic of Nigeria–under Buhari–as installed by Fulani Obama from Kenya

    • 1MASK01

      He announce the day muslims will celebrate Sallah, it is the duty of the govt to declare holiday or not. Did you know the he also announce when muslims will start Fasting upon sighting the moon? But of course that does not concern you since there’s no public holiday attached to it.

      • Black85

        He announced public holiday on the day of Sallah. He made a mistake but feel big to say sorry then use the Muslims news paper call Premium to propagate news in his favor. Why didn’t they interview CAN officials and hear why they said what they said, instead they interview only the Muslim. You own the media do as you want

      • kundri

        That’s how you will die for high blood pressure. Hahahahaha Sai Buhari. If you are not happy you better leave our country


    The President General of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs and Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar, has called on Muslims to fight any Christian body or group that attempts to stop them from performing their religious obligations.

    He said, ”the only thing that will make me to act or ask you to act is only when somebody or a group or some other nations decide to stop us from performing our religious obligations as we are seeing under the government of Jonathan. That is the only way we can fight somebody.”

    He made the statement while speaking at a conference organised by Da’wah Co-ordination Council of Nigeria.

  • vagabonds in power

    STOP DELETING COMMENTS FOR THE SULTAN———–The Sultan was wrong because he did not wait for the government to declare the said days as public Holiday before he quickly announced his–Muslim Holiday are global—They are not like New Yam Festivals———–That traditional rulers often set the date for such evens—-based on the native calenders—————–The government has a date for all the Public Holidays—-It is not in the place of the Sultan of Sokoto to abrogate such authority unto himself—–That of this sultan is becoming too much———-That is what we suffer when Muslims are in power—————–Rather than have them shut up they turn every issue into a propaganda war material for the islamic teachings—In the Arab Nations it is usually the Ministry of Internal Affair or Ilsmaic affairs that announces such–things-Not some fake Fulani sultan–That is the truth of the matter–If the Government declares a Holiday—it must tell us why that particular day is being set aside as a free day–The Christian body is right—The Sultan should have kept quiet–until the announcement by Government—What the Sultan did was to declare a Holiday on his own for his Fulani Islamic followers–when such dates are already known by government————-separation is the answer——-Let the Fulanis who are traditionalist–tuaregs from Mali go with the emirates——while the other zones fly their own flag———-Enough—-of the Rule of the Fulanis from Sudan and Mali—now the Lords of the Islamic Republic of Nigeria-in aso rock-under Bingo Buhari–as installed by Fulani Obama of kenya

    • kundri

      That’s how you will die for high blood pressure. Hahahahaha Sai Buhari. If you are not happy you better leave our country.



  • Akanji92

    CAN of TROUBLE creating unnecessary tension over nothing.

    Thanks to the Premium Times for bringing out their lies

    • Black85

      Why won’t you thank them! Everyone knows premium is for the Muslims. Why didn’t they interview can officials to know why they make the allegation instead of only talking to Muslim.

  • kundri

    The CAN is always acting like opposition party since GEJ lost the election. Hahaha…This is clearly showing that the association is been nursed and nourished by the previous govt (christian leaders). Mind you, even during the GEJ and whichever Christians govt, the Sultan has been always announcing sighting moons of Ramadan and its festival as well as that of Hajj.

  • muazu wali

    This is all part of the orchestrated hate campaign against Buhari, Islam and northerners. We will not be provoked by ignorant bishops and others driven by envy and malice.